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I have new glasses!!! They got in yesterday and my awesome boss let me leave early so I could go get them. They're cute! I didn't really know how cute because I didn't have contacts in when I was trying on the frames so all I could see in the mirror was that yes, there were glasses on my face. But they are cute! A little loose so I'll have to get them adjusted at some point, but cute!

Also I can see!

It is currently a pleasantly cool and sunny day. Perfect nearly fall weather. I've had frumpets and tea and a yummy gala apple and I am now going to cuddle with my cats before doing things of a semi-productive nature.

All while looking very cute in my new glasses :D
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So things here in Siam were cold this week. Turns out it was because the heat was off in the complex. This was fixed today, so now things are comparatively warmer. Except the hot water doesn't work now.

It's amazing how much not being able to take a shower makes you want to all but drown yourself in one. Luckily I have my cats to comfort me.

In other news, I got my performnace review! And it was an AWESOME review!

How awesome was it?

TWENTY PER CENT RAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party at my place!!!!
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It is windy like a mothersmurfer today. I was going to say "outside" but then I realized "what? as opposed to that INSIDE wind?" and stopped myself. Though not from sharing the blonde moment with you.

It's sunny and then every so often we'll get WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH and I wait for, say, cows to go flying by. Which would be especially impressive given that there aren't any cows near my home. So you'd see how this would be a good indication of wind strength. In fact I think I'm going to adopt a system of talking about the wind in terms of potential cowage. Given the pauses I'd say we were at a one cow day. I'll let you know if that changes.

I have house cleaning to do and knitting projects to start. However there is a Mac in my lap who is invoking the law of kitty density pretty hard, so I may be trapped here for a bit.

My thanks to those who volunteered their services to beta for my dad. Anyone still looking to offer a hand can do so at that link. What I'll do is gather up all the comments after everyone who wants to has pinged in, then forward them on to him so he can decide what works and what doesn't.

Now to remind Mac that at some point I will need my arm again.
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Attention world: it is January. I live in New England. Make with the snow already!

So I hear ol' Rudy is out of the presidential race. I feel horrible. And by 'horrible' I mean 'punching my fist in the air while saying words not unlike WOOHOO! LOOKS GOOD ON YA!'

On Tuesday I've got a primary. It's so nice to not have to vote for the lesser of who cares.

Work at Primatech continues to be marvy. We've got a Superbowl pool going, woo!

Superbowl happens on the same day as my mom's birthday. There will be much eating of unhealthy food, and I would not have it any other way.
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[ profile] swmbo shall be happy to know that today's breakfast was pancakes, with an orange and proper tea.

I am now curled up on my couch with my laptop and my two cats.

There was a dusting of snow earlier today. Not as good as full-on snow, but much better than nothing.

I am therefore content.


Jan. 18th, 2008 01:26 pm
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I suspect I'm fighting off and/or coming down with an illness. Or dealing in an upswing (...downswing? Whichever one would imply more of badness) in the usual ongoing health issues. Possibly this is why yesterday afternoon slowed down so much. Or maybe God really did slow down the passage of time just to fuck with us. Because even He is bored thanks to the WGA strike.

On a semi-related note, on my drive into work there was one of those billboards that was advertising God. Like "Think you're alone? You're not, because I'm with you." or whatever. Sadly not one of those funny ones that went around a few years back.

Anyway, it was recently replaced by a billboard for a steakhouse. So God has abandoned us for steak, apparently. I must say that if it's good steak I wouldn't blame him.

On my way into work today I saw a guy walking his dog. This in and of itself would be unremarkable except that as they were walking the guy picked up a stick from the ground and gave it to the dog. The dog was thrilled. You could tell it was all "OMG I get a stick??? BEST! DAD! EVER! OMGSTICK! YAY!!!" I thought to myself that the world would be a nifty place if we could all know the kind of joy a dog feels when it gets to have a stick of their very own.

Also the world is a good place when there is this picture of a kitty. Because I'm reasonably sure that kind of cuteness cures cancer.
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Supposedly we are going to get snow tonight. SO THEY SAY. Currently it is (comparatively) warm out, so I shall believe it when I see it.

That being said, I do have waffles at the ready. Snow = waffles, as well you know.

Currentl y I have a Luna curled up beside me. She's doing that cat thing of being all tucked in on herself very delicately, complete with tail wrapped around her, and she's purring. Because being next to me is apparently a happy thing in her mind. Either that or she's buttering me up in the hopes that I'll buy her a pony.

I reeeeeeeeeeeally need to pick a new project to knit.

Not for Luna's pony, I just miss having a knitting project to work on.

*goes to poke at Ravelry queue to see if anything appeals*
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This morning started off with thunder and lightening. Next came fog, and now we've got heavy rain. All in all it's a good day for relaxing with a cup of tea and some reading, which lucky for me my job allows me to do. (Ah the joys of the office being darn near empty.)

Of course tonight is the ball or whatever you want to call it (soiree? shindig?) I suppose it says something that there's a small pain in my heart over there being good odds that I won't be watching FNL when it airs, but this is why God invented Tivo.
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Headache? Gone.

House? Clean.

Xmas decoratios? Put away.

Mardi Gras decorations? Up!

Much better.
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I have Xmas decorations! I finally got a chance to put up my tree! It's all shiny and pretty and has cat under it, so clearly it is completely decorated now.

In other news, I have cute new shoes.

Now all I need to do is finish knitting one gift, wrap all my pressies up, and I'm good to go!

Fa la la la la la la la la!


Dec. 13th, 2007 04:19 pm
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Snow! Well, snow earlier. Now it is icy rain. Still!

Of the many signs that my new job is not like my old job, we have the notice that went out saying we could judge for ourselves if we needed to leave early due to weather, and lunch bought for those of us that stayed past lunchtime. This is a very happy thing.

My drive home was slow, but in a good way. Not so much traffic on my side o fthe highway but everyone was driving at a reasonable speed and not being a moron. So I made it home safe and sound.

Now I get to hang out with my kitties! And listen to the freezing rain fall! Yay!
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It was supposed to snow today. There was no snow. SADNESS.

Mac and Luna are still puzzling out the fact that, thanks to the new couch, if they want to sit on my lap they can simply walk up to it and plop themselves down. (As opposed to before, which required jumping)

I reeeeeeeeeeeally need to get rid of my old furniture. I tried calling the same thrift shop I used last time and nobody answered. If I can't get anyone tomorrow I'll try Craigslist/Freecycle. Still, argh!
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Had an eye exam today. Am currently wearing stronger contact lenses (I think they bench press 115) and feeling happier that I can, you know, see.

After that was a proper tea, in honor of my birthday. This has become a yearly tradition, and I rather enjoy it. It was nice and cold outside (sadly no snow, though they claim we may get some tomorrow) so it was an even more perfect day for tea.

Once home I wrestled with my couches to make room for the new couch, which is theoretically coming tomorrow. My living room's going to be a wee bit stuffed until I can get the old couches (and possibly one end table) picked up by a local charity. Sadly this will get in the way of my ability to decorate for Xmas, but hopefully not for too long. In the meanwhile I've at least started my garland of holiday cards.

The cats are most perturbed by the moving of the furniture, because now the two couches are on opposite sides of the room, and they're used to walking from one to the other. So every time they have to jump to be near me they look startled. It's kind of cute, actually.

After that was napping, after that was more work on knitting presents.

So all in all, not bad. If busy.
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OMG! I totally had some of these toys!!!! I was so bummed I couldn't get the cash register for my nieces one year! (I got them a modern one, which sadly turned out to make noise, which SUCKS because I am not the kind of evil person that gives noise-making toys to children so that they can then drive their parents insane with them. I prefer to channel my evil into other avenues.)

Which reminds me that I'll need to get cracking on things like Xmas cards and present shopping soon.

But not yet. This weekend saw me taking a wee bit of a downturn healthwise, so I tried my best not to overdo it. Though I did end up going shopping today. I bought a new couch, as my current couches do not satisfy my current couch needs. Thanks to turkey day sales I was able to get a good price, but not in the color I would've necessarily chosen. However the color won't clash with my living room, and there can always be throw pillows and the like to perk it up. So there's that.

In other news, you can knit, or you can have a cat in your lap, but not both at once.
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Today was the annual Indian brunch while watching the local parade. This year I planned ahead and made reservations for me and my friends, which meant that our seats were AWESOME. We were on the second floor, right by the window, so it was a perfect view of the balloons and the bands. (Past years have seen us on the first floor which is fine for balloons, not so much for anything else.)

Afterwards I got myself a new purse and did not buy new clothing. Not from a lack of desire, but from a lack of finding shirts that I liked. So I shall have to keep on searching. Perhaps on Tuesday, when in THEORY I can leave early. In THEORY. (You see how well that theory worked on Friday, when leaving early turned out to be a not so much situation.)

Plus side? Office closes early on Wednesday. Never did that at my old job. WOO!

Now for a shameless request for a favor: Does anybody out there have Iko Iko by The Belle Stars? (Aka the version on the Rain Man soundtrack) Apparently there's no way to buy it on iTunes.

*looks cute and hopeful*
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So it's raining out. I like rain, so this doesn't really bother me. I leave work 10 min after my usual time and head directly home. I say "directly" as opposed to "Making a quick stop by the bathroom to pee." Because it's only 15 min from work to home, so I can wait that long I figure.

And sure enough, in spite of the heavy rain it is only 15 minutes until I'm at my exit. Specifically my exit ramp, which is long, downhill, and one lane. Which is not attached to the main highway anymore once you get on said ramp. So basically once you're on the ramp you ain't getting off until you're at the bottom.

The bottom turns out to be flooded. Like with waves. Which I don't realize until after I've been waiting in very slowly moving traffic to get down there. Which took about 20 minutes.

Once I see that the Mississippi has decided to relocate for the fall, I pull my car over to the side behind all the other smart people who have pulled their cars over to the side, put on my hazard lights, and do what any self-respecting person would do in this situation. Namely update Twitter and text some of my friends.

After about another twenty minutes of that I start worrying that Serenity might crap out on me even if I'm parked. I also noticed that other cars about the size of Serenity are making it across the street. So I figure okay, let's give it a whirl. Especially since there's a firetruck and a cop car nearby. If you're going to be a moron attempting to flood your car, there's no better place to do it.

And so I do! And then I hit more flooding. And then a semi-dry patch, and then more flooding. And then I'm one block from my house and I relaize there's no way I'm getting my car home. So I pull into a parking lot. Which happens to have a lake in it. Which I discovered when I was knee high in it. In my work clothes.

So I pull Serenity up to a slightly higher part of the parking lot and check in with my favorite local diner which is attached to said parking lot and just so happens to have a tributary of the newly relocated Mississippi running through it. Luckily they do have a bathroom that I can use because if there is one thing that's worse than really needing to pee while you're trapped in your car for an hour and a half, it's doing so while buckets of water are being poured down around you.

I chit chat with the ladies of the diner and trade war stories. Then, because I am, as I have mentioned a frikkin block from my house I decide to try walking home. No way can I do it the short way since the water there is higher than my knee, dark, and has a current. So I go the long way which ultimately involves avoiding still more lakes and rivers and at one point cutting across someone's lawn.

I left work at a quarter to six. I got home at 8:15.

I am now going to relax, eat food that is bad for me, watch SPN, take a shower to clean off god knows what toxic waste is clinging to my body, and be glad that at the very least I was not wearing one of my new pairs of shoes.

How was your day?
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Okay people: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure that I do not leave my apartment today unless I am:

1. Dealing with laundry
2. Getting food

I say this because I can tell that I am far too ready to be totally stupid just like I was last week and so I am attempting to head this off at the pass.

So I say unto you: Distract me! Point out long fic I should read! Tell me about marathons of crappy reality TV that will keep me on the couch for hours! Tell me where I can find old episodes of The Hills on youtube! Show me nudity and porn! Possibly your own!

I'd say you could also sit on me but Luna's got that covered. 8)
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Thursday was the company picnic. There was insanely good food, plus the usual silly picnicy kind of games. I also found out that I still have the ability to serve a volleyball like a badass mofo, but rotate me out of that position and I suck like a sucking thing which is very good at sucking.

Still, good times.

Yesterday was the last of summer hours. I got to leave at noon, which gave me plenty of time for shopping and then getting home for the charity folks who came by to pick up my old bureau. Some moving things around and tidying up later and I am one step closer to having a bedroom that feels like a bedroom and not a place where random pieces of furniture just so happen to live.

Today i went up to the Renfaire. The weather was INSANELY good. Even the sun, which usually shines up there like a cruel and evil thing, thoughtfully hid behind fluffy clouds so that while we had light it was not oppressive. There were the usual food, shows, shopping type fun. I bought some more roving and was assured that I am using my drop spindle correctly, so yay there. I then went home and napped for about an hour, which vastly improves my overall outlook on life.

Now to teach the cats how to make and fetch dinner.

I'm insane

Aug. 26th, 2007 01:38 pm
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So last night I shut down the ol' computer and got ready to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

And then, as any sane person would, I ended up moving furniture around and putting together my new vanity.

I have no excuse. I just feel I should keep a record of my stupidity for when the men in white coats come questioning.

On the upside the vanity looks nice though.
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I am dead I tell you, DEAD.

I just spent the entire afternoon putting my new bureau together. It was actually kind of fun in a hammering things and using tools kind of way. I am also proud of how I did it all by myself, since the instructions actually said "Two people" under the "Required tools" section.

But no! I wanted to do it all on my own so I did!

And now I'm totally exhausted and my back hurts, so this is me sitting on the couch for the rest of the night.

I'll get around to fancy stuff like actually putting things into the drawers tomorrow.

Or maybe next week.



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