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For those who asked, a picture of Mac taken mere minutes ago. He was bribed with treats to put up with this. I'm not sure if the picture gives proper perspective but he is a big kitty. I call him my panther kitty because that's what he looks like. I've had contractors come to my house, see him, and go "Woah!" because they assume he could easily bite their heads off. Little do they know that he is a purr monster and all he wants is to make sure my lap is clear so that he can snuggle in it.

Mac! )

Also a picture of Luna so she is not left out. I apologize that she's not facing the camera. Every time I tried she would squint thanks to the flash and it gave her a look like she was terribly cross with you all, which is not her usual demeanor. She has BIG! YELLOW! EYES! if you want to fill that in with your imagination. But she is also made entirely out of fluff, which this picture shows clearly.

Luna! )
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As she sits across my wrists while I type.

It's pouring down rain here in the land of Siam. It's a great day for proper tea, snuggling with cats, and weaving. Luckily that's exactly what's on my schedule as well. I appreciate it when Mother Nature is thoughtful in this way.

Mac had his 3-months-after-no-more-meds followup visit at the vet yesterday. He gained 2 more pounds! He's now at 13.7, which is very close to his original weight before he got sick. The folks at the vet's couldn't stop talking about how good he looked, both from a health perspective and in terms of how darned attractive he is. (Vet: "He's like a panther!" Me: "See? I don't just say these things to you because I'm your mother.")

We'll get the results of his blood test back Tuesday. If all is well on that front his next appointment will be in six months.
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It is turkey day here in the States. I'll be heading over to my folks' in a bit for food, food, and more food.

Amongst the things I'm grateful for this year is all y'all. Particularly, but by no means limited to, the way so many of you offered love, support, and practical help and information when Mac got sick. Everyone's generosity with that simply blew me away. I can't begin to say how much it meant.

Right now Mac and Luna are bookending me while doing synchronized kitty bathing. No, wait, I lie. Perhaps sensing that he's the topic of conversation, Mac has now climbed into my lap. He sends purrs, though he's loud enough that I'm sure you can hear him.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving/Thursday!
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This weekend was spent on the annual pilgrimage to Rhinebeck, aka the NY Sheep and Wool festival, aka OMG PRETTY YARN I MUST HAVE IT ALL!!!!!

It was a great gathering this year. The weather was the platonic ideal of crisp Fall, sunshine, and foliage either at peak or darn near close to.

I spent my time helping the economy and adopting homeless yarn. I also convinced [personal profile] christinenj to take up weaving and to buy a drop spindle. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Now I just have to convince [personal profile] anomilygrace to buy a loom and my plans for world domination... well won't be complete or anything but it would give me one more person to squee over looms with, so there's at least some upside.

Anyone curious about the yarn I bought can check out my updated stash at Ravelry (I'm craftbq over there, if you haven't friended me yet). I have so much yarn now it's overflowing in my baskets. Which means I either need more baskets or I need to use up yarn faster. Probably both.

Some meals were provided care of the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America. All was good, but I'm not ashamed to say that the breakfast I had there yesterday morning was a religious experience. Possibly also a sexual one. This is definitely going into the regular roster of things to do when I go to Rhinebeck.

The cats survived with my dad checking in on them while I was gone. As of me typing this, they've finally calmed down from the stage where they need to attach themselves to me like Velcro because OMGIWASGONEFOREVER and instead are doing it at their usual level of being powered by snuggles as much as they are by sunlight.

Tomorrow I return to work where I'll be there but my boss will not, so hopefully I can catch up on everything that happened while I was gone. It'd be great if I could be paid to stay home and knit all the things, but sadly that's just not happening. Ah well.
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Today was cool enough that I could open my windows. Then when I got home it was so cool I had to close them a bit so I wouldn't be too cold.

Bliss, I tell you. Bliss.

In other news, Mac continues to be at home and taking meds and other things that we don't talk about too much for fear of jinxing things. There's ups and downs, is the short version. One day he's happily playing with a toy mouse, the next he's sending me into panic attacks because he's not eating.

Supposedly these ups and downs are to be expected, according to what the vet told me. Personally I'd rather not have them.

I'd also like to upgrade Mac and Luna to the immortal option, while I'm at it.
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Mac is now being let out of the bedroom. He and Luna are still getting reacquainted with each other and there's been some trial and error on how best to handle the food situation (both Luna and Mac felt more comfortable having separate eating spaces, instead of right next to each other like they did before). But I'm making sure to give everyone praise and individual love and snuggles, so so far so good.

I kept Mac in the bedroom with me last night and may keep on doing that until such time as he decides he doesn't like it. This way I know he's got a solid amount of time where he's the only one who can reach his food dishes, just on the odd chance that Luna starts sneaking some of his food when I'm at work. Not that she's shown any interest so far, but paranoia is my middle name.

Today is the annual BBQ at my co-op complex. Due to all my time and energy being poured into kitty related things I didn't get a chance to make anything. On the other hand I'm donating my grill for cooking purposes so that should hopefully even things out. Today so far is overcast and will supposedly not get too hot, so we lucked out with the weather.

I'll actually need to clean up and get changed to go to the BBQ soon, but at the moment Luna is cuddled in my lap so understandably I won't be going anywhere for a little while.


May. 24th, 2010 07:37 pm
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As I type this I have a kitties taking turns on my lap as they say, in their own ways, "OMGNEVERLEAVEAGAIN!!!!"

The chaos of work turns into chaos of travel as I found out at 8:30pm last Friday that I was heading out to California for more work stuff. Which caused a bit of flailing on my part as I tried to get everything ready in time. But on the good side it meant I got to see an [personal profile] airawyn who was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and hang with me not just that night but on Tuesday, which meant I had company for the Joss/NPH episode of Glee!

Otherwise it was non-stop work stuff until Wednesday, when M-sis came to get me so that I could spend a few days with her, Elder Brother, and the hobbit children. The kids continue to be aggressively adorable so all in all it was a great few days.

I got back home around midnightish last night, and today has been about sleeping late, unpacking, cleaning, and reminding the cats that I still love them even if I abandoned them for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS.

So hi! =)
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I was going to do some gardening today - pulling weeds and such - but when I got home yesterday I found that this had already been done. Weeds pulled, my plants thankfully left alone, and mulch put down. I would say that this was done by house elves except I can't remember if house elves do gardening (for if they did, surely they would be called garden elves?) (and yes, the house/garden issue is what my brain stuck on in terms of the possibility of house elves doing the weeding for me and not, say, the issue of their being fictional).

I have discovered the reason why the birds are so loud this season. A handful of them (two different species, ergo my reluctance to say 'flock') have taken up residence in the roof of the building next door. They've been spending their time building nests, so when I look out my bedroom window I can see them going to the ground, picking up twigs and suchlike objects, and flying back up to then FLUTTERFLUTTERFLUTTERSQUEEEEEEZE themselves into the bit of space that allows them to get inside of the building. At least I assume the twigs and such are for nesting. They could be building bombs. Which might be wise considering I'm pretty sure there's a hawk that lives in a tree nearby.

While the nest and/or bomb building goes on, two to three birds stand on top of the roof and keep an eye out for trouble. I find it interesting that here we have two different kinds of birds (sparrows and something else I don't know off the top of my head. Little bigger than the sparrows and darker) and they don't have any problems sharing what amounts to a neighborhood, or teaming up for danger-watching duties.

Again, I assume it's danger-watching. Mostly I see them looking around and chirping a lot. They could be talking birdy smack to make sure nobody comes to take their home away. "Stay away!" they might be chirping. "You in no way want this home, because it has been hit hard by the recession and isn't in a good school system! Also we have a bomb made of twigs!"

Anyway, that's the Mutual of Omaha program going on outside of my bedroom window. The funny thing is that I've been more fascinated by this than my cats have. Maybe the birds told Mac and Luna about the bomb.
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It is violently nice outside. Seriously. The sun tried to mug me when I was bringing my stuff to the recycling bin. I've always said you can't trust that big, glowing bastard.

Still, it's doing that thing where it's neither too warm nor too cold. All my windows are open, which the cats are thrilled about. Particularly as the birds are being quite vocal in their efforts to make it clear that 1) they are birds 2) they have the ability to make noise and 3) they would like to do so VERY LOUDLY.

Mind you that I don't speak bird. It's probably more likely that this is mating season and what they're actually saying is chirpy variations on "What's your sign?"

I have made dessert for tomorrow's dinner. It is Nutella cake, which if nothing else smells very good. I'll let you know tomorrow how it tastes.
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Winter ends and spring arrives in much the same fashion: 70 degrees F. I LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND, WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT???

I suppose it's an improvement over the last weekend of Holy Crap, Wind! I've had power all this week, which is more than a lot of folks in town could say. Crews have been called in from all over to help with the repairs and cleanup. Every day you see multiple energy company trucks going around like small herds of yellow elephants as they head off to wherever they're needed. Sometimes you see folks waving or honking their horns at them as a way of cheering them on and saying thanks.

All my windows are open. The cats are very appreciative as they do enjoy their kitty TV. Though they also enjoy me as they take turns lying across my wrists as I sit here with the laptop. (Currently it's Luna's turn. She says hi. Though she pronounces it "PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR") It's nice to know that cuddle time with mommy can beat out watching birds and rabbits and squirrels. It lacks a certain thingness when the warmth and humidity means I am COVERED in cat hair, but it's sweet nevertheless.
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There I was, on Tuesday, minding my own business, enjoying my Mardi Gras, maybe having a tiny bit of a headache but not thinking too much of it -- yanno, usual kind of stuff.

Then at around... ohh... 7:30pm? 8? My plans for the week changed.

As I emailed my boss later in the week "This blows. Sadly literally."

On the upside the woman who answered at the 24 hour nurse hotline was very kind, informative, and way more patient than perhaps any non-saintly person has a right to be when talking to someone at 1am a) at all and b) while said person is doing things that cannot possibly sound good over a telephone.

The bulk of my week has been spent in various cycles of bed/bathroom/couch/clear liquid drinking/plain soft food eating/hey maybe I'm finally feeling betzzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh? where did those five hours go?/cat-cuddling/Olympics watching with the duration of each cycle changing as the week has gone on, and some aspects happening at the same time. (Cat cuddling in bedroom or couch = ok. Cat cuddling in bathroom = not so much. Bless them for trying, however.)

To all reports I seem to be on schedule for getting better. I'm now at the stage where I'm able to eat things and have just enough energy and/or appetite to try to put some thought into what those things might be.

In related news you have no IDEA how often diary products show up in your diet when you are not allowed to have them. I don't even like milk unless it's in cereal or tea - which are naturally two things I'd love to be partaking of right now if not for the pesky "NO DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK OR YOU WILL SO REGRET IT WE SWEAR TO GOD" advice I've been given. (And also found in multiple places on the web, not that I was looking for an out or anything. Ahem.)

(I realize soy or rice milk could possibily be a substitute, but I've never had them before and somehow I suspect "recovery from stomach flu" is not the timeframe to be trying any new food products.)

So that is the state of me. My plans are to continue to go slow and take it easy in the hopes that I'll be better enough to go back to work on Monday. Anyone who has any suggestions on things that someone recovering from stomach flu can eat in that murky "more advanced than cream of wheat" but "not yet back on the saddle of dairy or raw vegetables" stage would be most appreciated. Especially since I'm drawing blanks on what to do for lunch while I'm at work.

If you need me I'll probably be asleep. Just look for the lump under the two kitties.
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Work was a half day today. I went in because I'm taking all of next week off and there was a remote chance my boss would need me in the office today. But luckily hardly anyone was there in the entire office as a whole, let alone my department. So after surprise free (still warm!) bagels in the morning and then pizza for lunch people were like "Why are you here? You should go home." and who was I to be rude by arguing with them?

Once home I planned on taking a nap, then doing food prep for tomorrow, then going to my mom and dad's for the annual Xmas Eve pigout. This became taking a nap, then waking up 3 hours later with 10 minutes to get dressed and head over to the folks'. So apparently I was tired, is what I'm learning here.

Food was consumed, and around 7 I was back home to start on food prep. In theory I have everything ready to the point where all I have to do tomorrow food-wise is put things into the appropriate containers and apply heat. This leaves me the rest of the day free to clean before my parents get here. And to possibly take another hours-long nap if that's what's needed because seriously what was UP with that?

Anyway, the dishwasher is running, the cats are cuddled on or beside me, the house smells yummy - I am content.

Hope you're having a good one =)
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Apparently when I'm in a bad mood I am more inclined to buy things for my cats.

On the upside, they both like the new toy I got them.
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I'm trying to determine if it's going to rain this afternoon or simply threaten to with clouds that sneak in just when I think it's going to be sunny. The reason for this debate is that while I enjoy rain, clothes drying on the line do not. I've made it this far without my clothes getting caught in a rainstorm and I'd like to maintain the record. All weather reports seem to indicate that I'm safe for a few hours and yet... clouds.

Yes, this is an indication that I am such a fan of line drying that I'd almost rather wait a week and hope for good weather next weekend than toss my stuff into the dryer. Sadly drying everything inside isn't an option because with heat comes humidity. Stuff that line dries indoors in the summer is just not worth it. Bah.

I have developed such a weekend rut routine that Luna and Mac know the exact sound my teacup makes when I am finished eating brunch, for then and only then do they know that their demands to get into my lap will get them anywhere.

The wackadoo weather has caused headaches and other forms of not feeling well. In spite of that I have done my first batch of canning! All of two pints worth of tomatoes, but still. (Well, three pounts of tomatoes, two pint jars in result.) The jars have sealed the way they are supposed to have sealed, but I feel like I erred on the side of giving them too much headspace. So these two jars will get chalked up to experience and used to make sauce sometime this week. When in doubt and all that.

Next is cleaning. Assuming Luna lets me get up from the couch.
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Luna just walked into the living room with a buttermilk biscuit in her mouth.

Oh the mighty hunter!
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So today was possibly the longest and possibly craziest day of work in the history of EVER. All I want to do is hide under my couch. Or, as I'm currently doing, sit on top of it with sleeping kitties and enjoy the blessed silence.

But whenever there is a darkness, there is a light. And today the light is Tim Gunn Takes Wizards Shopping for Less Hideous Uniforms.
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Decorations! Decorations of a Christmas nature! I have my decorations up! I was able to do that today, which makes me happy. Luna is currently underneath the tree trying to eat it, so she's happy too.

That's about it or news on my end. It was a very busy weekend for me, but all in good ways. I'm rather lucky that way.

Mac is in my lap now and says hi.
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So yesterday after I did my Day of Listening post I then tackled a project that's been hanging over my head for a while: clearing crud off of my desktop computer. This took HOURS. Thank God for my laptop which helped distract me while I dealt with click, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, click, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, lather, rinse, repeat. I started around 2pm, took a brief break for dinner, and only got to a point of "Good enough to be done for now" at around midnight. Yeah.

Protip: If you are going to be in a situation of being stuck waiting for HOURS, TV Tropes is your friend. (No, I won't link. Then I won't see you guys again for days.) It's all about using that time-sucking power as a force for good, people.

So that's why I didn't get around to answering the questions yesterday, but I shall today! Especially since it's a nice way to pass the time as I sit here on the couch with a Luna draped across my wrists. (She says hi.)

Answers thisaway )

Not dead!

Aug. 22nd, 2008 11:12 pm
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Came back yesterday from my wee getaway. The getaway itself mostly involved shopping in terms of specific things done. But in general it was a few days of "Drive in a direction and stop when something looks interesting." It's the first time I've done something like that and I liked it a lot. I had a bed and breakfast for my base of operations, I had conversations with folks around the breakfast table as well as folks who owned the local businesses that I went to, and all in all it was really fun. I definitely want to do something like it again.

What's nice is that it was a fairly short trip, so it's not like it involved massive prepwork or packing. Also? GPS is your friend. It's really easy to have a plan of "Turn right and then do whatever" when you don't have to worry about finding your way back again. Yay technology, I say.

So for next time the question is where. Which is something I can figure out when the time comes. Though I may go back to that specific B&B again someday too. When I get a chance I'll upload pictures of my room so you can see why. (HUGE BATH OMG)

When I got home the house had not been destroyed, so if Mac and Luna had a party they cleaned up well after. However? I could swear I saw a mouse last night. Possibly I was hallucinating, but even so. A mouse? In a house with two cats? Clearly this poor little thing is part lemming. Haven't seen anything since yesterday, which could mean I was seeing things, could mean Mac and Luna (probably Mac) have already snarfed it, or it's smart enough to lie low until it comes up with a suitable cat bribe. Or it was smart enough to move.

Today was an insanely busy day with prep for a BBQ this Sunday, as well as cleaning out my closets for items to toss/donate (2 big garbage bags of the latter) to make room for the new clothes that I bought. It was also a day of approving of my choice to come back on a Thursday, so that it felt like having a 3 day weekend at the end of it as well. (It's really all about sleeping in, with me.)

So it's all good on this end, really.
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Today was rainy, which made it an awesome day for having tea and reading. Which is exactly what I did. Also there was napping with cats on top of me. Which as everyone knows is the best kind of napping at all.

This week is the last week before my boss goes on vacation. There's also a dept. meeting on Thursday. Then Friday kicks off the second annual Brat Family reunion.

So what I guess I'm saying here is it was nice seeing y'all ;)

(I kid) (...I hope)


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