Nov. 29th, 2010 08:49 pm
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Much thanks for the happy birthday wishes! I'm hoping to keep doing this as an annual thing. Will keep you posted on how that works out.
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Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! I'm coming to you live from underneath a cat who is sleeping over my wrists and weighs approximately FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS. Sleeping cats have the density of neutron stars, I swear.

I spent most of my day putting up my Christmas decorations. The exciting thing is that this year I have outdoor lights. I've wanted outdoor lights since I started living on my own but, for one reason or another, it never happened. In this apt it was a lack of an outdoor outlet.

But this year I had the epiphany of looking for solar powered lights. Sure enough, they exist, and they work! I have tiny colored lights decorating the railing of my porch now. It's a birthday miracle!

The next miracle will be getting feeling back into my hands once the cat is off of them.
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We have snow! Or had. I think it's moved to the icy/slushy rain stage. Either way I'm working from home today. Such is the joy of being able to do so and having a perfect day for it since most of my dept is away at a convention until tomorrow.

So there will be working from home, where I tend to get a lot done because of the lack of interruptions, as well as snuggling with the kitties and eventually digging out my car so I can get to work tomorrow.

In the meanwhile I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BFF [livejournal.com profile] stakebait. If you'd like to say happy birthday to her, I bet you couldn't give her a better present than to check out the first episode of her webshow Accidental Heroes. Fair warning: the theme song will get stuck in your head.
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I'm a little stunned that Thanksgiving is coming up so soon. It's not as though we didn't have a proper fall with pretty leaves that lasted for a while. Or nice crisp weather. But I feel as though November should've lasted longer. Who knows? Either way there will soon be lots of turkey and, in a week (Nov 29, mark your calendars) will be my birthday. So there's really no wrong to be found here.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the traditional brunch plus local Thanksgiving parade. Afterwhich I'll... do something. Not sure yet. Depends on how awake I am and how frakking cold it may be outside. I mean I love cold weather but DAMN.

Went to see Twilight last night. I wasn't planning on going but one of my movie buddies from work asked if our movie-watching gang wanted to go see Twilight and NONE OF THE OTHERS KNEW WHAT IT WAS. THEY JUST FIGURED IT WAS A POPULAR MOVIE SO WHY NOT?

Naturally I filled them in on the best details over our pre-movie dinner. They are now well aware of how Twilight means never having to say you're kidding. One of them spent the entire movie laughing. Like she couldn't breathe for laughing. It was awesome.

(And we made sure to sit in the back so as to try to contain any obnoxiousness coming from our end. We didn't go in intending to harsh anyone's squee or anything like that.)

And now I watch a Semi-Homeade Thanksgiving which features a dessert with FOUR KINDS OF SUGAR ON TOP OF IT. INCLUDING MAPLE SYRUP MIXED WITH POWDERED SUGAR. Much like Twilight, you can't make this shit up.
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Had an eye exam today. Am currently wearing stronger contact lenses (I think they bench press 115) and feeling happier that I can, you know, see.

After that was a proper tea, in honor of my birthday. This has become a yearly tradition, and I rather enjoy it. It was nice and cold outside (sadly no snow, though they claim we may get some tomorrow) so it was an even more perfect day for tea.

Once home I wrestled with my couches to make room for the new couch, which is theoretically coming tomorrow. My living room's going to be a wee bit stuffed until I can get the old couches (and possibly one end table) picked up by a local charity. Sadly this will get in the way of my ability to decorate for Xmas, but hopefully not for too long. In the meanwhile I've at least started my garland of holiday cards.

The cats are most perturbed by the moving of the furniture, because now the two couches are on opposite sides of the room, and they're used to walking from one to the other. So every time they have to jump to be near me they look startled. It's kind of cute, actually.

After that was napping, after that was more work on knitting presents.

So all in all, not bad. If busy.


Nov. 29th, 2007 10:40 pm
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Thank you one and all for the birthday wishes! I was gifted today with a fairly calm day at work, so yay for that. Also? Ice cream birthday cake. Awesome. (Carvel - like you need to ask)

Now who can give me Tim Gunn as a present? :D

Also? Long as we're on the topic of all things Bravo? Kathy Griffin's new special is made of win. I could not breathe when she was doing the Paula Abdul bits.
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] airawyn, the bestest enabler who ever did enable!

I think - and I don't want to jinx it now - but I think my head is finally better. Which is good as today I am heading out to a "If it's not this it's CRAP" festival. I have no idea if I personally will be asked to participate in a caber toss, but it's good to know I'm in top form just in case.

Other than that I'm going to try to take it easy this weekend. My most strenuous activities - other than the theoretical caber tossing - will be laundry and house cleaning and a wee bit of dorkiness. Possibly. We'll see.

Unrelated to anything Hey, Paula somehow manages to be horrifying and boring all at once. I feel like it deserves some sort of kudos for that.
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lucifrix!!!!! I so could not survive without you!

Also I know [livejournal.com profile] mpoetess has a birthday in here somewhere, and I've either missed it or I'm early, but either way you are also one of my sanity keepers and I am glad you were born!

*throws confetti*
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First off - thanks to all for the birthday wishes! =)

Second: WPIX is going to air the history of the Yule Log!!!!!!!


Okay, yes, granted, won't be airing until late December but I found OUT today and that's what counts damn it!!!


ETA: Third: Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] steelneko!
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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

The weather outside is chilly enough that I've been wearing a hat and scarf along with my peacoat. It's a hat and scarf that I knit my very own self, so you can see how there's extra pride to be had here.

Tonight will be cupcake making and if they turn out as I hope I'll post pictures. If not I shall wave my hand and make you forget this was ever mentioned.

Tomorrow is turkey day, Friday (so far) is rest, Saturday is my folks taking me out to proper tea, and Sunday might be family stuff with my bro.

On the whole, I am pleased.

*boing boing boing boing*
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First off, happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] woodface!

Second, the Nov issue of Reflection's Edge is up and features, amongst other snazzy stuff, an article by yours truly. It's called Characters on the Couch: Depression and is all about how to write about Depression a) accurately and b) without boring the everliving crap out of your audience.

Go! Read! Enjoy! =)


Nov. 1st, 2006 10:13 am
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It is Nov. 1 and it is warm outside. I protest! It is fall! It is supposed to be cool! Cold, even! This warm stuff simply will not do!

Still, all the inappropriately warm temperatures in the world can't change one important fact about today:

There are now 28 shopping days until my birthday. 8)
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] lucifrix!!!! Ours is a friendship that dates back to when Dennis Miller was sane. That is a love that has lasted the ages, people!

Will update the craft blog sometime today, methinks. I've also got such a jones to knit stuff. What's nice is that I have stuff to knit, so this all works out well really. I shall also do more stuff for BGAL now that I have the brainpower to do it. You have no idea how much those side effects were kicking my ass earlier this week. ZOMG.

Also! I'm hungry! Actual desire to eat food! I'm going to celebrate this continued trend by going to my fav. sandwich place and treating myself to a way overpriced but so worth it turkey sammich for lunch. Yay!


May. 3rd, 2006 09:46 am
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Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bcassie for the virtual pressies. 'tis most spiffy of you!

I'm still totally wiped from med side effects, so here's the latest in bullet points:

1) Still totally wiped from med side effects (it bears repeating)
2) Nets can KISS MY ASS.
3) NBA? Still dead to me
4) House kicked ass though
5) First two hours of Texas Ranch House were also cool.
6) Predict I won't like the girl of all work though.
7) Wanna go hoooooooooome
8) Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] mpoetess!!!!!!!!
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] wesleysgirl!

It is what one might term agressively Spring here in the land of Siam. Sun in shining. Birds are singing. Flowers are sending out silent messages to their alien overlords - you know, the usual.

Like many of you, I totally forgot about moving my clocks forward. Whether this is the reason I am so exhausted right now or not I have no idea.

But on the upside it's a good day for opening all the windows, snuggling with kitties, watching DVDs and knitting.

Also napping, which is coming up soon.
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Just plowed through a good chunk of my online Xmas shopping. I can't guarantee everything will arrive in time for Xmas, but I'm told it's the thought that counts ;)

Now all that's left is picking up a few things that are probably going to be easier to get in person. Famous last words.

A few gifts have arrived for me but I'm being a good girl this year and waiting until Xmas itself to open them. That includes opening the boxes they came in, just in case they're not wrapped on the inside. So if any of you have been wondering why I haven't said thanks yet for any presents, that's why.

Tonight I also have my cards to finish. At this stage I'm not wholly certain the cards are going to arrive on time for everybody, but again I'm hoping it's the thought that counts.

Now if it would only start snowing again...

ETA: Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] swmbo!!!!
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The day after my birthday dawned bright...well, cloudy, but with Dominic the Donkey on the radio and you can't beat that.

As suspected, the change in time for dinner was for a surprise. My brother and his kids came by to join us. It was really cute watching the kids get into the idea of staying up late for a birthday party. The 5 year old in particular was very into things like keeping the cake a secret and, I'm told, listening for me at the door so everyone would know when to hide.

Again my thanks to all for the birthday wishes. LJ comment notifications still suck so apologies if I'm not replying to any comments.

Hmm. Wasn't there a feature where you could automatically look up places where people replied to you? Like one stop shopping? Or am I thinking of something else?

Oh - and new [livejournal.com profile] ats_nolimits ep tonight. =)


Nov. 29th, 2005 04:03 pm
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*has plans for Bday dinner tonight*

*gets phone call asking for a slight change in said plans*

*specifically a change to the time*

*suspects something is up*



Nov. 29th, 2005 12:36 pm
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Okay, it is officially so far the best birthday ever!

To begin with, last night I got birthday kisses from [livejournal.com profile] kita0610, who has also promised to kidnap me, dress me in a schoolgirl uniform, gift me with a mace and... well, you draw your own conclusions from there.

The [livejournal.com profile] ats_nolimits team has gifted me with two amazing final episodes that are awesome, done, ready for coding, ready for people to read and love on them. Much, much thanks to everybody who helped pull that off in spite of RL insanity and the utter albatross of having me for a showrunner.

[livejournal.com profile] versailles_rose sent me a card that made me snicker.

[livejournal.com profile] mpoetess sent me the best T-shit EVAH. It also arrived this morning so I opened my door to go to work and poof! There was a package!

[livejournal.com profile] airawyn gifted me with absolutely, positively, bar none the bestest fic that I could ever possibly imagine. Except I don't have to because she imagined it and wrote it already and it is awesome and I love it and I want to scuttle off in a corner and read it again and again and again only I can't because I'm at work and people keep expecting me to do things for money. But fic! Awesome! Perfect in every way except the "to be continued" part because what is up with that? Okay, yes, more fic is always of the good but it's been hours and I've had no updates. So any year now, pumpkin. *taps foot impatiently*

[livejournal.com profile] ladybug218 gifted me with a nifty thing that I shan't specify in case she doesn't want me crossing the LJ streams. But she knows what it is and I thank her.

And there are far, far too many of you who are wonderful and silly and fannish and enable me in my own silly fannishness which is wonderful and... [happy sigh] Thank you. =) Also thanks to those who send bday wishes who may not get a thanks otherwise. Work is busier today than I that it would be so I don't know how much flist reading I'll be able to do. If there's anything in particular (*cough*likeficorgraphics*cough*) that you'd like me to see, drop a link in the comments. =)

Speaking of link dropping, a few of you asked for the link to my wishlist for Xmas/Winter holiday pressies and such. I've got one with Amazon and Knitpicks but I need to make sure they're both current and not listing anything I already own. So once I do that I'll post the both of them.

In the meanwhile it is my birthday so I have no qualms about shamelessly begging for this:

I need Angel things! Icons, mood sets, icons, icons, and did I mention icons? [livejournal.com profile] notstakedyet is hurting for the pretty (*cough* and if nothing else could use higher-quality versions of some of the screencaps I had to use for some of the icons currently there). So whatever you can hook me up with I shall be happy to paw through and see if I can make use out of. Anything, everything, just has to be Angel (or David looking close enough to Angel for government work)

Oh - and the hotter, sexier, and holy mother of guh type ones are definitely welcome. Not that I'm engaging in an icon war with somebody. Oh no. that would be wrong. (But if I was I'd ask for those icons to be emailed to thebratqueen at livejournal dot com so that said somebody wouldn't see them until I uploaded them.) (Not that I am.) (Ahem.)

*squishes everybody*

*bounces off*
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Sorry, sorry. I'm having another one of those cycles where I'm blanking out on time again. Hopefully after this month that won't be a problem anymore. *knock on wood*

So - the latest in me.

Last week I went to see the local Thanksgiving parade. It was nice because I grabbed brunch with my dance teacher and the place we ate at was right on the parade route. There were people in the way so we couldn't really see the bands, but we could still see the balloons and the taller floats.

On my way home from that I happened across a cute moment where I was passing by this spot that wasn't exactly a hill but wasn't not a hill either. There was this little girl, maybe six, who saw it, stopped, and decided to roll down the slope since, well, sometimes you just gotta roll down hills.

Thanksgiving itself was good. I had dinner with Mom and Dad then we had Older Brother & Family over for dessert. I made a flourless chocolate cake that turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Today my folks took me out to high tea to celebrate my birthday (which is Tuesday) and now I'm pretty much here.

So... yeah. There we are =)


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