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The website has been updated yet again. Those who wanted to update their bookmarks for the RPGFH will now be happy.

Those who don't know what the RPGFH is... are probably better off not asking. Ahem. ;)

In non techno updates, the urpyness seems to be slowly relinquishing its hold though I don't know that I would claim to be all the way at being able to feel hungry. Which is ironic as tonight I put the dough together for hot cross buns.

Spring is totally kicking my ass. For two days in a row now I've spent an hour or so in the afternoon napping away with the windows open. Though today it was warm and sunny which totally sucks compared to cool and rainy. I wish to register a complaint with Mother Nature.

At some point here I suppose I should eat dinner.

ETA: Apologies to those who got a huge post on their friends page thanks to friending the feed for my craft blog. In theory I've changed the settings so that feeds will only get a short summary.
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Had some freetime. Inspired by photos that I found courtesy of various conversations going on in my Flist, I decided to play around with my LJ photo gallery to bring you: I'm not saying it's real. Wherein we at no time argue that RPS is real, as it so is not, but we admire the beautiful way that reality helps our paper doll fantasies. 8)


Aug. 28th, 2003 08:57 pm
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Those who like my writing may enjoy my thank you to Zort.

Bowie Knife del Brain and BowieKnife of the Brain are now LJ interests.

Kita doesn't hit refresh often enough.

Zort is adorable when she's spamming.

And I wouldn't mind Luna stealing my seat when I get up to check email if not for the fact that she actually stuck her tongue out at me when I asked her if she would jump in my grave that quickly.
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1. I love fall, but I hate the fact that the cooler temperatures have triggered a sinus headache.

2. After much deliberation, I have decided that my night shall consist of eating Chinese food and watching the MTV Video Awards

3. I am dateless for this event, since [ profile] beyondallreason has crassly decided not to move to the US in time for us to watch this together over the phone however

4. I shall forgive her, because she sent me a package of completely random swag and I am a whore for free gifts. Speaking of which:

5. [ profile] zortified can stop giggling now, because I don't know what IRC conversation she thinks I might be referring to. But

6. She can be proud of herself because she sent me a most wonderful quilt that I shall show to Annika's grandparents this weekend, then mail off to Annika herself. Thank you!!

7. [ profile] butterfly needs to move cross country and come live with me, where I shall molest her constantly and keep her in the style to which she is accustomed, except with better internet access

8. It is absolutely a sin against [ profile] not_god and man that LJ refuses to allow me to have "bowie knife of the brain" as an interest. A reward of some sort to anyone who can figure out how to make this happen.

ETA 8a: Zort wins it with bowie knife del brain

9. I will not ask [ profile] stakebait for more characters in [ profile] handbasket_rpg as I barely have time to keep up with the ones I have. Plus I remain frustrated that just when I think I've created a wonderful post in parody, F_W links to something that proves to me that the reality can not be improved upon. I haven't had trouble like this since the days of Ayn Brice.

10. Donkies.

And with that, I bid you all adieu.


Aug. 21st, 2003 09:22 pm
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The only way this exchange could make me happier is if it happened in real life. Seriously. I'd pay money.

And because I am that narcicisstic: who do you think I'm playing over there? A few people have ventured guesses, I'm curious to hear others. To help I'll say that there's at least one post I did on the main page and there's several inside of comments. And no, I am not playing myself, startling though the resemblance is ;)


Aug. 19th, 2003 12:48 pm
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Bringing RPS to a whole new level: Mer/Stakebait is now accepting players for the Handbasket RPG, in which all real people are available, including actual slashers.

Join! Play! Parody!
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As summer Sundays go, I have to say this was a good one. There was Annika, of course (not that I've met her yet - probably sometime this week) but in general it wasn't bad.

Various things done today, including food that I cooked b/c I know if nothing else Captain Nancy likes reading about it )

So that's that. Now I move on to talking about why I'm busy and probably not doing a lot of stuff that y'all would like me to do )

And with that, I scamper off to take a shower.

PS: [ profile] butterfly? If you could send me an email that would be spiffy. I've tried emailing you a couple of times but I'm not sure any of the letters have gone through. Thanks!
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I would never ever EVER make an lj community called 'alphacrack'.

GOD do you people need to stop saying these things about me.
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Look look look look look!!! Look what [ profile] ashlyn26 made!

NotDave/NotNick collage!!!

Yep, it's the new addiction. Blame [ profile] kita0610

And I am not thinking about creating an lj community called "alphacrack" in order for people to post feedback and icons and other meta stuff like this.Nope. Not me. I am also not thinking about making [ profile] angel_bot a paid journal. Please stop spreading these rumors. Thank you.
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Ahem. I would like to take a moment to dispell some rumors:

1. I do not write slash
2. If I did write slash, I would most certainly never write RPS
3. If I did write RPS, I would most certainly never role-play it
4. If I did role-play it, I would most certainly not stay up until 5am last night obessively doing tags and explaining the fine line of difference between tweakedNotDave and merely stonedNotDave and
5. Currently, I'm not wearing any pants.

Soooo - glad I got that out of the way. I'm sure now we can all move on with the understanding that A) I don't encourage the kind of damnation-courting behavior that is involved in portraying certain actors of certain television shows as, just for example, donkey-sex-having-slut-monkeys and B) I am fully clothed.

In other news I'm at home today, due to Ren Fair plans being called on account of rain. Might go tomorrow, might scrap plans for that for another weekend and hit a movie instead. On the "to do" list for today is the usual weekend tasks of cleaning and cooking (sausage and polenta, thanks for asking). I also had plans for writing the next part of Strategy but at the moment I am hesitent to try that without my brain being fully functional, and since I've only been up for about 3 hours now I don't know if I can make that kind of promise. I haven't forgotten about it though, honest! If not this week, then next week, and I thank y'all for being patient. =)


Aug. 7th, 2003 01:38 pm
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Attention. I need to marry the people behind these threads and have their babies.

Thank you, that is all.
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/me catches up on Alphabet game.

/me catches up on side-journals for said game.


Wow, who knew [ profile] vinnie_k knew the sorority girl mating call?

God I love silliness.

Speaking of which, I got another round of questions for my characters so away we go - Wes, Angel, Angelus and more! )

There we are! Another fun one, since this time I got to do a little character interaction.

As always, feel free to pester me with more =)
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Am, as always, busy like a bee. I must first give shout-outs and good wishes to my BFF [ profile] buffybot who is going to sing tonight and shall rock in surround sound, I'm sure.

Watched the Gay Supremacy Hour last night and loved it, as always. Cut for spoilers )


Inspired by New York magazine, I have finally added "fucking Jon Stewart" as an interest, since apparently I'm not the only one who wants to do this and by god we need to be orderly and form a line. Naturally I get to go first. Inspired by the alphabet game, I have also added "the gazebo" and "spontaneous multiple donkey parties" to my list of interests since, frankly, who isn't interested in those?

Finally, for thems who are interested in my writing no matter what sick form it may take, I point you towards NotDavid's version of events during the 1999 breakup with NotNick. In my defense I swear that was going to be funnier before I wrote it. Apparently angst and I go together like two going togethery things. Much like Kita and donkeys, come to think of it.

With that, I break for dinner. Au revoir!


Aug. 4th, 2003 02:23 am
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Okay, that's it. Officially, albeit reluctantly, going to bed. Will have posting access during the day though.

Final thoughts: "Alex"? "Nick"? Consider yourselves warned. Or perhaps given a cheat sheet ;) . With the addendum that anybody asking David to woo him had better hand over a manual because he does not get what those letters mean. Wooing him on the other hand... well as I say, I let the chips fall where they may.

Deepa D also brought up a good question about knowing when new stuff was up. So far I've been (with [ profile] butterfly's help) doing the WesVisions model of bumping RPG threads up when they get too long, and putting links in to the old ones. So one way of knowing when new stuff comes up is seeing those new posts and, if you realize you've missed a few, following the link back to pick up where you left off.

I've been wondering, though, about the side-threads in the character journals. Because the beauty of Seth and the Joss should NOT be wasted, in my opinion, but I'll bet anything they're being smooshed over to the side and lost in collapsed threads because the boys are going on and on. So - question - do people want something closer to WV rules for that too? I can try to remember to zig threads back over and bump them up in David's journal, at least, for ease of reading.

Lemme know.

Ta da!

Aug. 3rd, 2003 07:23 pm
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Got my BoD fic done. On time and everything. Cough. Suffice it to say I was finally able to do something that both clicked for me and was, I hope, good enough for the person I was doing it for, b/c I really wanted to do a good job there.

And now I am free! Ish! At least freer than I was before when I had that deadline coming closer. Cleaned house, tended plants (there are more tomatoes!) am still making dinner. Am constantly distracted by the addiction that is [ profile] btvsatsrpsrpg. [ profile] butterfly needs to be chained to her keyboard in order to satisfy my cravings, [ profile] glosseth is the @#$%ing POO and I do not use that compliment lightly. Everybody else cracks me the fuck up and I can't stand it. What's even funnier is we've got all these new people and I don't even know who anyone is anymore! Ah, silly fun. And it's all [ profile] kita0610's fault. Heh heh.

I've got character questions to answer and another part of Strategy to write, but the boss will be out of the office tomorrow, barring unforseen emergencies, so I think I'll take the rest of the night off in terms of obligations (cough other than the RPSRPG cough) and get to those in the morning. =)

Yay productive Sundays!

Oh dear god

Aug. 1st, 2003 12:24 pm
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If you are not reading the LJ of the Joss you are truly missing out. Clearly I am going to have to try harder to match wits with some of my fellow RPGers. Er - I mean David's going to have to try harder. Yeah. That. *cough*.

Busy day today. There's multiple errands to run, character questions to answer, food to be cooked and somewhere in there 3000 words of a BoD fic to write which still hasn't totally jelled yet. To say I feel like a kid who's left her homework for the last minute would be something of an understatement ;)

One of these years I'll learn to manage my time better, honest I will.

Anyway, if I seem quiet today, that would be why. Busy bee = me.


Aug. 1st, 2003 02:55 am
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Ladies and Gentlemen? We have injoke.

Got it to Dagger in 2 posts, 3 if you count the Alexis one. I'm proud. =)

And now I'm going to bed. Somehow I've got to get enough sleep to run errands and write BoD tomorrow. In theory ;)
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RPS icons? Me?. I don't know what you're talking about.

Also I've got a countdown going in my head where I'm guessing how long it will take before I make a certain in-joke.

I'm sure some of you out there can guess what that joke will be.
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If you liked the David and Alexis snippet then you should read this, where in [ profile] zortified actually sets up an RPG community for it and puts out a call for players. C'mon! I need an Alexis! ;)
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Actually slept last night. What a concept.

Tomorrow I have off. I realize I could probably go see Matrix then but that would involve leaving the house. Instead I suspect I will be hunkered down trying to cook, possibly quilt, write and figure out how to use that lovely crack that [ profile] bonibaru hooked me up with.

And with my other hand I'll clean house.

In other, random notes:

[ profile] zyre rocks the house for volunteering to be... um... my lack of experience in the world of drugs is starting to crimp my vocabulary here, but I guess now she's upgraded herself to mule ;) Anyway she is my supplier of China White so I wanted to give props for that. [ profile] sisabet, [ profile] green_luv and, again, [ profile] bonibaru are all too damned sweet for encouraging me even when they have no proof whatsoever that I can do this without creating a product that's total ass. So anybody who says that vidders, esp big name vidders, are nothing but cliquey bitches has to answer to me now 'cause, well, no. I may be their bitch now but that's something else entirely. ;)

[ profile] wolfling and [ profile] miss_edith also get shout outs this morning for mad Wes Visions brainstorming last night, which resulted in further plot lines that I'm most pleased with.

So basically the round-up of the day is that people are cool, I'm in a better mood because I've slept, and I've got enough hobbies right now that I'll never see sunlight again for years.

Good to know.


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