Apr. 27th, 2008 09:52 pm
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I ended up not being productive in any interesting ways this weekend. There was brunch with my family, and goodness knows nobody gets bored of hearing about me paying my bills. (Hot! Online pay! ACTION!) But really it's on the dull side and I'm woman enough to admit it.

So instead I point to interesting things that someone else has done. Specifically podfic of my Epiphany series. [livejournal.com profile] just_reed has been making them and posting them over on [livejournal.com profile] podslash. So far we've got Everybody Fell and Liberty Rules. Download and show Reed some love!
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As a heads-up, [livejournal.com profile] devinharris has put the Epiphany zine up on the Green Dragon Press website. It includes all the info about the zine, a picture of the cover, a snippet of my intro, and everything you need to know about ordering and shipping to the US, Canada, and elsewhere.

As before, if you have any questions you can go ask Devin via devinharris at air-internet dot com. Devin's in charge of all the printing and ordering and whatnot. I just pimp =)
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It's done! It's done! The first Epiphany Zine is done! You can buy it and everything!

For those who haven't hung out at my website, Epiphany is the first Angel/Wes series I did. The zine comprises all of the first major arc, complete with the Buffyverse related backstories that were written by [livejournal.com profile] stakebait and [livejournal.com profile] buffybot, and, most importantly, with AMAZING artwork that was created by [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge.

I cannot overstress how beautiful the artwork is. There's a collage for every story, plus the cover and extra, and it's just A-MA-ZING. Worth the price of admission right there my friend, screw the story that's folded around it ;)

[livejournal.com profile] devinharris is the one who is kind enough to actually print up the zine and take care of mailing it out to people. I'll quote directly here on the details:

They are $30 including postage in the US. 269 pages, plus the author's forward. Color covers, 1 color interior illustration, comb bound, with clear overlays to protect the covers. I haven't yet weighed one to see how devastating postage outside the US might be (yay for flat rate envelopes!) but they're very heavy when there are a bunch of them in a box together. Or possibly I'm a wimp.

Orders and age statements (I'll take a quick "I certify I'm thismany years old") can be emailed to me at devinharris AT air-internet.com. I take paypal payments at that address, too. However, I'm out of flatrate envelopes right now and I refuse to brave the Post Awful again until after Christmas, when all the crazy people will be gone and not trying to run me over in the parking lot.

So there you have it! Not shippable in time for the holidays, alas, but perhaps still suitable for gift-giving if you let the intended know via a "Guess what's coming?" card ;)

Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge for the artwork and designing the whole thing, and for [livejournal.com profile] devinharris for getting it into print.

Now, to quote a certain kitty, EEEEEEEE!!!!
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Had the oddest dream last night that somebody posted a link to Protocol on one of those badfic LJ communities. Which didn't really bother me in the slightest, but made me scratch my head as the community in question was dedicated to Alias fanfic. So I found my dream-self sitting there and wanting to comment that while I wouldn't dispute that Protocol might fail on several general goodfic standards, was this a badfic standard that it should have been judged by? But then again I couldn't really fault them on the flawless accuracy in pointing out that as Alias-fics go, Protocol is undoubtedly right up there with being one of the worst.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll dream of Pet being nominated for this year's worst Star Wars fic. You know, just to round it out. 8)

Tonight is holy day of obligation, and I remain in staunch denial about there being only 3 episodes left. Just shut up. SHUT UP I tell you! I deal with the pain through the healthy methods of eating chocolate and pizza while I watch. It's self-medicating, true, but with only 3 eps to go (SHUT UP!) I figure my body can handle it.

And now I cry like Butters.

It'll be interesting to see how the end of the show (SHUT UP) will affect various fics in progress. Not that I'll stop writing, 'cause I don't see why the boys have to stop having all the gay sex they weren't having onscreen anyway, but just in terms of how the lack of new canon might affect decisions I make about various plotlines.

Like I had vaguely been thinking of wrapping Epiphany up with Arc Five (which is partially why it's been on hold for so long) due to the fact that the show's progressed so much from the canon I started with, but now that new canon will effectively be dead I wonder if I won't mind keeping that concept open for any new potential stories that might apply to it. And will Pet still be the same for me and others as we see the ultimate twists and turns of the boys working for Wolfram & Hart? Just have to wait and see, I suppose. I feel confident that Protocol won't get Jossed though. Call it a hunch ;)

And now to pretend to work.
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Okay, finally had a chance to do this.

DVD style commentary for the alt. dimension arc of Epiphany.

Enjoy =)


Oct. 19th, 2003 09:26 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] lerefugemakesthebestcollagesintheworldevereverEVER!!!

The Epiphany zine is going to rock so hard people, I'm telling you.


Now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.
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[livejournal.com profile] lerefuge is researching various ways to get the Epiphany zine printed and she's asking for advice/recommendations about cost of printing and binding. I tossed in my two cents but as I'm sure there are people out there with greater zine experience than I have I thought I might put up the cry for help where people could see it =)

Here's where you can find her questions.

Thanks in advance to those who reply =)
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Flour and salt have been added, dough has risen and been folded down (thank you Silpat, though my own hands remained as sticky as ever - I have no luck with flouring them) and is now back in the fridge for another day. Final steps of actually making loaves and baking them will happen tomorrow.

The Epiphany story skirts around the idea of forming an outline. I'm continuing to feed myself fic in the hopes that I can at least get the outline done today if not the story.

Thanks to the magic of cable modems, I'm backing up a scary amount of data on my computer. Once the new computer gets here I'll be committing a lot of this stuff to CDs so I won't have this problem again. I hadn't realized how much crud I'd accumulated over the months of not having a working CD burner. Erm - oops?

Mac sits on my lap and greets you all. Especially [livejournal.com profile] eliade who he remembers has a catless lap and that's always a sad state of affairs.

I forgot to mention before that writing the Spike/Angel snippet for Kita helped to reawaken some of my long lost Spike love. Weiner!Spike of the latter years, esp s7, plus sadly the craptacular way he was even more weinerized in fanfic had almost stomped my Spike love to the ground and destroyed it completely. But now it's waking up again. I even had a dream last night of Yenta!Spike leaning in the doorway of Wesley's office, rolling his eyes as he pointed out that he, of all people, would know Angel's taste in boys and if Wes thought that it wasn't for pretty little British intellectuals with violent streaks then Wes had another thought coming. Wes then got all proper and flustered and Spike sighed, saying he wished the two of them would just shag already and stop annoying everyone about it.

Such is the power of my subsconcious to support my OTP, even in full face of all the ho,yay that shall, by Spike's mere presence on the show, increase exponentially between Spike and Angel.

I was fully prepared to bitch and moan about National Novel Writing Month - and I may yet still do it - except now I'm vaguely tempted to try it since I've got a few submission guidelines I've been holding on to and lord knows it would be as good an excuse as any to type something out - like that AU that's so AU it's not even fanfic anymore that I keep thinking about. We'll see. On the other hand I'm flexible, perhaps I'll both bitch and attempt it. 8)

Finally, in other news I keep forgetting to mention, my boss has now repeatedly pointed out to me that in the grand scheme of things he doesn't much care how much I'm in the office if he's away, and any days off I might take during such times won't subtract overmuch from my formerly agreed on two weeks. Basic reason being he's hoping to encourage me to take vacations whenever he does, instead of doing all my time off when he's still in the office.

I'm still going to end up taking time off regardless of his vacation times, since conventions don't exactly put themselves on hold until he goes off on cruises, but this does increase the amount of time I can take off in general which is a happy thing. There's a vague chance now that I'll be able to go to Los Angeles next month to visit the hobbit child, and then the boss is taking off a buttload of time next February and March thanks to his upcoming wedding. As those are the times of year when flights to the UK become very cheap, you can guess what I'm thinking of doing. 8)
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Huzzah! New Epiphany! For your viewing pleasure I now present Take Two, which picks up not long after Angel and Faith's little shopping trip.

I hope you enjoy.


Sep. 14th, 2003 06:18 pm
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So I find out now that LJ's comment notifications aren't coming through email in a timely fashion, thus leaving me with the assumption that the people I'm doing RPG tags with are busy and therefore I've got nothing but free time on my hands.

Le sigh.

Well, caught up on my tags, I think. Also finished writing the next Epiphany (it's off at the beta reader's) and did a spot of house cleaning. Now I am selfishly sitting in air conditioning because much though it's not hot outside it's freaking humid and my apt felt like a swamp.

I also finished The Devil Wore Prada and all I can say is )

Now to ponder making dinner.


Jun. 23rd, 2003 07:51 pm
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Up until don't even ask me how early this morning. Suffice it to say I'm going on 5 hours of sleep and a lot of caffine. My big plans for tonight are to crawl into bed and die. Don't mind me ;)

In other news, I have been told that someone near and dear to me will teach me how to knit. Yay! Gryffindor scarf here I come!

Also thanks to all those who liked the last Epiphany story. Will send individual thanks later if I can - assuming [livejournal.com profile] buffybot doesn't beat me to it.

And other than that I have no idea. I mentioned being tired, right? Okay good.

/me puts head on keyboard and waits to go the heck home.
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Okay gang, fresh Epiphany! Get it while it's hot!

The High and Low Road by yours truly and [livejournal.com profile] buffybot

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Have realized that the reason why I'm not currently suffering packing anxiety is because I have so filled my "To Do" list with so much crap that I actually have to do that there's no room for even my strange psyche to try to pencil in a retiling of the bathroom. So, uh, yay?

To all thems that I promised dubbed tapes - you'll be getting them. I'll be babysitting my VCR something fierce between now and when I leave tomorrow, but you'll be getting them ;)

During some downtime last night I worked on what exists thus far of the next Epiphany story, which I mention here since I've noticed the natives are getting restless. It's coming. And it will rock, if I do say so myself. Although [livejournal.com profile] buffybot is again lending a hand so I can only claim partial credit for the rocking.

Had dinner with the folks last night. Have discovered that my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to figure out what 2 episodes of Buffy and 2 episodes of Angel to show my mom to addict her to both shows. I've got an interesting challenge here b/c she's interested in Buffy, having read of it (and actually asked me, unprompted, to bring my DVDs over), but not so much with Angel, which of course everyone here realizes is not allowed to be because if you share my DNA you must share my obsessions.

I was able to cajole her with a promise of the Samwise-directed ep, however, and get the promise from her that she'd watch at least one Angel ep besides that. So now I have to figure out what ep of what I have to show her. It's not easy, since s4 is obviously the best but much of what makes it so good is knowing the characters and their backgrounds. Thus a more introductory episode suggests itself but I don't want it so early in the series that you can still see the tape and gum they used to keep everything together. It's bad enough that Mom's insisting on seeing Welcome to the Hellmouth ;)

So for the 2 Buffy eps I'm thinking Welcome to the Hellmouth, on Mom's insistance, and Hush, after which I think there's nothing else I could do within 2 eps to addict her. For Angel it's Soulless and... not sure yet. I thought about Deep Down, since it was fairly expository, but I rewatched it last night and I'm not sure if it isn't too tied in with s3 stuff to be good for a first-time viewer. So... what then? Ground State? Long Day's Journey? Apocalypse Nowish? Possibly even kicking it s2 style with Judgement? Decisions decisions.

Don't suppose anybody's got any recommendations? I might be too close to the show to know what'd be a good ep for a newbie. Anybody out there become a fan in later seasons got an ep to suggest?

In other news I'll probably be too busy tonight to hang out on IRC and chat, so if anyone needs me all urgent-like they can holler at me on my cell.

And yes, Wolf, I haven't forgotten that I need to finish working on that one @#$%ing scene. ;)


May. 23rd, 2003 09:58 pm
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Okay, gnocchi? MUCH more filling than you'd give it credit for.

I knew that. I mean I've eaten it before and all. But still.

So - lots of leftovers if anyone wants 'em! =)

In other news I wrote out the first scene of the next Epiphany. I'd like to write more but I think I've hit the point where I need [livejournal.com profile] buffybot to lend a hand with Faithy goodness, and she's rudely decided to be Amish for Memorial day. She's got nerve, I tell you.


May. 22nd, 2003 10:10 pm
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GAH! I can't stand how good the collage is that [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge sent me for Everybody Fell! It's SO DAMN GOOD!!!!

Worship her. Give her chocolate. Do her bidding.

That is all.
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Having used up much of my patience and diplomatic skills last night, I find myself cheered today by an email from [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge which contains sample pics of what the Epiphany zine might look like and - eeee! It's going to rock so hard. In stereo even.

So thanks to her for brightening my day. =)

Otherwise though I am so done with diplomacy for the day. Other people may be diplomatic. I shall sit on the sidelines and think of ways to have fun. Such as buying a ricer on my way home tonight.

What? I make my own fun. Don't question me.
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Okay, [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge and I are planning more stuff for the Epiphany zine and we've got some questions:

1) How much are y'all happy to spend?

2) How much are you hoping for wrt artwork? (Esp color artwork)

3) Would you rather have more stories or more artwork? (If artwork, would black and white be okay?)

4) How high would you be willing to go for a zine that had more stories/artwork in it?

Reason being, there's no way in hades that all of arc 1 could get into a single zine. Just not gonna happen. Returning alone is something like 80 pages. So right now Neige and I are trying to figure out how much we can include vs how much you guys would want included. Obviously more stories = a zine that costs more. Likewise more artwork (esp color) also = a higher price. So should we take the price everyone is comfortable with and format the zine to fit that price tag (which is where the more stories vs more artwork question would come in) or should we not worry about the standard zine price and pack as much in as we can, even if that creeps the price past, say, 30 bucks?

In other news, Neige has shown me preliminary covers and she is INSANE. These are just "drafts" she tells me. Man, if these are the drafts the final stuff is going to be out of this world. She's so good!
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Attention all fans of Epiphany:

The most wonderful, marvelous and outright spiffy [livejournal.com profile] lerefuge has smoked some crack generously offered to put together a CD, a zine, or possibly both of Epiphany stuff.

(You can see the two of us talking about it here if you'd like to get a general idea.)

Which therefore raises the question: Would there be interest?

If you would be interested in a CD (which, to my understanding and Neige is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong, would be the stories burned onto a CD complete with a kick ass graphic interface to help you navigate from one story to another) or a zine (I assume you know what those are) please respond here so Neige can get an idea of whether or not there's enough interest to be worth persuing it.


ETA: Or you can email me if LJ is being a Devon and won't let you post.
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One more Epiphany before Connexions! [livejournal.com profile] buffybot lends a hand as co-author in Probation.
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One of the nice things about days off is the ability to wake up and just wallow in the comfort of your own bed. This works especially well on a spring day with the windows open and a light rain pattering outside.

Yesterday was most fun and productive. [livejournal.com profile] buffybot came up, and together we worked on the next story in the Epiphany series. With luck that should get posted tonight or tomorrow, so yay. BB also got to meet Luna and agreed with me that when she and Mac turn their big kitty eyes on you there's just no way you can resist it.

Today was a day that vaguely had lots of productive plans to it, but I've been crossing them off my list one by one as I decide to be lazy. OTOH I mended a pair of pants while watching TV just now, and I think we can all agree that the action of mending something is equivalant to at least five other chores in terms of what you can pat yourself on the back for in terms of getting things done.

Tomorrow is work with the boss back in town. I shall miss the past week of having so little to do, but I can't be paid to surf the net forever I suppose. Besides, I'm only working tomorrow and Tuesday and then Wednesday is the start of my vacation as I go to get [livejournal.com profile] wolfling at the airport. Yay!!

And now I sit here trapped at my computer as Luna curls up in my lap and falls asleep. Ah, kitty bondage.


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