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Work was a half day today. I went in because I'm taking all of next week off and there was a remote chance my boss would need me in the office today. But luckily hardly anyone was there in the entire office as a whole, let alone my department. So after surprise free (still warm!) bagels in the morning and then pizza for lunch people were like "Why are you here? You should go home." and who was I to be rude by arguing with them?

Once home I planned on taking a nap, then doing food prep for tomorrow, then going to my mom and dad's for the annual Xmas Eve pigout. This became taking a nap, then waking up 3 hours later with 10 minutes to get dressed and head over to the folks'. So apparently I was tired, is what I'm learning here.

Food was consumed, and around 7 I was back home to start on food prep. In theory I have everything ready to the point where all I have to do tomorrow food-wise is put things into the appropriate containers and apply heat. This leaves me the rest of the day free to clean before my parents get here. And to possibly take another hours-long nap if that's what's needed because seriously what was UP with that?

Anyway, the dishwasher is running, the cats are cuddled on or beside me, the house smells yummy - I am content.

Hope you're having a good one =)
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We got hit with snow here in the land of Siam, but not the Snowocalypse that others along the East coast got. I'd say maybe six inches all told? Possibly?

I'll go out into it later to shovel and clean off my car. First I'm going to get cracking on all sorts of holiday baking. I was going to do this all weekend but the oh so slow to arrive storm left me with a headache until about six pm yesterday, give or take. I did get some things done, but not nearly as many as I'd hoped. So today shall be a marathon session, as I need to get things ready to give to people at work tomorrow (aka before they leave for the holidays).

Granted that all this requires getting up off of the couch. Details.
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I got a little note today wondering where I was. Apparently I haven't posted since September. Um... oops? I didn't mean to be so quiet!

I think what helped confuse me was that I have been posting over on twitter, which allowed me to check off the "type some sort of update on the internet" box in my mental to do list.

Not much new here other than being busy. There has been knitting, spinning, cooking, working and other things that I can't even remember anymore. Oh! Making things! Like butter. I have made my own butter and it is quite yummy. I have also made cultured butter which was easy but I'm not sure about the result. I mean having butter that knows more about Proust than I do is just embarassing.

This week we're doing a cookie swap at work. It's my first cookie swap so I'm excited.

Aaaaaaaaaand I think that covers it for now. Hi! =)
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I'm trying to determine if it's going to rain this afternoon or simply threaten to with clouds that sneak in just when I think it's going to be sunny. The reason for this debate is that while I enjoy rain, clothes drying on the line do not. I've made it this far without my clothes getting caught in a rainstorm and I'd like to maintain the record. All weather reports seem to indicate that I'm safe for a few hours and yet... clouds.

Yes, this is an indication that I am such a fan of line drying that I'd almost rather wait a week and hope for good weather next weekend than toss my stuff into the dryer. Sadly drying everything inside isn't an option because with heat comes humidity. Stuff that line dries indoors in the summer is just not worth it. Bah.

I have developed such a weekend rut routine that Luna and Mac know the exact sound my teacup makes when I am finished eating brunch, for then and only then do they know that their demands to get into my lap will get them anywhere.

The wackadoo weather has caused headaches and other forms of not feeling well. In spite of that I have done my first batch of canning! All of two pints worth of tomatoes, but still. (Well, three pounts of tomatoes, two pint jars in result.) The jars have sealed the way they are supposed to have sealed, but I feel like I erred on the side of giving them too much headspace. So these two jars will get chalked up to experience and used to make sauce sometime this week. When in doubt and all that.

Next is cleaning. Assuming Luna lets me get up from the couch.
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Breakfast today was toasted rustic bread, creamy raw-milk cheese, fried eggs, and proper tea. Other than the tea all the components came from local farms. To say it was yummy is an understatement. And I can now attest from personal experience that yes, eggs that have recently come from a chicken are leagues better than what you get off the shelves in the store. Once I blow through the remaining store-bought eggs in my fridge I'll be doing farm fresh from now on.

The movement towards sustainability and locavoring (if that's not a word, I declare it to be one now) has spawned a new service in my area where a woman goes to farms in my state, asks them what they have on offer this week, then for a $15 dollar fee will deliver whatever of those items that you want (plus the cost of the food, obviously). This is the second time I've used the service and I LOVE it. She delivers to houses and restaurants and the food is amazing. It's like a CSA excpet you only buy what you want, or a farmer's market only with more options on what you can have.

Plus one of the farms sells yarn. Yarn. YARN DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME ALMOST DIRECTLY FROM THE SHEEP. Also donuts. Theoretically there is no need for me to leave my house ever again.

All that's left is for you to think good thoughts about the tomatoes I got. Because naturally the year I finally decide to try caning due to finding out how to can tomatoes without a pressure cooker is the year that local tomatoes have been hit by blight. The grape tomatoes on my porch are doing okay but those aren't exactly canable. Plus I haven't had a tomato yet that has that orgasmic "OMGYES" summer tomato taste to it. Hopefully there's a farm around here that's had some luck, or else I'm going to be very pouty.

Also on the topic of sustainability and roughing it, I'm going to be making use of some of the tricks I've learned this weekend as the hot water heater for my entire complex is broken and we're being told it won't be fixed until Monday. Nothing like old skool water-heating tricks to figure out how to do pesky things like bathe so you can make it into work and not immediately be fired on the basis of smell alone.

I also have laundry to do but fortunately it's all stuff that can be run through a cold wash. It'll get hung outside to dry so I should probably get cracking on that before it decides to rain again.
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Today involved laundry, a trip to the farmer's market, and getting a pedicure. All good uses of a sunny summer day, if you ask me.

The farmer's market provided me with tomatoes and bread, which got added to pasta, garlic, parmesan, and basil (from my own plant) to make a very yummy dinner. This was part and parcel of getting the hang of the steps involved in canning tomatoes so that I have them down by the time I actually do canning later in the season.

Tonight's step was peeling and coring. Peeling went fine (60 secs in the boiling water before I put the pasta in, then dunked into ice water). Coring I feel I'm not quite getting the hang of. I mean I did it, I just feel that somehow I could've done it better.

So, anyone have any tips for how to easily core/deseed peeled tomatoes? The lines are open, call in! =)
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I am repeatedly reminding myself that it is not a good idea to nap at 7pm. Not when you have work the next day, anyway. My second wind can kick in aaaaaaaaaaany time now.

Today I slept in then went down to the beach to walk and generally observe life. Back home for a shower, then making dinner. Since I had vegetables left over from the weekend I grilled them up then mixed them with pasta, salt, pepper, olive oil, and parmesan cheese for dinner. Quite yummy if I do say so myself.

Wee tomatoes are still coming in, and I spotted more morning glories today. If I can stop yawning for five seconds I may knit.

Such was my day.
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Happy bunny day to those who celebrate it. (And Passover, to those who celebrate that) Currently I am sitting down with puff pancakes, an apple, and proper tea. I just finished prepping the bread pudding for Easter dessert and just turned on the crockpot so it can cook away.

It's a lovely spring day here in the land of Siam. I don't wish to jinx things but on the whole I would say things are good.

Food's up!

Mar. 21st, 2009 12:38 pm
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Okay folks, on the menu righ tnow is eggs, ham, fruit, proper tea, and buttermilk biscuits. Who wants some? :D
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I have a surprising amount of scheduled social outings this month. Which, let us be frank, typically means any but seriously, lots! I have no idea how this happened!

Possibly as a way of restoring the natural order of things, today there was - still is - a big snowstorm. It's scheduled to end tomorrow morning, but it may impact my ability to go over to someone's house for tea tomorrow afternoon. But I am optimistic, so I made currant scones anyway. I figure worst case scenario is that I bring them into work on Monday. Plus baking on snowy days is fun :D

After that I worked on making cards. I'm still trying to figure out my style, but I'm pleased with what I ended up with. I'll take pictures when I have better light.

After that I worked on my Spanish. And after that I worked on a scarf. Sadly the yarn in question is pure muppet fur and it sheds like a mofo. It's also just slipipery enough that it's literally a pain for me to handle. This project may end up getting frogged and forgotten.

I am now sitting and relaxing. I have not yet gotten tired of having a wireless printer. The cats still refuse to fetch the papers for me, but I remain hopeful. Or deluded. It's a fine line.
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I was a good girl and rested today. There was sleeping in and cuddling with cats and reading books, sometimes done in combination.

Then there was making of soup using the leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving, sage and rosemary from my herb garden, as well as onion, garlic, spinach, carrots, celery, egg noodles, and just a hint of curry. It was quite yummy. The leftovers have been portioned out and put into the freezer. I feel very safe in saying that if the apocalypse comes I will have enough soup on hand to feed approximately all of you. Some of you may even need to double up on servings to help get rid of it. It's the end of the world, we all have to make sacrifices.

I was surprisingly unhurt when I woke up today. Which isn't to say that I don't feel sore, I do. But it's more soreness in the sense of "Oh hey, who knew there was a muscle there?" way and not the "Clearly the next step is to train the cats to bring the bathroom to me." way. Which is good. I like moving. Yay movement! In case anyone cares my method was taking Advil and then applying Flexall to my lower back and knees before bed. I find this works much better than vice versa. 8)

Tomorrow is holiday fun downtown. I may go, depending on the weather. I'm told there is snow on the way, so naturally I'm quite excited about it. EEEE!
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Got off work at 3 today which allowed me plenty of time to get home and do Thanksgiving prep. I'm just in charge of dessert this year so my part was easy. I made apple cake since I figured that would be appropriately seasonal as well as not too heavy for post-turkey nomming.

Four day weekend, which is also of the good. I intend to knit and clean and play with my spinning wheel and read. Or kick back on the couch with things like the Deadliest Catch marathon and never stand up again. Either/or. Regardless, I'll consider it a weekend well spent.

Now all I have to do is get through the night not eating that yummy-smelling cake. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, I TELLS YA.

Oh yum

May. 31st, 2008 06:11 pm
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Dinner tonight was a mixed salad, corn, and a steak. There is just something so wonderful about basic food. What's nice is with the weather warming up I'll be able to have more of it (as fresh veg will be in season).

The steak was a porterhouse. While I was eating I heard a noise in the kitchen and then discovered Luna cheerfully carting the T-bone into the living room. She was very proud of herself for having hunted this down, and I must admit I don't blame her. Whereas Mac is all muscle and could probably fell an entire cow on his own, Luna is a wee fluffy kitty and if you got her soaking wet you'd see that the bone was bigger than she was. So it was quite the feat of strength on her part. I almost hated taking it away from her.

Of course once I did she gave me dire looks about what a mean mommy I am. She's curled up in my lap now though, so hopefully I'm forgiven.
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The rain of yesterday has vanished and left a bright, crisp day in its wake. This is going to result in productivity as it's just the sort of day for flinging windows open and getting some spring cleaning done. And then flinging the windows back closed because it's not that damn warm yet. (Thank goodness)

But first one christens the day with brunch. Today was frumpets, which I had with syrup. I must say they were just right for the occaision, and will be folded into the warm-weather brunch rotation right along with crepes.

Now to get into the cleaning. Or to make the attempt after trying to convince Mac to let me off of the couch.
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Dinner has been eaten and was quite yummy. I was asked for the recipe so here it is:

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup for the Crockpot )

Mmmm, soup!

Mar. 8th, 2008 03:34 pm
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OMG you have NO idea how good my house smells right now. Hopefully this soup will taste as good as it smells.
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It is currently pouring here in the land of Siam. I had all sorts of ideas on how to be productive this weekend but I have decided to abandon all of them in favor of wearing comfy clothes, making soup in the crockpot, and knitting. For those are just the sorts of things you should do when it's raining out, and who am I to argue with mother nature?

Of course Mac sees fit to argue with mother nature as he's currently lying across my arms and purring. For when it rains outside cats must take over laps and purr, and Mac sees no reason to do otherwise. Of course this is also the plan when it is sunny, foggy, snowing, or windy. Cats can be very determined about these sorts of things.

But food must be cooked, so here's me attempting to scoot him over on the couch so that I am no longer in cat bondage. Once the crockpot is set up we can snuggle all he likes. Knitting is good, but so is a purring kitty.
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And my sympathies to those who were rooting for the team that lost.

Today was a pretty productive day. In addition to Super Bowl it was also my mom's birthday, so there was a combo get together there with much yummy goodness. Also I made a couple of king cakes, one for the party, one to bring into work tomorrow. They aren't huge but I'm expecting work folks to be all "...why is it colored like that?" and not large with the eating. So this way I get o try and if they like it I can make a bigger one next year.

This Tuesday is both Mardi Gras and Super Tuesday. If you're in a primary state like I am, get yer ass out and vote! Vote early if you can, as that helps give a good showing for your candidate. I'll be swinging by before work, as if ever I end up needing to stay late it tends to be on a Tuesday. So this way I don't have to panic about not being able to get my vote on.

And I'll be voting for Barak, thanks for asking. =)
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[ profile] swmbo shall be happy to know that today's breakfast was pancakes, with an orange and proper tea.

I am now curled up on my couch with my laptop and my two cats.

There was a dusting of snow earlier today. Not as good as full-on snow, but much better than nothing.

I am therefore content.
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So I'm making breakfast this morning and I get to pondering the concept of eggs. As one does. I realize that even though it doesn't make a darn bit of difference regarding what's inside, if I am cooking I tend to gravitate towards eggs that have brown shells. For whatever reason to my mind those are 'better.' Possibly because my brain thinks of them as less processed? (In that usually when you come across foods that are not just white but WHITE it tends to mean they got futzed with to make them pretty without caring if that affected quality or taste.)

Who knows? At any rate, I got to wondering if anyone else has similar preferences, and clearly I have too much time on my hands as I procrastinate on house cleaning, and so I have made a poll! Come, share your thoughts. Try not to think too hard about where eggs come from as you do it. 8)

[Poll #1112790]


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