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The bad: My laptop has been having problems, thus limiting my online access. WOE!

The good: Went to the OTW Halloween party on Sat and had a most enjoyable time.

The fab: I has a [ profile] cin1607 and you don't, nyah nyah nyah!
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It's International Blog Against Racism Week and so many others have written amazing posts so far (a roundup can be found here) that they've inspired me to try to throw my hat into the ring.

So I attempt to start at the very beginning. I hear it's a good place to start. )
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Fighting off a cold and, I think, losing. Went to bed around 10:30pm last night and woke up at about noon today. Also? Feeling the start of a migraine. Luckily the boss is out of town and I'm staying home. So there.

For the past few days Mac has been clingy like a clingy thing. Either he's trying to comfort me while I'm sick or he knows something I don't. Considering that yesterday he was playing with something that sounded like a bell and, as far as I'm aware, I don't own anything that sounds like a bell, I'm not ruling out option #2.

Since I've got a sec, might as well recap Monday and Going to see The Daily Show )
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You know, if there's a better way to deal with 9/11 than going into the city and watching a taping of The Daily Show, I don't know what it is.

Much thanks to [ profile] lucifrix for the excellent company and for securing the tickets.

Also? Today I learned that there are such things as popcorn bars, and competetive cup stacking.

The more you know.


Sep. 2nd, 2006 01:36 pm
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So the wind is blowing like nuts and I'm hearing all sorts of things outside - stuff scraping across concrete as it's blown off porches, sirens as firetrucks and ambulances do their thing, the WOOOOOSH of the wind itself.

Then I hear a loud POP, the power flickers and a car alarm goes off.

Turns out a HUGE tree two buildings over snapped in two. It crushed a car and is currently blocking the back entrance for two buildings - first and second floors both.

I snapped some pictures which I'll upload later but, uh, yeah.Not so much with going to the US Open today.

*clings to safety of home*


Sep. 1st, 2006 02:40 pm
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*reads weather report for tomorrow*


*tries to shove Ernesto out to sea*

Go! Go! Not on my Open day, damn it! You can rain on Sunday! Shoo!
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I'm so happy about Fall coming it's not even funny. Cool weather! Snuggly clothes! Hearty food! The start of school and I don't have to go!!!

I would, in fact, be in a sickeningly good mood about the weather for this three day weekend if not for the part where I still have tickets for the Open tomorrow night and a frikking hurricane would kinda get in the way of that.

Now I'm left in the uncomfortable position of hoping for an Earl. Nobody should have to do that. It's just wrong.

(I realize maybe only one of you will get that reference, but that's okay. After all, it's one up on the normal number of folks who get my subreferences.)

Well, regardless of stupid hurricanes that are going to totally wash out the Open and force me to drive home squishy and defeated tomorrow night, I'm still happy about it being September. This weekend shall have, I think, lots of knitting.

Or napping. One or the other. Possibly both.
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It's getting cooler here in the land of Siam. I approve, though this speaks poorly for the odds of my tomatoes reaching their tomato destiny. Which isn't surprising considering how late I planted them.

Still, cool! I love fall, and cool weather, and wearing snuggly clothes and cooking stick to your ribs kinds of meals. Granted this assumes having energy enough to cook, but with my crockpot I'm slowly creeping back to that.

(Speaking of energy to do stuff, [ profile] rinue did you get the thing I emailed you?)

This weekend, however, while it can be cool it cannot rain. Because I have tickets for the US Open on Saturday night for good seats that I did not have to pay for and I want to be able to sit there with a perfect view of hot female tennis players wriggling their asses as though they were doing it for my personal benefit and I am not going to be thwarted from that by something as silly as RAIN!

So there.

In other news I still want a dog, my co-op still doesn't allow them, and it is very dangerous to put the KnitPicks catalogue into my hands when I already have four knitting projects that I still need to do.

More links

Sep. 9th, 2005 03:06 pm
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Forgot to mention that last night on my way to bellydance I saw wild turkeys. That never fails to surprise me.

[ profile] sagittaria provides this heads-up re: plus size clothing donations:

Two other places in need, a shelter in Alabama and an individual who will take clothes to the astrodome, are listed here:

Community Action
Phone # 251-626-2646
26440 North Pollard Rd.
Daphne, Alabama 36526

(This is shelter that is calling for plus-sized clothes among other needs.)

Katrina Survivors
c/o Robb Zipp
12018 Meadowfair,
Houston, TX 77076

(This is an individual who is willing to take plus-sized clothing to the Astrodome)

I've also seen in several places:

Star of Hope Storehouse
1811 Ruiz St .
Houston , Texas 77002-1321

You've probably seen this linked everywhere, but since it saves me having to type it: Here's What Gets Me, an essay about what was wrong with Bush's response, regardless of his actual actions.

I was talking with [ profile] catscradle in email about this. When 9/11 happened Rudy Giuliani stepped up to the plate. Now by that time he'd gone from guy who gets it done to El Duce with his strict control of how things went on in NYC but you couldn't deny the guy was a leader. He was part of NYC. And love him or hate him (I did both, during his time) he seemed to at least to get the job. So it wasn't really surprising that when his city was hit he was right in the thick of it. He rolled up his sleeves and he got to work. IIRC even after the fact he tried to hit as many of the funerals for the police and firefighters as was possible.

Rudy, to me, was a guy where even if you didn't like him, even if you didn't vote for him, you could say yeah, he's a Mayor. He's a leader. You might not like all of his decisions, but you could respect the work he was putting into the job.

Bush, OTOH, strikes me as a guy who doesn't even respect the job himself. And you know, for all that he ran twice on a just-folks persona of being one of the people, he sure as hell doesn't act like one of the people. He doesn't connect with Americans. He puts himself into rarified bubbles, he turns a blind eye to anything he can't be bothered to see.

When Giuliani was in office you couldn't open an envelope in that town without him showing up to lend Mayoral support. Small wonder his marriage failed because he sure as hell was never at home. Bush, conversely, doesn't even strike you as being in the US when his body is physically occupying space within the borders. And that's at the best of times, let alone times like last week when he felt it was a-ok to be on vacation while people were suffering.

All of which isn't to say I want Rudy to run for president because dear God no. But it is to say that it is possible for there to be a politician who shares almost none of my beliefs who I can still look to and go yeah, this guy does what he's supposed to do. I may not agree with his stance on, say, whether or not people should be allowed to catch their breath while walking the sidewalks, but I can at least agree that the term "Mayor" does apply to him.

Bush, on the other hand, doesn't look like even he understands what the term "President" means. And yet 38% of the country still wonders why the rest of us don't like him.
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Just yesterday my Older Brother asked how the French Quarter was doing.

"Actually fine," I said. "See, it's a little known fact that the Quarter is higher than many places in New Orleans, so the flood didn't damage it too badly. At this point the only things we need to worry about are human-caused damage, like looting or fire."

Dear Fate: That wasn't a suggestion!

Gah! Watch me sit here and try to catch whatever snippet of news that I can about those fires, all the while trying to protect the Quarter through the power of my own mind if it's possible. And can I just say yet again how much I hate relying on out of towners to report the news to me? No, the mall by the Superdome is not the "riverfront mall". Riverwalk is the river front mall. You'd know that since A) the name and B) the huge wet thing right outside of it. Gah. GAH!

Anyway, still playing catch up on the news so no links to report. However, I'm feeling philosophical so allow me to take a moment to indulge in the wonderings of my own mind.

Cut for your protection as I ponder whys and what ifs. )
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Took a nap. Changed the time on my alarm but somehow forgot to actually turn said alarm on. It is therefore by a stroke of luck I didn't end up sleeping the rest of the night away and, by extension, missing dinner.

Did more work on my scarf. It's about halfway done now, give or take. I'm quite enjoying the process. Next up: increasing! Well, next up finishing the scarf. Then increasing as done an entirely new project. BTW, anybody who knits who wants to give me tips and tricks on weaving in loose ends of threads is not gonna be turned down by me. This is another weird moment where the Stitch n Bitch book does not explain it in dummy captain speak, so I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it correctly.

On the train back from the city I started to read Snake Hips, which is a book about belly dancing that I got out of the library. It's not bad so far. I don't know that I would have bought it, but for a library read it's good.

As you might imagine given the schedule for this weekend, I did not get to go to the open house at my dance school. Pout. Pout pout POUT. Not that I regret Electric Vindaloo and hanging out late in the city and having brunch with Kita, Fod, and Swmbo. I just regret that it had to be an either/or. Phooey.

Imagine that I got to do a performance for you guys, then. And Kita gets to imagine me dancing while holding a gun. 8)
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Back home. I can now confirm the following:

Vinnie did wink at Ros.

Vinnie did hug Ros after the show.

[ profile] swmbo rocks the house and got an autograph for Ros as well.

We did see Vinnie strip down to his alltogether (thanks [ profile] bethynyc!)

Depending on your angle you did see more than just VK butt.

Depending on how close you were to the front, you got VK spit on you as well. As I have not yet taken a shower, I could successfully run a DNA test on the lad.

[ profile] swmbo might, just might, think that Vinnie has lovely skin.

[ profile] swmbo is, however, a cover hog and do not let ANYBODY tell you different.

Beyond that what can I tell ya? It was a fun night which reminded me a lot of Buffycon, in that there were a lot of people there I wanted to meet and no time whatsoever to get a chance to even say hi to half of them. This was also not helped by my blondness which meant that when people were nice enough to introduce themselves by their real names I had absolutely no idea who I was talking to. Next time I say we all wear name tags, complete with little pictures to the left hand side which allow us to push for more information.

The play itself was pretty much what you'd expect for an off-off-off-off-Broadway workshoppy play with a budget of, I believe, whatever was in the director's pockets at the time of the curtain going up. If you've read the reviews of it in the New York Times and the like you pretty much get the idea. Vinnie was good, "Manchester" accent notwithstanding. He gets a monologue in the second half which was well written and well executed by him.

The rest was a bit of a muddle. There were entire scenes that didn't need to be there, plus two actresses who left me and [ profile] kita0610 with conflicting opinions as to which of them was actually pretty good for that level of theater, and which one was clearly the best the show could get their hands on. The important thing to remember in this argument is that my opinion is right, and Kita's is wrong.

Still and all with a tighter editor on the script and somebody gently pulling everyone aside and pointing out that no, really, it didn't have to be taking place in England, I've seen worse at that level of theater. It's no Shakespeare, but OTOH who expected it to be?

After the play there was Ros's meeting of VK, then various people splintering off to go home. Some of us traveled pretty much all over the entire Village in order to find a place to grab a drink. Then it was a late night with Ros making it clear that if I didn't to back home with her, Swmbo, and Kita, there would be dire consequences. Not the least of which was I wouldn't get the stuff that I'd left at Mer's apartment so I wouldn't have to haul it around the theater.

So late giggly night for us, comparatively far too early morning (10am counts as early if you go to bed at 3 and go to sleep at... actually I'm not sure any of us really slept), brunch at Katz's deli because Kita needed the food of her people, and then us stumbling back to our respective beds for nappage. The latter of which I'm about to do right now.
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Slept okay, if lightly. I'm starting to think that [ profile] tygerseye is right to suggest this might be a Spring fever kind of problem. I remember last year the longer daylight and increased fresh air in my apt. kind of did a number on my sleep patterns until I got settled into it again.

Headache lingered with me for the day. I unfortunately had to use my brain for bills and such, but once that was done I took the rest of the day off. Let it be known that [ profile] flaming_muse writes the best comfort to my hurt evah. Also that she needs to continue that story. Yup, yup.

I have... herm. Maybe 6 emails out right now that I'm all a-twitchy about because I've gotten no replies yet. Some are personal, some are professional. Schrodinger's email, as I've taken to calling it. On the one hand no news is good news, on the other no news makes me start wondering if the people I wrote to ever got the letters in the first place. This is a bad place for somebody who second-guesses that kind of thing with little to no provocation. I'm the kind of person who, when sitting in the driver's seat and listening to my own personal mix CD in the stereo, wonders if she got into the correct car. You can consider this kind of thing the Persian flaw to my otherwise stunning intellect.

Talked to [ profile] swmbo last night via email. I kept her company while she was in her most favorite airport EVAH, which is La Guardia. She claims that [ profile] kita0610 and [ profile] ros_fod have landed safely. On the other hand, this is [ profile] swmbo. She may have fibbed. You know how untrustworthy she is.

Tonight is Electric Vindaloo. For thems who care, I'll be getting into the city at either 7 or 8, depending on what train I manage to catch. No clue yet what I'll be wearing, but I'll have a dark green backpack with me. So when you see the big boobed chick with curly blond hair, a green backpack, and an "Are you the person I'm looking for?" type expression that'll be me. Or an undercover cop trying to bust you for picking up prostitutes. Either/or.
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Spent last night with [ profile] stakebait. We had not too bad Italian food at a restaurant with mumbly people, which was infinitly better than our original plan of having Mexican food of unknown quality in the restaurant filled with music so loud that I could hear it before I actually left my apartment. Bearing in mind that I live 45 minutes away from this location.

We then hit up Old Navy for clothes, then zinged back to her place to talk about philosophy and politics and... yeah it was pretty much all [ profile] ats_nolimits all the time, with occasional breaks for "You know, Protocol!Wes really should have a kitten." so my priorities are spot-on, as always.

This morning woke us up with a fabulous thunderstorm, which left us walking through the rivers of Manhattan in search of an Irish breakfast. In spite of the weather-appropriate theme, the place we wanted to go to was closed, so we ended up with a regular old diner breakfast, though that was nice too in that nobody dumped buckets of water on our heads the entire time we were there.

After breakfast it took, I kid you not, an hour to get a cab. Which wouldn't have been too surprising if it was still raining, but at that point it had been only cloudy at best and even with occasional pauses for sunshine, so I have no idea what was up with that. Granted, some of the time was taken up by us trying different spots and me also zipping back to Mer's apartment to use the bathroom, but even still.

I suppose at some point we should've just given up and gotten a bus or used the subway, but that would have been cheating.

Back home, I immediately grabbed a nap and then snuggled with my cats who chastized me for orphaning them for a night, and are now sleeping soundly and are content to ignore me once again. This leaves me with approximately two hours in which to get a story done by deadline, at which point I then declare my freedom for the night and will ideally spend it taking a hot bath and then baking cookies.

There might also be tea.

Hope y'all are doing well. =)
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It's September! A very joyous time of year, when leaves change, the weather becomes cold, things can be baked, and I can savagely mock everyone who has to go back to school because they do and I don't, neener neener neener.

Tennis last night was fun. Had most excellent seats, which means I was able to not only watch the games but I could also enjoy the amusement of watching people try to sneak their way up front only to be kicked out by an elderly usher weilding a towel. I'm not sure what the towel was for. Possibly if they don't produce tickets and/or leave in an appropriate amount of time he wets it down with a water gun, twists it, and slaps them on the ass. I didn't get to see him do this though so I can only assume.

The first game was between two women I've never heard of before but who gave great game. It was close the entire time, and had a lot of good back and forth. Also? There are worse ways to spend an evening than spending a few hours watching women in tiny skirts wiggling their butts back and forth.

I'm all about the deep and meaningful, with sports.

The second game I only stayed for two sets. Roddick vs. Jenkins, AKA the man ranked 2 in the world up against the 17 year old kid who is ranked, all things considered, not much higher than me in the world and I don't even play. (he's in the 1400s, to be specific)

I saw Roddick last year when he played Agassi and he struck me as an asshole then and I'm not really seeing a need to change that opinion now. First game he busts out with three 150 serves in a row, to which I'm like dude, how small is your penis? I get that this is competition, not charity, and that Roddick isn't going to waste time and energy when he can be saving himself for the finals, but even so there's ways to do that without doing the tennis version of using a shotgun on a mosquito.

That being said, Jenkins did well for a total newbie, and I hope we'll be seeing him again in the future. He managed to win four games which is impressive. Plus his first name is Scovil, so I'd love to go to matches with him and hold up a sign that says "Bring the Heat, Scovil!" just to see how many food geeks understood what the Hell I was talking about.

(Yes, I realize that's not how it's spelled in the food world. It may also not be how his name is spelled either. So it evens out. ;) )

Anyway, that's that. I'd talk about the convention except I've managed to not watch any of it so far, and given what I've read of the speeches after I think I'd better keep up that streak or else I'll be lobbing bricks through my TV.

La la la fall! Soon! Need an autumn icon of some kind! And also to make things with cinnamon in them! La la la!!


Aug. 31st, 2004 03:13 pm
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Things here in TBQland (which, when I am home, is Siam ;) ) are hopping. I had a much-needed day off yesterday, fun with JH this past weekend, and tonight I'm going to the US Open.

Fandom-wise I'm finishing up episode 1 of No Limits ([ profile] ats_nolimits), having half a second to breathe, then plunging right in to getting ep 4 done by the end of this weekend. I'm going to remind myself of this moment the next time I think of doing a project like this, and saying to myself "The easiest thing in the world for me to do is two episodes almost back to back". Either that or I'll just hit myself in the head and save us all the trouble ;)

Anyway, short form of that is expect me to be somewhat quiet as my free time this week is a bit on the limited side, and what I have of it needs to go towards meeting deadlines.

In other news, I'd like to thank my subconscious for the dream I had last night of Wes and Angel enjoying a mutual jerk-off session.* If this is how my brain handles this kind of story writing pressure, clearly I need to put myself in these kinds of situations more often. ;)

* Not that this is a plot for episodes 1 or 4 of No Limits **

** As far as you know


May. 24th, 2004 12:08 pm
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You know, the thing that clogs my shower drain the most is hair. Cat hair. Which I think just goes to disprove that silly myth that those guys keep themselves clean by using their tongues.

Now if only I could get them to replace the conditioner when they're through with it.

Weekend was good as weekends go. Went to [ profile] buffybot's party and watched her attack the hell out of a triceratops. Also spent quality hang out time with [ profile] stakebait and [ profile] lucifrix. Plus I finally got closure on what the @#$% Wesley's background is in the AtS credit sequence. It's been driving me nuts, and now I know. The fact that this gives me a deep sense of satisfaction is perhaps your best indication that I just might be in desperate need of a life. You make the call. Or, possibly, you do the math. Either/or.

Much appreciated to all the replies to my so it pretty much sucks to be a bisexual person in America today post. It was nice knowing I'm not the only one out there with those feelings and problems. Plus a few of you suggested I should try an Episcopal church for some of my lacking spiritual needs, so I may see how that goes.

Today is work and playing catch-up, so if you sent me an email anytime this weekend and haven't heard back yet, hopefully I'll be able to get to you soon.

ETA: GIP, by [ profile] sluggirl
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Had a busy weekend. Friday went in to see [ profile] stakebait and spend hours talking about politics, fannish stuff, and occasionally both. As for example:

Mer: It drives me nuts when I sit there and see everything that Dubya is doing and yet not enough people get pissed off about it.
TBQ: Yeah. It's like he cast the Superstar spell on himself and everybody else is going on about how much he rocked in The Matrix and we're sitting here scratching our heads and saying "Um.. I'm pretty sure he's not actually the Slayer."

Saturday I had work, then for dinner I made a chicken bracciole which was pretty good but I'm loath to post the recipe until I work the kinks out of it. It's the one in the latest Italian Cooking & Living, for what it's worth. It's very tasty but they do things like have you wrap them up in plastic wrap and shove it in the fridge for 2 hours before frying it in a pan. Which is nice and all but two hours really isn't enough time to solidify the bracciole so that it doesn't unroll. So next time I'm going to try skipping that step and just tying them up with kitchen string, which is what I do when I'm making my grandmother's braccioles and it works out fine. (Either that or next time I'll just put them straight in the oven, b/c I wasn't really seeing how the Maillard Reaction was doing that much flavor-wise. In beef yeah, but chicken? Wasn't seeing enough of a difference.)

Today I've got errands to run, then dinner with the folks, and then QAF later tonight on Showtime ([ profile] justhuman? You watching?) I mention all this to point out the lack of downtime in the schedule as apparently I've been causing people to go to sleep late. *cough* So, uh, no promises on that by the end of tonight. I'll try if I can, but no promises.

Oh! And bill paying. Gotta pay my bills. I should probably do that before I go out shopping but... meh. That's all logical and stuff.

Anyway, catch you later!
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I glance out the window after being awake for maybe an hour and discover that it snowed last night. Or possibly this morning. There's white stuff on the ground, is my point. Neat, if unexpected. And it does give me new reasons to try to get out the door a bit early when I'm on my way to work. Because we all know I love leaving early for work.

After eating it three times I've decided I still can't tell if I like baked oatmeal or not. I think what's throwing me is the texture. I feel like it should be wetter, like proper oatmeal, but since it's baked I assume the end result is supposed to be more like something you could eat with a fork. Plus it retains heat strangely. On the flip side it does taste good until the point at which it goes cold, so I have no idea what to make of it. I feel like I should keep making it because we all know that proper oatmeal is about the healthiest thing you can eat ever, and if it can be made in a recipe that's got 200 calories a serving and manages to not taste like wallpaper paste then more power to it, but on the other hand it still has strange heat retention.

I babble about all this in case anybody's got any ideas. It'd be really funny if all I needed to do was add a smidge more milk to the original recipe or something ;)

(And yes, I realize there's cooking groups that I could babble this too, but that'd require the effort of posting twice and I'm all lazy and stuff right now. Esp since I'm full of oatmeal. Which sounds like a euphamism for something but isn't.)

In other news Trust Me is finished, at least in terms of the "parts posted to LJ" stage. Now comes the stage where I go over it again and again with a fine tooth comb because I am that picky about word choices sometimes, and then I give it to [ profile] wolfling to go over with a fine tooth comb because for all my pickyness I still miss plenty of errors, and then I'll actually post the whole thing to mailing lists, archives, and my web site. I mention that in case anybody wanted to know if there'd be a handy-dandy one stop shopping type link for it in the future. The answer to that is yes, yes there will. Probably by the end of the week at the latest. (Note how happily I assume free time in [ profile] wolfling's schedule. Generous of me, no? ;) )

But since that's all fiddly clean-up stuff I find myself in the sort of post-coital place with regards to getting a story done, where I can sit and bask in afterglow and wonder if it was good for you. I've been tempted to do a post of some author notes, since some people were asking about the foreshadowy bits and others swear that they're not bored by me blathering on about the writing process. But OTOH I'm not sure if that wouldn't be too much of pointing out where the smoke and mirrors are so you tell me. I'm never shy about talking about myself so if there's interest let me know.

I also find myself enjoying a moment where I don't have an immediate writing deadline (as I had given myself one for this because I didn't want new episodes of Angel to start while I needed to keep my inspirations firmly in the land of AU), so now I'm all "la la la! freetime!" which, of course, I realize ignores all the other stories I need to be working on but shhh! Give me my moments!

And speaking of schedules I may take some fun classes in the upcoming weeks. Further bulletins on that as events warrent.

And I think that's about it. Now to dress for work, clean off my car, and try to find that new station that LIR moved to.


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