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This weekend was spent on the annual pilgrimage to Rhinebeck, aka the NY Sheep and Wool festival, aka OMG PRETTY YARN I MUST HAVE IT ALL!!!!!

It was a great gathering this year. The weather was the platonic ideal of crisp Fall, sunshine, and foliage either at peak or darn near close to.

I spent my time helping the economy and adopting homeless yarn. I also convinced [personal profile] christinenj to take up weaving and to buy a drop spindle. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Now I just have to convince [personal profile] anomilygrace to buy a loom and my plans for world domination... well won't be complete or anything but it would give me one more person to squee over looms with, so there's at least some upside.

Anyone curious about the yarn I bought can check out my updated stash at Ravelry (I'm craftbq over there, if you haven't friended me yet). I have so much yarn now it's overflowing in my baskets. Which means I either need more baskets or I need to use up yarn faster. Probably both.

Some meals were provided care of the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America. All was good, but I'm not ashamed to say that the breakfast I had there yesterday morning was a religious experience. Possibly also a sexual one. This is definitely going into the regular roster of things to do when I go to Rhinebeck.

The cats survived with my dad checking in on them while I was gone. As of me typing this, they've finally calmed down from the stage where they need to attach themselves to me like Velcro because OMGIWASGONEFOREVER and instead are doing it at their usual level of being powered by snuggles as much as they are by sunlight.

Tomorrow I return to work where I'll be there but my boss will not, so hopefully I can catch up on everything that happened while I was gone. It'd be great if I could be paid to stay home and knit all the things, but sadly that's just not happening. Ah well.
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I got a little note today wondering where I was. Apparently I haven't posted since September. Um... oops? I didn't mean to be so quiet!

I think what helped confuse me was that I have been posting over on twitter, which allowed me to check off the "type some sort of update on the internet" box in my mental to do list.

Not much new here other than being busy. There has been knitting, spinning, cooking, working and other things that I can't even remember anymore. Oh! Making things! Like butter. I have made my own butter and it is quite yummy. I have also made cultured butter which was easy but I'm not sure about the result. I mean having butter that knows more about Proust than I do is just embarassing.

This week we're doing a cookie swap at work. It's my first cookie swap so I'm excited.

Aaaaaaaaaand I think that covers it for now. Hi! =)
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I have a surprising amount of scheduled social outings this month. Which, let us be frank, typically means any but seriously, lots! I have no idea how this happened!

Possibly as a way of restoring the natural order of things, today there was - still is - a big snowstorm. It's scheduled to end tomorrow morning, but it may impact my ability to go over to someone's house for tea tomorrow afternoon. But I am optimistic, so I made currant scones anyway. I figure worst case scenario is that I bring them into work on Monday. Plus baking on snowy days is fun :D

After that I worked on making cards. I'm still trying to figure out my style, but I'm pleased with what I ended up with. I'll take pictures when I have better light.

After that I worked on my Spanish. And after that I worked on a scarf. Sadly the yarn in question is pure muppet fur and it sheds like a mofo. It's also just slipipery enough that it's literally a pain for me to handle. This project may end up getting frogged and forgotten.

I am now sitting and relaxing. I have not yet gotten tired of having a wireless printer. The cats still refuse to fetch the papers for me, but I remain hopeful. Or deluded. It's a fine line.
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Am back in my hotel room after a looooooooooooooooooooong day during which I did my part to help the economy. I am the best patriot. Notable purchases: A spinning wheel, and a weaving thing. Don't ask. I mean I'll go on about it later, but I swear I was only going to get the spinning wheel as far as new hobbies went! Honest!

Place was HUGE and I'm still not sure I saw everything. What did I see everywhere? Clapotis (Clapoti?) TONS of folks were wearing them. The only thing that came close in terms of random people I saw wearing a similar thing? Obama buttons. Awwwwwwww yeah. Almost makes up for the "Women for McCain" bumper sticker I saw on my way out.

Did not meet up with Ravelry people because I was too busy shopping to head over to the lunch meetup. Be amazed I stopped shopping long enough to have lunch.

And now I am back at my hotel room and I am never moving again. Did I mention the part about being on my feet nearly the whole day? Yeah.

Also my nose may have a sunburn. Go fig!
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Things of a crafty nature abound here in Siam. I come bearing pictures of said items!

Shelves! )

Sock! )

Sewing! )

And that is all for now. Currently I am snuggling with kitties, and in a bit I'll toss a steak on the BBQ.
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It's funny how I happened to do a week of journal entries that were made up of pictures during the same week that things happened that in no frakking way would I be able to write about. (Not health-related, but suffice it to say my week has been interesting. In the "interesting times" sense of interesting)

I realize that sounds like a tease but it ties in to how things happened this week that I really wish I could tell y'all about, but since I can't it goes to the next step of writing about my frustration at not being able to tell y'all something.

In news of things that are less vague, I must say that toe-up socks on two circulars is way better than cuff-down on DPNs. I haven't finished a sock yet but so far the process has felt easier and more reassuring. I do notice, though, that I feel the same kind of strain in my right hand that I do when I crochet. I suspect this is due to how I'm currently using two 16-inch #1s, and thus my arms are in a cramped position. I was wondering if having a not as small needle setup would help fix the issue. As for example, a setup like magic loop. Any comments/recommendations from those who have tried the various methods?

In still other news my grams is currently in the hospital. It's only serious in the sense that anything that sends an 80+ year old to the hospital is serious. Dad and I will be going to visit her tomorrow afternoon, so if I'm not around for email and such during the daytime tomorrow that is why.
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Supposedly we are going to get snow tonight. SO THEY SAY. Currently it is (comparatively) warm out, so I shall believe it when I see it.

That being said, I do have waffles at the ready. Snow = waffles, as well you know.

Currentl y I have a Luna curled up beside me. She's doing that cat thing of being all tucked in on herself very delicately, complete with tail wrapped around her, and she's purring. Because being next to me is apparently a happy thing in her mind. Either that or she's buttering me up in the hopes that I'll buy her a pony.

I reeeeeeeeeeeally need to pick a new project to knit.

Not for Luna's pony, I just miss having a knitting project to work on.

*goes to poke at Ravelry queue to see if anything appeals*
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Stitch and bitch tonight was outdoors as we had a picnic and watched a free performance of Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. We all brought a little something to eat and I'd say the highlights of the meal were my honey molassess chicken drumsicks and another girl's brownies. There were also grapes and strawberries and sparkling cider and cole slaw and potato salad. All in all good grub. Plus I got to use my cute little picnic basket!

We ate, then knitted, and watched the show while knitting and eating some more. Once it got dark the bugs came out liek woah but fortunately that was after intermission so there wasn't too much longer to hang in there.

The performance was really enjoyable. There was a pretty good crowd, especially for a Tuesday, and folks seemed to like the show. Possibly the best part was when Aemelia, an abbess, said "Whoever bound him, I will loose his bonds / And gain a husband by his liberty." at which point those members of the audience not familiar with the play actually gasped as one and said "What?" and then some guy sitting not too far from me whispered to his friend "Dude, Shakespeare is awesome."

There were also a lot of kids in the audience - as far as I could tell it was part of a school trip - and not only were they well behaved but during intermission they all took turns rolling down a hill. Because if there are hills and you are a kid you must roll down them. It's just how it goes.

And then the play was over, we packed up and went home, and I grabbed a shower and caught up on my flist, and soon I shall toddle off to bed. Yay!
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Last night I went to bed at 9:30. NINE THIRTY. Stupid migraine.

On the upside it would appear that I'm headache free now, which is good because tonight my knitting group is having a picnic while we watch a little outdoor Shakespeare. No clue how we'll knit when it gets dark, but hey! Picnic and Shakespeare and at least the possibility of knitting.

Over in my work life my boss has asked that I write out instructions for the person who replaces me. As I do so much more than he gives me credit for I suspect this is going to be a lot longer than he's expecting. Anyway, if I'm slow to reply on emails and tags and such, that would be why.

And since some folks asked - I haven't posted the details of the new job yet b/c these posts have been public and I'm leery of giving out specific information. But once I get half a sec I'll do a general post. And also decide what sooper sekrit code name to use for the company. (Though I suspect I already know which one it'll be.)
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Started out this morning with a mild headache. This only got worse when I got to work and the internet was down. Luckily I was able to futz with it and get it up and working again. *clings to internets liek woah*

Clouds rolled in just in time to DUMP rain right as I left work for the day. I got fairly soaked which was fun considering my uniform includes white pants. But I don't mind rain and it was big and wet and warm, so kinda fun.

Hit the store for some groceries, then headed on down to Stitch n Bitch. We're at a new location now and it's marvey. It's a little cafe that just opened downtown. It serves sandwiches and such and has a small alcove with comfy chairs so we can sit and eat and knit and not be in the way of the in and out crowds (and vice versa). The owner's thrilled to have us, so hopefully this relationship can continue.

I ducked out early to hit The Body Shop before it closed. Also Hallmark NOT THAT I FORGOT WHAT THIS SUNDAY IS OR ANYTHING. (Father's Day, for those needing the reminder.)

After that it was home to snuggle with the kitties and catch up on email.

Which pretty much covers it. All that's left to add is that [ profile] silverthoughts is a pimp and an enabler and any other purchases I may have made today are NOT MY FAULT. So there.


Jun. 9th, 2007 08:42 pm
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Busy weekend so far, but pleasantly so. Last night was BBQ & cake at Older Brother's house for my niece who has just tured 7.

Today it was sleeping in, crepes and tea, and then heading down to the beach to join my SnB group for Knit in Public day. It turned out to be overcast and on the cold side, but the view was pretty and I enjoy cold so no real worries there.

After that we went out to dinner at a new pizza place, then had tea at a nearby cafe that we're going to try as our new SnB location.

Now I am home and I have a purring cat in my lap.

All in all, I am pleased.
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It's wrong to want to secretly molest someone's knit scarf so you can figure out the pattern of it, right?
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Luna has discovered that the best way to cuddle with me while I'm working on the laptop is to lie across my wrists. This allows her prime lap cuddling while not getting in the way of that typing I so rudely insist on doing. It's rather cute, though problematic when I long for things like bloodflow to my fingers, or the ability to get off the couch so that I can go to the bathroom.

Yesterday I had a day of great productivity. I cleaned out some closet and storage space which resulted in 4 bags worth of trash, three boxes of stuff out of my closet and into my storage unit, and an entire backseat of my car's worth of stuff that got donated to Goodwill. I now have all this SPACE for things that have previously been shoved anywhere they can go. Some other weekend I shall figure out what exactly I'm going to do with it. But I'm excited.

After I did all that I took the rest of the day off. This involved sitting and knitting and watching HGTV, which is my newfound addiction. I'm not much for the home buying shows (for some odd reason I can't relate to the trials and tribulations of a woman looking to buy a $500,000 vacation home in Hawaii) but as you might imagine the organizing ones are right up my alley. If Luna ever gets off my arm, perhaps I'll be able to reach the remote control and watch more of them.


Jan. 17th, 2007 09:54 am
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It's finally cold. I am quite pleased. Now if we could get some snow mixed in with this there would be great happiness. And also waffles. Because snow=waffles, as all non-communists know.

Last night's SnB was good. I got work done on my sock while the other girls either stared at me and my five needles all "Oooooo" or mocked me because they were doing the two circular method which, let's face it, is much easier and doesn't involve wrestling with a wooden octopus that wants to stab you in the eye. I shall be moving on to two needles soon. But I'll continue with my five needle method for now since, hey, that's what I own.

Tonight, if I get there before closing, there will be yarn shopping.

*cuddles up in all of your laps* Pet me?
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In a remarkable stroke of luck I had today off. This allowed me to first and foremost sleep in, which I think we can all agree is necessary to the health and happiness of TBQs.

Enjoyed a lazy morning of sleeping, breakfast, and surfing the net. Then had a productive afternoon of making marshmellows, getting a haircut, shopping (but not buying anything), getting Chinese food, and then napping. Not in that order.

Tonight will be Stitch n Bitch, and I also have to make up my grocery list for tomorrow, when I shall be heading to Whole Foods to do shopping for all the stuff I'm making for Christmas. In theory there may also be wrapping of presents but we'll see.
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You've probably heard this already but it's made of so much awesome I have to share. Basically there was this Firefly convention out in CA that got cancelled at literally the last minute - like people showed up to the hotel and found out there was no con last minute. There's all sorts of WTF and people trying to figure out what the hell happened, and so far things do not look wholly positive for the folks who put the con together.

However, apparently upon finding out that some dedicated Browncoats got screwed and screwed hard, a herd of Firefly actors, including Adam, Nathan, and Allen, showed up at the hotel to say hi to everyone, hang out, give autographs, take pictures, and even give some of their personal souvenirs of the show away.

You can read more at the post I just linked (which also has pictures), but hot DAMN that is made of so much awesome. Firefly actors for the WIN, yo.

I've got no segue from that to my life except to say that we're talking about me now. And I'm doing pretty okay. I am most pleased with myself because last night I finished knitting a sock! It is but a weetiny sock, but it is a sock true and proper and I knit it all by myself! This is a huge accomplishment for me, except for the part where the sock is small, but symbolically it's huge and is now paving the way for me to knit sock-sized socks in the future. I shall start that today.

(And yes, there will eventually be pictures up on the craft blog. I also need to upload pictures of my Thanksgiving cupcakes. One of these years...)

Other than casting on for a new sock, today's plans include laundry and some cleaning, and then going out to dinner.

And related to nothing at all, does anyone know where I could get my hands on a Peter Petrelli mood theme? Or would be willing to make me one as a pressie? reason.

*shifty eyes*
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Today went pretty well. I did laundry. Then I got a call from the garage saying I could pick up Serenity b/c she was fixed. Turns out she had a bad fuel pump relay, which was replacable for a not too scary amount of money. I'd hoped to be able to talk to the guy at the garage so I could learn more about the whole process, but for some reason he and I were locked in some sort of Abbott & Costelloian alternate universe where instead of baseball we talked cars. ("So the fuel pump relay was bad?" "No, the fuel pump RELAY was bad." "...yes, the fuel pump relay, which you replaced." "No, we didn't replace the fuel pump, we replaced the fuel pump RELAY." "Right, the fuel pump relay." "No, the fuel pump RELAY." "O... kay.")

My suspicion is that it was a whole English not being his first language issue. Either that or he's born with some sort of hearing problem where, much like the Austrailian bartender in that Simpsons episode who can only hear the word "Beer" he cannot hear the word "Relay" unless he himself is speaking it. I hasten to add that this guy is not the owner of the shop, who I met yesterday, and who was much nicer about both asking me questions about my car and answering the ones that I had.

On the plus side it was nice enough out that I was able to walk to the garage to pick my baby up. I thought about stopping for groceries on the way back but - eh. Nothing was urgent.

So once home I was back in comfy clothes and settled down to enjoy the marathon of the first season of America's Next Top Model, which I'd never seen before and found to be utterly perfect TV for a relaxing day of nothingness. While watching I worked on my knitting, so I finished a project I've been working on for a while (which is a surprise for someone) and balled up some yarn and started working on a bag.

All that and it's not even 10pm yet. Nice!
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So last night I got zorched by a migraine. I suspect due to exhaustion, since I've been going to work this week and I'm not 100% well yet. On the upside, the headache's gone now, and I don't have anywhere to be tonight. I'm going to bail on dance tomorrow too, just to be on the safe side.

Another upside is that I think I'm starting to see wellness on the horizon. It's a huge deal that I can go to work at all, since last week that was just not physically possible, doctor's note or no. I'm also starting to be able to, whaddyacallit, think again. This morning I was even pondering knitting, which was unfathomable last week.

Perhaps appropriately, this morning was also cool enough that I wore the hat I knit for myself. (And still need to take a picture of.) It's a good weight for fall weather, but for winter I'd want something heavier. I'm also not sure about maybe working some elastic into the ribbing to make it more secure. Only I don't know where to get elastic, or how to work it in if I had some. Hmm.


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