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Happy bunny day to one and all! May all your bunnies be an inch tall, and may the hardest part be teaching them how to hug 8)

It's a lovely Spring day here, and I suppose even I can't begrudge the warmth and sunshine even though warmth and sunshine are sick and wrong and nothing any of you say will convince me otherwise, you warm sunshine loving freaks.

I put together the dough for hot cross buns last night and let it slowly rise overnight in the fridge. I've never tried that technique with dough before, but doing it that way allowed me to not have to get up at oh my God in the mornng today to put the buns together.

They're currently doing their second rise, after which they'll get the icing, an egg wash, and then get tossed into the oven for about twenty minutes.

I'm taking pictures so I can try to get back in the habit of documenting that stuff. Especially now that I have the pretty craft blog. (Though I'm not sure how much cooking stuff will go there. I kinda like keeping the thrust on knitting and crochet. But we'll see.)
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The website has been updated yet again. Those who wanted to update their bookmarks for the RPGFH will now be happy.

Those who don't know what the RPGFH is... are probably better off not asking. Ahem. ;)

In non techno updates, the urpyness seems to be slowly relinquishing its hold though I don't know that I would claim to be all the way at being able to feel hungry. Which is ironic as tonight I put the dough together for hot cross buns.

Spring is totally kicking my ass. For two days in a row now I've spent an hour or so in the afternoon napping away with the windows open. Though today it was warm and sunny which totally sucks compared to cool and rainy. I wish to register a complaint with Mother Nature.

At some point here I suppose I should eat dinner.

ETA: Apologies to those who got a huge post on their friends page thanks to friending the feed for my craft blog. In theory I've changed the settings so that feeds will only get a short summary.

New blog!

Apr. 15th, 2006 01:50 pm
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In an effort to educate myself on the care and feeding of non-LJ style blogs, I have created a brand new blog for myself:

CrafTBQ. (With LJ syndication feed to be found here.)

The blog won't be replacing this LJ. Instead it's a supplimental one for me to play around with, and blather on about knitting, crochet, and yadda yadda. (Which, uh, I'll still be doing here too, but over there will have more details. Or something. I'm still figuring this out.)

Enabling me with this new toy is highly encouraged. =)
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Reminding my body that food really is a good thing is still proving to be a challenge. I'm doing my humble best though.

To answer a question I got a couple of times: Yes, the RPGFH is one of the stories that isn't yet up on the newly revamped website. But it will be. Odds are good it'll be one of the very next updates since it just involves me coding an index page for it. It's just not going to happen right now since I need to aim my productive self at other things, like a story that's half a month past deadline. Ahem.

Things here in the land of Siam are warm, which SUCKS. Warm means it's harder to enjoy a cup of proper tea. Plus it means it's WARM which is sick and wrong. I thoroughly disapprove of this whole spring/summer concept. (Though I do enjoy the flowers and the fresh veggies. I am fickle.)

I was originally going to do a post about how traditionally Good Friday for me involves quiet contemplation, and how today was probably going to be all about the knitting and the reading and not so much with the writing of gay porn. Then one of my plot bunnies got insistant so not so much with that I guess. Well hey, if God wanted me to spend today reading he wouldn't be sending me porny inspiration. All His fault really.
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Dance class turned out to be cancelled. Which I would have known if I'd checked my voice mail last night, thus sparing me an entire day of angst wondering if I could get my stomach to subside long enough to allow for shimmies.

But nope, cancelled. So I could stay at home guilt-free and rest and relax.

Which naturally meant I took about a 20 min nap, then did a thing.

Yep, it's finally updated! It's only taken over a YEAR, people. *headdesk*

Now, as a word of warning: Not all stories are up there. I'm aware of this. It was either wait until I had the patience, health, and brainpower to keep on top of all those links and coding, or prevent myself from waiting yet ANOTHER year before finally updating the site.

So do not panic if you don't see something up there. It'll get there, I promise. Just not tonight. (And all my stories from the past few years are in my memories so it's not like they're nowhere, they're just not there.)

Now to sit back and relax. Ahhhh.

[ETA: I'd also like to give mad props to RobinTCJ and Kara. Because if not for them, the site wouldn't look as purdy as it now does]
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For the umpteeth day in a row now I've had a whole headachy/urpy thing going on for me. This coincides pretty darn closely with my last change in meds so I'd be surprised if that wasn't related.

Regardless, I'd like it to go away now. Dance class is tonight, damn it! Shimmies and urpies do not go together well. Trust me on this.

Surprisingly I was able to actually get stuff done. I had an epiphany re: my website which showed me I was making one aspect of the update (which has been sorely needed for over a year now) way more complicated than it needed to be. With that out of the way the other updates will hopefully flow more smoothly.

I intend to do some work on that today while the boss is away.

The boss was also made aware that no, I will not be here tomorrow. And yes, he did originally think I would be. But fortunately it was a painless clarification.

Huh? What?

Jun. 13th, 2005 12:29 am
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Pet is coded! Oh, sure, I got all sorts of other things done today but Pet is coded! Wooo!!!!

Still to be coded: all of Protocol, all of the RPS stuff, all the stand-alone fics that haven't been uploaded to the website yet, some meta that was originally put on LJ that's going to go up on the website as well, and a few other fiddly things.

Thus I abandon my hope of getting it done by early this week, but possibly by next weekend we'll be up and running.

Now I go to bed.
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Okay, I'm calling it done for today. I updated everything on the old site that was going into the new format (including the old fics) and I made the first inroads into updating the site with new stuff. The links page is done and the graphics section is mostly done.

The only catch on the graphics section is that I'm absolutely positive that I'm missing pictures. This so sucks because I'd been waiting on updating the site to put those pics up and now I can't find all of them. So if anybody out there reading this has ever made a picture for me that is not an LJ icon (those all go into one main folder so I haven't lost those) can you take pity on a poor blonde and hook me up with a link? Either that or email it to me over at thebratqueen at livejournal dot com.

Pictures I know I have )

So if anybody knows of any non-LJ icon graphics for my stuff not included in the above list, please let me know. I know I'm missing stuff.

Tomorrow I need to clean, cook, and go out for a while. But if time permits I'll keep slugging away. At this point I'm up to coding the stuff that hasn't touched code before. That should be fun. Fortunately at this point I have the templates set up so it's mostly cutting and pasting and then using massive find/replace to put the code in. At this point I think the worst of it will be me forgetting to include stuff, but I think I've got everything I need saved in my LJ memories.

What else, what else? I suppose sleep could be a thing...


Jun. 11th, 2005 08:53 pm
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Got all the old stories put into the new layout! WOOOOOO!!!!!

Go me, it's my birthday, go me, it's my birthday, go me, I'm totally ignoring all the uncoded stuff I'll need to work through once I get done with the rest of the old stuff on the website, woohoo! *

In other news, the verdict on the fudge pops is that they're sort of like pudding pops but with a deeper chocolate flavor. I liked the consistancy, but if I made them again I'd use a different kind of chocolate instead of bittersweet.

Note to self: your coding will go a heck of a lot faster if you stop rereading old stories as you work.

* NOTE: Not actually my birthday. Had this been my birthday you'd have been given a month's warning so that you'd be able to buy me presents. 8)
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You know, finally updating your website after a scary amount of time leaving it untouched sounds like such a good idea in theory. Then you do it and after a while your eyes glaze over and your brain starts dribbling out of your ears.

Granted, part of this is due to an update that includes a total site redesign. If this was just putting up new stuff (or at least comparatively new stuff) it'd be no problem. Cut and paste into the already existing template, FTP your little heart out, jack's a donut there you go. But with the top-down redesign I keep getting caught on little fiddly crap like random places I put in old email addresses, or non-obvious links, and what have you.

On the plus side I have a program that allows for massive search and replacing, so to some extent once I've broken everything down into its new organizational level it's easy for me to zip through and replace the old template with the new one. It's just oh so brain numbing in the meanwhile.

This post brought to you by me sitting here and staring balefully at some of my early early stuff and wondering how much I or anyone else gives a crap about having it on the website. (And my sense of denial about all the stuff that hasn't even been coded to the point where I can do a massive find and replace on it, Pet and Protocol I'm looking at you.)

I need to eat. Or go for a walk. Or both.
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Just as a heads-up, I've just put in the cancellation request for my old webspace, so if any of you are still bookmarking the prohosting account or emailing me via that address, now's the time to update your records. You can email me c/o my LJ addy, and the new website is, of course,

My hope is to get organized and up and running for deep linking purposes soon. Possibly even this weekend, if I can find the time. But either way prohosting is going bye-bye. Just so's you know.
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As ye olde website is about to be reorganized, it occurs to me that it couldn't hurt to ask if anybody has any requests for some org changes they'd like to see.

Currently planned are:

1) Put big stories (e.g. Epiphany) onto their own page, rather than grouping all stories together on one single index per fandom.

2) Put Vault stuff (e.g. RPGFH) up with the other things so it's easier to find.

3) Doing a massive story update which would include putting up copies of Pet and Protocol as they are now and putting links in so that people can see artwork that was created for the stories via links placed near or in the stories.

4) Getting rid of old pages that I don't care about anymore, streamlining the overall organization of the site, and finally updating the links page.

5) Entirely new site design.

Out of all that, is there anything else that you'd like that I haven't thought of? I'm thinking here specifically of stuff you'd like to see. After all, I have webstats which let me know which pages people didn't care about as much ;) It's my personal site so for the most part anything up there is to my own preferences first, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. =)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Aka my new URL, aka thank you, [ profile] wesleysgirl ;)

As of right now the process of moving and updating my site hasn't yet hit the crucial phase 2. All that's been done so far is to yank down the pages on the old site, put up an error message that will point people to the new one, and put the files from the old site onto the new more or less as-is.

What that means is that there's going to be broken links and graphics on the site as it is now, and you should definitely not update any links to specific stories, essays, or whatnot just yet. When the site gets a facelift I'm planning on doing a little reorganizing of the files as well, so URLs will definitely be changing.

But if all you ever linked to was my main page, that you can go nuts with changing your bookmarks and links and such.

Further bulletins as events warrant =)
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Tonight is take 3 of me attempting to go to belly dance class in the new year. Take 1 was a cancelled class due to weather, take 2 was me crawling my way home before I got totally lost and/or killed in the fog, and take 3 is tonight. I remain hopeful. According to my teacher there were 7 people in the class last week total, so we may actually have a little tribe going for ourselves. At least assuming they keep showing up.

BTW, did you notice how if you write today's date out in numbers you make the year? 1/20/05. See? It's like a little Easter egg.

Looks like I'll definitely be moving my website to a new domain and location, so won't all of you who have links to me be thrilled? Since the website itself is geting an overhaul and that probably won't be done until I have a week of more or less free time next month (why yes, my boss is going on vacation then, how could you tell?) what I've decided to do is get the new space set up now, but keep the old one for a month longer so I can use that time to point people to the new location. After that I figure people can be on their own.

New year, new starts, new resolutions has me pondering various things about being an adult and getting things done. But I shall put that behind a cut tag, in case you don't want to join in on the rambling and the navel-gazing. Your loss, though, because it's entirely possible there's cookies behind here. )
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They said it couldn't be done! They said, far more accurately, that it probably wouldn't be done! But lo, they were wrong!

Trust Me is finally polished and posted to my website. So anyone who was cursing my name for making you slog through my LJ memories for all the posts now has handy-dandy one-stop shopping for the whole thing. Plus, thanks to [ profile] wolfling and her mad beta skillz, parts of the story which were used to be adorably confusing now actually make sense to people who don't live inside of my head. Plus there's easily at least 80% less spelling errors. (Not 100% though. Gotta have that Persian flaw, after all.)

Link if you like, reread if you care to. There weren't insane changes to the plot or anything, but a couple of things got a slight tweak for clarity and/or my own anal retentive nature about word choices. But there it is for what it's worth.

Ta da! =)

Site update

Sep. 8th, 2003 01:43 am
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Just as an FYI, I finally got around to updating the Buffy and Angel section of my website with random drabbles, LJ fics, challenges and a few other random stories from various locations. Strategy is there, all in one piece (I know there were a few people asking for that once I finished it, so there you go), as are one or two stories that you might not have seen before.

Anyway, it's handy dandy one stop shopping if you've already seen all that and wanted to read it again, and it's an update of all new fic if, well, you haven't read that stuff yet I guess. Hope you like!


Oct. 16th, 2002 01:18 pm
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Looks like my website/email server is down. If anybody out there is trying to get in touch with me and getting no love, that'd be why.
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So I haven't been here but OTOH I haven't been lazy either. New Epiphany fic, gang. Questionable Things.

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Okay, 'tis too big for LJ so here's the new story on my website. Angelus/Wes, NC17. Enjoy.

It's done!

Aug. 9th, 2002 09:07 pm
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Okay, here's the finished fic, complete with final two scenes. (And some corrections to some of the early stuff). This is officially the first story in an open-ended series.

It's too big for LJ so here it is on my website.


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