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Stealing from [personal profile] kajivar now so I can have a short blurb and then put details behind a cut tag:

A friend has lost everything, including an extensive library, in the Queensland floods in Australia.

A book drive is being organized to help her replace as many as the books as we can. She's having other needs (for herself and her kitties) taken care of at the moment, but her books meant a lot to her.

I know I have a lot of book lovers on my flist, so if you have some you were considering getting rid of, or if you know where you can pick up some used books and are willing to donate them, please check out the link and see if you can find any on her list.

Now for the longer version )

Book recs

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:32 am
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Older Brother has developed an interest in nature-based religions/spirituality. I told him that, thanks to my awesome friends, I could probably put together a recommended reading list of books that might interest him that would be high on actual information and low on the fluffy-bunny "I'm 1/100000000th Indian on my mother's side and thus can write authentically about Native American religions even though my only actual exposure is having once watched an episode of F Troop." type things.

So - book recs please? He's thinking Native American religions but I told him he might also be interested in shamanism, druidry, and so forth. He says he's open to anything that would involve nature-based spirituality. Based on what I know of him I'd say things that are low on magick/spellwork and high on recogizing the seasons, circle of life, and so on.

Thanks in advance, oh friendslist-fu! =)
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Conversation had at the checkout of my local Borders:

Me: Hi, I'd like to give this book a home, please.

Saleswoman: I've never heard it put that way before.

Me: I promise to love it as my very own.

Saleswoman: That's good, because we do do background checks to make sure you'll provide a safe environment for it.

Me: Of course. For all you know I'm the sort of monster who breaks the spines.

Saleswoman: We can't have that.

Me: Indeed!
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Ah, weekends with family. Ah, spending Monday morning digging through storage rooms and subsequently hurting my back. Ah... no that about covered it. Now we move on to catching up on links: Typing doesn't hurt my back, thankfully )

And that's the news for now. In other news I have finally gotten on Facebook. However it's actual-identity-me and not TBQ-me. This being due to both my brother being the one to encourage me to get a Facebook account, and [ profile] astolat's advice that the best defense is a good offense as far as handling the issue of keeping real life and fannish life separate.

So that being said, I sent friends requests out yesterday to people who I know, but who may not know me under my real name. Obviously I'm not going to say my real name here (and I ask that the fannish name be kept away from there), but if you know me, are on Facebook, and got a friend request from someone with a T initial in their name, that might've been me. Hi!
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So work basically kicked my ass today. In a good way, with much praise being heaped upon yours truly for both the work I'd put into a certain project, and for ordering awesome food for lunch (I have no doubts it was the latter that had the greatest impact ;) ). Which is all well and good but afterwards I went into an adrenaline crash that has yet to leave me. It also may or may not have any relation to the physical crash I experienced when picking up dinner and did not notice a HUGE step between the door and the floor, and startled the ever-loving Hell out of the poor kitchen staff. (All of whom were very nice about checking on me.) (Me: "I'm fine. I just thought I'd drop in for some food?")

So I am battered and bruised both mentally and physically. Which is why I bring interesting links and then slink off into the night to snuggle with cats and read and probably go to bed early.

I now present: links )

And that's it for me. Tomorrow starts the family reunion so I'll probably be scarse over the weekend. I'll miss you!

Radio TBQ

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Am trapped under a cat. Send help. In the meanwhile, latest from my feeds:

You know the drill on the tags by now, yes? )

Radio TBQ

Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Looooooooong day of visiting my Grams in rehab (fractured rib kind, not Lindsey Lohan kind) and dealing with related family drama. Also if anyone knows how to get AVG free version 8.0.136 to stop bugging me to restart my computer even after I've just restarted the damn thing That would be fabulous.

Now then, on to the news. As always, tags are your friends )

News of me

Jul. 11th, 2008 08:21 pm
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Not much going on in the readers today so I'll save the links for a bigger post.

I will share this link though, which is my moment of acting on the Backup Project.

The weather today was almost nice, which makes me think that Mother Nature is up to something. We're being lulled into a false sense of security, I tell ya.

As the above link mentions, earlier today I spent some time wandering around in a bookstore. It's a very happy thing. On my way home I drove through a town having a sidewalk sale. I was very disappointed that the Unfinished Furniture and Gun Exchange store didn't have any tables set up. Clearly they are not getting into the spirit of the event.
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Had a great night tonight. Did a new thing which I may go into more detail on once it's a not-so-new thing and thus out of the shakey larval stage. But it was a positive experience so yay for that.

Ow ow ow - currently being kneaded on by a kitty who needs her claws trimmed. In related news, Luna says hi.

Now on to the links of the day. Not too many tonight, but it'll go behind a cut tag all the same. Cut tags make things neater! )

And that is actually that. Woohoo!
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Just finished reading DH. Putting all comments behind the cut so as not to spoil anyone.

Rambly thoughts to be found here, SPOILERS!!!!!!!! )
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Idiot co-worker is still an idiot. Seriously, tips for how I should handle this situation would be welcome. My instinct is to privately talk to my boss and say words to the effect of how this guy cannot teach, and if my boss wants me to learn something it'd better come from someone else. But is that considered inappropriate? Should I talk to co-worker first? Other? Lemme know.

Called the local Borders and talked to possibly the dumbest girl on the planet re: how they're handling the HP thing tomorrow. All I wanted to know was when to show up to get my number/bracelet/ticket/whatever. She apparently wasn't even aware they were doing that. She didn't even know the store was staying open until midnight. I remain amazed she somehow was able to answer the phone and speak into the correct end.

Ah well. The pre-sale party starts at 9:30, according to the website. I'll swing by sometime around 8 and see if they're taking names/giving tickets. That was about the time they started last time.

LJ is made of fail and unable to tell the difference between fact and fiction. Others have spoken about this so you probably get the jist already. But you may not know about [ profile] whatisobscene, where they are attempting to get a baseline for what the LJ community considers to be too hot for LJ. So to speak.
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I went to the library to pick up Working on the Edge, thanks to finding out about it on After the Catch. I got into a discussion with the librarian checking me out. Turns out she's a huge fan of the show (Her: "The WAVES!" Me: "I KNOW!" only we were in a library so it was more like "The WAVES!" "I KNOW!"). Also turns out that her nephew worked the Bering Sea back when he was in college. She said unfortunately she has no idea what he fished or what it was like because for some reason she can't get him to talk about it.

But still! Nifty random moment of human interaction. Just one of many reasons why libraries are awesome.
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You know what's a fun feeling? Putting ice cold contact lenses into your eyes. Mmm-mm! Fun!

Here's another fun thing to do: get ready to go to bed on time, then stay up late because you got caught up in a book. And not just any book, but a cookbook. Because you know those are suspenseful page-turners. Gripping reads, where at any given time it's entirely possible that the dessert didn't do it in the end.

I need a keeper. And a contact lens warmer.
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Finished reading! Quick impressions (complete with spoilers) behind the cut:

Random impressions of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince )
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Got my copy of HP at about 12:15 which wasn't too bad at all. The mood at Borders wasn't as fun and party-like as it was at B&N the last time I did an HP midnight party, but it was still nifty to people watch. There were two teenage (maybe 15) year old girls who had tacked "I [heart] RW" and "I [heart] HP" signs onto their backs. There was a little boy, maybe 10, who I overheard vehemently arguing with his friends about why Harry/Ginny was destined to be. There was a father talking on his cellphone and telling whoever it was on the other end that his daughter had been so excited about the new book that she'd written her own version of it in anticipation.

So it was cute. I camped out in the erotica section (strangely empty of people, for all that it had a good view of the cash registers) and worked on my knitting while waiting for our numbers to be called.

After getting the book I went home, read until my eyes couldn't read anymore, and then I went to sleep.

Today I have gotten up, made biscuits, eaten brunch, cleaned house because it was driving me nuts, put the crock pot on to cook, got HP at the ready and...

I'm still so upset about that sign I saw yesterday that I can't read. I go between wanting to throw things, to wanting to cry, to wanting to drive over there and bang on the door until somebody agrees to talk to me.

I looked up the church online - I didn't remember the name, but the denomination and the location were enough to narrow it down. Turns out they have a website, which I won't link to because I don't want to encourage people spamming them with hatemail or anything. Two interesting things I have learned:

1) This is at least the fourth sign they've put up, as their pictures page has one of their paster standing next to the third sign they put up and the picture is dated Aug 2004. The first two signs? Stolen, for some mysterious reason. I drive that road a lot and this is the first time I've seen the sign so clearly something happened to the third one. Very possibly there were others and those were stolen too fast for me to see.

2) I now know their phone, fax, snail mail, and email addresses.

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Got my golden Harry Potter ticket! I showed up at Borders a half hour before the party started and they were already handing out numbers. I'm #125 which means I'll be in the third group of people called. It also means that I can wait out the next couple of hours at home. Wooo!!

Not that I don't love the fannish experience of the midnight parties, and I geniunely do like seeing the kids play games and get into it, but that's why I'll go back at 11. That'll give me an hour to hang out and chill and wait for the line to start, just in case they start the line early. 3 hours of that was doable if I had to, but since I don't have to I'd much rather relax and work on my grandmother's scarf at home while catching up on my Tivo and not being stressed out by all the people freaking out around me. Plus at my house I don't have to sit on the floor while I knit ;)

In other news, [ profile] versailles_rose? I was able to get powdered buttermilk at the A&P. Go fig. I'll give it a whirl tomorrow when I make the cornmeal biscuits again. (Another advantage of waiting at home is that I can premake the quiche so that tomorrow I can just heat it up).

Also tonight I have learned that it is not the smartest idea to go to the bathroom in the dark when you have a small black cat who likes to drink out of the toilet. Though I imagine Luna and I had very similar looks on our faces when I nearly sat down on her. Ahem.
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The good news: my boss is going away on vacation for a few days
The bad: right now he is in defcon 5 for his pre-travel anxiety. I may need to shoot him with a tranq gun or possibly just a brick to the head to help make getting through today possible.

My blond moment for today: not realizing until this morning that people in the UK will be able to start reading the new Harry Potter book hours ahead of people in the US. Darn you UK people!! On the other hand, US people get to see last night's ep of the Daily Show which had the best segment on Harry Potter. It! Could! Happen! Here!

Had belly dance last night. Those of you who remember my wibbling about last week will be happy to know that without me saying anything we changed the pattern up a bit so that everybody gets a chance to lead. Which naturally means that when my part came up I choked and died like a choking and dying thing. Granted so did everybody else in some form or another while doing their bit because it was the first time we were trying it in the new configuration, but I still think it's funny that last week I was all "I can lead, I'm not worried, la la la" and then BOOM! Choke. (What threw me is that I was leading in a circle, which I hadn't done before, so there's one more thing for me to practice).

Last night was also the happy news that we've been contacted by an art organization to perform! In public! Possibly for money! And you know what day it is? August 13! Otherwise known as the one frikkin' day in all of August that I can't take off work! GAH!

But tonight is Harry Potter. I shall attempt to maintain my zen until then.
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My tomato plant has little tomatoes on it! I saw them last night! They're all tiny and green. I'm so proud. I'm encouraging them to grow their little hearts out so that they might fulfill their tomato destiny.

Basil isn't dead yet. It's sprouting new leaves, which I'm taking as a good sign. Hopefully I'll be making pesto again real soon.

Now that we're in the home stretch for the new Harry Potter book I'm starting to get all dorkily excited. I've heard rumors of spoilers (which I do not pass on 'cause hell if I know if they're real or not) and I can't wait. Plus you just know fandom's gonna blow up. That's always fun.

The local farmers market opens this weekend (yeah, I know - our local farmer's market bloooooooooooooows). If I can pry myself away from HP long enough I might walk down there for some fresh veggies and such. It's things like this which indicate I just might be an adult underneath all this immaturity.

On the other hand: boobies.
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Hee! I got a voice mail from Jim Dale reminding me to pick up my copy of Harry Potter this weekend. That's very kind of Jim. I can't remember the last time I thought to call him to remind him of something.

I've got my HP plans in place for this weekend. Anything on my To Do list for this week will be done by Friday. I get off early on Fridays so I'll ready some food in the crockpot for Saturday night's dinner, kick back, relax, finish anything that wasn't done yet, then head on over to Borders for the midnight party and subsequent book buying.

Don't suppose any Borders employees out there know if there's a universal policy on how the stores will handle it? I did B&N last time which actually worked out great for me because by sheer and total fluke I managed to call the store at darn near the last minute, reserve a copy, swing by just as they started handing out tickets to let people know their place in line, and thus managed to be #7 when the time came. I thought about doing that again this year but the Borders is closer so I figured why not? I just want to know if I need a ticket, and I'm almost reluctant to disturb the poor employees who are probably ready to kill all the HP fans by now. (FWIW I asked when I reserved my copy and the girl said she didn't know yet - to the point where she didn't even know if they were having a midnight sale at all. Hmm. Maybe I should call Jim back and ask him.)

However it happens I'll have my book late Friday, shall go home and read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore, sleep, wake up, turn the crock pot on, and keep on reading. This is what I did for OOTP and it worked just fine by me.

Anyone adjusting their flists for spoilers can rest assured I'll cut-tag everything. As with so many topics, I am virgin friendly 8)

Hmm. I should probably drag one of my Gryffindor icons out again...

ETA: Okay, called the local Borders. Guy I spoke to didn't know what the procedure was either. He said last time they sort of handed out numbers, but it wasn't the kind of thing where you needed to show up hours earlier in order to get one. Just get there when the party started. So I guess that's the plan then.
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Crisps! I have crisps! Chicken and Thyme flavored crisps that [ profile] flaming_muse sent to me because she wuuuuuuuuubs me! They are my very own and I shall love them and hug them and eat them to little bitty pieces! Possibly while doing a happy dance!

On a related note, I bought and finished Morgan Spurlock's Don't Eat This Book. OMG. Short version: you MUST read this book. Long version? Behind a cut tag with a warning this might possibly be triggery for those who don't like to talk about eating habits and health )


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