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Today yet another coworker thanked me for cutting the excess pictures off of the sides of those slides. I feel like I've just done a reverse Crowley, where instead of releasing a tiny annoyance into the world I've released a small happy.

Anyway, I've been pondering this for a while thanks to shows like Walking Dead, and The Colony, and my recent viewing of Reign of Fire and then [personal profile] stoney321> posted her are you ready to survive the Apocalypse or will I have to kill you and use you for dinner? quiz (I may be paraphrasing her title) (only slightly) and thus I was inspired to finally write down my list of shit you need to abide by if you're going to be hanging with me when the apocalypse comes.

Now this could be any apocalypse. Zombie, dragon, plague, zombie plauge dragons that shoot bees out of their mouths, whatever. And this is not a complete list by any means. But it is a list of things I've at the very least been compelled to shout in the direction of my TV screen, so now I'm writing it for all of you. You're welcome.

Onward: If you're going to hang with me when the apocalypse comes you need to know... )
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So I asked a co-worker about the PowerPoint template, since it was supposedly her department that commissioned the thing.

Her: You mean the one where the pictures hang off the sides?
Me: Yeah
Her: Is it just me or does that drive you -
Both of us: totally freaking nuts.
Me: Want me to send you a copy when I crop out the excess?
Her: Please.
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Yesterday I was supposed to get my annual review at work. I already knew it was going to go well since mere weeks ago I was given a raise and a promotion (EEEEEEE) so the only surprise left was what my bonus would be.

Or in theory that was the only surprise left.

In reality I spent most of Thursday feeling remarkably tired in spite of having slept well ("I feel really tired," I could oft be heard telling people, "in spite of having slept well.") Then at 4am Friday morning I... did not feel well, to put it mildly.

Then again at 7am, around which time I used my phone to email my boss that I'd be at least an hour late, because I needed to see if this was a passing thing or more serious.

At 9am I emailed to say I would not be coming in.

I then spent the entire day in bed, interrupted only by wakefullness after at least 3 hours of sleep wherein I would avail myself of the restroom and then stumble back to bed again. I did not eat. I barely drank but for sips of water which I could probably count on one hand. Finally at 9pm I got out of bed long enough to stumble out and try some dry cereal and Vitamin Water (Mac and Luna: "JESUS FUCK WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????") The dry cereal and Vitamin Water did not care to try me, so back to bed I crawled and stayed until 11am this morning.

Today I have managed water, dry cereal, green tea, and rice. I have also managed to be on the couch and do things like be on the computer or watch TV and realize that as sick as I may be Reign of Fire still makes absolutely no freaking sense.

So hopefully I am on the mend. Still kind of weird to have gotten/needed that much sleep. Guess infections make you do the wacky.
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This weekend was spent on the annual pilgrimage to Rhinebeck, aka the NY Sheep and Wool festival, aka OMG PRETTY YARN I MUST HAVE IT ALL!!!!!

It was a great gathering this year. The weather was the platonic ideal of crisp Fall, sunshine, and foliage either at peak or darn near close to.

I spent my time helping the economy and adopting homeless yarn. I also convinced [personal profile] christinenj to take up weaving and to buy a drop spindle. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Now I just have to convince [personal profile] anomilygrace to buy a loom and my plans for world domination... well won't be complete or anything but it would give me one more person to squee over looms with, so there's at least some upside.

Anyone curious about the yarn I bought can check out my updated stash at Ravelry (I'm craftbq over there, if you haven't friended me yet). I have so much yarn now it's overflowing in my baskets. Which means I either need more baskets or I need to use up yarn faster. Probably both.

Some meals were provided care of the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America. All was good, but I'm not ashamed to say that the breakfast I had there yesterday morning was a religious experience. Possibly also a sexual one. This is definitely going into the regular roster of things to do when I go to Rhinebeck.

The cats survived with my dad checking in on them while I was gone. As of me typing this, they've finally calmed down from the stage where they need to attach themselves to me like Velcro because OMGIWASGONEFOREVER and instead are doing it at their usual level of being powered by snuggles as much as they are by sunlight.

Tomorrow I return to work where I'll be there but my boss will not, so hopefully I can catch up on everything that happened while I was gone. It'd be great if I could be paid to stay home and knit all the things, but sadly that's just not happening. Ah well.
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Three day weekend which started with me staying late at work (granted "late" in this case meant "5 instead of leaving early at 2") and included my boss stopping by on Sunday to give more work for me to do. This sounds bad but all of it equaled me not having to go into work early tomorrow, and such things are priceless in my eyes.

(And yes, my weekend also included "Hoo shit boss coming over in an hour, must shower and put on real clothes!" That was fun.)

Other things done this weekend included various forms of weaving, which I can totally quit any time I want and I'm not the one with the problem, you're the one with the problem!

Or something like that.

As far as the whole LJ thing goes, I'm thebratqueen on LJ, Dreamwidth, JournalFen, and InsaneJournal. The only crossposting I do is my own posts to all those accounts. I don't link my accounts to Twitter and Facebook because I believe that if I wanted to read something on Twitter I'd read it on Twitter, and Facebook is under my real name in an attempt to try to give false positives to anyone who might try to google me in a work-related capacity.

Is it fall yet? How about time for Rhinebeck? No? How about now?

*wistful sigh*
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When Stuff happens in my life I tend to go into hiding, because that's how I cope. But then Stuff happens for a while and I end up more or less vanishing for weeks on end, which I realize is not good either.

I'm admittedly uncertain about what to say because in many ways I'm still in hiding mode. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT DON'T LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING'S FINE STOP MAKING BAD STUFF REAL. But the short version is that Mac's been sick. Is still sick. I'm putting the details here behind a cut because animals being less than happy upsets me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's like that. more details on Mac's illness. Also cut because this gets long. The short version is that eventually both of us became sick. )

We are not out of the woods yet by a looooooooooooooooooooooooong shot. Any one little thing could go wrong and we're right back to Very Bad. I'm trying not to force myself to think too far ahead and to simply look at it moment by moment.

But with him being sick, and then me being sick, and the emotions and the everything - well to say that I'm low on spoons is a vast understatement. At this point I think I'm missing an entire silverware drawer.

Which is why I'm probably going to scuttle back into hiding again. But I wanted to let people know so they'd understand.

So... there we are. Now I go take care of Mac again.


May. 24th, 2010 07:37 pm
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As I type this I have a kitties taking turns on my lap as they say, in their own ways, "OMGNEVERLEAVEAGAIN!!!!"

The chaos of work turns into chaos of travel as I found out at 8:30pm last Friday that I was heading out to California for more work stuff. Which caused a bit of flailing on my part as I tried to get everything ready in time. But on the good side it meant I got to see an [personal profile] airawyn who was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and hang with me not just that night but on Tuesday, which meant I had company for the Joss/NPH episode of Glee!

Otherwise it was non-stop work stuff until Wednesday, when M-sis came to get me so that I could spend a few days with her, Elder Brother, and the hobbit children. The kids continue to be aggressively adorable so all in all it was a great few days.

I got back home around midnightish last night, and today has been about sleeping late, unpacking, cleaning, and reminding the cats that I still love them even if I abandoned them for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS.

So hi! =)
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Today I got a pedicure and a massage. These were both good things, but what made them even better was that I went to a new-to-me nail place and the owner had teeny little muppet dogs! Okay technially they were miniature poodles (with shorter hair than in that picture, but same color) but I am telling you they were muppet dogs!

They came up to greet me when I walked into the salon, all "Hi! Are you friendly? We like meeting people who are friendly!" and then started licking my legs and hands with their tiny tongues. (I bent down to say hello, they didn't bring over a stepladder so they could reach my fingers or anything).

Then while the pedicure was going on every so often one or both of the dogs would wander into the pedicure room all "How's it going in here? Everybody doing okay?"

If this place wants to make money hand over fist they should charge for time spent cuddling the muppet dogs. I'd totally pay.

Clarence Starling (yes, I named the mystery bird) (yes, I think that name is funny) (shut up) is still around. I assume he's continuing to look for love. I'm puzzled as to his lack of success, since his offer of a home is inside of an actual home, and that's got to be impressive to other birds, especially if he's claiming to have done the roofing himself. On the other hand I worry that he'll settle down with a wife and kids and then they'll be evicted for not paying the homeowners fees. Then the babies would be all traumatized and turn to a life of crime. It'd be horrible, especially since it is really hard to get intimidating tattoos when you're covered in feathers.

In the meanwhile Clarence and the sparrows (which incidentally is the name of my favorite '50s doo wop band) sit on the roof and try their best come-on lines. Clarence: "What's your sign? Can I arrange the alphabet to put U and I together? Is Heaven missing an angel?" Sparrow: "CHIRP!" Clarence: "...dude." So at least there's bonding.

This week starts the busiest time of year at Primatech. This would be the time when I get so busy I have to multi-task going to the bathroom, and late nights are the norm. (Last year's record was about 11pm for me, 2am for my poor co-workers.) In theory we've gotten a lot of prep work done in advance and the next two weeks shouldn't be that difficult. In theory.

In the meanwhile, nice knowing all of you.
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Anybody out there in possession of l33t Excel skills? Specifically involving pivot tables? If so, I am in need of assistance, please!

Behind the cut, both for length and to prevent non-spreadsheet geeks from dying of boredom )
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Happy Solstice! Blessed Yule, and all that sort of thing. Today I celebrated by giving gifts of food (the results of my baking this weekend) to various co-workers. Actually I had planned to do it today because tomorrow is when people start taking off for their vacations and today just so happened to be the Solstice but we're going to pretend like I planned to do it this way the whole time.

Things given out:

Apple butter crumble
Gingerbread (of the bready texture, not the cookie kind)
Fudgey bars
Hot chocolate onna stick

People seemed happy to get a little unexpected something. I was certainly happy to indulge my love of baking, so really it all works out in the end.
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I got a little note today wondering where I was. Apparently I haven't posted since September. Um... oops? I didn't mean to be so quiet!

I think what helped confuse me was that I have been posting over on twitter, which allowed me to check off the "type some sort of update on the internet" box in my mental to do list.

Not much new here other than being busy. There has been knitting, spinning, cooking, working and other things that I can't even remember anymore. Oh! Making things! Like butter. I have made my own butter and it is quite yummy. I have also made cultured butter which was easy but I'm not sure about the result. I mean having butter that knows more about Proust than I do is just embarassing.

This week we're doing a cookie swap at work. It's my first cookie swap so I'm excited.

Aaaaaaaaaand I think that covers it for now. Hi! =)

Catching up

Aug. 9th, 2009 01:32 pm
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It has been a loooooooooooooooooong week involving such things as no LJ/Twitter access (now fixed), no hot water (also now fixed), repair people, and work crazyness. So I sit here on a Sunday afternoon trying to catch up on all that needs doing.

Such as passing along this story, (h/t to [personal profile] tzikeh): Never fly AirTran. Never ever fly AirTran.

I actually didn't know that an airline called AirTran existed, but based on the post and the comments clearly I don't want to know them either.
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So last night I was at work until 11:30. Could've been worse. Others were there until 2:30am. And then back at it around 8 this morning. Yeah.

Today was, comparatively speaking, not too bad. I was in a conference room all day as we did fine-tuning. And during the various interruptions of that fine-tuning I was able to get SO MUCH DONE because NOBODY WAS INTERRUPTING ME. IT WAS HEAVEN.

It's all still not done yet. If I had to bet it won't be done until Monday afternoon, which is when the folks giving this presentation head out of the office. So it's possible I'll have insanity to deal with Monday morning, but they're leaving at 3 (or thereabouts). And either way by the end of Monday I am OUT OF IT WHEEEEEE.

Don't get me wrong. I got to use my mad skillz 1) at all and 2) not only in front of my boss but the CFO and CEO. This was a very awesome thing for me to be so heavily involved with. It's only the marathon aspect of it that's a bit much for what my system can handle, so it's nice to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For those who asked, I'm on salary so no overtime. I will get to take time off next week which I'll turn into a 3 day weekend on Friday. The tangible benefits, such as they are, of when I do work like this tend to be in extra paid time off and in how my raise/bonus is calculated (those years when we do raises/bonuses). Plus my boss knows that I rock in stereo, so it's all good.

In other news, I think the cats might be finally convinced that I didn't totally abandon them forever and forever. Poor kitties. *pet pet*
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Guess who's still at work?


That's it. I got nothing else. I've been at work all day and doing worky stuff. This is my brief moment of sanity. Such as it is.
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Busiest time of year for us over at Primatech. I've been pulling late nights all this week. No clue about the rest of the week.

I don't mind. I enjoy the work and my efforts are appreciated. In the meanwhile I come home, reassure the cats that I haven't abandoned them, then collapse in bed.

So that's the latest in the news of me.

Mmm? What?

Mar. 23rd, 2009 10:24 am
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Had to get up early for work today.

Am tired.

Would like nap.

*collapses on you all*
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Gather 'round, children, and I shall tell you a tale. It's a true tale, where the names have been omitted for privacy's sake, and the conversations have been condensed to remove repetition, but it happened sure as I'm sitting here today. Or tomorrow. This is my favorite spot on the couch, I sit here often.

The place: work
The time: 1pm
The characters: Me, my boss, and the owner of the nearby pizza place. To make things easy we'll call the owner of the pizza place Rob. Rob is not his real name. His real name is Bob. Or so I am told. We didn't get around to introductions.

Now then, picture it, Primatech, earlier today... )
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So today was possibly the longest and possibly craziest day of work in the history of EVER. All I want to do is hide under my couch. Or, as I'm currently doing, sit on top of it with sleeping kitties and enjoy the blessed silence.

But whenever there is a darkness, there is a light. And today the light is Tim Gunn Takes Wizards Shopping for Less Hideous Uniforms.
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My boss got his kids a Wii for Christmas (or at least that's the official story. How much the kids have actually gotten to play with it is another matter... ;) ) Anyway, he's not much of a tech geek so he doesn't know what all is out there. He and his wife liked bowling and tennis, and his oldest son (who is 7) absolutely loved Lego Star Wars. Actually his oldest son loves Lego anything.

I do not own a Wii myself, but I know many of you do. So - got any recs for games? For him or his kids.

Thank you!
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So today I did work with Habitat for Humanity. I've wanted to do stuff with them for YEARS and one of the nice things about Primatech is that Habitat is one of their sponsored charities. So you can go work at Habitat for a day and it doesn't come out of your vacation days. Obviously there are limits. One couldn't, say, work at Habitat ALL the time and still get paid. But for helping out now and again it's nice that the company allows you to make time for it.

It was, as you might imagine, cold. But I'd dressed in layers and had on a scarf and such so it wasn't too bad. I also put my coat back on when we got to more still labor, like hammering.

We started the day with post hole digging. This was my first moment of "Are you sure you're going to be okay with that, young lady?" which I found very funny because the options were digging or going up on the rickety roof. Yeah, give me digging anyday. Plus I don't mind digging. I probably would've volunteered for it anyway. Whenever it snows I tend to clean out around my car and then clean out around the cars of elderly neighbors if I haven't yet killed myself from exhaustion. And of course there was the tunnel to the center of the earth I dug for my lilac bush, which gave me much practice in the subset of digging known as "SHIT this state has a lot of rocks in it."

That latter skill came in very handy when the hole I and my (male) partner were working on turned out to have what I surmise was the original foundation or walkway for the house buried under our shovels. My guess is that in days gone by these slabs were repurposed ballast from the ships that used the local port. Either way it required some doing and I was happy to dig in - heh - and do my part.

Later on was putting insulation on windows and this is when I think we had more people than we had tasks to do. (I also think my team blitzed through the planned tasks for the day much faster than the coordinators anticipated. Like I think they thought the digging would last all day and we finished with an hour to spare before lunch) Anyway, this was another moment of amusing sexism for me because I was doing some hammering and just as I started one of my teammates - a guy in my department at work - looked at me and asked "Are you... okay with that?" And I just replied "Pointy end of the nail goes towards me... right?" in my dry, CJ Cregg manner. Though in my head I was kinda like... dude. Hammer. Nails. I realize there's a stereotype about women and tools but 1) I'm pretty sure chimps have brains enough to get hammer/nails down and 2) You just saw me do the post hole digging task so it's not like you should be under the impression that I'm too girly to get my hands dirty.

Though admittedly I did not fight to usurp this guy's place with some of the later tasks because he was one of the guys who vanished for at least an hour in the morning in the name of getting coffee, and that was a solid hour of digging work by those of us left behind. So if he finally felt like doing some work - mazel tov. I was just amused at how apparently having hammer, nails, and a uterus flashed error messages in his brain.

We finished up a half hour early. I grabbed Panera on my way home and tried to warm up again which I may manage sometime... today, I'm hoping. (Being warm, I'm already home. That was thankfully managed quickly.) And I can tell that my back and knees are going to be loving me tomorrow for all of today's hard work so I'm going to be a good girl and not run the errands I was thinking of running and instead stay home and relax and cook and be good friends with Advil and Icy Hot.

So that was my day.


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