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It's warm outside, which I disapprove of most strongly. Though on the upside for today is that I've gotten most of my heavy-lifting type chores done yesterday, so today I can curl up on the couch and be comfy while still being productive by doing things like shopping for Christmas presents online.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I've treated myself to a new set of decorations. Namely this. I first found out about those when I moved to New Orleans and worked in a Christmas store in the Riverwalk mall for what I believe was about five minutes of actual time, but eight thousand years in the life of my immortal soul. [ profile] catscradle ended up working there longer than I did, and though this did result in her making the phrase "Merry fucking Christmas" part of her vocabulary, she did still manage to survive there for months, a feat which is tripley impressive when you realize that not only did this involve attempting to upsell people into buying Christmas ornaments shaped like bugs, but doing so while listening to a single CD of Christmas music approximately 283,766,387,903 times per day, because of the two approved CDs available in the store, this was the one that at least prompted you to kill yourself using the most merciful method.

Anyway, point being that they sold this stuff in there, and of late I'd been thinking it'd be nifty to get my hands on the NOLA related items just for nostalgia's sake. (Nostalgia, I hasten to add, for NOLA. Obviously not the store, where for me the phrase "Always staple papers on the left." is in my top ten reasons why micromanagers should be shot on sight.) I did an Ebay search, found this, and here we are. They're currently decorating the doorway to my kitchen.

In other news, thanks to [ profile] ladycat777 I found out that Sheriff Lamb from Veronica Mars also showed up at that cancelled Firefly convention. You can read his account of that over at that link. Go Lamb! Which is a weird phrase to write yet still apt for this occasion.

And thanks to [ profile] giogio for letting us know that anyone who wants to donate to charity in [ profile] minitrog's name can do so via the hospice where she spent her last few days. If anyone in the UK is inclined to give me a Christmas gift and is inclined to do so via a donation to charity, sending a few pounds to them would be greatly appreciated.
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You've probably heard this already but it's made of so much awesome I have to share. Basically there was this Firefly convention out in CA that got cancelled at literally the last minute - like people showed up to the hotel and found out there was no con last minute. There's all sorts of WTF and people trying to figure out what the hell happened, and so far things do not look wholly positive for the folks who put the con together.

However, apparently upon finding out that some dedicated Browncoats got screwed and screwed hard, a herd of Firefly actors, including Adam, Nathan, and Allen, showed up at the hotel to say hi to everyone, hang out, give autographs, take pictures, and even give some of their personal souvenirs of the show away.

You can read more at the post I just linked (which also has pictures), but hot DAMN that is made of so much awesome. Firefly actors for the WIN, yo.

I've got no segue from that to my life except to say that we're talking about me now. And I'm doing pretty okay. I am most pleased with myself because last night I finished knitting a sock! It is but a weetiny sock, but it is a sock true and proper and I knit it all by myself! This is a huge accomplishment for me, except for the part where the sock is small, but symbolically it's huge and is now paving the way for me to knit sock-sized socks in the future. I shall start that today.

(And yes, there will eventually be pictures up on the craft blog. I also need to upload pictures of my Thanksgiving cupcakes. One of these years...)

Other than casting on for a new sock, today's plans include laundry and some cleaning, and then going out to dinner.

And related to nothing at all, does anyone know where I could get my hands on a Peter Petrelli mood theme? Or would be willing to make me one as a pressie? reason.

*shifty eyes*
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Call me insane but my weekend brunch of choice lately has been proper oatmeal with a nice cuppa and an apple. Given that the weather is only getting warmer I have no idea why my body is craving such warm, stick to the ribs kind of food, but it's healthy so who am I to complain?

Yesterday was hit by insano migraine of DOOM which necessitated me leaving work early. On the upside my boss was out of town. On the downside I couldn't get all the things done that I wanted to that are so much easier when he's out of town. I'd kinda been hoping to take this Thursday off b/c he's taking it off, but now I think I'll have to go in for my own sanity.

Today I shall go do the shopping I couldn't get done yesterday because of the migraine. I'm going to attempt to make a cheesecake for Mother's Day/my parents' anniversary, which are Sunday and Monday respectively. (...I think. I'm *really* bad about remembering when their anniversary is).

And because I do so love to shoot the moon on these things, I'm also hoping to do some updates to the craft blog and BGAL.
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Thanks to being exhausted last night and vegging out in front of the TV I have caught up on some of my Tivo. I've decided that it's a shame Arrested Development brought Charlize Theron on because her entire storyline was awful, not funny, and probably contributed to the poor ratings that got the show cancelled.

I have also decided, having watched the past two episodes of Numb3rs, that they're not even trying to hide the Special Hell anymore.

Warm weather and travel have messed up my inner timeclock, so I sit here and blink owlishly at concepts such as Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas hot on its heels. (CoughAlsomybirthdayshopearlyshopoftenCough) This year for Thanksgiving I'll be in charge of dessert, so needs must look through my cookbooks to see what I want to make.

Has anybody gotten the Firefly soundtrack yet? (not Serenity, Firefly) How much music does it have from The Message? Because I liked most of the music on that ep but have this sneaking suspicion that the only thing they'll include is the bit with the funeral.
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Much enjoyed seeing Serenity again last night. The theater I was in wasn't full, sad to say, but it had a good crowd for my neck of the woods. You need to bear in mind that in my town unless you're LOTR you don't really sell out. The folks here are an apathetic people.

Still, was pleased that the BDM stood up to a second watching. Some things that bugged me the first time did not bug me this time, which makes me wonder if there were some small edits done in those areas. I know those who saw the preview with me and then saw later previews said that they noticed changes, so this is not out of the realm of possibility.

Been fighting off a headache for a day and a half now and it looks like I've finally kicked it (note to [ profile] stakebait: with nothing but over the counter meds, even). Which is good because in about an hour I'll be leaving for salsa!

The plan is that I'll carpool over with my belly dance instructor, which makes me happy because both of us 1) don't know how to salsa, 2) don't know what to wear 3) reacted with shock and bewilderment at suggestions like "wear a skirt" in as much as neither of us own any (or any that would work for this scenario and 4) also reacted with a shared look of old fogeydom at the idea that the real dancing doesn't start until 10.

Now to finish dinner and figure out what to wear.
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[ profile] tzikeh brings us the best movie poster EVER.

[ profile] gairid alerts us to an asshole down in Florida who could use a slap upside the head (Apparently the people of New Orleans didn't help themselves enough to be allowed to say that maybe, just maybe, the Federal "the convention center's got dying what now" government might have dropped the ball.)

See, lemme do a sidebar here for a sec: I get wordy, so cut to spare your flist )

Whoo. And this post was mostly going to be fluffy stuff. Guess I didn't stick that particular dismount.

Allow me to try, though:

I very womanfully conquered my fear of sewing machines and played around with the one my boss gave me as a 3 year anniversary present. Can I just say that no book out there, including my instruction manual and Sewing For Dummies (which is a rant in and of itself) breaks down the really dumb-ass stuff that true newbies like myself need to know? I managed to put the whole thing together just fine. I managed to put thread on a bobbin and get that inserted. I even managed to get the needle threaded. But nobody explains stupid stuff like, okay, how do you hold the fabric? Are you supposed to push or pull or let the machine do all the work? How do you get quarter-inch seams to come out even when there's no marking on the machine to guide you for that? (There is a measured grid on my machine, it's just too far over for a quarter-inch seam to line up on.) When you're done working with one piece of fabric do you have to bring the machine back to the exact state it started from or can you just cut the thread off that piece and keep on sewing the next one?

And so on, and so forth. This is when I wish my sewing-skilled friends didn't live in other states or, you know, countries.More on sewing, which also got wordy )

What else, what else? Oh, I've been tagged for those "Name X random things about yourself" or "Name X idiosyncrasies of yours" memes. I'd love to do that except every time I try I draw a mental blank. I can at least say that one of my weird quirks is that I often wonder if I'm in the right car, even when I'm sitting in the driver's seat of my own vehicle and listening to a mix CD of my creation on the stereo. I have no idea why.

Finally, allow me to rec Tiny Dancer which is a Simon/Jayne fic that both exists and is good. I remain firmly in the camp that there are not enough Simon/Jayne stories in the world to satisfy either of those requirements.

And now I'm going to bed.


Sep. 9th, 2005 12:14 am
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Had belly dance tonight, which was the first class in 3 weeks (teacher was away on vacation). We eased back into it by working on our choreographed piece. I also got to learn a new move that we dubbed "right hip, left hip, whole ass smiley face" though frankly when you find out it's actually called "the sprinkler" you can see the real name is no more or less kinky than our fake one.

I've been mainlining Firefly pretty hardcore in my random moments of free time. Possibly because I only now realize how many of my kinks the show hits.

I was watching some of the DVD extras tonight and Joss was talking about how Firefly's metaphors were real life metaphors, just like Buffy and Angel. Yes, you've got ships and patois, but the core concepts are still trying to get yourself out of trouble, trying to get a job, and so on.

I mention all that because I have to admit that when you rewatch Serenity - the original pilot, not the movie that's coming out at the end of this month - you can't help but get a really uncomfortable frisson at the concept of - well here, Zoe puts it best in the original shooting script:

Nearly half a million people lay dead on that field at day's end, about a third of them 'winners'. Can you imagine the smell? Can you imagine piling up the bodies of soldiers -- of friends -- to build a wall 'cause you got no cover? Blood just kept pouring out of them, you'd slip in it half the time, find out bloodbath is not just a figure of speech[...]

I said the fighting was over. But you see they left us there. Wounded, and sick, and near to mad as can still walk and talk. Both sides left us there while they 'negotiated the peace'. For a week. And we just kept dying. When they finally sent in Medships, he had about a hundred and fifty left, and of our original platoon, just me.

New Orleans was never supposed to be Serenity Valley.
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A new R. Tam session has been released. You can find it (and the others) on Session I in the meanwhile shall sit and be pouty because I'm at work and therefore can't watch. (Well, I can watch but without audio, so not so much with the point.)

2 hours until lunch. [wait wait wait]

I am also pouting because I was supposed to go to the Ren Fair this weekend and now I'm not. See my pouty face. =( See my pouty face shed a single emo tear =~(

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Look! It's Joss! And he's undercover!

Only this time literally in Serenity's latest piece of the viral marketing campaign. You know, part of me wonders how much of the virus here is simply the clips and how much is Joss knowing that his fans are whores for fanfic. There's enough in the clips that yeah, sure, relates to the movie (nothing spoilery, promise) but also enough that doesn't relate to it at all while still dropping the sort of specific details that fanficcers leap upon with gusto. Also the meta, such as this post right here 8)

Various comments about this particular clip, put behind a tag to not spoil those who'd like to watch the clip first )
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The thing that amuses me about the Serenity viral marketing attempt is that everybody and their kid brother, myself included, is passing it around as "Look! It's Serenity's cool viral marketing attempt!" I can't help but feel that this is like unto if Joss dressed himself to go undercover and we all followed him going "Look! It's Joss! But he's undercover!"

Granted the clip is still being forwarded around, so I suppose you can't say the scheme isn't working, albeit perhaps not in the way that they intended. (Or maybe it is... dun dun DUNNN)

Things here are hopping in Siam. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow. I know that's a cause for celebration for you guys because if my dad wasn't here I wouldn't be here, and if I wasn't here you would be crying and rending your garments. Though you would not know why.

I shall be doing my part for the day by making an ice cream pie. I have never done this before so this may be followed by making a run to the grocery store for a proper cake. But I feel brave, and shall make the attempt anyway.

Tomorrow I also get to go to the doctor, and if that's not fun for the whole family I don't know what is!
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Firefly promo pic.

My comments:

1) Sean is gay gay gay. Gayer than gay. To steal quote Kathy Griffin, even the guys on Queer Eye are looking at him and going "Who, that fag?"

2) I'm not bothered so much by the life-size fembots of Jewel and Summer as I am by the way their eyes seem to follow you as you move throughout the room.

3) Nate? Pretty.
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New Serenity trailer = shiny.

Arrested Development marathon on tonight. God I love this show.

My nephew to be might be born a few weeks early (no emergencies on his part, he just may come early). Guess that answers the question of whether the baby sweater I'm knitting will be done on time. (answer = no)

Also [ profile] obsessedmuch loves me. [does booty shake to honor that] Woo! Oh yeah! Get down! [shake shake shake]
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Progress continues on the baby sweater. I have finally, after 3 attempts of adjusting patterns and gauge, gotten past the point I kept hitting previously when I frogged it. I'm now doing what I believe is called a box stitch, and so far I am pleased that I can follow along with where I am in the pattern just by looking, rather than needing to keep a row counter handy to remind me if I should be knitting or purling at that moment in time.

I also took a walk down to the library. I think I need to admit that my name is TBQ and I'm a libraryaholic. I have a stack of books, all of which I'm in the middle of. But the plus side is that this is proving a very good reward system for encouraging me to walk after work. I suppose that's a method of exercise I'm going to have to give up when the summer heat gets here, but while the air is still cool I may as well take advantage of it.

Tomorrow is work, then belly dance (class was cancelled last week so I didn't miss anything for Serenity), then Friday I have off so I'll attempt to buy plants for my porch.

Watched some of my Firefly DVDs while knitting. I can't say that eps that struck me as weak at the time don't still strike me as weak now. Though I think with Serenity to compare it to and to know what Joss wanted to do with it I can have a greater appreciation for how much Fox was pulling their choke chain, so to speak. Plus you have to have sympathy for how much tossing out the original pilot screwed them over - not just for the pilot, but for all the eps immediately following it.

And now I go to bed like a good girl.
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You know, it seems almost criminal that there can be an article called 'You've seen Star Wars, now what?' that doesn't reference Serenity. I suppose there's something to be said for not shoehorning it into the SW void, but by the same token this is the news, which tends not to care overmuch about nuance. If Serenity was in any way on their radar it should've been mentioned in that article. Humph.

One judge's sentence: go to church. Because that's not a separation of church and state issue. ("I said 'worship services'." So atheists can go fuck themselves, one assumes?)

Finally, allow me to do some pimping of this month's issue of Reflection's Edge which contains an article by yours truly on writing man on man action that's so hot it needed a special warning and a fire extinguisher, baby!

Or, you know, just the special warning. Apparently I don't know my own strength. Ahem. But still! Go! Read! It's the finest in pornographic edu-tainment! Fun for the whole family as long as they're of legal age to be clicking on that link! Woohoo!
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Second deadline thing? Done! Ha! Even with a weekend that proved to be much busier than I thought (and this after backing out of a couple of things) I got my things done on time and everything! Woot! Go me!

Granted I got about zero exercise done this weekend too, but shh! Deadlines! Completed deadlines! This is happiness!

Tomorrow I'm taking as a me day. Other than some light housework I shall do nothing except that which gives me pleasure. I'm not even sure yet what that will be, but that's what I'm doing.

I forget if I've mentioned yet that I've started work on a baby sweater. I've frogged the thing two times now - once when I realized I miscounted my guage, twice when I realized that I should've adjusted the stitch count based on the pattern for my correct guage. Basically my guage had me casting on an odd number of stitches for something that's eventually worked in an even pattern (k2, p2). I realize I could've just had the odd stitch out, but I was only a few rows in so easier to frog and adjust. Eventually this will in theory turn into a proper garment. It remains to be seen.

In non-spoilery Firefly news I didn't get the chance to mention how I hung out with [ profile] lucifrix, [ profile] stakebait, [ profile] justhuman and [ profile] boniblithe thanks to the Serenity showing. I also ran into [ profile] annavtree in the women's bathroom where I proved my blondness yet again but not recognizing her until I saw her shoes. I also believe that [ profile] inyron was in the house but while I can see her face in my mind I'm blanking on my 100% surity that that's her LJ name. I suppose I'll know by tomorrow if I'm right or not ;)

I took Friday off so that it could be a relaxed day of eventually wandering my way back home, and this turned out very well as [ profile] lucifrix and I got to spend the afternoon trying to teach [ profile] stakebait how to knit. [ profile] stakebait eventually had to leave for a con and at the time of her leaving she seemed determined yet dubious about the knitting process, so we'll see if she comes out of Baltimore an addict or if we'll need to work on her some more. [ profile] lucifrix was also very kind enough to bequeath some ribbon yarn to me, so I need to go refind all those patterns for pretty scarves and such that I mentally put aside as undoable because at the time I owned no ribbon yarn.

Note to self: do not buy more yarn until you have more spare cash at least. Yes, that includes Knit Picks.
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Okay, final Serenity post. Herein is my review of Serenity. If you're looking for an EXTREMELY SPOILER FILLED RECAP of the movie you can go here. If you're looking for a spoiler free review you can go here.

This is now my detailed review of the movie - what works, what doesn't, etc. THERE ARE SEVERE, I AM NOT KIDDING, BIG-TIME SPOILERS TO BE FOUND HERE. I'm talking everything from plot points to camera angles. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU WANT TO BE UNSPOILED!!!


Spoilery talk ends.... HERE.

All of which is to say that everything that went into this movie will, I think, have an impact on the audience. I think they will see this and realize this is something very special being put in front of them. It's definitely a movie I would have no problem whatsoever heavily pimping out to people, and you can expect me to do this as time goes on. I wasn't a huge fan of the show when it was on, but I'm also happy to admit when I'm wrong. This is going to sound very arrogant but I don't mean it to be: this has earned my fannishness. And I say it that way not because I'm proclaiming from on high that my attention must be earned, but because I want it to be clear that I'm not loving this movie because Joss made it, or I'm dying for any form of new Jossesque canon now that Angel's off the air, or anything like that. I did not come into this with a pre-hoped desire that this movie would amaze me. If it sucked I would have called it on sucking. This movie does not suck.

And now I get to catch up on LJ and all my deadlines for this weekend. I suppose somewhere in here I should also feed myself. ;)
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If you're looking for my spoiler-free review it is here.

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! I kid you not I tell you damn near everything, including jokes. I swear to you that reading this recap will utterly ruin the movie if you want to remain unspoiled. DIE-HARD SPOILER WHORES AND/OR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SEEN THE FILM ONLY! I MEAN IT! )
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Hi all! I got back home last night but was so tired I ended up snuggling with the cats while watching a rerun of Numb3rs and then going to bed. (Note to [ profile] lucifrix it's not that the traffic was bad or anything so much as it was that I took my time and stopped a couple times along the way thanks to the lure of cheap gas and Carvel ice cream). I am now well-rested and ready to get back into the swing of things!

Thanks to all those who offered up Firefly icons. I was able to snag a few thanks to various suggested links, so 'tis most appreciated.

Now for the movie. I'm going to rip a page out of [ profile] shellmidwife's book and do three Serenity posts: two with spoilers, one without. This is the one without any spoilers whatsoever so spoiler virgins may feel safe here.

The short version is: this is a good movie. I could get into the whys of why it's a good movie but I think that'll smack up into spoilers. So, strictly sticking to the generals, I can say there's good acting, good dialogue (there are the usual Joss Whedon quips and what have you, but it doesn't go over the top as he does from time to time), and a plot I think people can get behind even without knowing much about the show.

I think they made a good call not releasing it now, though, because if we're looking to get more than Joss and/or Firefly fans into the seats then releasing it anywhere near Star Wars would have killed it. I'm not saying it's just like Star Wars, I'm just saying that it's like it enough to a general populace (e.g. takes place in space, Han Soloesque captain, Alliance = Empire, etc.) that nobody would've gone to see Serenity who couldn't have plunked themselves down in a chair for Sith.

But the plus side is that I think a populace that is versed in Star Wars and especially in the stark contrast of why the early SW movies were classics while the later ones are embarassing, will look at Serenity and see that this is exciting stuff. It takes the known genre and approaches it from fresh angles that either harken back to things that made the early SW movies work or were things that you just don't see that often on movies or TV. In other words, everything that people would have noticed about the beauty of Firefly the TV show will be in evidence to them with Serenity and I think the audience is going to respond to that.

Now to give balance to this review I will say that the movie is not perfect. There are some things about it that could be better. However, coming from someone who is not a die-hard Browncoat (or at least wasn't before going into the theater) I can say that the flaws of the film are what keep it from being four stars under the Roger Ebert rating system but do not prevent it from earning three (three stars = if you like that type of movie, you should definitely see this film. four stars = you should absolutely see this film, regardless of whether or not you typically like that type of movie). It's not early Star Wars, it's not Schindler's List. What it could be, though, is the first Spiderman movie or maybe even the second. In other words, it's clearly a genre piece but it has enough uniqueness and energy to it that I could see it breaking out of that genre and becoming something that the population gets behind. The X-Men movies were popular but are not considered classics outside of anybody in fandom. Grab a random person on the street, though, and they'll agree that Spiderman 2 kicked all kinds of ass.

Plus the things that are weaknesses are also things that might be fixed by the time September rolls around. Again avoiding spoilers but it's stuff that could very easily be tidied up with editing, and since editing is part of post production then it's not out of the realm of possibility that these weak spots are only there now because they had to get something together for these advance screenings. So you can use that as your non-spoiled measuring stick as to whether or not the things I'm saying aren't good are very significant. Yes, they are weaknesses, but they aren't so weak that the only way they could be fixed is by completely redoing scenes.

As I said in my phone post, if you are a spoiler virgin you will want to remain a spoiler virgin. You probably already know this by now based on the first round of showings, but trust me when I say that pulling back from anywhere that's even remotely on the borderline of possibly having movie spoilers will be something you will be grateful for. I'm told that there's going to be more screenings before September rolls around and I suspect that as more people know what happens you're going to see more people not only forgetting to care about spoiler courtesy but flat-out abandoning it entirely.

However the flip side to that is that if you're a spoiler whore like me, you'll appreciate being spoiled on the way in. There's levels and foreshadowing that you'll appreciate all the more if you know what's going to happen. So if you're like me and like being spoiled so you can sit back and appreciate how the story's being told, you'll be able to enjoy that with Serenity. But again that is for utter spoiler whores like me. I would never suggest that somebody who is a spoiler virgin should spoil themselves, or that someone who's on the borderline should err on the side of being spoiled. Only those who absolutely positively do not care about knowing ahead of time that the butler did it, so to speak, should rest assured knowing that if they do know the spoilers that the film is not ruined for them.

Basically if you're in doubt, don't be spoiled. Worst case scenario is that you watch the movie twice, which you'll probably do anyway, and pick up on the nuances then. ;)

Now then, off to do the spoiler-filled review.
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Hey all! Currently at [ profile] lucifrix's house. Won't be back home until later tonight but wanted to post to say that all is well, Serenity kicks much ass, and I shall do all kinds of posts about it later both for the spoiled and those who wish to remain unspoiled.

[ profile] lucifrix and [ profile] stakebait say hi!

And I still need a Firefly icon. Pout.


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