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I remain without news. I am newsless. News-challenged. This is doing my nerves absolutely no good whatsoever.

So, I do more five things:

For [ profile] flaming_muse Five things that Protocol!Angel will never, ever admit to anyone else that he really likes about Protocol!Wes. )

For [ profile] mpoetess 5 times Willow kinda wanted to punch Xander right in the nose )

And for [ profile] just_wolf 5 things Pet!verse Spike would never say to Angel. )
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Woohoo! Got another charity fic done. This one for [ profile] bonehed who requested "Pet-verse A/W/S fic with your special brand of sweet&nasty&sappy sauce."

I hope this fits the bill =)

Wes thinks on his relationship with two vampires )
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Huzzah! Finally had a chance to do another charity fic request. This one is a twofer, for [ profile] versaphile, who asked for "some Petverse Wes/Angel involving Wes' exhibitionist streak, and Angel giving him a new toy/present" and for [ profile] calixta9 who backed up that same request with another donation on top of it. =)

Previous parts of Pet can be found here.

Other charity fics can be found here

With that, I give you... This is what Angel does when he has nothing else to do )
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Herein lies the first of the fics that I'm doing for charity. This one is for [ profile] minitrog, who donated twenty pounds to the Disasters Emergency Committee in exchange for "a 2,000 word kinky, scorching, Pet verse with Angel, Spike and Wes". And for [ profile] zortified, who provided the inspiration for people to use [ profile] fandom_charity to help out the tsunami victims in the first place, and who also offered to hold the towel because she agreed with troggie that she "would adore anything with spankies or owwies in, and double penetration is a favourite too".

So to them, I present this. A stand-alone fic that could take place at any time in the Pet universe.

Other charity fics can be found here

Idle hands make Wesley get up to no good )
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Ah, the joys of being able to sneak in writing while you're at work.

Pet, Part Twenty-Nine, in which the boys are back in a scene which may or may not make Kita happy... )
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Last night I made the best chicken soup with dumplings ever. Y'all are invited to come on over and have some. Seriously, you won't regret it.

In other news, I find myself in the odd position of wondering if I should step up certain plotlines in Pet so I can get them out there before they are (wording this to avoid even the implications of spoilers) handled on the show. (Vague enough for ya? ;) ) On the one hand nobody likes to get (again being vague) Jossed and/or have the show do what you were going to do before you could do it, but on the other hand it's Pet, not the complete works of Shakespeare. Still trying to decide. As always for now the answer is we'll see.

And would somebody hit me over the head and tell me that I don't want to do the junkie ficathon? Because I think my kinks might sign me up for that when I'm not looking. Someone needs to tie me down or something.

Now dance for me, people! I'm at work for hours and y'all are asleep because it's Saturday and you're sane. I need people to amuse me, preferably with naked men.
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I slept well, my cold seems to finally be leaving me, I've got an hour still before I have to leave for work, I feel, dare I say it? Relaxed and refreshed.


Seriously though it's nice getting into the swing of things again. This does nothing to, say, clean the house I left unkempt yesterday, but I like taking care of my brain better so I'm happy to be out of the stupidity of stress and grogginess that came post-trip.

Also my cats are agressively snuggling with me. It's hard to be grumpy when that kind of thing happens.

Granted, I've got an hour to kill here and no inclination whatsoever to spend it on practical stuff like cleaning or getting back to the insurance company re: the bathroom, so I'm left wondering what I should do. I had some rambly thoughts about Pet, and Wes as sub, and does yours truly agree with Gunn's point about the relationship, but then Luna plonked herself down on my wrist and now typing is hard.

But if I had brief comments they'd look like this. )

And now to go be more productive, I guess. Or at least more productive than I have been ;)
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Guess what I did?

Created a memories section for all of Pet. As in from now on you'll have a single location to find all the parts that I've posted.

How much do you want to make out with me right now?


Feb. 3rd, 2004 11:07 pm
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Look! Troggie made me a present! Titlecard for Pet.


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