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I remain without news. I am newsless. News-challenged. This is doing my nerves absolutely no good whatsoever.

So, I do more five things:

For [ profile] flaming_muse Five things that Protocol!Angel will never, ever admit to anyone else that he really likes about Protocol!Wes. )

For [ profile] mpoetess 5 times Willow kinda wanted to punch Xander right in the nose )

And for [ profile] just_wolf 5 things Pet!verse Spike would never say to Angel. )
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This one is all Kita's fault. That's all I've got to say about that.

Protocol, Part Forty-Five )
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You know, I'm loving this system where I reward myself for cleaing stuff off my To Do list by writing whatever the heck I want to. In this case, it's Protocol.

Part Forty-Four, where everyone enjoys some downtime. )
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In honor of [ profile] flaming_muse's birthday, I give you Protocol, part Forty-Three. Happy birthday, FM!!

Now, on to some plotty stuff )
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It's always strange when I'm in the headspace of wanting to write but not yet having that click that tells me it's the right time to actually put full stories onto the page. I did just finish a huge project, though, so I suspect I'm currently still in my writing refactory period. I need to sit and cuddle with my words, then resume the foreplay.

Still, the mind keeps going. So I present to you random fic things that are floating in my head right now, which may or may not ever make it to future fic. (In the case of pieces for current WIPs, it's not that the WIPs won't get new additions, it's that I can never swear what random thoughts will make it to the final editing phase.)

A selection:

Protocol )


Angelusverse )


That Would Be Wrong - aka dirty, dirty RPS )


There. That's better. Now I can go shower and exercise, albeit not in that order.
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This is for [ profile] flaming_muse, who has worked hard this week, and who will be buying me some chicken and thyme flavoured crisps :D

Protocol, Part Forty )
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I did it. At [ profile] flaming_muse's insistance I stopped wibbling about and allowed myself to take a little time to write whatever was in my head.

So I give you Protocol, Part Thirty Nine, which picks up not much longer after where we left off so many weeks ago )
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Had a most wonderful weekend. It managed to be both productive and relaxing, which is quite the feat.

Sunday brunch was spinach and cheddar quiche along with proper tea and buttermilk biscuits. Once that was done I then put together an Irish soda bread (a couple of days late, granted) which was also yummy. Then, while the bread was baking, I went for a 20 min walk so I could get out and enjoy the day. It was grey and a little rainy, but I actually like that so it worked perfectly.

My plan of narrowing my To Do list down to 2-3 items a day and that's it is working well so far. It definitely helps to bring the stress levels down to normal.

In other news, fans of a certain kitten might enjoy this icon and this icon for they, like the kitten, are very cute.

[looks at own icon] Hmm. Perhaps I need to upgrade myself to Spring.
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Got another charity fic done! This one is for [ profile] leeannaray, who requested "a story about Spike and Xander in the Protocol!verse. I would love to know how they got together, if that's at all possible."

So for that, I bring you...

A little bit Xander/Spike, a little bit Wes )
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You know, the weather alerts are either getting whiny or snarky, I can't tell. The latest one includes a mention of how "this is a life threatening weather situation!" Which I don't doubt is possible with blizzards, but for some reason this one just strikes me as including a note of "Guys, come on! You're not listening to me! This weather is so serious OMG!"

But hey, who knows? Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be covered with snow. It's supposed to start late tomorrow morning, now, so it's entirely possible.

And with that I go to bed. Night!

ETA: EEE!!! widdle kitty that looks like my mental image of Hieronymus!

And now I'm going to bed. Seriously.
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Okay, got a twofer charity fic here. This one is for [ profile] flaming_muse, and for [ profile] journalkitten, the latter of whom said she did not mind sharing with [ profile] flaming_muse as the two of them had very compatible wishes.

This one's in Protocol 'verse, taking place at no particular time in the storyline.

Other charity fics can be found here

Other parts of Protocol can be found here.

As for what it involves.... well, a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do )
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Got another charity fic done. This one is for [ profile] elfbystarlight who asked for a ficlet involving Lorne and Wes in the Protocol universe.

Other charity fics can be found here

Other parts of Protocol can be found here.

When and why Lorne became one of Wes's bodymen )
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Yet another charity fic. This one for ms_smith who asked for "a 2000 word Protocol universe fic that shows how Lorne and Andrew are fairing at Council HQ without Wes" in exchange for a donation to the Red Cross, and also for [ profile] kitane who also donated to the Red Cross in honor of any word overages that might occur in any Protocol related stories. This one clocks in at 3700 and change, so I still owe her some extra in another story. ;)

Other charity fics can be found here

Other parts of Protocol can be found here.

The life of a spouse's servant has its own problems )
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Finally saw last night's episode of House. Dear God just admit House and Wilson are doing it. Or show it. Because that would be pretty.

Also? very minor spoiler if you haven't seen the ep )I'm not made of wood, people, I'm telling you.

Saw tonight's West Wing. I think I've come to terms with the fact that basically seasons 1-4 of West Wing was, you know, West Wing. And then there was this year-long hiatus, and then the actors decided hey, they liked working together enough that they decided to work on another show, and that show isn't West Wing but it's a show with those actors and if you like those actors then it's an okay show to watch. It's like fanfic, but with acting.

So I'm watching this acting fanfic thing, and as acting fanfic goes there's worse ways to waste an hour. Though I confess to being a cheap whore who is spoilery stuff to be found here )

What? Did I not just say I'm not made of wood?

In other news, it's cold! This makes me want to curl up under blankets, or take hot baths. I had all these grand plans for tonight but I suspect they're going to go by the wayside for things that involve snuggling.

Granted, the fact that I've been a bad girl and stayed up late these past few nights might also have something to do with it.

ETA: Almost forgot. [ profile] sluggirl made this banner for Protocol. It's stuff like this that really makes me want to get off my ass and figure out what in the Hell I'd like my website to look like. (Because then I could put it up there)
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For [ profile] journalkitten, another part of Protocol read aloud:


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