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First, icon thanks to [ profile] spleen_merchant (and, of course, XKCD)

Got a pedicure today. The nail polish color was "Well Red." It takes so little to amuse me.

Summer hours allowed me to take Serenity in for an oil change and AC check. This is of the good as the AC lacked C and y'all know how I don't survive well in warm.

I'm almost at my 1 year anniversary of working for Primatech. Just think, this time last year I was looking forward to the end of the previous job and nervous with anticipation about the new one! Little did I know!
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Much thanks to those who sent well-wishes after Thursday. I was able to get Serenity on Friday morning and as far as I could tell she seemed okay. The news said it was the worst flood we've seen in quite some time (possibly ever). Apparently some places even got as high as five feet. Considering what I saw, I totally believe it.

Friday was a lot of us at the office telling war stories about our commutes home. 2 extra hours seemed to be the average for everyone. I also found out that if I'd had the psychic awareness to avoid the exit I'd taken I would've been screwed at the next two exits too. So that's a little comforting.

Today was more car fun as I drove down to Rakkasah East. This was my second time going, if you count Spring Caravan as my first. OMG was it crowded. At some points I had to flee for outside just for some air and some quiet. But I bought a top and a shawl, and got to see some nice performances including my teacher with her other troupe. So good times on that end.

After that I went to Delta's Restaurant with [ profile] christinenj where the food was awesome, she had gator for the first time, I reaffirmed that not only is gator yummy bit it is OMG good when you combine it with a collard green dip, and both of us capped the night off by eating a jungle on a plate. No, this was not a lesbian bar, though you can't be blamed for thinking it might be.

Now I am home in peace and cool and quiet and I have a purring cat on my lap. Life is good.
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So it's raining out. I like rain, so this doesn't really bother me. I leave work 10 min after my usual time and head directly home. I say "directly" as opposed to "Making a quick stop by the bathroom to pee." Because it's only 15 min from work to home, so I can wait that long I figure.

And sure enough, in spite of the heavy rain it is only 15 minutes until I'm at my exit. Specifically my exit ramp, which is long, downhill, and one lane. Which is not attached to the main highway anymore once you get on said ramp. So basically once you're on the ramp you ain't getting off until you're at the bottom.

The bottom turns out to be flooded. Like with waves. Which I don't realize until after I've been waiting in very slowly moving traffic to get down there. Which took about 20 minutes.

Once I see that the Mississippi has decided to relocate for the fall, I pull my car over to the side behind all the other smart people who have pulled their cars over to the side, put on my hazard lights, and do what any self-respecting person would do in this situation. Namely update Twitter and text some of my friends.

After about another twenty minutes of that I start worrying that Serenity might crap out on me even if I'm parked. I also noticed that other cars about the size of Serenity are making it across the street. So I figure okay, let's give it a whirl. Especially since there's a firetruck and a cop car nearby. If you're going to be a moron attempting to flood your car, there's no better place to do it.

And so I do! And then I hit more flooding. And then a semi-dry patch, and then more flooding. And then I'm one block from my house and I relaize there's no way I'm getting my car home. So I pull into a parking lot. Which happens to have a lake in it. Which I discovered when I was knee high in it. In my work clothes.

So I pull Serenity up to a slightly higher part of the parking lot and check in with my favorite local diner which is attached to said parking lot and just so happens to have a tributary of the newly relocated Mississippi running through it. Luckily they do have a bathroom that I can use because if there is one thing that's worse than really needing to pee while you're trapped in your car for an hour and a half, it's doing so while buckets of water are being poured down around you.

I chit chat with the ladies of the diner and trade war stories. Then, because I am, as I have mentioned a frikkin block from my house I decide to try walking home. No way can I do it the short way since the water there is higher than my knee, dark, and has a current. So I go the long way which ultimately involves avoiding still more lakes and rivers and at one point cutting across someone's lawn.

I left work at a quarter to six. I got home at 8:15.

I am now going to relax, eat food that is bad for me, watch SPN, take a shower to clean off god knows what toxic waste is clinging to my body, and be glad that at the very least I was not wearing one of my new pairs of shoes.

How was your day?
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My GPS is broken. This is BULLSHIT! I shall have to buy another, as my attempts to fix it have ultimately made it worse. On the upside I got to feel all handy as I fiddled with it. Not knowledgeably handy, but handy.

I have been pondering writing and meta. My thinky thoughts are this: A good chunk of us who write fanfic believe that if/when we sell original fic, we would be flattered if our fans wrote fic about our characters. But what about muses? Would it freak you out to see your fans talk about how they had a [your character's name] living in their head? Or if they talked about how "My [your charater's name]" wouldn't do such and such.

I find that for myself I'm not sure. I'd be totally fine with fanfic. But I'm such a control freak that if somebody else laid that kind of a claim to my characters it might make me twitchy. OTOH maybe I'd just shrug and be okay. Hard to say.

And I am still happily accepting donations for my walk for the Bennett Cancer Center. =)
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Stayed home sick. I'm reminded of when I got bronchitis during Mardi Gras and had to convince my boss that no, really, I wasn't dealing with a hangover.

Car's in the shop. Needs a new fuel pump. May have it back tomorrow if the part comes in.

Currently trapped under a purring cat.

Going to spend the bulk of today on the couch.

VH1 is showing an ANTM marathon. It's like they knew I would need brain candy TV.

*closes eyes for sleeps now*
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Today went pretty well. I did laundry. Then I got a call from the garage saying I could pick up Serenity b/c she was fixed. Turns out she had a bad fuel pump relay, which was replacable for a not too scary amount of money. I'd hoped to be able to talk to the guy at the garage so I could learn more about the whole process, but for some reason he and I were locked in some sort of Abbott & Costelloian alternate universe where instead of baseball we talked cars. ("So the fuel pump relay was bad?" "No, the fuel pump RELAY was bad." "...yes, the fuel pump relay, which you replaced." "No, we didn't replace the fuel pump, we replaced the fuel pump RELAY." "Right, the fuel pump relay." "No, the fuel pump RELAY." "O... kay.")

My suspicion is that it was a whole English not being his first language issue. Either that or he's born with some sort of hearing problem where, much like the Austrailian bartender in that Simpsons episode who can only hear the word "Beer" he cannot hear the word "Relay" unless he himself is speaking it. I hasten to add that this guy is not the owner of the shop, who I met yesterday, and who was much nicer about both asking me questions about my car and answering the ones that I had.

On the plus side it was nice enough out that I was able to walk to the garage to pick my baby up. I thought about stopping for groceries on the way back but - eh. Nothing was urgent.

So once home I was back in comfy clothes and settled down to enjoy the marathon of the first season of America's Next Top Model, which I'd never seen before and found to be utterly perfect TV for a relaxing day of nothingness. While watching I worked on my knitting, so I finished a project I've been working on for a while (which is a surprise for someone) and balled up some yarn and started working on a bag.

All that and it's not even 10pm yet. Nice!

Deja vu

Nov. 22nd, 2006 03:38 pm
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So Serenity crapped out on me again. Long story short, she wouldn't start when I was on my lunch break so I had to call AAA again. I decided to have her towed to a garage b/c at this rate clearly she needs somebody to check her out and give a proper diagnosis.

The plus side is that, other than home after work, I don't really have anywhere I need to drive to this weekend. So if she had to poop out, she picked a good time to do it.

What amused me is how many folks were trying to handle me with kid gloves on this. "The garage probably won't be able to look at her until Friday!" "You won't get her back by Thanksgiving!" "Please don't stab anyone!" while I was just like "...yesss? It's a holiday weekend? I sorta guessed this? Could everyone please breathe?"

I suppose it's residual stress from dealing with other folks who are in pre-Thanksgiving freakout mode, but it still sort of amused me.

So here I sit, at the home stretch of work, watching the scary holiday traffic outside, doing all the last minute things I need to do, and then I shall be home and in comfy clothes and baking. Woohoo. =)
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My cats are playing hide and seek with each other. This is agressively adorable.

So yesterday had its ups and downs.  On the up was the Halloween party I went to.  I'd been worried that I wouldn't be able to make it at all what with being sick, but fortunately I had enough energy to get all dressed up (old tour guide outfit, which did in a pinch for "vampire") and even dance.  Also my roasted pumpkin seeds and ghost chips were a hit, which makes the Italian in me very happy.  My energy levels bottomed out at around 11:30 though so I went back home - enjoying a very atomospheric walk with the wind blowing and my wool cape swirling around me - and crashed like a crashing thing.

On the down was my car. After work (and pre-party) I went grocery shopping and when I got out of the store Serenity wouldn't start.  A call to AAA and an hour's wait later and it was determined that my battery is basically pining for the fjords and needs to be replaced.  It was able to hold a charge long enough to get me home, but I have to call AAA again to see about what needs to be done to put a new battery in. 

So that was exhausting and a little frustrating, but on the up side at least it happened when I was parked in a well-populated parking lot (as opposed to the middle of where-the-fuck-am-I on the way back from bellydancing) and if I need another car my mom's is a short walking distance away.

Right now I'm relaxing on the couch and enjoying a proper cuppa before I deal with any of this. 
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Dates I'm planning to be at WriterCon: July 20-24.

Dates my sister in law just emailed me as the possible times my nephew's Baptism will be taking place in Germany: June 25-July 19.

And we're... what? Surprised by this?


I'm still going to WriterCon. I figure if they can't hammer down a date I'm not going to cancel my plans, even if that does mean missing out on Germany. I'll also go to Germany if it's late June/early July as I've decided that the boss has lost the right to bitch at me about when I take my vacations, esp when he knows full well I only take them for one con a year, and then for family related things like Baptisms and weddings that are slightly out of my control. But with my luck you just know this is going to be the exact same week.

Ah well.

In good news, I have finally paid for Serenity. I own my car free and clear. Now to take those pesky car payments and apply them to the rest of my debt! 8)

Tomorrow is my very first sewing class. I'm only slightly intimidated.

Today's number is still 2.


Aug. 13th, 2005 12:42 am
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I was going to do a post about my long and fabulous day but then there was a blackout! I was locked in the darkness with nothing but [ profile] cin1607 to keep me company thanks to the magic of cell phones!

Power's on now, obviously, but I'm just doing a drive-by before I go to bed. This way you can know the following:

  • Car went to garage. Garage says they can't do anything unless/until it stalls again. This is good from a monetary standpoint as they told me that for free, though it is frustrating from a lack of closure standpoint.

  • Huge thunderstorm! Totally cool! With near-constant lightening and thunder and everything! (This would be why the power went out)

  • I made yummy almond cookies with chocolate drizzled on them. You're welcome to have some.

  • I have pretty toes, thanks to finally being able to get a pedicure

  • I saw a sign in the grocery store that says "Back door friends are the best." I need to own this sign.

  • I still have not been eaten by bears

    And now I'm off to bed!
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    I am going to attempt to go to belly dance tonight. I have to, since next week the teacher won't be there so if I miss tonight I'll have missed a whole month. And if I miss a whole month the universe will come to an end, and I just can't bear that kind of responsibility on my shoulders.

    My car has a full tank of gas, my AAA membership has been expanded, I've got post-class snacks, a cell phone charger, you name it.

    So you just know I'll break down anyway in the middle of nowhere, get attacked by ravenous bears who only view my snacks as appetizers, and you'll never see me again. Also the bears will run up my cell phone bill.

    If that happens, you know the drill: somebody takes care of my cats, someone else avenges my death. If it influences your decision any, there's ice cream in my freezer.
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    So I chickened out and decided not to go to class tonight. I weighed the pros and cons and in the end the best option seemed to be to wait until next week where either my car will hack another hairball by then if it's so inclined to or, if nothing else, I'll have the increased AAA coverage. I just got off the phone with the school owner/my fellow tribe member and it looks like tonight was going to be more informal anyway due to a possible newbie showing up, so no big whoop. (Not that reviewing the basics isn't good, but if I had to miss a class I'd much rather it be one with review than one with new stuff.)

    This now leaves me with my whole night free. Hmmm. Hmmmmm. You know, there could be writing. Possibly even about bowling alleys.


    Jul. 28th, 2005 12:09 pm
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    Patients keep not showing up. This does nothing except convince my boss that I need more work to do. (Boss logic: he's bored, ergo I should do something.) As always, I already had plenty to do today and this merely interrupts me.

    Also on the emotional front: I am in no way fretting and nervous about driving to dance class tonight. Nor am I living in dread of my car completely conking out on me while I'm on the highway miles from home, in the dark, and surrounded by cars going 70 mph. Oh no. Not me.

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    So my baby is home. The guy at the garage couldn't find anything wrong with it. There was one thing on one test that sort-of kind-of wasn't at a total 100%, but it wasn't the kind of thing that demanded a repair, just something that wasn't 100%. He recommended that I call the dealer to find out if anybody else has been having a problem with the not 100% thing, but otherwise all he could say is that I should keep driving and hopefully it won't happen again. He also asked that I let him know if I ever find out what, if anything, was wrong with the car because he's dying of curiosity too.

    The car needs to go in for a non-urgent recall anyway, so what I'll do is set up an appointment for that and at the same time ask them to check out the whole car just to see if anything's amiss. They may not find anything, but at least this way I'll have the peace of mind of knowing it's been checked twice.

    So, my baby back home, I then proceeded to run some errands to help up my preparadness in case this ever happens again. I now have a better emergency kit in my trunk, plus an extra flashlight and a cell phone charger safely stashed in the storage compartment of my armrest.

    Buying the cell phone charger was fun. I first went to Radio Shack because there was something else I wanted to buy (more on this later if I end up getting it) and though I'm planning on getting it off the 'net I saw Radio Shack apparently keeps them in stock, so I figured this way I could play with the possible new thing to see if I really wanted it, plus pickup the charger. Two birds/one stone = OTP.

    So of course I'm totally ignored until I do my usual move to get attention at Radio Shack, viz. immediately start touching the expensive stuff, and a sales guy materializes to help me. We then have this conversation:

    Him: Can I help you?
    Me: Yeah, I'm looking for a car charger for my cell phone.
    Him: Can I see your phone?
    Me: [hands it over]
    Him: [looks at me as though I've handed him a diseased puppy] And how is this phone working out for you?
    Me: Fine. Why?
    Him: [same look] Well it's so old.
    Me: [with my sweetest smile] Gosh, isn't it sad how we're so materialistic these days that something is considered completely useless even though it's only two years old?
    Him: Oh... er... uh... yeah.

    Turns out they had neither the possible new thing nor a car charger for me, so I happily did not spend my money there and hoofed it half a block to the Sprint store where not only did they have the charger they also did not try to upsell me on a phone while I was there. Funny, that.

    Errands done for the day I went home to relax with some reading on my porch as well as a nice walk in the comparatively cool weather. Today I shall do some more research on the possible new thing, clean house, possibly visit my brother, possibly do some writing, and definitely do some knitting. So there.
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    According to the guy at the garage my car's currently running like a dream. The closest they can guess is that maybe it had something to do with the fuel, but since it hasn't hacked a hairball since yesterday morning they can't tell if it's something with the fuel pump, something with the way the computer operates the fuel system as a whole, whimsical pixies living in the gas tank, or what.

    At the moment they've got it out on the road. They've gone 13 miles without any problems. They're going to bring it back to the garage now to run another diagnostic on it just to see if the drive triggered anything. I'll get a call from them in about an hour to find out if they discovered the problem or if there's nothing more they can do and I can go pick my car up.

    On the one hand I appreciate the fact that they're not trying to take advantage of this situation to push me on unnecessary repairs. I mean the guy could easily tell me that since it could be the fuel pump, or the computer, or something else let's fix everything just to be on the safe side and gosh darn it all to heck if that means a big bill comes out of it. But on the other hand this in no way gives me a happy sense of closure. As I've said before, not that I'm dying to have a big, unexpected bill to pay right now, but I'd much rather have that and know the problem won't happen again then no bill and no certainty.

    When I go to pick the car up my dad will go with me and tail me on the way back so in a worst case scenario if I break down again I'll have somebody right there to help me. I'll also spend the rest of today and this week working on some preventative measures, such as increasing my AAA coverage and getting a car adapter for my cell phone, but still grrr, argh.

    The latest

    Jul. 22nd, 2005 05:35 pm
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    Spoke with the guy at the garage. Naturally my car, after stalling out on them this morning, has been starting just fine all day. The only thing they couldn't try out was taking it on the road, so they're going to do that tomorrow and let me know how it goes. Diagnostics-wise he said there were some things that weren't twigging as 100%, but nothing that was so obviously less than 100% as to be the clear cause for the problem.

    So that's the status on that. In the meanwhile I'm home now and I'm taking the rest of the night off. I shall be on the couch with my Tivo and my kitties.


    Jul. 22nd, 2005 12:53 pm
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    Very very sleepy.

    Have not heard back from garage yet.

    Am convinced car can't be fixed.

    Am also hungry.

    Want to go home and curl up on the couch with cats, Tivo, and food.


    My baby!!

    Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:51 am
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    Finally fell asleep last night around... 2? Maybe? Woke up at around 6ish. So, better than nothing I suppose. On the plus side we work shorter days on Fridays so I'll be done around 4:30 instead of 6.

    The garage called me at 9:15, which was nice and prompt of them. Bad news is that it is not the alternator as the battery still has a charge. So there goes the hopes of it being a nice and obvious fix. They have to do a diagnostic on it and they'll call me back with an update on that.

    Now to curl up and take a nap under my desk.


    Jul. 21st, 2005 11:23 pm
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    I just had the most super fun night ever!

    I was driving home from dance class and my car? Instead of driving? Decided to heck with that! YAY!!

    So there I am far enough away from dance class that I can't get any help from them (and the building's now empty anyway so moot point) plus I'm in the middle of nowhere where I don't know what the address is because I don't have all the street names memorized because my brain works via landmarks plus my car has totally frozen plus I'm in the middle of really fast traffic because I'm on a two way street that's next to a highway PLUS I'm on a hill!! YAY!

    So you get these morons who are honking their horns at me as though car stuck at odd angle into traffic with hazard lights on does not somehow equal that yes, the driver would get the car off the road if the laws of physics weren't totally working against that. But then this woman, this fabulous woman driving a station wagon, stopped to help. So with my car in neutral and hers behind me we were able to wrestle my baby into the entrance for a parking lot that I was aiming for as soon as the engine died and I still had some momentum to help me.

    Then she called a cop who got there pretty quick and then she ran off and I don't know her name or anything! But she was wonderful. And the cop was nice too and helped as I made the call to AAA since, again, I didn't know where in the Hell I was in any terms that I could give to a tow-truck driver.

    Dumbest comment of the evening? The girl on the other end of the AAA line who signed off with "Enjoy the rest of your night!" Yeah, that's gonna be happening.

    So the cop hung out with me while I dealt with AAA and helped me know if they were giving me useful information in terms of what to do with the tow truck company. Plus he extremely helpfully did NOT check my ID which I say not because I didn't have it on me but because I did and I got a speeding ticket in New York a few months back that, in spite of me repeatedly writing to address they said to write to and going "I'm guilty as sin, please let me know what I owe you so we can make this go away" they have not charged me for so of course now I'm convinced that I not only owe millions of dollars but jail time to boot so what I did not need on top of my broken car was to find out that the cop ran my name through a database and now I'm now being hauled into the clink where my ability to write porn will only go so far to keep me from being traded for cigarettes.

    Then he had to leave me alone like WAH! But apparently there's actual, you know, crimes or whatever that needed his attention. But he promised to check back in an hour or so if the AAA tow truck didn't get there yet (!!!).

    Luckily AAA called me back on my rapidly dying cell phone battery (I wasn't near a tower and that drains the battery lickity split, it was fully charged at the start of this adventure) and told me the tow truck would be there in fifteen minutes and at the exact same time the tow truck guy called to say he'd be there in fifteen minutes so I camped out in my car and waited and was real glad I hadn't drained my entire water bottle like I usually do after dance class since middle of nowhere? Not large with the bathrooms (though I suppose there's plenty of shrubbery).

    So I get in this GINORMOUS tow truck that's exercise in and of itself and the guy looks at my car and says it's probably the alternator (my car engine just died with no warning, wouldn't start up again, battery and engine lights both went on. For those of you who'd like to diagnose a 2001 Ford Focus all on your own). Can't be fixed right then, has to go somewhere, I could pay to have it hauled the 30+ miles back to my hometown except that'll cost approximately as much as the repair job itself so, okay, free tow to the AAA garage.

    Garage which has bugs in the bathroom! Which I thankfully do not discover until I'm done with the bathroom, most especially because a few minutes more and it would have been bugs in very non-bug welcoming places if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    So guy calls cab company for me and lets me use his phone to call my folks who I have been calling multiple times throughout the whole ordeal because WAH I NEED MY MOMMY AND DADDY!!!!

    So cab company sounds like they don't know how to get to the car place but the guy gives them directions and then he's all okay, gotta go to my next assignment and I'm all wah! By myself! Strange town! Cab company of dubious ability to find me! Cell phone rapidly dying of battery! But there's an open Domino's across the street and it's a fairly well-lit area so I hang out front and obsessively copy all the information from the garage's business card into my Palm pilot just in case I lose the card.

    The Looooooooooooooooooongest fifteen minutes later (even longer than the ones to wait for the tow truck) the cab guy arrives and fortunately he's very nice and knows the way to my home town and it's a flat rate for the ride which is not unreasonable plus now he gets to tell people about meeting a tribal belly dancer which, hey, not everyone can do.

    So I have him take me to my folks' place as my parents are kindly waiting up for me and even more kindly loaning me the use of Mom's car while all this is going on and I tell my tale of woe and then I drive back home and shove food into the microwave because it is four hours after when I should have been eating dinner and I'm starving and I'm tired and I'm in need of a shower because, Hello, DANCE CLASS! and I'm freaked because OMG car died in the middle of traffic on a hill and I couldn't save myself on my own and if not for that woman I could have been in a horrible crash and died and - and - and-


    [pant pant pant pant]


    I need a hug.

    ETA: Oh and the guy with the two truck called my cell about 20 min after the cab was supposed to pick me up just to check that the cab did pick me up and to make sure I was okay. He asked me to call him back one way or another and I didn't see the message until I was home so I did call and said thanks for caring and what have you. And it's really sweet though I have no idea if he was flirting or just being sweet or whatever but either way it was a nice thing to have happen in spite of everything else.

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    Ahh, day off! Which actually means not so much that I have nothing to do as it is that I have different things to do. But fortunately I've gotten that stuff done now so I am taking the rest of today off for me! Me me me me ME!

    I've already had brunch and watched last night's QAF (much better than last week's in terms of making some of the "Huh?" stuff more realistic and in-character. You know, for QAF.) Later on I think I'm going to take advantage of the lovely weather to take a walk downtown and window shop all the cute stores and perhaps even buy myself an ice cream.

    As for tonight, who knows? Perhaps knitting, perhaps DVDs, perhaps something else entirely. I go where the relaxing muse takes me.


    It'd be really dorktastic of me to name my car Serenity, right?



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