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2. Mardi Gras mambo mambo mambo...

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Feb. 7th, 2010 10:05 pm
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SAINTS WIN!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As you might imagine, I'm watching Gustav with trepidation and a feeling in my stomach like I want to vomit.

To give some perspective, here is The Katrina Pain Index. The short version of which is that New Orleans has come no where near the neighborhood of recovery. Damn near any storm would hurt right now (levees? What levees?) let alone a powerful one.

There is a mandatory evacuation issued for the city. Key comment: "the city will not offer emergency services to anyone who chooses to stay behind."

Small problem: not everyone can afford to leave. To say nothing of those, due to age and/or health, are physically incapable of leaving.

Also understand this: evacuation isn't always the right thing to do. Remember hurricane Georges, where those evacuating New Orleans were told to go to Mississippi... which is where Georges veered and ended up. Hurricanes have this nasty habit of not being interested in our predictions. You roll the dice, you take your chances, and simply saying "Okay, everybody out!" is not a solution even if it's a well-implemented evacuation, which this so is not.

If you want to help:

The Red Cross
Mercy Corps
INCITE, specifically to help low-incomoe women of color and their families to evacuate safely.
ASPCA, who is helping with the care of animals who need to be evacuated.
Louisiana SPCA. Same deal, only more local.

Finally, if you want the latest local (i.e. knows that the entire city does not consist of the French Quarter) news, The Times-Picayne has a special section.

Now don't mind me as I go cry and hug my cats.

Please feel free to add your own useful links in the comments.
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It is, omg, so freaking hot outside. I bring you links, not coherence.Not that I'm ever coherent )
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Had a great night tonight. Did a new thing which I may go into more detail on once it's a not-so-new thing and thus out of the shakey larval stage. But it was a positive experience so yay for that.

Ow ow ow - currently being kneaded on by a kitty who needs her claws trimmed. In related news, Luna says hi.

Now on to the links of the day. Not too many tonight, but it'll go behind a cut tag all the same. Cut tags make things neater! )

And that is actually that. Woohoo!
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I think back on that moment with my friend in elementary school with the same gut-clenching, oh crap feeling as I do of a memory of something that happened during one of my first trips to New Orleans.
Not that I don't love and adore the city, but... )
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Happy Mardi Gras! *throws beads*

Watched Heroes last night. Made. Of. AWESOME.

I realize this isn't the main point of that story about the climbers that got lost on the mountain and were just saved and all but: how does a dog go mountain climbing? Especially a Labrador? At a certain point are they just roping the dog up and carrying it? And, if so, isn't it easier to just bring an extra parka for warmth? Color me confuzzled.
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Mardi Gras mambo mambo mambo
Mardi Gras mambo mambo mambo
Down in New Orleans!

(I realize the actual day isn't until tomorrow, since Mardi Gras does have that tradition of always being on a Tuesday, but the song always comes earlier than that, so there.)
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Other than a brief moment of being awake and reading in bed this morning I slept in until 1am. Who says my new meds don't have side effects? (Well, not the meds themselves but you get my point).

I've been watching Man vs. Wild on the Discovery channel. More than ever I am convinced that the way to handle being lost in the wilds of the Alps or the rain forest is to make sure you have a knife with you so that you can slit your wrists as soon as you realize you're lost and that way you save yourself from the much more painful death that'll await you if you try to get out of there on your own.

I was pondering making King Cake this weekend but I suspect I am waaaaay too tired to manage it.

*curls up on the couch*
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It's warm outside, which I disapprove of most strongly. Though on the upside for today is that I've gotten most of my heavy-lifting type chores done yesterday, so today I can curl up on the couch and be comfy while still being productive by doing things like shopping for Christmas presents online.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I've treated myself to a new set of decorations. Namely this. I first found out about those when I moved to New Orleans and worked in a Christmas store in the Riverwalk mall for what I believe was about five minutes of actual time, but eight thousand years in the life of my immortal soul. [ profile] catscradle ended up working there longer than I did, and though this did result in her making the phrase "Merry fucking Christmas" part of her vocabulary, she did still manage to survive there for months, a feat which is tripley impressive when you realize that not only did this involve attempting to upsell people into buying Christmas ornaments shaped like bugs, but doing so while listening to a single CD of Christmas music approximately 283,766,387,903 times per day, because of the two approved CDs available in the store, this was the one that at least prompted you to kill yourself using the most merciful method.

Anyway, point being that they sold this stuff in there, and of late I'd been thinking it'd be nifty to get my hands on the NOLA related items just for nostalgia's sake. (Nostalgia, I hasten to add, for NOLA. Obviously not the store, where for me the phrase "Always staple papers on the left." is in my top ten reasons why micromanagers should be shot on sight.) I did an Ebay search, found this, and here we are. They're currently decorating the doorway to my kitchen.

In other news, thanks to [ profile] ladycat777 I found out that Sheriff Lamb from Veronica Mars also showed up at that cancelled Firefly convention. You can read his account of that over at that link. Go Lamb! Which is a weird phrase to write yet still apt for this occasion.

And thanks to [ profile] giogio for letting us know that anyone who wants to donate to charity in [ profile] minitrog's name can do so via the hospice where she spent her last few days. If anyone in the UK is inclined to give me a Christmas gift and is inclined to do so via a donation to charity, sending a few pounds to them would be greatly appreciated.
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Guess what song just came on the radio?

I have no idea how I'm supposed to keep my work face on while I'm hearing this.

Happy Mardi Gras btw. =)

(Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo....)
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[ profile] tzikeh brings us the best movie poster EVER.

[ profile] gairid alerts us to an asshole down in Florida who could use a slap upside the head (Apparently the people of New Orleans didn't help themselves enough to be allowed to say that maybe, just maybe, the Federal "the convention center's got dying what now" government might have dropped the ball.)

See, lemme do a sidebar here for a sec: I get wordy, so cut to spare your flist )

Whoo. And this post was mostly going to be fluffy stuff. Guess I didn't stick that particular dismount.

Allow me to try, though:

I very womanfully conquered my fear of sewing machines and played around with the one my boss gave me as a 3 year anniversary present. Can I just say that no book out there, including my instruction manual and Sewing For Dummies (which is a rant in and of itself) breaks down the really dumb-ass stuff that true newbies like myself need to know? I managed to put the whole thing together just fine. I managed to put thread on a bobbin and get that inserted. I even managed to get the needle threaded. But nobody explains stupid stuff like, okay, how do you hold the fabric? Are you supposed to push or pull or let the machine do all the work? How do you get quarter-inch seams to come out even when there's no marking on the machine to guide you for that? (There is a measured grid on my machine, it's just too far over for a quarter-inch seam to line up on.) When you're done working with one piece of fabric do you have to bring the machine back to the exact state it started from or can you just cut the thread off that piece and keep on sewing the next one?

And so on, and so forth. This is when I wish my sewing-skilled friends didn't live in other states or, you know, countries.More on sewing, which also got wordy )

What else, what else? Oh, I've been tagged for those "Name X random things about yourself" or "Name X idiosyncrasies of yours" memes. I'd love to do that except every time I try I draw a mental blank. I can at least say that one of my weird quirks is that I often wonder if I'm in the right car, even when I'm sitting in the driver's seat of my own vehicle and listening to a mix CD of my creation on the stereo. I have no idea why.

Finally, allow me to rec Tiny Dancer which is a Simon/Jayne fic that both exists and is good. I remain firmly in the camp that there are not enough Simon/Jayne stories in the world to satisfy either of those requirements.

And now I'm going to bed.

More links

Sep. 9th, 2005 03:06 pm
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Forgot to mention that last night on my way to bellydance I saw wild turkeys. That never fails to surprise me.

[ profile] sagittaria provides this heads-up re: plus size clothing donations:

Two other places in need, a shelter in Alabama and an individual who will take clothes to the astrodome, are listed here:

Community Action
Phone # 251-626-2646
26440 North Pollard Rd.
Daphne, Alabama 36526

(This is shelter that is calling for plus-sized clothes among other needs.)

Katrina Survivors
c/o Robb Zipp
12018 Meadowfair,
Houston, TX 77076

(This is an individual who is willing to take plus-sized clothing to the Astrodome)

I've also seen in several places:

Star of Hope Storehouse
1811 Ruiz St .
Houston , Texas 77002-1321

You've probably seen this linked everywhere, but since it saves me having to type it: Here's What Gets Me, an essay about what was wrong with Bush's response, regardless of his actual actions.

I was talking with [ profile] catscradle in email about this. When 9/11 happened Rudy Giuliani stepped up to the plate. Now by that time he'd gone from guy who gets it done to El Duce with his strict control of how things went on in NYC but you couldn't deny the guy was a leader. He was part of NYC. And love him or hate him (I did both, during his time) he seemed to at least to get the job. So it wasn't really surprising that when his city was hit he was right in the thick of it. He rolled up his sleeves and he got to work. IIRC even after the fact he tried to hit as many of the funerals for the police and firefighters as was possible.

Rudy, to me, was a guy where even if you didn't like him, even if you didn't vote for him, you could say yeah, he's a Mayor. He's a leader. You might not like all of his decisions, but you could respect the work he was putting into the job.

Bush, OTOH, strikes me as a guy who doesn't even respect the job himself. And you know, for all that he ran twice on a just-folks persona of being one of the people, he sure as hell doesn't act like one of the people. He doesn't connect with Americans. He puts himself into rarified bubbles, he turns a blind eye to anything he can't be bothered to see.

When Giuliani was in office you couldn't open an envelope in that town without him showing up to lend Mayoral support. Small wonder his marriage failed because he sure as hell was never at home. Bush, conversely, doesn't even strike you as being in the US when his body is physically occupying space within the borders. And that's at the best of times, let alone times like last week when he felt it was a-ok to be on vacation while people were suffering.

All of which isn't to say I want Rudy to run for president because dear God no. But it is to say that it is possible for there to be a politician who shares almost none of my beliefs who I can still look to and go yeah, this guy does what he's supposed to do. I may not agree with his stance on, say, whether or not people should be allowed to catch their breath while walking the sidewalks, but I can at least agree that the term "Mayor" does apply to him.

Bush, on the other hand, doesn't look like even he understands what the term "President" means. And yet 38% of the country still wonders why the rest of us don't like him.


Sep. 9th, 2005 12:14 am
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Had belly dance tonight, which was the first class in 3 weeks (teacher was away on vacation). We eased back into it by working on our choreographed piece. I also got to learn a new move that we dubbed "right hip, left hip, whole ass smiley face" though frankly when you find out it's actually called "the sprinkler" you can see the real name is no more or less kinky than our fake one.

I've been mainlining Firefly pretty hardcore in my random moments of free time. Possibly because I only now realize how many of my kinks the show hits.

I was watching some of the DVD extras tonight and Joss was talking about how Firefly's metaphors were real life metaphors, just like Buffy and Angel. Yes, you've got ships and patois, but the core concepts are still trying to get yourself out of trouble, trying to get a job, and so on.

I mention all that because I have to admit that when you rewatch Serenity - the original pilot, not the movie that's coming out at the end of this month - you can't help but get a really uncomfortable frisson at the concept of - well here, Zoe puts it best in the original shooting script:

Nearly half a million people lay dead on that field at day's end, about a third of them 'winners'. Can you imagine the smell? Can you imagine piling up the bodies of soldiers -- of friends -- to build a wall 'cause you got no cover? Blood just kept pouring out of them, you'd slip in it half the time, find out bloodbath is not just a figure of speech[...]

I said the fighting was over. But you see they left us there. Wounded, and sick, and near to mad as can still walk and talk. Both sides left us there while they 'negotiated the peace'. For a week. And we just kept dying. When they finally sent in Medships, he had about a hundred and fifty left, and of our original platoon, just me.

New Orleans was never supposed to be Serenity Valley.

Quick links

Sep. 7th, 2005 11:30 pm
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Two quick Katrina-related links:

[ profile] shelaghc gave the heads up on Continental heping pet owners in the TX, LA, AL, and MS areas.

If you can knit and have a yarn stash you'd like to turn into a Katrina donation, The American College of Nurse-Midwives is activating its annual Blankets for BabiesTM Campaign to help mothers and their babies who have lost their homes due to Hurricane Katrina.
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Lord & Taylor is allowing people to make donations of $1 and up to the Red Cross via their stores, regardless of whether or not you're buying anything there. The extra good news? They're doing donation matching up to $1 million. So if you work somewhere that doesn't do donation matching on its own, you might want to swing by your local Lord & Taylor.

There's a belly dance benefit in Denver, CO that will donate its proceeds to the Red Cross.

[ profile] loligo points out that your local Mail Boxes, Etc. might be offering free shipment of relief supplies. So if you're trying to mail stuff down, that might be worth checking out.

[ profile] tzikeh has some excellent links as to what's been going on with the bungling of handling Katrina. I wanted to highlight this because as I move out of my protective little LJ bubble I see people who are starting to nod their heads and say well of course Bush couldn't have prevented this and of course the people who didn't evacuate as they were told deserve part, if not all, of the blame and I just - I do not get these people. I'm not saying, as Ben Stein accuses me of, that Bush caused Katrina. What I am saying is that a whole lotta people fucked up hardcore, Bush is one of them, and they all deseve to be put over a spit and flayed alive because they killed people.
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Thanks again for those who sent well-wishes on the health front. When I woke up today I was still feeling pretty crappy, but on a scale of 8 so that was better than last night. And now I'd even rate myself around a 4 or a 5. It's a chronic thing that's been kicking my ass for a while, but I am talking with my docs about it. Just have to try various things and see what works. In the meanwhile, y'all are nice to put up with my flakiness and whining.

Today's been oddly good. My boss was out of the office and surprisingly did not curse me with tons of busywork. This allowed me to clear a few things off my desk both work-wise and RL-wise. I face tonight with the scary possibility of maybe having some free time. I am mistrustful of this, yet optimistic. Perhaps there could be knitting, or an attempt to use my new sewing machine, or some writing of some sort. The mind boggles.

I also went out on my lunch break and bought a DVD nice and cheap. Fear of a Black Hat, complete with commentary. Who wants to touch me?

Speaking of sewing, now that I've got a machine to play with I'm all ears on any sewing related websites and/or LJ coms y'all might want to pimp at me. I know about craftster, though for the life of me I can't really navigate that thing. Beyond that, I am a total n00b. Consider me putty in your hands.

Been bopping around the net to catch up on Katrina related things. I'm amazed the press is keeping its spine in the face of the White House trying to play the party line of "If you dare ask us questions play the blame game then the terrorists hurricane wins." Part of me wants to say that I can't believe the WH would even try that but then again I've met this White House before.
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I've officially lost respect for Ben Stein.

I know he's a Republian, I know he worked for Nixon, but dude - DUDE. Either engage me on a smarter level than "Bush did not cause the hurricane." or shut the FUCK up.

On more positive news, [ profile] stakebait provided the heads up that there's a place collecting books for the Katrina evacuees in Houston. You may remember from an earlier post that the folks are hurting for something to read to help take their mind off of things.

And on a final note of the night, mega thanks to those of you who took the time to send me well-wishes, healthwise. Unfortunately tonight I think I'm ending up around 12 or 13. But I'm going to bed like a good girl so hopefully things will be better in the morning.
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Artists at CD Baby have chosen to donate their entire wholesale price to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund.

[ profile] cheesygirl, herself affected by Katrina, has info about things to donate to the Coast.

The Louisiana Library Association is taking donations to "assist school, public, and academic library restoration efforts in southeastern Louisiana."

Can anybody tell me where the fire in the Garden District was? I can't find anything about it on and of course the national news networks think "historic Garden District building" narrows it down enough.


Unrelated to anything about Katrina, a few people gave me the heads up about this post, which details an RPG with a remarkably Protocol-like scenario. I don't mind. If people get inspired by stuff I write I figure that's just the grand ol' scheme of how we all got started with fanfic. Paying it forward, as it were.

Now if somebody was stealing my writing word for word, then I'd... well not so much mind but I would want to point and laugh at them. "Steal from someone who knows how to spell!" I might be heard to say.


Unrelated to that, as a heads-up to folks who know what's been going on with me health-wise (who I remind that this is a public post) right now (and through the past week or so) I'm going through a bunch of no fun. I'd say it's possibly on a level of 10, with 1 being hugs and puppies. So that's my public mea culpa for any flakiness that you've been seeing from me in email and the like. Sorry about that.
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[ profile] bdbdb has a special offer for members of AtS fandom who donate money to Katrina.

Beyond that it looks like links and info of the sort I've been collecting have been slowing down. Which may be just as well as I'm having a not so fun week health-wise.


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