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Apparently I want it to snow so badly that I'm hallucinating it now. I actually stared out of the window all happy about the pretty flakes that, upon closer inspection, weren't actually falling. Whoops.

It's supposed to snow here sometime soon but we're not slated for the big insano blizzard that you midwestern folks are getting. Do feel free to send those flakes in my direction though. Only not tonight as I've got my last belly dance rehearsal before performing on Sunday. Tomorrow. Or 10pm Eastern tonight. That way I can be home, get tomorrow off work, and make pancakes for breakfast after staying up way too late writing with somebody, not that I'm mentioning names here.

My wishlists are coming along. I was finally able to Google for the Gryffindor colors via Knit Picks yarn. However Knit Picks isn't giving me an easy handy dandy wishlist link the way Amazon does. I tried to get them to mail me a copy and so far nothing's showing up in my box. Not even in the spam filter. *Pout*. If I don't get anything tomorrow I'll give up and post what wish list things I have. The Amazon one is certainly healthy enough ;)

Fannishly I'm having a Wesley Renaissance. fannish metaing that can go behind a cut tag since this is long enough )
And now to do the various things I need to do before leaving work and going to bellydance.
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Episode 6.22 of [ profile] ats_nolimits is online!

It was written by yours truly, and I hope you all enjoy it. =)
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The day after my birthday dawned bright...well, cloudy, but with Dominic the Donkey on the radio and you can't beat that.

As suspected, the change in time for dinner was for a surprise. My brother and his kids came by to join us. It was really cute watching the kids get into the idea of staying up late for a birthday party. The 5 year old in particular was very into things like keeping the cake a secret and, I'm told, listening for me at the door so everyone would know when to hide.

Again my thanks to all for the birthday wishes. LJ comment notifications still suck so apologies if I'm not replying to any comments.

Hmm. Wasn't there a feature where you could automatically look up places where people replied to you? Like one stop shopping? Or am I thinking of something else?

Oh - and new [ profile] ats_nolimits ep tonight. =)


Oct. 31st, 2005 01:46 am
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I did it! I finished it! Okay, granted, there's still beta and cleanup and post work to be done. But the big chunk of work is DONE!

Just in time for me to come down with a cold, if the feeling of cement on one side of my head is any indication.

But still: YAY!!!
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It's been a fabulous fall day today. Cool, rainy, just the way I like it. I've been into the comfort foods big time. This morning (ha! try afternoon) I even made a proper pot of tea.

This weekend I'm doing a big push on the season finale (watch me word that carefully so people don't come after me with pitchforks) for [ profile] ats_nolimits. My actual deadline isn't for another week, but obviously the sooner my bit's done the better. Also I only get busier as the week goes on, whereas this weekend my only other commitments are feeding myself and doing laundry.

It's bittersweet working on this ep. I've known what's going to happen in it for over a year now. On the one hand it's nice to finally write the thing. But on the other hand writing it will mean it's over and done with (for the season, do not kill me). [sniff] My baby!

Also I'll admit I've had this outline in my head for so long that I've lost all perspective on if it's any good or not. Am I accurately transcribing what's hopefully a kick ass story, or am I just going through the motions walking through the part of moving the characters around without any nuances or meaning? Argh!

It doesn't help that my meds are also making me a bit spacy. On top of that I had a migraine last night. Clearly God does not want me to write this. I'm not sure what he does want me to do, but since he hasn't sent the memo down yet I'm going to be contrary and keep typing. So there.

NL Ep 6.19

Sep. 28th, 2005 09:04 pm
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[ profile] ats_nolimits episode 6.19 is up on the website. It was written by [ profile] justhuman and it rocks like a rocking thing.
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Was out tonight with a family thing, so I'm late with the post. There's a new [ profile] ats_nolimits live on the website. It was written by [ profile] wesleysgirl and [ profile] janedavitt. Give 'em much love.

My apologies to anybody who's waiting on email, comments, etc. from me. I'm having a very spacey kind of week and I don't know if that's from health stuff or something else. Hopefully my brain will come back to me at some point. Or what passes for my brain, at the very least ;)
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Tonight I dedicated to being brain dead. I plopped myself down in front of my Tivo and worked on my drop stitch scarf. I screwed up the pattern for it a little bit, but fortunately with a scarf like this that's a detail that doesn't much matter.

I want to thank everybody who's been posting links and updates on ways people can help. Keep 'em coming.

On much, much, much lighter news, No Limits episode 6.17: Remains is live on the website. It was written by [ profile] stakebait, [ profile] wesleysgirl and [ profile] janedavitt so be sure to give them some love if you liked it.
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Just got notice that my KnitPicks order shipped! Eeeee!!! I will soon possess materials necessary for sock making! This will in no way affect my ability to actually make socks but still! I can try!!

So, things to do by the end of this week (with various mini deadlines therein):

Finish work on NL ep #17.
Upload ad for NL ep #17 all by my lonesome.
Finish article for Sept issue of RE.
Finish baby sweater so I can work on socks when the material gets here.

Can I do it? Pfft. Give me a piece of gum to chew and I'll do all three at once!

Or, er, something like that. Ahem.
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So tonight is No Limits night and of course my server decides to hack a hairball. Fret not! Episode 6.16: Facets has been posted over on [ profile] ats_nolimits as a stop gap. In theory the ep is also available here, but if you can't get it there you can try the LJ comm.

The ep was writen by [ profile] soundingsea and it does rock muchly.

I wish to lodge a complaint with the schedulers of the universe, though, for throwing this monkey wrench into my otherwise free evening. I was going to write Protcol, gosh darn it! Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

Fans of House are going to want to pick up next week's TV Guide. Some spoilers for s2 but also an article written by Hugh about what it was like to get the job. In sad news, though, apparently the s1 House DVDs won't have any real extras or commentary. What's that about? It's not like it's Veronica Mars where they need to get the DVDs out ASAP in order to help build an audience. Take a week! Make some comments! Sheesh.

Finally, in the most important news of all, my tomatoes are starting to turn red. I know, it's a happy moment for me too.
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[ profile] ats_nolimits episode 6.15 is now live. It's called Blood Calls to Blood and was written by [ profile] magelette.
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To those of you who are getting to see Serenity next month: I hate you.

(Though I hope the diehard Firefly fans on my list are getting to go. I'd classify myself as a B-level browncoat at best. If it was playing in NYC I'd definitely want to go, but that would be as much for the joy of getting the sneak peek with fellow fen as it would be for the movie itself.)

Today at work was such a pain, something which was made more ironic by [ profile] jennem reminding me that today was also Administrative Assistants day. Making a long story short, basically there are certain things that have to be done every month. Realizing that it was dumb to do all of those things in one week when only a few of them were time-sensitive, I spaced out the tasks. Some get done in the middle of the month, some get done at the end.

Which my boss knows, because I told him. Also because I've been doing it this way for a year and three months now.

But my boss, who as we know is mostly nice but very often forgetful, sees me doing the end of month stuff today (which is days ahead of schedule but, again, I'm efficient like that and if I can do it now I will) and a lightbulb goes off on his head. The other monthly stuff! What about that?

Me: I already did it. I do that in the middle of the month, remember?
Him: That can't be right! Look at how few things there are for you to do now! That must mean the middle of the month stuff wasn't done yet!
Me: Or... it could mean it was done since by definition if I did it then I would have less to do now.
Him: We're going to go over the middle of the month stuff together. It can't have been done if there's so little left now.

And while I am paraphrasing the actual words, I am sadly not misstating his logic.

Now I could've gotten into a debate about this but, having so lost that battle when something similar happened a few months ago, I went right into going with the flow and agreeing with everything the boss said. Had I been busy with other tasks that were time-sensitive I might have made more of a fuss, but since I'd completed the end of month stuff already I figured no harm in being two weeks early on the mid-month stuff if that meant there could be peace and harmony.

But still! No appreciation for my initiative with the end of month, no appreciation for me doing the mid-month on time and without needing to be reminded, and all that on Admin Assistants day! Harumph I say, harumph!

But I'm home now and relaxing. I currently own my very own copy of Stitch and Bitch plus some new needles care of my local yarn store. Plus keep your eye on [ profile] ats_nolimits where ep 14 shall go live any second now, and was written by [ profile] kita0610 and yours truly. =)

(ETA: The ep's on the website now)
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Got most of my packing done. All that's left is the fiddly crap that can't be packed until morning. Now I relax in a shower and then go to bed.

Enjoyed Lost, watched West Wing. It really is a shame we can't be seeing these West Wing storylines happen as they should, instead of this one-off canonical fanfic. Though I will say comment which riffs off something in tonight's ep )

Speaking of back from hiatus fake TV shows, [ profile] ats_nolimits was updated tonight with 6.13: Natural Born. It was written by [ profile] ros_fod and kicks much ass.

Now I off to shower.


Mar. 30th, 2005 12:11 pm
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Connexions! Leaving tomorrow! So much to do! So excited! Gotta pack, gotta set up the house, gotta make sure the kitties are taken care of, can't forget anything. Wanna do stuff. Should I make brownies? Should I make cornbread? Ack! ACK!!!


I'm excited. =)

New episode of [ profile] ats_nolimits is going live tonight. It kicks ass, lemme tell you.

Speaking of TV on the net, does anybody know where I can get a download of Jamie Oliver's school lunches show over in the UK? I've read so much about it I'd love to actually see the thing. Considering how UK specific it is I can't imagine they're going to show it on the Food Network, more's the pity =/

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Apologies to those who thought this post was about me being in trouble. I promise there's nothing to worry about. The help request was about beta reading, not anything horrible. (Unless one finds beta reading to be horrible, I suppose).

I will admit, though, that all is not well in the land of TBQ. I've been sleeping horribly for a couple of weeks now thanks to on-again, off-again nightmares. There's a bit of luck, however, in that whenever I get nightmares it's due to a specific reason, and today I finally realized it's due to me laying heavy guilt trips on myself for all the things I haven't done yet (updated the website, completed the charity fic requests, called people I said I'd call - and this is just to name a few items off of a long list).

Of course this then creates a vicious cycle because the stress makes me sleep poorly, which makes me tired, which makes me less able to do what I need to do, which makes me stress more, which makes me sleep poorly, which makes me even more tired, lather, rinse, repeat.

I don't know that there's a solution to any of this as sadly nothing on the list is expendible. Well, let me rephrase that. Obviously nobody will die if, as for example, my website doesn't get updated, but it does need to be updated, regardless of when. And the way my brain works is that things not yet done weigh on me heavily, and that leads to a lot of no fun for the psyche after a while.

On the plus side I was able to get some sleep last night, and this morning I tried to relax a bit with some tea and clearing some of the smaller items off the To Do list, so it's not as dire as all that. I just need to deal with my guilt issues, which isn't news to anyone who's read this LJ before.


In completely unrelated news, does anybody have an mp3 of Free Love on the Free Love Freeway? The full version with Noel Gallagher? Because damn if that song isn't an earworm, plus I've got the road trip to Connexions coming up and I can't help but feel that's one of the songs that should go on the mix CD that I'll be bringing with. 8)

Also, I was reminded that I never did get around to giving the answer to what's the #1 thing people write to [ profile] ats_nolimits about. So, if you want to know, it's variations on the theme of this )

My hope is that most, if not all of them are joking. ;)

And now I go to make dinner.


Mar. 3rd, 2005 02:57 pm
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Random bits from the dark carverns of my brain:


Fans of Lost may want to check out Catscradle's post on last night's ep. She's a bit of a one for number theory, so she's got something mentioned that I haven't seen elsewhere in terms of analyzing "Numbers". Appropriately enough. (the relevant bit is near the end of the post).


I've been thinking about whether I should do anything to my hair before Connexions. Just for shits and giggles, I thought about putting blue streaks in it. Then I realized blue streaks is kind of an Illyria thing and, well... no. This sucks, as I think the only color that would really work in my hair is blue. Curse you, fictional characters!


Speaking of fictional, we're up to episode 12 of [ profile] ats_nolimits and I am so tempted to have a contest where people guess what is the #1 thing that people write to us about. I have no idea what the prize would be, but that is my temptation.

(ETA: Ah what the heck: Put your guess in the comments, if you wanna.)
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[ profile] ats_nolimits has been updated with episode 6.12: Legacy. 'twas written by the lovely [ profile] stakebait and is, in my opinion, quite nifty.
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No Limits episode 6.11 is now up on the website. It was written by [ profile] soundingsea =)
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I am a total space cadet today. Yesterday too, but today I feel more emotionally level, so I guess I thought my brain would be too. Suffice it to say that at work the boss would be more than justified if he was telling horror stories about me. I'll spare you the details, but it's the kind of thing where if I was cooking at home I'd be entirely likely to leave the stove on and then just wander away and forget I ever touched it.

(Not that I think the boss is telling horror stories since I told him what was going on and he was more than understanding. I'm just saying he'd certainly be collecting a few of them if he wanted.)

Dad's back home. Grams has to stay in the hospital but apparently things are settled enough that there was no point in him and my aunt exhausting themselves by hanging around 24 hours straight. Which is good because if things were at the opposite end of the scale obviously Dad would be hanging out for every second. So... knock on wood and all that.

My space cadet nature almost made me forget that tonight there is a new episode of [ profile] ats_nolimits. Girls' Night Out is up on the website, and 'twas written by [ profile] mpoetess and [ profile] ladycat777. (I mention the "almost forget" part not in the shameless pimping way, but in the "hoo crap, there almost wasn't a new ep put up on schedule since yours truly completely forgot it was Wednesday" way. Lucky for me I have a good team who are far more organized than I am on a good day, let alone when I'm out of it. So here's me publically thanking my team for rocking in stereo. Thanks guys!)

I had various other things I was going to do tonight but I think the lesson here is that I don't have nearly the brainpower to even think about attempting them. So don't mind me as I go grab a shower and perhaps even go to bed early.
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[ profile] ats_nolimits's latest ep, Home for the Holidays, is now live!

It wasn't written by me, but it's damned good. =)


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