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So at work we're doing a toy collection for charity. The donated toys are currently sitting in a big ol' pile in a common area, waiting to be picked up.

I pass by said pile today and spot a toy racecar with a label that reads: "B-FURIOUS"

And I say to myself, "Huh. While I think this rocks, isn't it a little risque to name a children's toy after the concept of being bi-curious?"

It isn't until many steps later that I realize you're supposed to say it "Be Furious."

It's been a long week, apparently.
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So I could tell you about the hike, and how the kids loved scouting out the route markers, and learning about how to scare bears away (there were none, but had there been I'm sure the bears would've been terrified). Or about playing wiffleball with some of my nieces and nephews. Or about the trip to the pool that got thwarted by rain. Or about hanging out outside in what turned into a mild rain as my brothers and I manned (and womaned) the grill.

But really when all is said and done you only need to know one thing about today:

I called my youngest nephew "Anakin" by mistake.

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So I've hit a few work milestones. One is staying late (i.e. regular hours) on a Friday while my other admin peeps got to enjoy summer hours. It wasn't too bad. Most everyone else left too so all I had to do was answer the phone a couple of times.

My other big work milestone was this week though I forgot to mention it. It was hitting the point of working in an office where the air conditioning is so frakking cold that even a polar bear like myself wants to DIE. Luckily I had a cute sweater at home that I bought end of winter season so it was sitting and waiting for things to be cold enough to be worn. Huzzah for that time coming early! The sweater is now at work, so I can throw it on when the frost starts nipping.

Also today I was wearing cute shoes. These are the important things in life.

I was kept busy today by a project that needed constant revision. Which sounds annoying when I write it but really it wasn't. The most eye-rolly part of my day was really one of bemusement when my boss left for the day and then kept having these random thoughts so he'd call in on his cell to mention them to me. It's the whole absent-miinded professor thing he's got going on.

Today I also got OFFICE SUPPLIES!!! So in my random free moments (which were mostly waiting for revisions to be given back to me) I was able to go nuts with the label maker and COLOR-CODED FILING!!! I want to HUG my cube it's so awesome now.

I also got some things as part of my first attempt to help get my boss organized. I don't know the full extent of all his stuff yet so it's pointless for me to try to organize everything he's got. But there are some fairly obvious catagories of stuff that end up in his inbox, so part of today's office supplies and organizing was nice new trays (which were then labeled) to help pre-sort the incoming items. We'll see how well it works.

So after he left and in between all the phone calls from him I went into his office and filed the stacks of papers he had on the floor and set up the trays and sort the paperwork. Thus pleased with how well I had done - and staying a little bit past my scheduled time to go in order to do it - I went off for the night while whistling a jaunty tune.

...and then when I got to my car I realized I'd left the cardboard boxes the trays had come in on the floor of my boss's office.


Ah well. We'll call it the Persian flaw of my organizing attempts.
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Today I learned some very important things:

* When sending out meeting invitations, triple check that you got the date and time right before you hit send. Ditto when cancelling meetings. Because if one was to theoretically screw said information up about, oh, five times or so it could get a little embarassing. Theoretically.

* In addition to buying lunch for us on Mondays, they buy ice cream for us on Wednesdays.

CARVEL ice cream.

Best. Job. EVER!
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Lest I be mistaken for somebody who is actually suave and skilled, I feel I should add that today I also:

1) Whapped myself on the eyeball with the owwy pointy corner of a thermal grocery bag
2) Discovered, when I came home, that I'd been wearing a packet of spare buttons inside my pants all day.

So I am, as always, myself.

Also how in the heck does this job make me so tired? Waaaaaaaay moreso than my previous one. Weird.
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* It is hot

* I am tired

* For someone who needs to take meds on a daily basis or else Bad Things Will Happen [tm] you'd think I'd keep better track of where I put my prescriptions. Though this does go to show that, as always

* I am blonde

* I need new icons

* This has nothing to do with being blonde, I just feel like doing some icon housecleaning. Iconcleaning? That.

* Recs on where to find awesome SPN and Big Love icons would be fabulous

* Especially naughty SPN ones


* Can someone tell me if I should have Chinese for dinner tonight?

* Thank you

I R Purdy

Jun. 23rd, 2007 02:05 pm
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Got up this morning to go get a haircut and highlights, the latter of which I'd promised to myself as a reward for finally landing a job. My hair looks all cute now. Well it always looks cute, now it looks cuter.

After that I got a pedicure, and after that I got lunch because OMG starving. After the eating of lunch there will be having of naps. Thus it shall be a good day.

I only realized this morning that I've already worked my last late Monday night. My boss's birthday is this Monday so we're only working the afternoon and then closing early. So no more 8pm nights for me! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Unless new job requires overtime at some point but that's different from regular 8pm evenings)

Now I eat and relax and nap.
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Note to self:

When Boots says that their lipstick is long-lasting they are not fucking around.

*resumes rubbing inner arm*


Jun. 20th, 2007 02:23 pm
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And then I realize it's not so much that everyone is ignoring me, as it is that I'm not getting emails and/or comment notifications.


*cuddles you all*
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What does it say about me that I see the headline "Female Chimps Using Spears to Hunt" and I think to myself "Dayum, Britney, how low can you go?"
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Happy Mardi Gras! *throws beads*

Watched Heroes last night. Made. Of. AWESOME.

I realize this isn't the main point of that story about the climbers that got lost on the mountain and were just saved and all but: how does a dog go mountain climbing? Especially a Labrador? At a certain point are they just roping the dog up and carrying it? And, if so, isn't it easier to just bring an extra parka for warmth? Color me confuzzled.


Jan. 19th, 2007 12:07 pm
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There is a dusting of snow on the ground. I do not have to work. I am curled up on my couch with proper tea and a fluffy kitty warming my feet.

Life is good.

Okay, granted, would've been better if I hadn't sliced my finger open while I was cutting an orange, but other than that life is good.

*snuggles in for comfy day*
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The fall weather has turned warm. I actually had to put my AC on last night. I do not approve!

I'm currently having a love affair with my laptop. Not literally since that would be sticky, but it is rather nice not being chained to my computer desk. Also? It has three times the RAM than my destop (which has half the RAM that I thought it did - ooops. No wonder it kept freezing on me.) I may end up getting rid of the desktop after all, esp since my dad said he could use an old one. We'll see.

Enjoyed Heroes and S60 last night. Still loving Dexter. Would very much like this stomach bug to go away.

How's with you?
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It's snuggly and rainy here in the land of Siam. Enjoyment of rain is one of many reasons why somebody should pay me to live in England.

I'm not quite as zombie-like as I was on, say, Monday, but dear God is my brain not firing at full capacity (or as full a capacity as it ever gets). Yesterday I forgot to turn the stove on to boil water for tea. Today I'm wandering around feeling super-duper sleepy and thinking to myself "God, it's almost as though I've been drugged. [far too long pause] Oh. Right."

At least on Fridays I get off work at 4:30.


Aug. 13th, 2006 12:15 pm
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So far it is a pleasant day here in the land of Siam. My plans are to be a good girl and not overdo it. (Esp since today is the first day of the new meds, and God alone knows what, if any, side effects will hit me once they kick in.) Of course not overdoing it means I am not going out to buy the size 6 DPNs I need which is making my OCD nature twitchy OMG!!!

But I do have other knitting projects so I just have to thwap myself and start one of those.

I woke today to find myself with random patches of sunburn from the various places that I had no idea were exposed to the sun in the first place (like where the shoulders of my dress stopped and my hair didn't cover). Fortunately they don't hurt much so it's mostly just an amusing scavenger hunt on my own body to see where the patterns are.

*shares proper tea with all of you*
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Okay, so now I attempt to write about WriterCon. Bear in mind I took no notes, am not even digging up my panel schedule to refresh my memory, and I suck at remembering names. OTOH, consider how much fun random stream of counsciousness will be! :D

Writing about Cons. Or some other pun that hasn't been made yet. )
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Tomorrow: WriterCon! EEE!!!

Today: Try to do approximately one billion things before tomorrow.

Stupid job standing in my way! I could be packed by now!

(Also I would like to say that earlier today I absolutely did NOT say to myself "Don't forget to buy film for your digital camera." so please stop those rumors right now. I don't know where you people get your info from.)

WriterCon! Tomorrow! EEEEEEE!!!!!!
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I need a keeper.

Clearly I am not qualified to read the manual on myself, I constantly void my own warrenty, and let's not get into how I've totally forgotten to mail in my registration card.

So - keeper. Because anybody is bound to take better care of me than I do.

Plus any second now I'll be running with scissors. I can't be trusted!
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So I got up to about 5pm yesterday, feeling my energy drain away, and just hating that I was probably going to have to bail out of dance class when - ta zah! The phone rang. Owner of the dance school, letting me know that class had been cancelled for the night. Woo hoo!!!

So that was a happy thing.

Another happy thing was that yesterday I got my new toy, which is a Garmin GPS system that I have wanted and been saving up for since, approximately, birth. I had it on today for the drive to work because I figured the smart thing to do would be to get used to it and test it out on routes that I'm familiar with. ZOMG this thing is love. It's everything I wanted and more. Especially the price tag b/c I was originally going to buy this which is the one my brother has but a friend of his bought this which costs half as much as still has all the features that I personally need.

And yes, I've already got it loaded with info about Georgia for when I'm down in Atlanta for WriterCon.

This weekend there are about a thousand things that I want to do because I meant to do them this week. We'll see how much of that actually happens. I suspect I am vastly overbooking myself, esp since I'm not over the zombie thing yet.
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You may recall my earlier post about how there was happy Spring rain here in the land of Siam. Oh tra la la, was my general tone, it is raining and lo' I am forjoyed.

Okay, here's the thing: rain, especially lots of rain, can have aftereffects.

I discovered this when I went to do my laundry.

The landry rooms in my co-op complex are located, as they oft are, in the basements of various buildings. So, as is my want, I gathered up my laundry in my laundry bag, went out into the happy spring rain, and walked over to the next building to take the stairs, which are located outside, down to the laundry room.

I looked down and saw water. Lots of water.

Bear in mind too that since it's daytime the lights haven't kicked on yet. So effectively I am staring down into a dark, dank tunnel of doom, complete with a moat. And then, as though the ominousness hadn't been hammered home enough, a drop of water fell down from the ceiling and went:


So this thing is so huge it's got Foley artists, basically.
To spare your flist, I now cut tag the rest of the story.... )


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