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Book! Book what I am in! Eeeee!


Sep. 27th, 2008 07:06 pm
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Not a huge chunk of links but too much to combine with my mutterings on the debate.
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Radio TBQ

Jul. 12th, 2008 08:14 pm
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Again with the disguistingly nice day outside. Though it was a wee bit warm. Still, I was able to walk to the store and to pick up dinner. This is when I learned that shows like What Not to Wear are so right when they talk about you never know who you're going to run into when you're out. I nearly bumped into someone from work. I was dressed okay enough for a weekend, but hadn't had a chance to shower after housecleaning and working with my plants and the aforementioned walk. Luckily I don't think I was spotted. Whew.

Now then, on to tonight's addition of Radio TBQ. As always, tags indicate subjects )
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Okay, so another round of me sharing the links that I find during the day and any comments I may have on them.

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So here's the thing: [ profile] christinenj got me into using Google Reader. One of the features of said reader is sharing items from your feeds with your Google Reader friends, complete with comments if you were so inclined. Naturally I can't keep my mouth shut on much, and really the only downside to this system that I have found is that all y'all aren't on Google Reader too (don't worry about linking me if you are, it won't change this).

Well gosh, I said to myself, if only I had some way I could share interesting links and articles with the folks I usually blog with.

Yeah, I'm slow.

Anyhoo, so here's me giving it a go. We'll see if this lasts once the new toy shine is off of it. In the meanwhile it's all behind a cut tag for ease of ignoring. Look to the tags for the post to get an idea what all is included.

From TBQ's world news central in her livingroom.... )
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The good: I have successfully addicted my parents to Friday Night Lights.

The insane: I'm writing a sequel to the story I wrote yesterday. And I may possibly have a sequel for after that. Because who doesn't love indulging in world-building with a week to go before you get totally and utterly Jossed on all possible levels?

The bad: Regardless, I have to go to sleep now.

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My GPS is broken. This is BULLSHIT! I shall have to buy another, as my attempts to fix it have ultimately made it worse. On the upside I got to feel all handy as I fiddled with it. Not knowledgeably handy, but handy.

I have been pondering writing and meta. My thinky thoughts are this: A good chunk of us who write fanfic believe that if/when we sell original fic, we would be flattered if our fans wrote fic about our characters. But what about muses? Would it freak you out to see your fans talk about how they had a [your character's name] living in their head? Or if they talked about how "My [your charater's name]" wouldn't do such and such.

I find that for myself I'm not sure. I'd be totally fine with fanfic. But I'm such a control freak that if somebody else laid that kind of a claim to my characters it might make me twitchy. OTOH maybe I'd just shrug and be okay. Hard to say.

And I am still happily accepting donations for my walk for the Bennett Cancer Center. =)
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Apparently I want it to snow so badly that I'm hallucinating it now. I actually stared out of the window all happy about the pretty flakes that, upon closer inspection, weren't actually falling. Whoops.

It's supposed to snow here sometime soon but we're not slated for the big insano blizzard that you midwestern folks are getting. Do feel free to send those flakes in my direction though. Only not tonight as I've got my last belly dance rehearsal before performing on Sunday. Tomorrow. Or 10pm Eastern tonight. That way I can be home, get tomorrow off work, and make pancakes for breakfast after staying up way too late writing with somebody, not that I'm mentioning names here.

My wishlists are coming along. I was finally able to Google for the Gryffindor colors via Knit Picks yarn. However Knit Picks isn't giving me an easy handy dandy wishlist link the way Amazon does. I tried to get them to mail me a copy and so far nothing's showing up in my box. Not even in the spam filter. *Pout*. If I don't get anything tomorrow I'll give up and post what wish list things I have. The Amazon one is certainly healthy enough ;)

Fannishly I'm having a Wesley Renaissance. fannish metaing that can go behind a cut tag since this is long enough )
And now to do the various things I need to do before leaving work and going to bellydance.
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Had a lovely and relaxing Sunday. Went out book shopping and surprisingly did not buy any books. Normally this would have left me feeling thwarted, but instead it left me feeling that this was a sign from above that what I really needed to do is buy needles and yarn to learn how to do socks. So I did that. Placed my order with Knit Picks and there we are. Then I took advantage of having the catalogue to make myself a Knit Picks wish list. We'll see how many of those things I end up buying myself because I have no willpower 8)

Got some other errands out of the way, did some house cleaning. Was going to work on some No Limits stuff tonight but was shot down by a technical problem. So looks like tonight I can either work on Protocol or do some knitting. Hmmm. Hmmm. Why can't I do both? Somebody should sit here and type for me while I work on finishing TTSG's sweater. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I suppose I should also try to make dinner at some point. I've heard good things about what food can do for you when you're hungry. I'll check that out, report back if I have any success.
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Today I discovered that my blender unscrews from the bottom to make for easy cleaning. Unfortunately I only discovered this while it was in use and filled with grape juice. Ahem.

My Sunday thus far is a supremely lazy affair. I spent the morning in bed either dozing or reading fic on my Palm. Late brunch, a charade of productivity with some housecleaning that wasn't done yesterday, then back to being lazy again. I was going to make pickles but then realized I forgot to buy onions. Which is just as well since: lazy.

Writing-wise various things flit and flutter about my mind. We'll see if any make it to the page or if my brain will remain lethargic throughout the day. I did do a small update to my tickler file of places I might want to submit to professionally. That's always fun because you find yourself reading listings and asking if you meet the qualifications. This can be very obvious on things like m/m erotica, but can take some soul-searching when you need to ask yourself if holding a baby alligator once on a swamp tour really qualifies you for a zine by and for reptile fanciers.

Now I go back to thinking about pretty boys and the things they do together and whether or not any of them will hold still long enough for me to write about them. Also I bat my eyes winsomely at [ profile] obsessedmuch and she knows damn well why.
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Second deadline thing? Done! Ha! Even with a weekend that proved to be much busier than I thought (and this after backing out of a couple of things) I got my things done on time and everything! Woot! Go me!

Granted I got about zero exercise done this weekend too, but shh! Deadlines! Completed deadlines! This is happiness!

Tomorrow I'm taking as a me day. Other than some light housework I shall do nothing except that which gives me pleasure. I'm not even sure yet what that will be, but that's what I'm doing.

I forget if I've mentioned yet that I've started work on a baby sweater. I've frogged the thing two times now - once when I realized I miscounted my guage, twice when I realized that I should've adjusted the stitch count based on the pattern for my correct guage. Basically my guage had me casting on an odd number of stitches for something that's eventually worked in an even pattern (k2, p2). I realize I could've just had the odd stitch out, but I was only a few rows in so easier to frog and adjust. Eventually this will in theory turn into a proper garment. It remains to be seen.

In non-spoilery Firefly news I didn't get the chance to mention how I hung out with [ profile] lucifrix, [ profile] stakebait, [ profile] justhuman and [ profile] boniblithe thanks to the Serenity showing. I also ran into [ profile] annavtree in the women's bathroom where I proved my blondness yet again but not recognizing her until I saw her shoes. I also believe that [ profile] inyron was in the house but while I can see her face in my mind I'm blanking on my 100% surity that that's her LJ name. I suppose I'll know by tomorrow if I'm right or not ;)

I took Friday off so that it could be a relaxed day of eventually wandering my way back home, and this turned out very well as [ profile] lucifrix and I got to spend the afternoon trying to teach [ profile] stakebait how to knit. [ profile] stakebait eventually had to leave for a con and at the time of her leaving she seemed determined yet dubious about the knitting process, so we'll see if she comes out of Baltimore an addict or if we'll need to work on her some more. [ profile] lucifrix was also very kind enough to bequeath some ribbon yarn to me, so I need to go refind all those patterns for pretty scarves and such that I mentally put aside as undoable because at the time I owned no ribbon yarn.

Note to self: do not buy more yarn until you have more spare cash at least. Yes, that includes Knit Picks.
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As I continue to catch up...

[ profile] wisdomeagle posted the results to the poll on Jossverse character preferences. There's some interesting data on who people relate to, who they like to write, who they're not interested in and so on. I was surprised at some of the findings. Go see for yourself. It definitely provides a useful perspective on discussions about which specific characters or types of characters are adored vs. ignored.

Yours truly has a piece in this month's Reflection's Edge. You'll probably be able to guess which one it is. 8)

Speaking of writing, before I left for Connexions [ profile] flaming_muse said she'd break my fingers if I didn't stop bitching and moaning clear my head by writing something purely for myself. Time permitting, we'll see if that happens. The fun part is that the weekend of enforced time away from the computer did a lot to help clear the system... and get the plot bunnies flowing. So many ideas for Protocol, oh yes my precious.....
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Tonight is take 3 of me attempting to go to belly dance class in the new year. Take 1 was a cancelled class due to weather, take 2 was me crawling my way home before I got totally lost and/or killed in the fog, and take 3 is tonight. I remain hopeful. According to my teacher there were 7 people in the class last week total, so we may actually have a little tribe going for ourselves. At least assuming they keep showing up.

BTW, did you notice how if you write today's date out in numbers you make the year? 1/20/05. See? It's like a little Easter egg.

Looks like I'll definitely be moving my website to a new domain and location, so won't all of you who have links to me be thrilled? Since the website itself is geting an overhaul and that probably won't be done until I have a week of more or less free time next month (why yes, my boss is going on vacation then, how could you tell?) what I've decided to do is get the new space set up now, but keep the old one for a month longer so I can use that time to point people to the new location. After that I figure people can be on their own.

New year, new starts, new resolutions has me pondering various things about being an adult and getting things done. But I shall put that behind a cut tag, in case you don't want to join in on the rambling and the navel-gazing. Your loss, though, because it's entirely possible there's cookies behind here. )
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I was originally going to post something like this in my own LJ but then [ profile] porch_talk came along so I decided to post it there:

On writing a series and building trust with your readers.


Jul. 23rd, 2003 10:23 pm
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Mucho thanks to all who sent hugs, virtual caffiene and pillows to get me through the day. I am home now, snuggling with kitties, and fully intend to get to bed with plenty of time to catch up on sleep.

Actually had a very good night once I came home, so that helped brighten sleep-depressed spirits. I was productive on all sorts of tasks, like catching up on email and paying bills. Plus - new cooking magazine in the mail! What could be better than that?

Not sure yet when the final part of Strategy will be posted. I didn't want to write it tonight while I'm so tired. Tomorrow night and Friday I've got a lot of things to do. So it's possible it might not get posted until the weekend. We'll see. =)

Again, thanks to all those who sent sympathy to my miserable little self. [snuggle]


Jul. 11th, 2003 03:07 pm
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/me finishes up slashfic
/me checks word count

*cough* Have I mentioned how glad I am that the "1000 words" thing has been dowgraded to a mere suggestion?



Mar. 1st, 2003 03:51 pm
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Since I'm taking a break from writing anyway, I thought I'd give some answers.
Go on, ask me anything )
Okay, keep 'em coming! =)
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Having an interesting time of it with the latest Epiphany story. This is the one I talked about earlier, where various parts of it made my fic-o-meter sit up and dance, while others made it go "Meh".

It's up to 30 pages now and the main points still make the fic-o-meter dance, but the transitions aren't. I suspect I need to step back and reevaluate some things. Case in point, one scene had me forcing every word out until I realized like a Devon that I needed to be in Angel's POV, not Wes's.

But the other stuff is a matter of a few things. I'm fairly confident about all the POV choices from here on out, but I think that, as is my usual, I'm having trouble sticking the dismount with a long story. It was easy with Returning when I was knocking dialogue back and forth with no awareness of page count. But when I'm writing on my own I start to get tense around 20 pages or so and worry that I'm belabouring my point, regardless of whether or not I am.

This is definitely a fic that needs to be long. But my instincts fight long stories, for some reason, so here I am with the struggle.

The other problem is that I know where this is going and I'm eager to get there, so part of me wants to just say "Yeah - Wes does this, Angel does that, this other thing happens, trust me it's very angstful and moving, now let's move on."

Add in the fact that I'm so busy and need to write when I can and this results in scenes that are, IMO, rushed and lacking in some details.

But still - progress. The 30 pages now are about 15 that are more or less fine as-is and 15 which are not so much finished scenes as a narrative outline of where everybody needs to go. Now I just have to flesh out how they get there.

Hopefully all this blood, sweat and tears will be worth it when it's done. ;)
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Okay, if nothing else this is for [ profile] wesleysgirl who loves hearing about how people write. For those who are interested in what came before, you can read the behind the scenes of Everybody Fell and Liberty Rules. Or you could read about By the Way and Returning )
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I hate the term "WIP". Not as a concept, but when it's applied to my stuff. Epiphany is not a "WIP". It's an ongoing series, there's a difference. Do you consider Angel the show a WIP? Then you shouldn't consider Epiphany as such either.

It just frustrates me. I mean I get people who don't want to read open-ended arcs on the odd chance I get hit by a bus tomorrow and they don't get closure, which is why I try to avoid "to be continued" whenever possible and don't post obviously up in the air arcs unless I've actually written them all out. This is also why I broke down my fic page into the various arcs that are finished so people can read those and know when to stop before they get into up in the air land again.

But it's not WIP. WIP to me means those stories that get posted as "Part 12 of ???" because some kidlet couldn't figure out where their one story ends yet and has decided to post the beginning stuff in spite of that.

That's not Epiphany. Again, obvious TBC moments aside, each story can stand on its own, and I can promise you now the series itself isn't going to end with every single plot point being tidied up in a neat little bow, because that's stupid and unrealistic. So yeah, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow you won't know what happens to Angel and Wes on their road trip. But when I actually end the series on purpose you're not going to know what happens next either. Kind of the point.

Cat and Mouse, arguably, is more WIP than Epiphany is. Again I try to write it so that if I get hit by a bus you're not left with huge cliffhangers, but OTOH I know my definite goals for that series and they're not as long-term or far-reaching as Epiphany was, so to me each installment does feel a smidge more like chapters of a single tale. I don't know how much of that gets conveyed to the audience, but that's how it feels to me so if somebody wanted to call C&M a WIP I wouldn't be as bothered by it.

But not Epiphany. Each story is a story, set in a specific universe. It's not one story that I've rambled on about for 40+ chapters now because I don't know how to be pithy or figure out how to stop.

Just ranting about this because I get so tired when people find out I've written A/W (since there's such a dearth of it out there these days), find out that Epiphany is a series, and then dismiss it with a cavalier tone and a "Oh, a WIP. Well let me know when it's finished."

ARGH! I'm not some stupid kidlet who can't make up her mind about an ending. Hate my stuff if you want to, but at least hate it for the right reasons, not because you don't understand that the word "series" does not equal "WIP".


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