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The day dawns bright and sunny with a breeze that's fairly pleasant once you've secured the things in the house that are liable to blow away when a stray wind hits them. Alternatively you can just make a note of where they've blown off to so that you can pick them up later when you're not trapped underneath a cat.

On a possibly related note, Mac says hi.

Easter plans are to do dinner with the folks with dessert being the Nutella cake I made. In the meanwhile I'll be relaxing and doing creative type things.

Outside the birds are chirping as loud as ever. Based on tone, I think we've moved past pick-up lines and onto birdy dozens as they attempt to defend their turf. If you listen carefully you can hear them:

"Your mamma's so dumb she migrates north for the winter!"

"Yeah? Your mamma's so dumb she takes dust baths in puddles of water!"

"Well your mamma's so fat that when she sits on eggs they come out scrambled!"

Tsk. So rude, really.
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I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who help make my online life fun and interesting. =)
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The weather was so nice when I got home today that a few moments spent with the tomato plants turned into nearly two hours of pruning and weediing all of my plants. It was longer than I thought, but the sun was setting, the air was neither too hot nor cold, and it wasn't humid. It was relaxing, with the only breaks in the silence being when my neighbors passed by or when the nearby church chimed the hours.

I saw lots of worms. I'm guessing because of all the rain we've been having. I said hi and thanked them for all their hard work in the soil my plants are in. Also lots of ants, though thankfully we were pretty content to leave each other alone, much though me pulling out weeds near their homes understandably upset them.

Possibly the most fun was weeding around the vinca minor. I got it last year because there was a looooooong stretch of dirt right in front of my porch which needed something to keep it looking barren. The catch was that the dirt was shallow, in no way rich looking, and had a huge wooden fence right next to it which effectively blocked out most sunlight.

After doing research I found that the vinca minor was pretty much made for that spot, up to the point where I'm pretty sure that some of the entries mentioned that the ideal location for the plant was at my address.

Last year it didn't grow much, but this year it's been flowering and getting lush. It's slowly covering the space. But what was fun was watching it choke out the weeds. I felt like the vinca minor and I were working together, like it had hunted down the weeds and held them up for me to spot and I got to yank them out to help finish the job.

The best was when I got to the end. I hadn't bought enough last year to cover all the ground, so the end was where the dirt was thinnest and for the most part I let it be. Today as long as I was on a role I figured I may as well make a dent into the thick clump of weeds. As I started to pull, sure enough, I saw my creeping vines sneaking their way along the bottom of the dirt. I felt like a proud mama. A mama who was proud of her slowly murderous baby.

Now all I need to do is figure out if I want to call it Audrey or Dexter. 8)
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The downside:

I was putting together some melt-n-pour soap today and spilled the dye, thus turning myself into a smurf.

The upside:

Having cleaned myself up, my hands are now AMAZINGLY soft.
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Tell me, peeps - do I want to go clothes shopping tonight (where I will still get home in plenty of time for FNL and BSG) or tomorrow (when I'll be out, but doing errands not near the clothes-shopping part of town)?

I can't decide. HEEEEEEEEELP!
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...if you think I'm too cool to squee about this you are WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.
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Short radio TBQ post, which shall be followed by a separate post for my storm pictures:

You know, I've been experiencing a ton of job satisfaction lately. But if I wasn't, I wonder if getting a job here would be a good idea?

Normally I'm not for linking to lolcats, but May I present to you... just makes me giggle like the total dork that I am.

A surgeon is sued after giving an anesthetized patient a temporary tattoo. I'm with The Angry Black Woman blog on this one.

Steampunk elephant! I repeat, STEAMPUNK ELEPHANT!!!!

And should one have a need, suggestions on how to disappear without a trace. "Skip the part about forwarding your mail" is taken as a given, I assume.
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Oh so many things to headdesk about today, in various degrees of reasons why and magnitude.No, seriously, consider yourself warned )
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Today [ profile] lucifrix and I have learned that drugs are like patriotism.

That is all.


Jun. 29th, 2008 11:17 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] bailunrui I have been made aware of Discovery Channel: Ain't Nothing Wrong With That.

*glees with geeky joy over it*
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AIM conversation during What Not To Wear, wherein our hero sees writing on an outfit...

[ profile] thebratqueen: "HILF"?
[ profile] thebratqueen: what's the H stand for?
[ profile] thebratqueen: Human?
[ profile] christinenj: Hilfiger
[ profile] thebratqueen: OH

Ahem. Don't mind me.
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Tonight's ep of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List has showed me that I am now one Kevin Bacon step closer to Kathy herself!!

Not that I can tell you how that step is taken care of due to privacy concerns, but still! EEEE!

Also I have new fabric! It is pretty. That is all.
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Happy birthday [ profile] cin1607!

So I have the theme from Gary Shandling's show stuck in my head. ("This is the theme to Gary's show, the opening theme to Gary's show...") This would be understandable if I had watched the show this weekend, let alone at all in the many years since it went off the air, and yet I haven't and there the song is anyway. It makes me wonder what's firing off in my brain and what else it's going to hit and make active again. It also makes me wonder what things I remember that I don't know I remember until some unknown thing makes me remember them. Then I wonder if this means I'm actually a Cylon.

Other than questioning my entire species and identity, the weekend has been low key. There has been going to the library, going to tea, knitting, napping, shopping for kitchen stuff (7x7 potholders that actually protect you from the heat, FINALLY! THANK GOD) (it takes so little to make me happy), watching the awesome trainwreck that is a marathon of Bridezillas, and reading. So in my not so humble opinion, the weekend's been great.

Except for that icky sunlight and warm weather. And having the Gary Shandling's show theme song still stuck in my head. But otherwise great!
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I just broke a pair of scissors.

I didn't know I could do that.

In other news, scissors do not make good bottle openers.


May. 16th, 2008 09:34 pm
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So I bought myself a treadmill.

I'll report more on it once I get to, you know, use it. What I wanted to talk about now is buying it.

A tale of me and salespeople )

So that's my story. A little research, a little effort, I got what I wanted and I saved $200 by not giving in to sales pressure. I'm quite pleased. =)
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So I'm having chips with my dinner of a yummy Panera salad and sandwich, and I noticed that on the bag it says "can be enjoyed with your favorite soups, salads, and sandwiches."

And I read this and I think ... why is that there? Were there people out there who were getting chips and then freaking out about what to do with them, yet they were too embarassed to ask? Do people check the instructions? Does anyone attempt to have the chips with something else that's not on the list - let's say a steak with a side of broccoli - and then stop themselves when they see it's not mentioned? Do folks get into arguments about it when one of them says to heck with it all and dives in and the other's going "NO, DAMN IT! NOW YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING!"? Were there others, pre-instructions, who stared at the bag and thought to themselves "Well I could eat them on their own but... what if I wanted to pair it with something? Say my favorite soup? Is that okay?"

What about the corporate meeting where the packaging was discussed? Who was the one to speak up and say "Hey, what about instructions?" and then the others were all "My god you're BRILLIANT!"

I wonder about these things.
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Cool as Ice is a movie guaranteed to void the strongest bladder.

Also? I'm lookin' at you now.
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So I'm making breakfast this morning and I get to pondering the concept of eggs. As one does. I realize that even though it doesn't make a darn bit of difference regarding what's inside, if I am cooking I tend to gravitate towards eggs that have brown shells. For whatever reason to my mind those are 'better.' Possibly because my brain thinks of them as less processed? (In that usually when you come across foods that are not just white but WHITE it tends to mean they got futzed with to make them pretty without caring if that affected quality or taste.)

Who knows? At any rate, I got to wondering if anyone else has similar preferences, and clearly I have too much time on my hands as I procrastinate on house cleaning, and so I have made a poll! Come, share your thoughts. Try not to think too hard about where eggs come from as you do it. 8)

[Poll #1112790]


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