I did it

Feb. 14th, 2006 09:27 pm
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Okay, I did it. I registered for WriterCon.



TDS, hot

Jul. 27th, 2005 02:12 pm
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Night before last I got almost no sleep due to stressing out over my car. My car, in the meanwhile, sleeps fine as near as I can figure.

It's icky nasty hot outside, which I mention because if I'm going to bore you by talking about my sleep patterns I might as well aim for an exacta by throwing in a stunningly observational anecdote about the weather.

My little town has apparently been hit by a bit of controversy over a mother who accidentally locked her newborn in her car and then argued with 911, the firefighters, and the cops about breaking the window to save the kid. She claims it's because she worried that the broken glass would hurt her child. I can't help but observe that I'm fairly certain I personally could crash in the passenger side window of a Mini Cooper and not damage someone in the back seat, assuming Minis have backseats.

This line of thought turns fannish when I ponder how Tommy Gavin would handle a situation like that, and frankly if Rescue Me doesn't ever show Tommy dealing with that kind of stupidity I shall be quite disappointed.

Related to none of this: I want to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make out. Every night. It should be the bumper between TDS and The Colbert Report. Then there should be vids. Make it so.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] su_herald would like people to self-pimp their BTVS/Angel related stories, vids, graphics, dicussions, etc. Please do, as the Sunnydale Herald rocks.
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So I was talking about how The Gift has some of the worst continuity that BtVS has possibly ever seen and it got me and others talking about moments in Buffy and Angel that are so bad or dumb that at this point you can't help but look back on them with an indulgent smile.

I'm not talking about things that you remember that angry up the blood, though lord knows both shows had those too. Nor am I talking about concepts that sounded dumb and yet worked out really well, like Smile Time or the musical.

Instead I'm talking about stuff that's dumb in that special, unique, only Joss and the gang could ever write something that stupid and yet we still love them, kind of way.

As a for instance:

Spike being tortured by having his head held underwater in the exact same year that Angel not needing to breathe underwater is a huge plot point.

Very possibly all of The Gift, from "Olaf's a troll god since when again?" to "Haven't any of you ever heard of a band-aid?"

You get the idea.

So let's hear it. Now that the shows are over and everything takes on that sweet nostalgic glow, what are some of your favorite most dumb-ass moments on either Buffy or Angel?

I'll toss a few of mine in under a cut like this )

So what are some of yours? =)
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Went to brother's, went to Mom and Dad's, about halfway through the day got sick due to heat, something I ate, leftover stress, or all of the above. Am still feeling a bit wonky so this might be an early night for me.

Rewatched The Gift. You know, I almost hate to say it but that ep does not bear up under repeat viewings. It was a barely held together ep in the first place, but the more you watch it the more you realize how much Joss was really phoning it in. Sure there are good lines and moments, but they're tiny pockets inside of a big muddled mess the likes of which we wouldn't see again until Hole in the World. Perhaps the lesson here is that Joss has a kink for killing off beloved female characters, but he's way too close to actually execute that well. Or, er, them well, as the case may be. Ahem.

Which isn't to say that I'm not a big girl who doesn't tear up every time Spike loses it at the sight of Buffy's body because I am and I do. But so much of that is due to the score, which is amazing, and Marsters selling that moment, which is also amazing, and so very little is due to what's actually going on because yes, continuity of any kind did fly out of the window and keep on flying throughout the ep, and Hole in the World was incredibly sucky on so many levels but at least that plot convienence death made sense in and of itself whereas with this, even years later, you still want to shake Buffy and the Scoobies and demand to know why in all their years of combat not one of them has ever learned about applying pressure and elevating.

At least, you want to do that in the moments you're not wanting to know why, if it had to be blood, the monks didn't save everybody a lot of time and turn the key into a stone, or a teddy bear, or a bagel for that matter.

Still, one has to admit that even watching the dumbness takes on a nostalgic glow. Buffy and Angel may have had some truly sucktacular moments (coughBuffymorethanAngelthankstoMarticough) but their our sucktacular moments, damn it! I mean come on, where else would you get one show torturing a vampire by sticking his head underwater in the exact same year as it being a huge plot point on the other show that vampires could theoretically live at the bottom of the ocean for millenia so long as no cute British boys come to save them? Only on our shows, baby! You gotta love it.
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When I went in to the doc to find out I had strep throat, he asked me if I had any other symptoms like sneezing or runny nose. I said "No, not really." To which he replied, ominously, "Yet."

So... yeah. You know, I'm ready for this to be over. I really am. The coughing was more or less done and the throat was finally feeling something like better! Now I can't breathe through my nose and I don't have any chapstick handy. Also cold medicine doesn't seem to be working. Grumble grumble.

I shall now proceed to be the Amazing Non-Sequitur Girl by talking about Real Me, which I watched with the folks last night. I liked the ep when it first aired, which I know puts me in a minority because there were many who jumped on the we-hate-ScrappyDawn bandwagon long before s6 gave even the Dali Lama reason to say that the character bugged the shit out of him, but I think it's the rewatching that really makes the ep shine. I love the blatent and yet at the same time subtle themes going on there. How everyone around Buffy keeps trying to protect Dawn, either with Joyce's overprotective parenting or Riley and the Scoobs trying to get Buffy to back off and cut Dawn some slack. And then Buffy herself who is tearing her hair out and basically doing the classic big sister stance of wishing the younger sibling had never been born, something which is especially poignant when you consider what happens in the end. It's like you're watching the last gasps of Buffy's Slayer self trying to grab hold of her own survival, but in the end it's no use.

I should watch the ep with commentary one of these days. I'd be interested to know if Superstar, and how Buffy was the first to notice something wonky going on, influenced Real Me and how "only recently" Buffy started acting out against Dawn.

Good stuff. And surprisingly light-handed for a Fury episode.

Now to try to be productive. This would be eaiser if I were a puppet.
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Lousy weather knocked me out with another headache. Spent most of the night curled up on the couch watching TV, and couldn't even give proper attention to my Tivoed copy of The Lion in Winter, which I personally think is totally unfair. I mean if you're going to be knocked out on the couch then you should at least be able to watch Patrick Stewart for comfort. Or just have him comforting you directly.

Still, was able to watch the Bravo marathon of, erm, okay for all that I watched hours of it I forget the name but it's the miniseries about how various things like homosexuality, women, sex, and violence were shown on TV. Nice show, and even had Buffy shout-outs complete with Joss offering brief commentary, however apparently 90% of all TV is All in the Family, Dynasty, All My Children, Xena, Baywatch, thirtysomething, Ally McBeal, Buffy, and Sex and the City. So if you were somehow thinking that there were any other significant shows out there chances are you were very, very wrong. Oh, sure, your Murphy Browns and your NYPD Blues might have been on for a second, but that's it! There was nothing else on television that influenced anything ever.

Also? It's amazing to watch Joss say "Buffy was allowed to have sex and never get punished for that" and still manage to keep a straight face. Gotta give the boy credit.

Thanks muchly to all those who gave some idea of what my options might be re: container gardening. Assuming the headache allows I'll be going to my local nursery tomorrow to pick up some plants, so I'll take final suggestions from them and see what I come home with. As for the huge drawer of mystery, as I have no shoeboxes handy I came upon the idea of using ice cube holders to help section things out. Too headachy when I got home to actually try organizing, but if I'm feeling better tomorrow I shall try that too.

There's also all sorts of cooking I'll be doing this weekend. Further bulletins on that as events warrent. Though I'm here to tell you that milk really can boil over in the half-second it takes you to blink while staring at the milk to make sure it doesn't boil over. Just in case you were wondering about that.

Tomorrow's lesson: whether or not soaking things overnight will help remove charred milk. 8)
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My dad, while watching The Initiative: "I want Spike to hook up with Angel".
Me: "Yeah, you wouldn't be alone in that wish."
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Politics! Fandom! Personal stuff! A post that's a floor wax and a breakfast cereal. All at no extra cost!


Many on my friends list have already pointed out: HR 3920, A Bill to allow Congress to reverse the judgements of the United States Supreme Court. Because apparently checks and balances are so last year.

I particularly like the comments from the guy who introduced it. Quote, "America's judicial branch has become increasingly overreaching and disconnected from the values of everyday Americans, many of whom I represent in the Second District of Kentucky." As a word to the wise, pumpkin, you're supposed to represent everyone from the Second District of Kentucky, not just the ones you agree with.

(I file that response under "Fun with sentence diagramming and you". Also acceptable would have been "Word to the wise, pumpkin, but if many of these 'everyday' Americans are in the Second District, then it sounds like the Second District doesn't actually represent America." Though that reply would also fall under "Fun with mathematical statistics and you, Part III: Averages and what they actually mean").

In other news, I continue to have fun with my DVD player (which is, since many have asked, a Philips 727, which retails for $80 and under at places like Amazon and Wal-Mart and which can be turned into multi-region with a very simple hack) and find that it answers a lot of questions to listen to the episode commentaries. For example Cut in case Joss's opinion of Fred in StB is something you'd rather not know about )

Finally, for those that occasionally ask about my parents and their forays into Buffydom, this past weekend brought us Beer Bad and Rm w/a Vu. To which my parents both approached me afterwards and as gently as possible tried to ask if the horrible trend of Buffy, who had formerly been strong and interesting, instead being a mopey girl who obsessed over a boy who treated her badly was going to be a constant. To which I replied "Welcome to the world of Marti Noxon".

I tried to assure them that parts of s4 were still worth watching, but I don't know if I was able to sell it. It was tough to do when you've got the increasing quality of Angel to contrast the decreasing quality of Buffy with. They actually asked if maybe they could skip Buffy altogether (save the crossover eps) and focus more on Angel, which they now prefer. Which just goes to show yet again that the apple doesn't even bother falling from the tree.

I'm torn b/c on the one hand I still think s4, for all its flaws, has some goodness in it but OTOH I don't know if I'm going to be able to prove that when we've got the Veruca eps coming up (and my folks, again proving we are related, have already dismissed her as being neither sexy nor impressive nor particularly interesting). Plus skipping eps save for the good ones would guarantee that I don't have to watch Buffy and Riley having sex. Gotta admit that's quite a pull for yours truly.

So what do you think? Tough it out through Veruca or just skip directly to Pangs once it comes up in the Angel timeline? Possibly using Pangs as a springboard to re-interest them in more eps of s4 as the quality... well not improves but at least stops being as painful as the Parker arc and the horror of all things involving Veruca?

Also it's snowing, which I think is cool.

ETA: Moby refered to it as Smarch weather! How much do I love him? It's probably for the best that I can't figure out how you're supposed to respond to his blog. I'd be too tempted to propose marriage.
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I was up until 2:30 last night. 2:30! And that's just when I did lights-out. Let's not even get into when I actually fell asleep.

In theory all that would not have been a problem if not for the fact that I have work today, and thus had to be up early. I swear you'd think it was my first time operating this body or something. For my next trick I'll forget to feed myself.

No writing tonight. Trust me that's for the better. OTOH my folks will be seeing the first eps of Buffy s4 and Angel s1 tonight. I'm kind of on tenterhooks wondering if they'll like Angel. I'm doing what I can to wean them off of Buffy in the next two seasons so that they're on all Angel all the time by the time s6 comes around. Not because s6 has its weaknessess (though it does) but because ironically my folks are prudes and the few glimpses of sex we got in s3 Buffy were enough to make them wish the show had focused more on the fireplace in the corner. I can't imagine they'll enjoy the Spuffy sexcapades, and especially not when it's the sexcapades of self-destructive relationships. So... sadly I'm looking to Angel s3 to save us. Not my first choice but here's hoping it'll be the gateway drug to Angel s4. At which point we're golden.

(Speaking of sexcapades, does anything important happen in that s4 episode that's nothing but Buffy and Riley having sex? Because I can't imagine the folks are going to be into it and if I have to watch Buffy and Riley having that much sex again I will definitely knock myself unconscious. So anybody who's better with the Buffy canon than me remember if anything happens in that ep that's required viewing, or can we skip over it?)

Now to curl up in a corner and take a nap sit at my desk and work. Yeah. That.
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Yet another parental quote, this time while watching Enemies and the scene of the Mayor bringing someone in to remove Angel's soul:

Dad: [seeing the guy in robes] Darn! I thought it was going to be Spike!
TBQ: [blink. blinkblinkblinkblinkblinkblinkblinkblinkblinkblink] To give Angel perfect happiness? Well you wouldn't be the first to think that, certainly.

In other news my cat has a feather on his head and seems to be oblivious to this. It's possibly the most dangerously adorable thing I've seen in a while.
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As some of you know, my parents have been catching up on Buffy, having never watched it before in their lives.

We're in the home stretch of s3 right now and I thought I'd share the following conversation with my mostly spoiler free folks, which [livejournal.com profile] mpoetess and [livejournal.com profile] wolfling might enjoy, if nothing else:

TBQ: Okay, if I told you that one of the characters on Buffy, meaning any of the characters in the episodes we watched today, later turned out to be gay who would you guess it was?

Dad: [without hesitation] Xander.

TBQ: Fair enough. I won't tell you if you're right or wrong since you don't want solid spoilers or anything.

Dad: Or maybe Giles. Or Oz.

Mom: [gently correcting] No, Oz is gay in real life.

Which I suppose just goes to show that the apple apparently never even bothered to leave the tree.

Also to that end, we have the following:

Mom: Okay, don't give me any spoilers. Just tell me yes or no: Did Angel point out that the Mayor didn't like germs?

TBQ: Yes, he did point that out.

Mom: So?

TBQ: What?

Mom: Is that how they defeat the Mayor?!

TBQ: You just said no spoilers!

Mom: Oh you - you bastard!

TBQ: Well you'd certainly be the one to know if I was.

And now to attempt to get some writing done. After I catch up on my friends page.
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Had you been with me this Thanksgiving you would have arrived at 1pm to be served appetizers consisting of a tray of cheese, pepperoni and crackers and another featuring carrots and peppers cut up so that they could be the ideal size to scoop up a spinach artichoke dip. After stuffing yourself on that you would have had a bit of downtime with the West Wing marathon on Bravo, then been served a nice hot bowl of French onion soup straight out of the broiler.

Dinner, a couple of episodes of Buffy later, was stuffing (prepared by my mom), crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, mixed greens salad with a balsamic vinagrette and of course turkey breast which was stuffed with fresh rosemary and thyme straight from my porch garden.

Then it was relaxing with more Buffy and finally capping the night off with a modest dessert of ice cream and brownies, the latter of which were made by my mom.

So all in all I'd say you would have eaten well and enjoyed yourself.


As a sidebar, let me say that I caught one episode of the West Wing years ago and promptly walked away from it because I knew I would get sucked in and did not want another fandom. Now that Aaron has left it and to all reports the show is effectively over in terms of the previous quality, I may take advantage of the Bravo reruns to gorge myself on it in my random free time (or possibly add the DVD set to my Amazon wish list). It was fun catching various eps today but dear God somebody needs to pull Joss Whedon aside and kindly tell him it's obvious when he's been looking over the shoulder of the students beside him. Eyes on your own paper, sweetie.


I am now currently happy and content in an all over full-body sigh kind of way. Full, but not disgustingly so for all that the slow pace of eating undoubtedly meant that we all ate more than we should or would have from one single meal. Still, holidays mean cooking and cold holidays mean that the cooking more than symbolically warms the house and makes it welcoming to others. I like knowing I can provide a place that feels like home, even to those who don't live there.

Naturally I must get all sincere and say that I'm thankful for the past year, I'm thankful for everything I've gone through to get me where I am today, I'm thankful for an amazing family which defines the true meaning of the term in every respect. I'm thankful for friends who provide me with fun and nonsense and intellectual debate about politics and intellectual debate about silly TV shows and stupid debate about what movies to see or where to go for dinner.

I'm thankful for the continued friendships of the people I was blessed to be thankful for last year - the MPs, Wolflings, WesleysGirls, Kitas, Jameses and so forth, and also for the newer friendships of the JustHumans, the Bonibarus, the Glossings and Butterflies and Sisabets and Lums and Annas and - look, people, there's hundreds of you out there that I talk to, read and otherwise spend probably far too much time with when I could be out discovering a cure for cancer. Except I don't know from medicine and I do know from long and obsessive discussions on the various forms of the fake accent of one Alexis Denisof and God love ya all for enabling me with it so take it as a big general hug from me that I'm glad you're here because otherwise I'd look damn stupid talking to myself ;)

And of course special shout-outs must be given to my home crowd peeps, so a special hug from me to lucifrix, catscradle, miss_edith, buffybot, captainnancy, pointybird, gairid, versailles_rose, stakebait and everybody else who reminds me it's nice to go outside and see daylight once in a while.

It's been a good year since the last Thanksgiving, people, let's aim for another! =)

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1) I have got to sit down and write my "what is slash?" essay. If I don't have that done by tomorrow night it'll be because I'm sick or pinned under a car. Or too busy squeeing over the new episode of Queer Eye

2) I forgot to mention, for those curious about the fate of the Chumash tribe, apparently they have a Casino now. I'm sure the representative from Syphillis would be very happy about that.

2a) I still have that damn song in my head. Two days now. It's torture I tell you.

3) Going to bed. Night!
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Long, fun day involving a trip to Brooklyn to visit with Older Brother & family, then back to the folks' house to watch Buffy. I now present random tidbits of my day.


TBQ: So have you been watching I Love the 80s?
Older Brother: Strikes Back? Oh yeah!
TBQ: My friends and I have been doing the nostalgia thing because of it. There's one thing that's driving us nuts though. We cannot remember the name of it. Do you remember that computer game? That you played on the IIe? The one where you go back in time and try to get the dino eggs and -
OB: You mean Dino Eggs?
TBQ: Oh shut up.


For the record the Indiana Jones ripoff game was called Aztec.


Mom and Dad, who went with me to Brooklyn, did the grandparent thing and brought presents for the kiddes. One for Mouse, another for Annika. Mom attempts to trick Mouse into a reading exercise with this by handing over her present with her name clearly written in big letters on the side.

Mom: Do you see the name? Whose name is it? Who is this present for?
Mouse: [looks at the name, notices that this is the much smaller present, proudly announces] Annika!


One of the eps the folks and I watched tonight was Beauty and the Beasts. So that's pretty much the first ever known instance of the Martiphor, huh? Sheesh, subtle much? Not that I don't like the ep and all but man does it leave something of a bad taste in your mouth after the failed therapy session that Marti attempted to make s6. It's kind of like Claudia in IWTV. On her own she was a cool character, then you read more of Anne Rice's books and realize no, Anne just isn't capable of writing any form of underage character who isn't way older than their years while at the same time trying to encourage all the adults around them to engage in pedophilia. Say what you will about Spike being on Angel now, but at least we can rest confident that the poor boy won't be bastardized to Hell and back because Marti can't let go of a grudge.


Told Mom and Dad about Alyson getting married in real life, though their firm anti-spoiler policy (clearly I am adopted) means I couldn't tell them to who, other than it was an actor she met on the show. Dad then guessed it was Seth Green, to which my Mom rolled her eyes and said "I think he's a little too busy with his boyfriend to be marrying her."

TBQ: Who in the what now?
Mom: His boyfriend.
TBQ: You know something I don't?
Mom: Remember when we saw him on Punk'd? After they were done there was that guy he was hugging. You didn't get a boyfriend vibe off of that?
TBQ: Wow. You... apparently have better gaydar than I do. That's a little scary.

So not only is my mom a secret slash fan, she's apparently down with RPS.


Also had a nice conversation with Mom. She's been reading this book on how to be a good grandparent and apparently one of the things they talk about in there is how to handle it when it turns out one of your grandkids is gay. One of the things they discuss is how difficult it can be for the kids when they become teenagers and their awakening hormones start to clue them in on the possiblity that they may not be batting for the hetero team. The book talks about how this can make them feel depressed and alienated. Mom, not having thought of that before, then asked me in the car ride to Brooklyn if I had gone through anything like that (specifically the feeling depressed and alienated part, but also for the whole), which I thought was cool. I told her no, because even though I did have an idea of my sexuality back then there wasn't really a time when I could point to not knowing, so I hadn't gone through the weirdness of thinking I was one thing and then finding out I was another. Plus being bisexual meant I could still be down with any girlfriends (er, that's girl space friends, not females I was dating) who wanted to talk about cute boys.

Also most of my high school friends were in The Gay Outreach Program Drama Club, so you can imagine how comfortable they were with alt. sexualities.

Still, neat that she would at least try to retroactively give me support for that.


Beyond that I got nothin'. I'm still feeling the aftereffects of that flu-y thing that got to me this week so I may just call it an early night.

Oh - and it was decided today that we're doing Thanksgiving at my place this year. Woohoo! I love holiday cooking =)


Sep. 29th, 2003 12:11 pm
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The french bread turned out great. It was quickly devoured over dinner last night. Will definitely make it again though next time I might put the dough into 2 loaves instead of the recipe called-for 3. Not sure why the original recipe-maker felt the need to make 3 small loaves instead of 2 medium or 1 large.

Chatted with [livejournal.com profile] wolfling last night. No schmoop was written but various story ideas for both that and 2 other series got plotted. I predict fun shall be had.

For those that care, tonight on TLC they're apparently doing a Trading Spaces marathon of "They hated it!" episodes, complete with comments by both the designers and the homeowners. Crying Pam is going to be one of the featured eps. I haven't watched much Trading Spaces since the shows started to become repetative and Queer Eye emerged as the vastly superior makeover show, but I think I'll tune in for this.

Fares to LA are apparently insane right now, so looks like no trip out there for me. Ah well.

Found this article about whether or not bananas are going extinct. I seem to remember somebody on my friends list talking about this a while ago so I thought I'd mention it.

Downloaded the Spike/Buffy censored scene. Am I the only one who watched that whose only reaction was "Boy, I wonder how many times SMG got hit on the head by the falling debris?" Possibly I am not the target audience for this clip ;)

Howard Dean is attempting to raise $15 million by Tues midnight. As of right now he's apparently close to $13 million. This is an attempt to not only raise funds but to help Dean set some records, so if you've been thinking about contributing this might be the time to do it.

(I did say this was random, didn't I?)
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As I know that somewhere out there people have friended me who are even bigger Buffy geeks than I am, I was wondering if any of y'all could clear up a couple of mysteries for me.

I've seen some facts posted around that I've never seen the origin of and I'm dying to know what the origin was if anything. To wit:

1. Xander was the character who was originally going to be gay, but it was changed at the last minute to Willow.

2. Xander was originally going to be the host for Glory, but for some reason this was later changed to Ben.

Anybody got the cites for these? I've seen them bandied around so much I'm dying to read the original interviews or whatnot that talk about it. Can anyone hook a sister up?
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Again with the randomness...

Finally watched Surprise/Innocence with my folks. As you can imagine, Dad, the die-hard Angel fan, would like Angel to be good again right now. I don't have the heart to tell him about the finale. I did try to assure him that Angelus is a kick-ass big bad though.

Tried to float the idea of Dad on Queer Eye. No go, alas.

I have no ficathon stories to post, but I got 8 pages done on the next Epiphany. The next story in A Million Miles Away is also sitting on my hard-drive, waiting for a final go-through. I'll do what I can to finish those up before the weekend is out.

Skimmed various places hither and yon on LJ. Found people I don't even know using green sweater icons. This makes me happy. It also makes me wish I had a magical way of seeing them all since some are quite clever.

Tomorrow I will be attempting to make enchilladas. This should be interesting. I also look forward to finding out at some point if I've spelled that right.

And now I am off to bed, where I shall continue to read a book about a woman who annoys me.
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Okay, here's my faithficathon fic.

Written for angelialove who requested:

Faith/Giles, a Lizzie McGuire reference, NC-17.

Faithfic ahoy! )
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So in this week's installment of TBQ's parents watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer we watched Angel and I, Robot... You, Jane thus inspiring the following conversation:

TBQ: [putting DVD away] So, one more disc to go and then you guys will be all caught up on season one! Of course then there's season two, three, four, seasons 1-4 of Angel...

Dad: Wait, Angel?

TBQ: Yeah, he gets his own show. Remember I told you?

Dad: You mean he and Buffy don't stay together?

TBQ: Err... no, sorry.

Dad: But that stinks!

TBQ: Sorry, Dad.

Dad: They're in love!

Mom: So when Angel goes who does Buffy date?

TBQ: In my opinion, a string of losers.

Mom: And what about Angel?

TBQ: He moves to Los Angeles and gets a boyfriend named Wesley.

Mom: Oh. Cool!

So, in conclusion, my dad's a duck and my mom's a secret slasha. Who knew?
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Okay, this was written for [livejournal.com profile] ladycat777 who requested, I was told, "Spike/Xander, S4 (Xander's basement), Spike does some dirty talking"

To which I give you the in no way 1000 words long story in which, yes, TBQ actually writes S/X )


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