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So after a recent change in meds I have been DEAD tired. I can't remember if I've told you all that before but that'll give you an idea of just how tired I am. There doesn't seem to be a concept of "too much sleep" for my body right now. Also "coherence" as I find myself doing things like putting sugar into the (thankfully empty at the time) teapot instead of my cup.

This is possibly why I thought it'd be a great idea to do some much-needed weeding yesterday, when it was hot and humid and the sun was BEATING DOWN RIGHT ON ME. In my defense it was a comparatively small patch of earth. I also wasn't out there very long (certainly not putting in the kind of time and labor it took to get all of my plants - lilac bush included - planted weeks ago). However by the time I was done with pulling weeds out I found my body doing that fun thing where it was really contemplating passing out. Like I sat down on the nearby steps because that was as far as I could go and then wondered if that was smart because they were concrete with a metal railing and neither one of those items could be described as "fluffy" or "an ideal object for your skull to meet when it gives up the fight against gravity."

But I did not pass out. I eventually felt better enough to gather up the weeds into the trash (god I wish we had a composter here) then went inside for a cold shower and Vitamin Water and doing a lot of nothing.

Today I am still zombie tired. The original plan was to go visit my grams in the hospital (bruised rib) but grams ixnayed that as she wasn't feeling up to it. On the one hand I realize that in this state I'm probably not up for the trip in anyway, and I should be glad for the free time and use it to take a nap.

On the other there is no prize for guessing if my brain is now going "You could go to the garden center for mulch and more plants and finish off the work for that patch!!!!" Or for guessing whether or not I'm able to tell if that's a bad idea.
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Last night I dreamt about killing a snake with my bare hands.

Do I really need to say any more?
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Don't get me wrong. It's not that today is bad or anything. It's just that the morning zoomed by like a rushed, zooming thing whereas the afternoon has me doing a few thousand rounds of "Wait, it's only [fill in current time said in a gasp of disbelief with a hint of questioning the universe as to why it could be so cruel]???" You can see the contrast.

Conversation with my boss:

Him: Wait, it says here that you're [job title]. Why aren't you [slightly more impressive sounding job title]?
Me: I have no idea.
Him: Well what do you want to be?
Me: Which job title involves deciding who lives and who dies?

Unrelated to nothing except my urge to try to shove the clock along in a Hiro-like fashion, I've discovered that one small advantage of the WGA strike is that it's giving me a chance to catch the episodes of Gossip Girl that I missed. Which I mention in case anyone wants to share in my addiction. Stoney? Did you stick it out or drop it halfway through?

OMG you don't want to know how little time passed while I was writing this. GAH. END! END END END END END!
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Heroes s2 premiere tonight.

I'm sure it's wrong that I'd like to be camped out in front of the TV right now so I am ready for it.

But really I just have one wish:

Please Mr. Kring, show just enough of the spoilers that I know about so that I can give birth to this plot bunny I am currently cuddling. I know it'll get Jossed in about a thousand different ways by the very next ep, but I do not care. Just give me the setup! All I ask!


Yours etc.
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If one were going to dress as a monkey, yet for whatever reason did not have a monkey costume, what could they wear that would suggest "monkey" to you?

I promise I am not asking for reasons of terrorism.

...that you know of.

I'm insane

Aug. 26th, 2007 01:38 pm
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So last night I shut down the ol' computer and got ready to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

And then, as any sane person would, I ended up moving furniture around and putting together my new vanity.

I have no excuse. I just feel I should keep a record of my stupidity for when the men in white coats come questioning.

On the upside the vanity looks nice though.
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I woke up this morning around 8am. And I thought to myself "Self, clearly the new work schedule has affected your sleeping patterns. You're probably up for good now."

But I didn't feel like getting up so I surfed a little and read a book for a little while. And then, maybe around 10 or so, I decided to close my eyes for just a sec...

...and then I woke up at ONE PM WTF.

Or at least most of me woke up. Somewhere my ability to be coherent was left behind, so I'm sort of stumbling around like Paula Abdul only without the cameras following me to record my stupidity for prosperity.

Well, so far as I know.

Luckily today can be mostly about relaxing. I've got Live Earth on now (please tell me I didn't miss The Police?) and nothing pressing on the To Do list.

I do, however, intend to finally take the plunge and get a account. So any of you who already have those and have neat tips and tricks to suggest by all means let me know. New toy! Wanna play!
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How many of you out there have FanLib accounts? Even if you only got them so that you got so you could hold your name?

...I have absolutely NO REASON why I ask this. Because I would never ever ask people with accounts over there to do me a favor.

That would be WRONG.

Which is why comments are screened. To protect the innocent. Who would never do wrong.


ETA: I'm emailing those of you who reply. Just so you know to keep an eye out for that.
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I am but a n00b still to SPN ways, so I cannot claim to grok all the nuances or backstory.

That being said, here is my weetiny speculation for next week's ep. No spoilers, except for last night's ep.

My SPN thought. By me. Which is probably wrong. )

Or summat.

Or I am totally and utterly WRONG WRONG WRONG like a wronging thing that wrongs a lot.

Which is highly possible.
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Hi hi! I'm alive! Not dead at all! Just busy!

See, I decided to update the ol' LJ and the first step was adding tags. To EVERYTHING. Because I'm INSANE. (Note the appropriate tag for that.)

So I went all the way back to the beginning and started tagging my little heart out. And, because I am insane and a perfectionist and also insane, I was only going to do this from oldest to newest because God forbid somebody stumble across one of my tags when that tag set was not complete yet. It would create ANARCHY! Dogs and cats would not only be living together but they would be allowing LLAMAS TO RULE THE WORLD!

So clearly I couldn't let that happen. Everyone knows llamas are fascists. So there I was, tagging my brains out, for FIVE YEARS WORTH OF POSTS. Because I'M INSANE. And, well, new posts kinda got put on hold while that happened because by God the list of posts that needed tagging was long enough, damn it, and I wasn't going to add one frikkin' post more!

But! Now I have tagged, and tweaked the overall look of my journal, and with all of the OCD type things taken care of for now I can once again resume writing new posts without wanting to, as for example, shoot myself in the head for creating a deeper hole to dig out of.

So there's that. =)

Not much new to report otherwise. New layout is in place but I shall probably be tweaking it as I go. Really half the point of putting a new layout into place was to have the fun of playing around with it.

Also I'd like to pimp [ profile] loveforthefolks, which is a fic challenge starring all the mothers to be found in our favorite canons. I've already claimed two. BECAUSE I'M INSANE.
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Happy bunny day to thems who celebrate it. Today was originally going to be insanely packed with things to do but fortunately one of the bigger items didn't pan out. This allowed me to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing brunch, which makes for a contented TBQ.

Mac would now like for me to stop typing so that I can pay attention to him, as is proper and just.

But first I have pictures! To start with we have the crunchy bunny as mentioned in one of my previous posts. This is a snapshot courtesy of my camera phone and that's all you're getting because the bunny lives in my tummy now.

His bones were tasty though )

And! I have another picture for you all! But beware for it is a photo of evil and horror! Again the pic was taken with my camera phone for there I was at the grocery store, minding my own business, when I saw THIS:

Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! )

Can you imagine??? This evil has not only made it to my shores but is now stocked in grocery stores in FULL VIEW OF EVERYONE! WHY GOD, WHY??? If there is one thing that eases the agony of not being able to live in England it is knowing that living here (viz. not England) I do not run the risk of my path crossing with these monstrosities AND NOW THAT SOLACE HAS BEEN DENIED TO ME!!!

It goes without saying that I am firmly of the belief that this is [ profile] hampden's fault.
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I'm considering changing my layout. I know wondering if I was ever going to do that was keeping y'all up at night, so this is why I let you know.

I do like my current layout, and I love my spiffy banner. But there are days when I get insane enough to think that tags would be useful, plus sometimes you just want to shake things up a little.

My thought is a similar layout, but with a banner of Hampton Court across the top. Because if I can't live there in reality, I could live there virtually.

I'm a nerd like that.

In other news it's pouring rain and cold out, which is a great time to be home with a cuppa and some knitting.

I'm at work, but that in no way offsets the desire for a cuppa.
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I'm at work. This is good for things like making sure I have money for food to eat. Bad for things where I'd rather be anywhere but at work. Such as back in bed with an icebag so that I can try to drive out this knife that's currently stabbing me in the left eye.

I would also like to be doing something creative. Knitting, beading, something. Also I want to do more organizing. I saw a perfect drawer organizer yesterday in BB&B and now I really want to get my junk drawer into shape, gosh darn it!

Yes, organizing makes me happy. It's a sickness but it's my sickness gosh darn it.

Also I would like a puppy.
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Good: I have tomorrow off.

Bad: I'm working Saturday.

Good: Time tomorrow to get things done

Bad: The first thing is going to be taking the cats to the vet

Good: Making sure kitties are healthy

Bad: First thing in the morning I will have to get up, feed myself, wrestle two cats into their carriers and then TAKE them to the VET.

Worse: The cats know where I live.

Worse still: Eventually I will need sleep, and I'm pretty sure that working together the two of them could not only get my bedroom door open, but also figure out how to stab me and make it look like an accident.
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I'm insanely tired even though, as far as I'm aware, I slept well last night.

My hands are sore and bruisey, even though I don't remember doing anything to hurt them.

Clearly last night I was kidnapped by aliens.

Though admittedly you'd think it wouldn't be my hands that were sore if that was the case...
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Okay, I know my flist has folks who are even more into this than I am ([ profile] byrne I am looking at you as just one example). So help a girl out:

I want to start keeping a cooking/event/get-together journal in much the same way as I keep my knitting journal. Information that I'd want to include would be:

1. How many people were there?
2. What food was served?
3. Details on the food such as where the recipe can be found and what, if any, tweaks were made in the cooking process
4. Details on the cooking, such as when cooking was started and finished.
5. Details on the overall results: was there too much of one dish? Too little? What dishes were liked/disliked?
6. Msc. details that I'm not into now, but could be into later, such as notes about games or entertainment provided.

The end goal here would ideally be that down the line I could look back at, say, how Christmas dinner went this year and remember useful details for repeating the process later. Now I could use a paper journal for that, but I type faster than I write longhand. Plus a paper journal would make it harder for me to organize the information into multiple catagories. Like "Christmas meals" would be one catagory, but what if I just wanted information on roasts? Or certain kinds of side dishes that aren't necessarily Christmas specific?

So having some kind of easy searchability would be helpful as well.

Now I suppose I could just make up an LJ or a Wordpress blog for this and use tags, but I've got to imagine there's some kind of software (ideally free) or online location that has an event planning system like this already in place, thus making it silly for me to reinvent the wheel.

So... anybody know of anything?
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Happy Solstice one and all! It's not really winter-like outside but I'm hoping if I wish hard enough it'll happen.

Last night I made the trip to Whole Foods and bought the bulk of the food for Christmas dinner. Suffice it to say I'm very glad I'm not paying for any of this.

Got home, decompressed a bit, then put together some gift bags for the folks in my dance class as well as a few other people. I got to feel like a happy little elf as I snuck out and hung gift bags off the doorknobs of my three neighbors. We don't really do much beyond saying hi when we see each other, but I figured it'd be a fun thing to do. I must say it was kinda fun putting the bags together. I think I'm going to do this next year too.

My brain is refusing to settle down at night even though I'm tired. I keep thinking about all the things I'd like to do. Like I'm wondering about fitting in the making of one of the Christmas things tonight when I get home from dance. I suspect my perfectionist nature is trying to overbook me. Stupid perfectionist nature.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 05:05 pm
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I really really REALLY have to stop looking at Petfinder. Last night I saw a listing for a little dog that was so perfect in description and breed mix that the whole thing might as well have said "Absolutely perfect for TBQ to adopt, except for the part where TBQ lives in a no dogs allowed co-op complex."

I'll spare you further whining and ranting on the subject, just suffice it to say there is an empty space, and I want her, and there's a huge temptation to sneak her in anyway and hope no one notices except for the part where after one bark she'd be back at the shelter again and that's not fair to the doggie.

Still, wah.

Currently I am sitting at home and waiting for the woman who swore she'd freecycle my old TV. She was supposed to come on Tuesday but never showed up, nor called to say she wouldn't be coming. I gave her a second chance for today but she's supposed to show up at 5 or call to say she can't and, well, she's not here yet. After this I'll give the TV to one of the people I've got waitlisted for it. Sheesh.

Of the good: it's the weekend and it's nice and cold outside. I approve of these things.
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So I survived a good chunk of my first week back at work post-virus.  I still have to work on Saturday, but I have tomorrow off and I'm going to savor it.  There shall be sleeping in, pancake making, and possibly even pumpkin carving.

Tonight I'm at home b/c I didn't want to overtax myself by going to dance class.  While I feel better than I did on Monday, I know I'm not yet at 100%.

I must now give a shout-out to [ profile] bcassie, who sent me a signed copy of the program from Alexis's latest play.  Wheee!!!  Thank you!!  I left that sitting on my diningroom table today so that it could give me a happy boost when I came home for lunch.  =)

In the meanwhile, I've learned that a great way to torture myself is to look at pictures of wee dogs on Petfinder.  Perhaps I need to staple my co-op's rules to my forehead.
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I was able to go clothes shopping after work and actually did pretty good for myself.  I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of black yoga pants for dance class and a cute little black purse for salsa nights. Those were all on the "must get" list and I got good prices for all of them, which allowed me to also buy gloves (which I've needed since last winter), cute black boots (also on sale), a t-shirt for hanging out in and the cutest pair of PJ bottoms EVER!!!  They have little Scottie dogs on them!  AND THE DOGS ARE WEARING ICE SKATES!!!!!  Do not pretend you do not want these pants because I will know you are lying.  YOU CANNOT RESIST HOW CUTE MY PANTS ARE!!!!

In totally unrelated news I still want a dog.  My co-op still disallows them.  It's probably bad that I'm pondering starting a movement to change this policy.

I'm starting to suspect that the whole dog thing may be my biological clock trying to aim me in a more likely/realistic direction.  Other than the savior of the world that I'm apparently currently carrying, the odds of me ever getting pregnant are fairly slim, and considering the various health stuff I've got to deal with that's probably for the best.  Dogs, on the other hand, are much easier to get ahold of. 

I would totally be one of those obnoxious dog owners that bought clothes for their dog and everything.

Perhaps for the dogs of the world it is best that my co-op forbids me from owning them. 8)

The fall weather is absolutely faboo right now, and my new haircut is apparently so spiffy that even my boss, who wouldn't notice if the office was on fire, noticed and commented on it.  This is actually reassuring because my hairdresser of 10+ years moved to another state with little notice (due to a family emergency) so I've been floating around and trying to find a replacement.  Random comments from normally oblivious folk just might be a good sign for the girl I saw on Friday.

*looks at time*

I want a nap in the worst way but given that it's 7 at night I suspect this will not be refreshing so much as make me wake up with a headache and feeling worse than I did when I went to sleep.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now I stop with the rambling.


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