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New post on the new blog: The Thyroid Thing. What it's like living with a wonky thyroid (or at least my version of one).
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Yesterday I was supposed to get my annual review at work. I already knew it was going to go well since mere weeks ago I was given a raise and a promotion (EEEEEEE) so the only surprise left was what my bonus would be.

Or in theory that was the only surprise left.

In reality I spent most of Thursday feeling remarkably tired in spite of having slept well ("I feel really tired," I could oft be heard telling people, "in spite of having slept well.") Then at 4am Friday morning I... did not feel well, to put it mildly.

Then again at 7am, around which time I used my phone to email my boss that I'd be at least an hour late, because I needed to see if this was a passing thing or more serious.

At 9am I emailed to say I would not be coming in.

I then spent the entire day in bed, interrupted only by wakefullness after at least 3 hours of sleep wherein I would avail myself of the restroom and then stumble back to bed again. I did not eat. I barely drank but for sips of water which I could probably count on one hand. Finally at 9pm I got out of bed long enough to stumble out and try some dry cereal and Vitamin Water (Mac and Luna: "JESUS FUCK WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????") The dry cereal and Vitamin Water did not care to try me, so back to bed I crawled and stayed until 11am this morning.

Today I have managed water, dry cereal, green tea, and rice. I have also managed to be on the couch and do things like be on the computer or watch TV and realize that as sick as I may be Reign of Fire still makes absolutely no freaking sense.

So hopefully I am on the mend. Still kind of weird to have gotten/needed that much sleep. Guess infections make you do the wacky.
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When Stuff happens in my life I tend to go into hiding, because that's how I cope. But then Stuff happens for a while and I end up more or less vanishing for weeks on end, which I realize is not good either.

I'm admittedly uncertain about what to say because in many ways I'm still in hiding mode. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT DON'T LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING'S FINE STOP MAKING BAD STUFF REAL. But the short version is that Mac's been sick. Is still sick. I'm putting the details here behind a cut because animals being less than happy upsets me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's like that. more details on Mac's illness. Also cut because this gets long. The short version is that eventually both of us became sick. )

We are not out of the woods yet by a looooooooooooooooooooooooong shot. Any one little thing could go wrong and we're right back to Very Bad. I'm trying not to force myself to think too far ahead and to simply look at it moment by moment.

But with him being sick, and then me being sick, and the emotions and the everything - well to say that I'm low on spoons is a vast understatement. At this point I think I'm missing an entire silverware drawer.

Which is why I'm probably going to scuttle back into hiding again. But I wanted to let people know so they'd understand.

So... there we are. Now I go take care of Mac again.
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There I was, on Tuesday, minding my own business, enjoying my Mardi Gras, maybe having a tiny bit of a headache but not thinking too much of it -- yanno, usual kind of stuff.

Then at around... ohh... 7:30pm? 8? My plans for the week changed.

As I emailed my boss later in the week "This blows. Sadly literally."

On the upside the woman who answered at the 24 hour nurse hotline was very kind, informative, and way more patient than perhaps any non-saintly person has a right to be when talking to someone at 1am a) at all and b) while said person is doing things that cannot possibly sound good over a telephone.

The bulk of my week has been spent in various cycles of bed/bathroom/couch/clear liquid drinking/plain soft food eating/hey maybe I'm finally feeling betzzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh? where did those five hours go?/cat-cuddling/Olympics watching with the duration of each cycle changing as the week has gone on, and some aspects happening at the same time. (Cat cuddling in bedroom or couch = ok. Cat cuddling in bathroom = not so much. Bless them for trying, however.)

To all reports I seem to be on schedule for getting better. I'm now at the stage where I'm able to eat things and have just enough energy and/or appetite to try to put some thought into what those things might be.

In related news you have no IDEA how often diary products show up in your diet when you are not allowed to have them. I don't even like milk unless it's in cereal or tea - which are naturally two things I'd love to be partaking of right now if not for the pesky "NO DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK OR YOU WILL SO REGRET IT WE SWEAR TO GOD" advice I've been given. (And also found in multiple places on the web, not that I was looking for an out or anything. Ahem.)

(I realize soy or rice milk could possibily be a substitute, but I've never had them before and somehow I suspect "recovery from stomach flu" is not the timeframe to be trying any new food products.)

So that is the state of me. My plans are to continue to go slow and take it easy in the hopes that I'll be better enough to go back to work on Monday. Anyone who has any suggestions on things that someone recovering from stomach flu can eat in that murky "more advanced than cream of wheat" but "not yet back on the saddle of dairy or raw vegetables" stage would be most appreciated. Especially since I'm drawing blanks on what to do for lunch while I'm at work.

If you need me I'll probably be asleep. Just look for the lump under the two kitties.
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1. Headache = OW
2. Internet Connection = Sporadic
3. Team = Coco

That is all.
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My outdoor Christmas lights are starting to have a personality. Or at least I'm giving them one and since I control time and space said personality is now fact.

You see the lights are solar powered. Which means that if it's a sunny day I come home and they stay lit well past the point when I go to bed. If it's an overcast day they light up, but not for as long or as brightly (depending on how dark the day was).

In some places Christmas lights are called fairy lights. I have thus been imagining little fairies either getting to relax on sunny days, or having to fight to not get blown away by wind and rain, and thus they either have plenty of energy to light their butts up for me, or they only have a little bit but they still want to do the butt lighting so that they can give me a cheerful welcome home.

(Fairy lights TOTALLY come from their butts. Everyone knows that.)

So I get home and thank the little fairies for their efforts to give me a nice greeting. It's only polite.

Unrelated... or perhaps very related to all this has been the strange state of me this week. On Tuesday I had a headache, which then led to an urpy stomach, which is all normal for me. But then the headache faded and my stomach did not feel better and I'll stop giving you details now because then it gets gross.

I felt physically better by Wednesday, but mentally I have been off since Tuesday. Off like walking into the ladies' room when I meant to take the door for the staircase, or not getting off of the elevator when it reaches my floor because I totally blanked on what was going on.

So... maybe what I assumed was a migraine/sinus headache was me being sick? And this is a symptom of it?

Either that or there's a fairy who doesn't think I've been showing enough gratitude and has retaliated by burrowing up my nose, into my skull, and is now playing merry havoc with some of my nearest and dearest braincells.

So that's the latest here.
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I'm trying to determine if it's going to rain this afternoon or simply threaten to with clouds that sneak in just when I think it's going to be sunny. The reason for this debate is that while I enjoy rain, clothes drying on the line do not. I've made it this far without my clothes getting caught in a rainstorm and I'd like to maintain the record. All weather reports seem to indicate that I'm safe for a few hours and yet... clouds.

Yes, this is an indication that I am such a fan of line drying that I'd almost rather wait a week and hope for good weather next weekend than toss my stuff into the dryer. Sadly drying everything inside isn't an option because with heat comes humidity. Stuff that line dries indoors in the summer is just not worth it. Bah.

I have developed such a weekend rut routine that Luna and Mac know the exact sound my teacup makes when I am finished eating brunch, for then and only then do they know that their demands to get into my lap will get them anywhere.

The wackadoo weather has caused headaches and other forms of not feeling well. In spite of that I have done my first batch of canning! All of two pints worth of tomatoes, but still. (Well, three pounts of tomatoes, two pint jars in result.) The jars have sealed the way they are supposed to have sealed, but I feel like I erred on the side of giving them too much headspace. So these two jars will get chalked up to experience and used to make sauce sometime this week. When in doubt and all that.

Next is cleaning. Assuming Luna lets me get up from the couch.


Apr. 14th, 2009 07:38 pm
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I can haz a dreamwidth!

Shockingly, I'm thebratqueen over there too.

I'm dealing with a killer headache today and will probably be out of comission for most of the night, but by all means friend me over there if you've got an account and would like to friend me. I'll get around to adding back and customizing and what have you when my brain is working.

...much as my brain ever works. ;)
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Feeling a bit better today. Fever went down. Still tired and mentally loopy but that could be due to the cold meds too. Either way I was able to make it into work so that was of the good.

Last night I had a nightmare that I slept through the election. Obama won, but I didn't get a chance to vote! I was quite upset. though there was doubt that I'm a nerd.

(And I just ordered a Kindle for myself. Which doesn't relate to the dream, but does relate to being a nerd)
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Have apparently caught plague and/or Martian Death Flu.

On the upside, was able to leave work early to go home and nap and snuggle with cats. Cats thoughtfully provided much purr therapy.

Downside is 3 hours of sleep and I still don't feel hugely better.

Going to be a waaaaaaaay early bedtime for me.
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I have new glasses!!! They got in yesterday and my awesome boss let me leave early so I could go get them. They're cute! I didn't really know how cute because I didn't have contacts in when I was trying on the frames so all I could see in the mirror was that yes, there were glasses on my face. But they are cute! A little loose so I'll have to get them adjusted at some point, but cute!

Also I can see!

It is currently a pleasantly cool and sunny day. Perfect nearly fall weather. I've had frumpets and tea and a yummy gala apple and I am now going to cuddle with my cats before doing things of a semi-productive nature.

All while looking very cute in my new glasses :D
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So I went to the eye doc this morning. I'm better than I was, but not as good as I could be. So contacts are now forbidden for at least two weeks. On the upside, I can get my glasses updated. On the downside, I won't get the new pair until later this week.

My current prescription gets me to about 20/40ish. Which is better than the 20/1000 I am without glasses (no, that's not a typo) but even so. It's frustrating to not be able to see things clearly. I can drive and do some stuff on the computer (esp once I change the settings) but trying to focus on things, such as complicated spreadsheets, or reading, or knitting, or words on TV, or anything around me... not so much. For those of you with glasses already, try to imagine going through the entire day with fingerprints all over your lenses and not being able to clean them. That'll get you in the ballpark of what it's like for me.

On the upside my doc, who also teaches classes, said I am now officially a cautionary tale! So that's something I can cross off the list of things to do before I die. Go me!! Also I'm still on the medicated drops, which are actually steroids. So right now my eyes could bench press 500 pounds, which is pretty cool.

Now if only it could be later in the week...
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Just got back from the eye doc. Apparently my eyes are nowhere NEAR as improved as they should be. Also my eyes are swollen which, well, no wonder they hurt.

I'm off contacts for the weekend and I have medicated drops that I'm supposed to use every four hours ("If you wake up in the middle of the night? Put the drops in.") I go back on Monday morning to see how I'm doing.

In the meanwhile I'm here with my blurry vision and, other than a haircut in 40 min, not many plans for the weekend.

Let us all learn from this cautionary tale about overwearing one's contacts, and also not updating one's glasses prescription on a regular basis.

(I I asled about updating my glasses and just letting me use those for a while but he said that due to my eyes being swollen there wasn't a way to give me a good prescription - at least one that would still apply once the swelling went away. My best bet is for me to just make it through the weekend and hopefully by Monday my eyes will be recovreed enough to get me on the right track again.)
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So the eyes are still bloodshoot. I've been good about taking my contacts out when I get home to let my eyes breathe. But driving into work is an adventure because newly put in contacts + hurt eyes + September sunlight = much unhappiness. I could leave the contacts out, but then I don't have sunglasses. So it's trying to figure out the lesser of two evils.

Today my eyes were bugging me more than yesterday. Possibly from the sunlight, possibly because I'm slowly transforming into someone who has no vocabulary other than grabbing people and saying "You have a kind face." Not that I'm a huge drama queen or anything.

My followup eye doc appointment is Saturday so... soon? Woohoo?
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I'm wearing red today to match my eyes. Hey, just because I'm damaged doesn't mean I can't make it FASHION!

I did some reading up the other night which, let me tell you, is a great way to give yourself nightmares. Why I thought reading about eye problems right before bed would be smart I have no idea.

They do say that you can't go wrong with leaving your contacts out, so this weekend I'm giong to try to not wear them at all. The only downside here is that my glasses aren't at my current prescription strength (as normally I don't wear them much, which is how I got myself into this mess in the first place). But I can watch TV with them and working on the computer isn't so bad once I remembered it's possible to increase the font sizes on everything.

Right now I've got a Mac in my lap giving me purr therapy, and the skies are getting darker as Hannah comes near. For the most part I'm planning on resting and relaxing and hoping that helps out my poor little eyes. (Which are still in my head, in case anyone was wondering ;) )
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Thanks for the well-wishes yesterday. Today I was back at work with the new contacts in. I kept rewetting drops handy and had my glasses handy in case I needed a switch. I did get a bit of a tension headache again but I was able to keep it at bay with Advil. I took my contacts out a few hours ago and am pretty much just doing what I can not to strain myself.

Tomorrow will be pretty much the same thing. Hopefully it will be progress to betterness.

Ow. Again.

Sep. 3rd, 2008 03:58 pm
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Woke up today with a headache. Actually had to call in sick to work.

This was on top of problems yesterday with my vision. I could more-or-less see, but trying to focus on small stuff - like words or buttons on clothing - was hard. Also I kept randomly getting blurry spots.

So after going to bed with an ice bag I woke up again at 10 and called the eye doctor. They were able to squeeze me in at 12:30. Long story short, I haven't been as good as I should have been about replacing my contacts every two weeks, which means I've damaged my eyes. Damaged eyes meant contacts that didn't fit properly, which is why I was having problems seeing. (I'd been having similar problems for the past week, it was just that yesterday was when it got bad enough to worry me.)

So right now I have a different brand of contact in which in theory allows my eyes to be all moist and oxygeny, and that will hopefully help my eyes calm down a bit and that in turn will hopefully have me in shape to be refitted for new contacts next Saturday.

In the meanwhile my head's better (not 100%, but better) and even though the current contacts aren't perfect I'm not having as many vision problems. All in all I'd call this an excellent use of a sick day.

Now those of you with disposible contacts of your own should learn from my mistake ;)
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Co-op BBQ was today.

Guess who's on the co-op BBQ committee?

Guess who's been helping to plan this thing for months?

Guess who spent HOURS on Friday and Saturday getting special projects done for it?

Guess who woke up today with a migraine and had to miss the whole thing?


Today = SUCKS.
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Oh so many things to headdesk about today, in various degrees of reasons why and magnitude.No, seriously, consider yourself warned )


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