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...if you think I'm too cool to squee about this you are WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.


Oct. 6th, 2008 10:04 pm
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*cuddles it and them to bosom*
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Non-spoilery Heroes comment: I want to have sex with the guy who wrote the ep. That sums up my feelings about said ep pretty nicely.

Now for some news/links. So... anything exciting happen today? )


Sep. 22nd, 2008 11:46 pm
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Spoilery comments for the aired eps only behind the cut. Welcome back Heroes! )
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Vacation, day one. Already I have done knitting and cuddling with kitties. There's been other stuff too but c'mon. Priorities.

Some links for you all! Including one I think is a must-see for everyone who is... what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, alive. You can view Killing Us Softly 3, Advertising's Image of Women online thanks to googlevideo. It's a few years old but very sad how much has yet to change. (See also: Wrangler uses dead women to sell jeans. Which is from THIS WEEK WTF.) As Jean says, advertising sells more than products. Of note is how she also discusses racism. There's plenty of examples for that intersectionality that IBARW was talking about.

More links behind the cut... for after you've watched the above movie, of course )
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Spent most of my day out fighting weeds instead of doing something useful, like napping. Which is to say I'm fairly brain-dead at the moment, but I still bring you links.

Good evening and welcome to the TBQ show... )
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Short radio TBQ post, which shall be followed by a separate post for my storm pictures:

You know, I've been experiencing a ton of job satisfaction lately. But if I wasn't, I wonder if getting a job here would be a good idea?

Normally I'm not for linking to lolcats, but May I present to you... just makes me giggle like the total dork that I am.

A surgeon is sued after giving an anesthetized patient a temporary tattoo. I'm with The Angry Black Woman blog on this one.

Steampunk elephant! I repeat, STEAMPUNK ELEPHANT!!!!

And should one have a need, suggestions on how to disappear without a trace. "Skip the part about forwarding your mail" is taken as a given, I assume.

Radio TBQ

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Am trapped under a cat. Send help. In the meanwhile, latest from my feeds:

You know the drill on the tags by now, yes? )
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So I, uh, wrote fic.

I'm just as surprised as you are.

Anyway, here 'tis:

By: The Brat Queen
Fandom: Heroes
Warnings: Petrellicest
Characters: Nathan, Peter, Claire (N/P, P/C)
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~ 3,900

Summary: It was entirely Peter's fault. )
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By: The Brat Queen

Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Monica, Nathan/Peter
Warnings: Hi, did you SEE the pairing?
Spoilers: Takes place in a vague time sometime in and around s2
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~1086

Notes: For the Day 59 prompt at [ profile] theyreitalian, Bourbon Street.

Summary: It was the early part of the season. A time when the whole family could gather on the sidewalks and neutral ground, set up chairs and a barbecue, and make a game of who could catch the most beads. )
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Hello! I've been told I've been doing a remarkable imitation of a dead person. Sorry about that. It's a combo of the new computer plus business at work plus health plus me still having a [ profile] cin1607 who is the BEST. GIRL. EVER. because of the following phone conversation that just happened:

Her: Would you like a Vote Petrelli t-shirt?
Me: Yes. Yes I would.

And really how can you argue against evidence like that?

In other news I'm still loving Heroes and SPN, and Cin's been pimping me into SGA like - well, Cin. Those of you who know her know how thorough she can be. It's part of why we love her.

But you can't have her, she's MINE! So there.

*resumes doing worky things*
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Woohoo! Not only got another fic written, but got it done before it was jossed out of the sky by the next episode. Whew!

Anyway, here it is:

A Tiny Platform
By: The Brat Queen

Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Nathan/Peter
Warnings: Hi, did you SEE the pairing?
Spoilers: 2.1, what with that being the whole idea behind the fic and all
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~8500
Thanks to: [ profile] 47_trek_47 for brainstorming help

Summary: There are clearly many sorts of memory, and emotional memory is one of the deepest and least understood. )


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