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So it looks like I'll be able to head down to DC for the rally *knocks wood* I'm trying to book train tickets so, related to that - who's going? When will you be around? I'm plannning to arrive Friday and leave Sunday, but the time of arrival/departure hasn't been narrowed down yet. I figure no need to kill myself getting there early if nobody's going to be around. Alternatively I'll def. make sure to get there early if there's going to be an afternoon meetup of some kind.

So... lemme know? :D
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Much thanks to those who sent well-wishes after Thursday. I was able to get Serenity on Friday morning and as far as I could tell she seemed okay. The news said it was the worst flood we've seen in quite some time (possibly ever). Apparently some places even got as high as five feet. Considering what I saw, I totally believe it.

Friday was a lot of us at the office telling war stories about our commutes home. 2 extra hours seemed to be the average for everyone. I also found out that if I'd had the psychic awareness to avoid the exit I'd taken I would've been screwed at the next two exits too. So that's a little comforting.

Today was more car fun as I drove down to Rakkasah East. This was my second time going, if you count Spring Caravan as my first. OMG was it crowded. At some points I had to flee for outside just for some air and some quiet. But I bought a top and a shawl, and got to see some nice performances including my teacher with her other troupe. So good times on that end.

After that I went to Delta's Restaurant with [ profile] christinenj where the food was awesome, she had gator for the first time, I reaffirmed that not only is gator yummy bit it is OMG good when you combine it with a collard green dip, and both of us capped the night off by eating a jungle on a plate. No, this was not a lesbian bar, though you can't be blamed for thinking it might be.

Now I am home in peace and cool and quiet and I have a purring cat on my lap. Life is good.
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Yesterday saw me flying down I-95 like a bat out of hell as I tried to make it to Spring Caravan in time to see my teacher perform. In my defense I left with plenty of time had traffic been fine. However New York had some bike thing going and the Yankees had a thing and the GWB hates my breathing guts.

So instead of a nice, easy drive it was a drive of oh so happy to ignore the speed limit proportions as I kept one eye on the road and the other on the GPS I borrowed from my dad which let me know that sure enough, second by second, I was getting close to a good arrival time. It was like The Amazing Race! Only without a partner! Or Phil! DO NOT GIVE UP IT COULD BE A NON-ELIMINATION ROUND!!!

Speaking of which I also really had to pee, but I still did not stop!

I finally managed to get there at 1:59pm, leapt from the car, ran to the event center, missed the place to buy tickets, went back to pay, got checked in, and made it to the audience just as my teacher showed up on the stage. I WAS LIKE A NINJA! A NINJA THAT WATCHES BELLYDANCERS IN NEW JERSEY!

Afterwhich there was shopping, and the buying of many pretty things, and then heading home to be caught in even more traffic and then there was curling up on the couch and being a vegetable for the rest of the evening.

So that was my Sunday.
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Okay, so now I attempt to write about WriterCon. Bear in mind I took no notes, am not even digging up my panel schedule to refresh my memory, and I suck at remembering names. OTOH, consider how much fun random stream of counsciousness will be! :D

Writing about Cons. Or some other pun that hasn't been made yet. )

I'm back!

Jul. 24th, 2006 06:43 pm
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Home from Writercon. Had fun, am tired. Got to meet all sorts of nifty people. Also didn't see nearly as many people as I wanted since ye olde health issues started acting up on Sat night which meant I had to miss the cocktail party, wah.

If possible when I have more brainpower I'll try to write up a con report, but the short version is that it was good, the WriterCon staff gets major props from me for what seemed to be very good organization skills. The hotel was nice. The nearby food was awesome (including the ice cream place OMG), lesbian goats are always funny, and the trashcans in the Atlanta airport are alive.

So how's with you?
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Made it to the airport ok. Have decided the Blackberry is worth its weight in gold.

Currently waiting for boarding to start in about 40 min.

Feel free to spam me with text msgs in the meanwhile 8)

(Link for that is in my userinfo)
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Tomorrow: WriterCon! EEE!!!

Today: Try to do approximately one billion things before tomorrow.

Stupid job standing in my way! I could be packed by now!

(Also I would like to say that earlier today I absolutely did NOT say to myself "Don't forget to buy film for your digital camera." so please stop those rumors right now. I don't know where you people get your info from.)

WriterCon! Tomorrow! EEEEEEE!!!!!!
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[insert by now standard comment about how it's TOO FRIKKIN HOT, JEEZ]

Things here in the land of Siam are busy. I'm heading out to WriterCon this weekend so of course there is the usual pre-packing anxiety. I remain convinced that there is no way in heck I'll be able to do everything this weekend that I want to do. (And it doesn't help that I just had the thought of - ooo, excursion to local yarn stoes!) (Not that I personally am renting a car, but watch how I conscript those who do! I'm generous like that.)

And [ profile] mpoetess is an evil, EVIL temptress. SHE KNOWS WHY.


May. 28th, 2006 09:37 pm
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Am home from [ profile] justhuman's where a MOST spiffy weekend was had. I managed to make it to her house in spite of going down completely the wrong highway at one point and - and this is the important part - due to me being what amounts to a GUY because I would not stop and ask for directions because BY GOD THAT WOULD MEAN ADMITTING I WAS WRONG.

Can't have that.

So basically did a side trip to Ikea, where I can assure you JH does not live, righted myself, and kept on going.

JH did the monumental task of teaching me how to sew. At this she was incredibly patient, informative, helpful, and did not mock me once for what were undoubtedly thousands of stupid questions on my part. By the time I left her house I actually felt excited about the process and wanting to practice and do more. This is, of course, a vast change from my previous feelings about my sewing machine and sewing as a concept, where I was very certain one or both of them was going to eat me.

We also did fannish things such as watch some DVDs of Joss and Tim giving talks, rewatching the finale of House which I think I need to see approximately one billion times to fully appreciate all the layers and symbolism (note: I say that as a compliment), and watching X3 which I utterly adored both as a movie and because character ) and character ) were in it and while the first was obvious the second was a happy surprise and I squeed like a squeeing thing.

My one weetiny complaint about the movie is oh so minor it's not really a spoiler but then I talk about slightly more spoilery things )

But the rest of the movie was awesome and I loved it like a loving thing.

Now to sit back, relax, and assure my cats that I still love them even though I oh so cruelly abandonded them for two days.
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Dance class went well last night. We practiced our choreography in the hopes that we'll do it at a performance for a street fair on June 10. This is a happy thing because now I know we're doing the June 10th thing for certain, which allows me to arrange my schedule accordingly. It'll be the first time I've done performing like this though, so we'll see how it goes.

This weekend I shall be heading into the land of [ profile] justhuman so that I might learn how to sew. If you hear screams and cries of frustration coming from somewhere on the East Coast, that'll probably be JH beating her head against a wall for dealing with me. ;)
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1) Am alive

2) Had fab time with [ profile] cin1607

3) Am home

4) Am finding health to be in an upswing

5) The living legend needs chocolate

Aaaaand that's about it for now. What's new with you?
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Elder Brother is in town. Tonight will be a gathering at Older Brother's place so we can all catch up and do family things. I think all you need to know about my family is summed up in the fact that one of the things on tonight's agenda is watching Army of Darkness. Also that doing this is a high priority for us that might normally be reserved for, in other families, Bible study.

Tomorrow I get to put ep 22 of NL to bed. Or I hope to, barring freak migraine, power outage, or anything else that could happen to jinx me finishing this ep like I so desperately want to. Have you all been sitting and watching me with your tubs of popcorn? It's not to late to enjoy the show that is my nervous breakdown. Come, sit, don't forget the gummi bears.

This Wed I'll be going down to [ profile] cin1607's for a few days. Yes, I am starting to get packing anxiety, thank you for asking. The latest version of it is me thinking that I should buy yarn for a Gryffindor scarf so that I can knit that while I'm on the train. Because I don't have a big enough yarn stash right now, and I certainly don't have enough in progress projects, and I definitely have plenty of time to go shopping for yarn between now and Wednesday.

head - > desk
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Hey all! Currently at [ profile] lucifrix's house. Won't be back home until later tonight but wanted to post to say that all is well, Serenity kicks much ass, and I shall do all kinds of posts about it later both for the spoiled and those who wish to remain unspoiled.

[ profile] lucifrix and [ profile] stakebait say hi!

And I still need a Firefly icon. Pout.
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First off: happy birthday to the most marvy [ profile] cin1607. May there be naked boys of your choice performing whatever activity you choose, even if it's cleaning up your house.

Second: EEEEEEEE!!! SQUEEEEEE! Serenity tonight!!!!! (It's like comedy tonight, only with tight pants).

I keep going back and forth on eee and squee. Squee for the obvious reasons, eee because I'm convinced I'm going to get snarled in pre-holiday traffic on the way down and arrive just as the doors are closing and then [ profile] stakebait and I will have to stare wistfully at what might have been. [sniffle]

But won't know until tonight I suppose. At the very least I'm all packed and ready, so after work tonight it's just a matter of going home, getting changed, quickly scarfing some food and ideally finishing just as [ profile] stakebait arrives at the train station for me to pick her up.

[ profile] lucifrix asked me about beading stuff, so I've got that in the bag for us to go over. I flipped through my patterns last night and got all sighy. I miss beading! Sadly it's a bit too rich for my blood as a hobby right now. I know knitting can be too, but as a beginner I don't mind working with cheaper yarns (in fact I prefer it, as I'd rather not screw up the pricey stuff) and a ball or skein of yarn can keep me amused for days if not weeks. With beading it's still pricey, even if you buy wholesale, and I don't have enough of a bead stash left over to be able to sit and play. Ah well. Stuff to get back to once I have more spending cash available.

In knitting news I'm starting a baby sweater. I thought about making my next project a blanket but then I figured take the real plunge and go for something that's not some form of a circle or rectangle. I started last night while watching Lost, but already I think I'm going to frog it and start again. There's no problem with the stitches or anything, I just think I'd like to make it a slightly larger size, esp considering how fast wee ones grow, plus how big babies in this family tend to be in the first place. So better to frog now then when I'm past the halfway point or something.

Work's been busy now that the boss is back. Phone's been ringing off the hook, which has me ready to kill people with my bare hands. Writing-wise I've got some stuff on deadline for this weekend but, knock on wood, I'm not anticipating problems with that. If I get those things done I may take some time for writing for myself. There's this thing with Wes and Angel and tiny buttons. 8)


Apr. 4th, 2005 07:17 pm
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Back from Connexions. Fun was had, hanging out was done, panels were attended, ice cream was eaten off thighs, and hotels attempted slow homicide through dehydration and then par-boiling in the pool. I'm told there are pictures. I'm also in possession of some. What kind? Not to give it away but it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that some of them rhyme with the words "scruppet planking". I think we're understanding one another.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the weekend - other than filming the scruppet planking of course - is that it was a cool vacation with fellow fans where you talk about the gay sex, watch god-awful movies just for the blowjobs, glasses, and/or the urge to mail Alexis Denisof and James Marsters 80, possibly even 90 dollars each as a way to help out with the obviously needed rent money, and then you come home refreshed and relaxed and ready to face the world again. Name me another way to do that which doesn't involve legalized prostitution. You can't, don't even try. Though that would also be fun, and for the right kind of tip would also involve scruppet planking.

So... nothing significant happened while I was away, right? 8)


Mar. 31st, 2005 09:29 am
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Okay, down to the last minute prep for Connexions. [ profile] wesleysgirl will be here in anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half or so. So: last minute packing, loading up the car, changing into real clothes, and... other stuff. [shifty eyes]

Be good while I'm gone! Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and if you do take pictures =)
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Got most of my packing done. All that's left is the fiddly crap that can't be packed until morning. Now I relax in a shower and then go to bed.

Enjoyed Lost, watched West Wing. It really is a shame we can't be seeing these West Wing storylines happen as they should, instead of this one-off canonical fanfic. Though I will say comment which riffs off something in tonight's ep )

Speaking of back from hiatus fake TV shows, [ profile] ats_nolimits was updated tonight with 6.13: Natural Born. It was written by [ profile] ros_fod and kicks much ass.

Now I off to shower.


Mar. 30th, 2005 12:11 pm
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Connexions! Leaving tomorrow! So much to do! So excited! Gotta pack, gotta set up the house, gotta make sure the kitties are taken care of, can't forget anything. Wanna do stuff. Should I make brownies? Should I make cornbread? Ack! ACK!!!


I'm excited. =)

New episode of [ profile] ats_nolimits is going live tonight. It kicks ass, lemme tell you.

Speaking of TV on the net, does anybody know where I can get a download of Jamie Oliver's school lunches show over in the UK? I've read so much about it I'd love to actually see the thing. Considering how UK specific it is I can't imagine they're going to show it on the Food Network, more's the pity =/


Oh yeah...

Feb. 17th, 2005 04:33 pm
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I forgot to mention, while on the home leg of my CA trip, I saw not one but two men with big sticks. They were in LAX and JFK, and both of them held their big sticks in a slow, thoughtful manner as they poked and/or rubbed said sticks across the floor.

After some study I was able to guess that perhaps what they were doing was removing scuff marks. At least I hope they were removing scuff marks. I'm not certain I want to know why they were pushing the floor down with sticks otherwise. Walking is hard enough without having to carry a weapon to defend yourself against the floor rising up to take over the universe.

So to answer [ profile] wesleysgirl's question: yes, yes I did see them.

In other news, why did no one tell me that Tim from the Office is playing Arthur in the Hitchhiker's movie? Now I may actually have to see the damn thing. (I originally wasn't going to as I have high doubts that it'll be any good. OTOH I really can't argue that casting choice at all.) This is right up there with Hugh Laurie playing Perry White in the new Superman flick. Damn you, casting agents, Damn you!!!!

And I still hate [ profile] anniesj for enabling the House plotbunnies in my head, however inadvertently.


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