Nov. 13th, 2010 11:39 am
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Okay, why did none of you tell me about Victorian Farm? You are all FIRED. FIRED I tell you.

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Just watched the season premiere of Mad Men.


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Watching So You Think You Can Dance. I love the audition stage because you watch these people and marvel at how their bodies can do what they're doing.

I've accepted an invitation to watch a polo match next weekend. I'll have to figure out what to wear. Who knew my life would have a sudden attack of Pretty Woman?
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Kings: DUDE!

The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: <3 <3 <3

That is all.
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*draws hearts around No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency*

Granted I'm not done watching the first ep yet but I already love this show so.


Feb. 15th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Apparently I post once a week now? Er... oops? It's not intentional, I swear.

So I watched Dollhouse and have various thinky thoughts. They shall go behind a cut. Pure speculation here save for one bit which I'll white text. Most folks have already covered the "Well it wasn't AWESOME but it's Joss and Fox interfered with the pilot so I'll give it a few eps" thing, which is pretty much where I am as far as reviews. So my rambly thoughts here are mostly about the premise and where Joss might go with it.Again, behind the cut. )


Oct. 6th, 2008 10:04 pm
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*cuddles it and them to bosom*
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Non-spoilery Heroes comment: I want to have sex with the guy who wrote the ep. That sums up my feelings about said ep pretty nicely.

Now for some news/links. So... anything exciting happen today? )


Sep. 22nd, 2008 11:46 pm
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Spoilery comments for the aired eps only behind the cut. Welcome back Heroes! )
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Okay, I never really watched Seventh Heaven because I enjoy having a will to live. So when the creator of that show made another show, I - well I wasn't even aware of it. Obviously watching it was out of the question.

But in my travels across the 'net I come across many things, and one was a description of a plotline in said show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

The plotline was this: A teenage girl is by herself after dark, waiting for her friend to pick her up. Two drunk guys come up and go after her, very obviously to rape her. While getting away the girl falls to her knees, says a quick prayer (her character is Evangelical), then breaks a beer bottle and brandishes it at the men. Her friend then comes up and chases the men away.

That's not the bad part.

The bad part is THE SECURITY CAM FOOTAGE OF THIS EVENT IS PLAYED ON THE NEWS FOR LAUGHS. Apparently this entire plotline is used as a joke. If you think I'm kidding, just watch part 1. (It's all at the beginning, nothing to fast forward to in order to get to it) . I - I just -

WHAT THE FUCK???? Seriously, a girl is shown being nearly raped and it's somehow FUNNY?? I - I -

No words. No fucking WORDS.

I do have a link though. Feedback for ABC Family, which airs the show.
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Spent most of my day out fighting weeds instead of doing something useful, like napping. Which is to say I'm fairly brain-dead at the moment, but I still bring you links.

Good evening and welcome to the TBQ show... )
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Short radio TBQ post, which shall be followed by a separate post for my storm pictures:

You know, I've been experiencing a ton of job satisfaction lately. But if I wasn't, I wonder if getting a job here would be a good idea?

Normally I'm not for linking to lolcats, but May I present to you... just makes me giggle like the total dork that I am.

A surgeon is sued after giving an anesthetized patient a temporary tattoo. I'm with The Angry Black Woman blog on this one.

Steampunk elephant! I repeat, STEAMPUNK ELEPHANT!!!!

And should one have a need, suggestions on how to disappear without a trace. "Skip the part about forwarding your mail" is taken as a given, I assume.

Radio TBQ

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Am trapped under a cat. Send help. In the meanwhile, latest from my feeds:

You know the drill on the tags by now, yes? )

Radio TBQ

Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Looooooooong day of visiting my Grams in rehab (fractured rib kind, not Lindsey Lohan kind) and dealing with related family drama. Also if anyone knows how to get AVG free version 8.0.136 to stop bugging me to restart my computer even after I've just restarted the damn thing That would be fabulous.

Now then, on to the news. As always, tags are your friends )
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Okay, so another round of me sharing the links that I find during the day and any comments I may have on them.

The tags should indicate the topics )
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So here's the thing: [livejournal.com profile] christinenj got me into using Google Reader. One of the features of said reader is sharing items from your feeds with your Google Reader friends, complete with comments if you were so inclined. Naturally I can't keep my mouth shut on much, and really the only downside to this system that I have found is that all y'all aren't on Google Reader too (don't worry about linking me if you are, it won't change this).

Well gosh, I said to myself, if only I had some way I could share interesting links and articles with the folks I usually blog with.

Yeah, I'm slow.

Anyhoo, so here's me giving it a go. We'll see if this lasts once the new toy shine is off of it. In the meanwhile it's all behind a cut tag for ease of ignoring. Look to the tags for the post to get an idea what all is included.

From TBQ's world news central in her livingroom.... )
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A happier post, to help cleanse the palate:

You've probably heard of the Discovery Channel's I love the whole world commercial by now. But did you know that it has a live version?

Did you know the live version has, amongst others, Mike Rowe, Bear Grylls, and the Deadliest Catch boys? SINGING??

Watch. Watch NOW.

(Discovered - no pun intended - thanks to this post)
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So on Thursday I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] kayteaenbee, as is my want, and I got to pondering about how episodes of SPN would be different if Joss Whedon wrote them. Not better or worse per se, just different. And as I am nowhere near the SPN expert that a good chunk of people on my flist are, I now put it to you:

How would episodes of SPN be different if Joss Whedon had written them?

Or hey: story arcs, character development, whatever. Instead of whatever ended up on the air Joss came in, wrote some stuff, and we got that instead.

I'll kick us off with Jus in Bello, but I'll put it behind a cut so as not to spoil anyone who hasn't seen the ep yet. I'm thoughtful like that... )

And that's all I've got. *thwack!* Your turn! :D


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