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Still snowing here. I got to leave work early, which was nice. Yay for a sane company and boss who understand that you want to get home BEFORE the roads get too bad. It still took me an hour and a half to do what's normally a 20min drive, but still. Way better than being stuck until the roads are ice rinks and you can barely make it down the block.

Now if one had to create a perfect way to spend a snowstorm before the holidays, I think one would probably pick something like wearing jammies, snuggling with cats, and baking. I was able to do all three, woohoo! (There will be more baking tomorrow, as well as WAFFLES! WOOOO!)
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My Christmas gifts have been bought, wrapped, and where appropriate mailed. As of today. THIS IS FREAKY. I don't know what to do with comparative free time! This is when I start going insane and attempting to restyle my livingroom - OH WAIT I ALREADY STARTED THAT.

I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I'll do some baking this weekend and on Christmas Eve I'll do cooking for Christmas dinner. At some point I should figure out what that dinner is going to be...

In other news the new laptop is doing well so far. I think I'm going to name her Liz.
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Decorations! Decorations of a Christmas nature! I have my decorations up! I was able to do that today, which makes me happy. Luna is currently underneath the tree trying to eat it, so she's happy too.

That's about it or news on my end. It was a very busy weekend for me, but all in good ways. I'm rather lucky that way.

Mac is in my lap now and says hi.
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I was so productive today!! I did a massive haul of stuff over to Goodwill. And! AND!! I dissasembled my old computer desk (not in donatable condition) and hauled it to the dump! This was major both in that it involved taking the desk apart (easier than I thought it would be) and then actually finding the dump to drop it off. Afterwhich was moving furniture around which finaly allowed me to free up the space where my Christmas tree shall go!

So tomorrow ill be the Christmas tree and the decoration therein. Yay!!!
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I was a good girl and rested today. There was sleeping in and cuddling with cats and reading books, sometimes done in combination.

Then there was making of soup using the leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving, sage and rosemary from my herb garden, as well as onion, garlic, spinach, carrots, celery, egg noodles, and just a hint of curry. It was quite yummy. The leftovers have been portioned out and put into the freezer. I feel very safe in saying that if the apocalypse comes I will have enough soup on hand to feed approximately all of you. Some of you may even need to double up on servings to help get rid of it. It's the end of the world, we all have to make sacrifices.

I was surprisingly unhurt when I woke up today. Which isn't to say that I don't feel sore, I do. But it's more soreness in the sense of "Oh hey, who knew there was a muscle there?" way and not the "Clearly the next step is to train the cats to bring the bathroom to me." way. Which is good. I like moving. Yay movement! In case anyone cares my method was taking Advil and then applying Flexall to my lower back and knees before bed. I find this works much better than vice versa. 8)

Tomorrow is holiday fun downtown. I may go, depending on the weather. I'm told there is snow on the way, so naturally I'm quite excited about it. EEEE!
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Glitter, EVERYWHERE. 'tis a sign the holidays are here. Much though I am stunned because how on earth is it December already? But there we are.

Hopefully I will get my decorations up soon. My thought was to do it this weekend but I may turn out to be too busy. Granted it is busy with other holiday related things so it's not as though I'm some sort of holiday slacker. Also I have totally done all my Christmas shopping so I get to be smug now. *smug smug smug*

Granted, I am me, so of course I'm using my time to do things like try to replace old furniture in my living room. Because heaven forbid I do things in a simple and uncomplicated manner.


Oct. 1st, 2008 07:44 pm
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Today's wildlife count: 2 deer, 3 turkeys. This kind of thing never stops making me squee.

Now on to links n such )
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Spotted during today's commute:

1) Joe Lieberman
2) Three wild turkeys
3) One deer.

Not, I hasten to add, at the same time.

(And insert your own joke here regarding being able to tell the difference between Joe and the turkeys)
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Co-op BBQ was today.

Guess who's on the co-op BBQ committee?

Guess who's been helping to plan this thing for months?

Guess who spent HOURS on Friday and Saturday getting special projects done for it?

Guess who woke up today with a migraine and had to miss the whole thing?


Today = SUCKS.

Not dead!

Aug. 22nd, 2008 11:12 pm
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Came back yesterday from my wee getaway. The getaway itself mostly involved shopping in terms of specific things done. But in general it was a few days of "Drive in a direction and stop when something looks interesting." It's the first time I've done something like that and I liked it a lot. I had a bed and breakfast for my base of operations, I had conversations with folks around the breakfast table as well as folks who owned the local businesses that I went to, and all in all it was really fun. I definitely want to do something like it again.

What's nice is that it was a fairly short trip, so it's not like it involved massive prepwork or packing. Also? GPS is your friend. It's really easy to have a plan of "Turn right and then do whatever" when you don't have to worry about finding your way back again. Yay technology, I say.

So for next time the question is where. Which is something I can figure out when the time comes. Though I may go back to that specific B&B again someday too. When I get a chance I'll upload pictures of my room so you can see why. (HUGE BATH OMG)

When I got home the house had not been destroyed, so if Mac and Luna had a party they cleaned up well after. However? I could swear I saw a mouse last night. Possibly I was hallucinating, but even so. A mouse? In a house with two cats? Clearly this poor little thing is part lemming. Haven't seen anything since yesterday, which could mean I was seeing things, could mean Mac and Luna (probably Mac) have already snarfed it, or it's smart enough to lie low until it comes up with a suitable cat bribe. Or it was smart enough to move.

Today was an insanely busy day with prep for a BBQ this Sunday, as well as cleaning out my closets for items to toss/donate (2 big garbage bags of the latter) to make room for the new clothes that I bought. It was also a day of approving of my choice to come back on a Thursday, so that it felt like having a 3 day weekend at the end of it as well. (It's really all about sleeping in, with me.)

So it's all good on this end, really.
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It is cool enough outside that yet again I have the AC off and my windows open. Clearly the weather is trying to trick me somehow.

In the meanwhile, links. Not many so no cut:

I know at least one person on my flist would want to know that Actor Joe Kudle of "Puke and Snot" passed away recently.

[ profile] ladybug218 brings us links on dealing with panic attacks.

Fans of steampunk may be interested in this discussion on celebrating a time in history that might not be worth celebrating, especially for people of color.

I admit to having as much of a problem with "HOW DARE YOU DO SOMETHING THAT MIGHT VAGUELY ENCOURAGE GIRLS TO THINK ABOUT POSSIBLY HAVING SEX?" as I do with "GIVE YOUR DAUGHTERS THIS MEDICINE... UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO DIE." Salon talks about those very issues as they relate to the safety of Gardasil.

You've probably heard by now that China pulled a Milli Vanilli with the little girl who performed for the Opening Ceremony. Many have pointed out how horrible it is for the little girl who was hidden from view for the good of her country. Not as many have pointed out how bad it is that the 9 year old that they showed was given the lesson that all she was good for was looking cute. (Not to mention how she's now been tainted as the lip-synching faker.) It sucks for both girls, is what I'm saying. And wow how stupid on the part of those responsible.
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Serious rain outside! With thunder, lightening, wind, and so much rain falling down that you can barely see.

I am luckily indoors with my kitties, breakfast, and proper tea.

*watches the weather with fascination*
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Today was rainy, which made it an awesome day for having tea and reading. Which is exactly what I did. Also there was napping with cats on top of me. Which as everyone knows is the best kind of napping at all.

This week is the last week before my boss goes on vacation. There's also a dept. meeting on Thursday. Then Friday kicks off the second annual Brat Family reunion.

So what I guess I'm saying here is it was nice seeing y'all ;)

(I kid) (...I hope)
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Okay, so now we have pictures of the branch that fell. Taken as best I could before scurrying off to work )


Jul. 24th, 2008 07:44 am
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Will try to take pictures.

*clings to you all*
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Woman on cell phone, overheard in the grocery checkout line: "Well I don't care if he gets it! I hope he CHOKES on it!!"

Oh to have known the context.

When I got home I saw a dad and his three kids (in the big, middle, little order) playing around in the courtyard. You could tell they were all having fun running around. It was this perfect snapshot of the joy of kids and dads at play.

Also there was ice cream cake at work today. WIN!

News of me

Jul. 11th, 2008 08:21 pm
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Not much going on in the readers today so I'll save the links for a bigger post.

I will share this link though, which is my moment of acting on the Backup Project.

The weather today was almost nice, which makes me think that Mother Nature is up to something. We're being lulled into a false sense of security, I tell ya.

As the above link mentions, earlier today I spent some time wandering around in a bookstore. It's a very happy thing. On my way home I drove through a town having a sidewalk sale. I was very disappointed that the Unfinished Furniture and Gun Exchange store didn't have any tables set up. Clearly they are not getting into the spirit of the event.
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Had a fairly lovely holiday weekend with [ profile] lucifrix. There was BBQ, MST3K, and all other sorts of initial-y goodness. (Provided one ignores the part where I was in bed for FIFTEEN HOURS thanks to a migraine.) I took today off to recover with sleeping in and doing laundry. Not, I shall admit, at the same time.

Yesterday [ profile] lucifrix and I saw Sandra "Semi-Homeade" Lee tell people it was okay to put kiwi into jello. She even assured everyone that even though they say not to, it was totally fine for this recipe. Also she made a cocktail using "three parts lime drink." You can't make her up, you really can't.


Jun. 30th, 2008 09:04 pm
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Zombie-tired is still with me. Not as bad as last week but even so, whee, broken brain.

On the upside I finally got the plants and mulch that I wanted to get on Saturday. The wee patch now has rosemary, lavendar, spearmint, sage, and more thyme. They have a nice layer of mulch to help keep them safe and snuggly. Hopefully they'll stay alive and it'll be a wee kitchen garden next year too!

And now I sit with the kitties and watch TV.
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So after a recent change in meds I have been DEAD tired. I can't remember if I've told you all that before but that'll give you an idea of just how tired I am. There doesn't seem to be a concept of "too much sleep" for my body right now. Also "coherence" as I find myself doing things like putting sugar into the (thankfully empty at the time) teapot instead of my cup.

This is possibly why I thought it'd be a great idea to do some much-needed weeding yesterday, when it was hot and humid and the sun was BEATING DOWN RIGHT ON ME. In my defense it was a comparatively small patch of earth. I also wasn't out there very long (certainly not putting in the kind of time and labor it took to get all of my plants - lilac bush included - planted weeks ago). However by the time I was done with pulling weeds out I found my body doing that fun thing where it was really contemplating passing out. Like I sat down on the nearby steps because that was as far as I could go and then wondered if that was smart because they were concrete with a metal railing and neither one of those items could be described as "fluffy" or "an ideal object for your skull to meet when it gives up the fight against gravity."

But I did not pass out. I eventually felt better enough to gather up the weeds into the trash (god I wish we had a composter here) then went inside for a cold shower and Vitamin Water and doing a lot of nothing.

Today I am still zombie tired. The original plan was to go visit my grams in the hospital (bruised rib) but grams ixnayed that as she wasn't feeling up to it. On the one hand I realize that in this state I'm probably not up for the trip in anyway, and I should be glad for the free time and use it to take a nap.

On the other there is no prize for guessing if my brain is now going "You could go to the garden center for mulch and more plants and finish off the work for that patch!!!!" Or for guessing whether or not I'm able to tell if that's a bad idea.


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