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Anybody in the Michigan area who can provide a temporary home for a 12 year old kitty whose human mommy is dealing with illness? If so, or you have leads on places/people who could help, please head on over here. The kitty mommy in question is [personal profile] anomilygrace who is a good friend of mine so this signal boost comes with a personal reference, not just a link-sharing.

Much appreciated to anyone who can lend a hand.
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Today I came home to discover that the little patch of ground that I planted heritage bulbs in had been mulched.

I also discovered some of my bulbs pulled up out of the ground and placed on the grass, WTF.

Basically any bulb that had sprouted leaves but hadn't flowered yet got taken out of the dirt. The leaves and bulbs seem to be intact. What I want to know is - can I save them? And if so, how so? I want that patch to live long and prosper, as it were. Do I just put them back into the dirt? Do I give them little hugs and massages? Do I regret that I waited until now to ask y'all this while the bulbs are still out there on the grass?

Help? Please?
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Question for those more versed in the ways of Powerpoint 2007 and/or 2010 than I:

Is there are a reason why you would design a slide template with the background pictures falling off of the sides of the slide? Like if you had a picture of a tree, but half of the picture of the tree rested on the slide, and the other half of the tree was on the side?

I ask because I've been given a template similar to this at work and my instinct is to simply crop the picture so I'm not constantly dealing with the overflow. But I think the template was designed in a later version of Powerpoint than we use (we're stuck in 2003... sigh). So I wanted to check to see if there was a reason for this before I did anything.

Anybody know?
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Does anyone out there have veterinarian type skills? I need to understand something and need the assistance of someone more knowledgable than I.

(This is not in place of the use of an actual vet, so no fear on that end. This is taking what a vet has told me and trying to understand it better.)

If you don't mind lending a hand, please PM me or email via thebratq at gmail dot com.

Comments closed to encourage the use of the email option.

Thanks in advance.

Got the help I needed, thanks to everyone who offered!
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Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a downloaded copy of the recent ep of Entourage? (the one that aired yesterday). Much obliged!

ETA: Got it, much thanks!!
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I'm having problems with a new toy I just bought and sadly the company's tech support is closed for the weekend. On the odd chance that this is a problem with my computer and not the new toy, I thought I might ask the collective flist.

The device in question is effectively a printer. The error message when I try to send something to it is this:

"The USB port is currently in use. Please wait ten seconds, and then try again. [code = 59]"

Waiting 10 seconds doesn't change anything. Various permutations of unplugging/rebooting/uninstalling/reinstalling don't change anything. I've checked in the control panel and there is only one USB port being used and it's pointing at the machine. There are no items waiting in any print queues. Printing is not paused. The usb cable is plugged directly into my computer. I've tried using different USB ports on my computer with still no luck. Googling the error message has not helped.


I'm using a Dell studio laptop with Windows Vista. I'm hoping that maybe someone out there with greater tech-fu than mine knows what to do? In my ideal universe one of you is sitting there and nodding and saying "Oh of course this error message. I've seen it a billion times. All you have to do is the following simple steps...."

Also in my ideal universe I am currently getting a back massage. As long as I'm making a list.

So... help? Anyone? Pretty please?
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The saga of the bomb-building birds continues. They're still working on their bomb, if the twigs and what have you that they carry up to the roof are any indication.

However it would seem that things have reached a stage where the birds are ready to advertise. I assume for a mate, because if Life has taught us anything, it's that animals only do things for entirely human reasons which just so happen to support a Disneyesque narrative about their motivations.

That brings us to the bird which is not a sparrow. I've been trying to identify him (I assume it's a him. I could be wrong.) and have not had much luck. So today I took some pictures in the hopes that perhaps one of you might know.

Behind the cut, to spare the flist )

So... anybody know what kind of bird this is? And yes, I have paid more attention to these birds than Mac and Luna have at this point. Go fig.
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I need help! Anyone with video-fu and/or download-fu, can you find a way to download the interview here for me? I've tried my usual methods and none of them have worked.

Please? Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee? *looks hopeful*

(As for why? What can I say? He may be a Republican, but for some reason I'm fascinated by the interview ;) )
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Anybody out there in possession of l33t Excel skills? Specifically involving pivot tables? If so, I am in need of assistance, please!

Behind the cut, both for length and to prevent non-spreadsheet geeks from dying of boredom )

Book recs

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:32 am
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Older Brother has developed an interest in nature-based religions/spirituality. I told him that, thanks to my awesome friends, I could probably put together a recommended reading list of books that might interest him that would be high on actual information and low on the fluffy-bunny "I'm 1/100000000th Indian on my mother's side and thus can write authentically about Native American religions even though my only actual exposure is having once watched an episode of F Troop." type things.

So - book recs please? He's thinking Native American religions but I told him he might also be interested in shamanism, druidry, and so forth. He says he's open to anything that would involve nature-based spirituality. Based on what I know of him I'd say things that are low on magick/spellwork and high on recogizing the seasons, circle of life, and so on.

Thanks in advance, oh friendslist-fu! =)
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Who out there has experience with camping via cabins and/or RVs? Perhaps more accurately, who has that experience and doesn't mind me bugging them with total n00b questions?

*looks cute and hopeful*

Music recs

Jun. 20th, 2009 08:44 pm
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This week I shall be roadtripping on a three hour tour drive. That's three there, three back, and assuming no traffic.

I need music! Rec me your favorite stuff to listen to at the moment. Preferably stuff I can download right away, like from iTunes or where ever *cough*.

Danke =)
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Does anyone have any recs for recording video online? (eg off of Youtube, news sites). I actually have a legit reason for asking this, I swear!

Recs are much appreciated, danke!
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Does anyone out there have the link to an essay/list about privilege? Or at least the one I'm thinking of? Not the original Invisible Knapsack or this sexuality related followup or the one about Gov Palin.

The one I'm thinking of was like the original flavor & sexuality ones, but it included more. Like it was an all-over privilege checklist where if X was true for you, then you had enjoyed privilege. I remember one of the examples was something like "It was never in doubt that I would be able to go to college" or words to that effect.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can hook me up with a link, that would be most awesome. Thanks!
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Tell me, peeps - do I want to go clothes shopping tonight (where I will still get home in plenty of time for FNL and BSG) or tomorrow (when I'll be out, but doing errands not near the clothes-shopping part of town)?

I can't decide. HEEEEEEEEELP!
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*shakes up the internet magic 8 ball*

I'm looking for recommendations for free to low cost domain registration/webhosting. Doesn't have to offer huge amounts of storage space or bells and whistles. It just needs to be able to hold a few web pages' worth of information. Ideally no ads, but if there are ads then ideally some ability to control what those ads are. (eg. suitable for children to see, content of ads related to content of website in some fashion, etc.)

Anybody got any recs? :D
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I, for work related reasons, would like to record something that right now is in streaming audio format (both Real Player and Windows Media). Do any of you have any freeware programs you can recommend for doing that? System is Windows XP if that helps.

Radio TBQ

Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Looooooooong day of visiting my Grams in rehab (fractured rib kind, not Lindsey Lohan kind) and dealing with related family drama. Also if anyone knows how to get AVG free version 8.0.136 to stop bugging me to restart my computer even after I've just restarted the damn thing That would be fabulous.

Now then, on to the news. As always, tags are your friends )
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I must call upon the collective computer-fu of my flist.

Is there any easy (and also free) way to convert PDFs to Excel? While still keeping the formatting of the PDF, if possible? I'm currently using Import Text Wizard but that tends to result in this vomit of data across the sheet. Which I can work with if I have to, but it'd be nicer to not have to deal with that.

Muchas gracias!
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Does anyone out there have the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks for s1 and s3? I ask b/c there's a couple of songs off of each that I'd like to have but unfortunately they only come in complete CD form.

Anyone out there able to hook a sister up?

*bats eyes*


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