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Holiday cards! You want 'em, I send 'em!

Drop your address in the (screened) comments if you'd like a card. If you'd like to send me a card my address is the same as it's been for years, or you could email me at thebratq at gmail dot com to ask for it.

Wheee! =)


Dec. 5th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Holiday cards! If you would like them, I would like to send them! Comment with your name and address (all comments will be screened).

My address remains the same after all these years, but let me know if you need it. =)


Dec. 20th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Happy Solstice! I'll be doing my celebrating tomorrow, but no harm in saying it today. I will not be staying up to see the eclipse. I stayed up last night to watch Robot Chicken Star Wars III and I am so paying the price for it now.

This weekend was spent on baking. Lots and lots of baking. I did cookies for a cookie swap, and then all kinds of other treats for gift bags. I have since distributed them like the sneaky elf that I am. This leaves me with finishing the weaving on my dad's scarf, and then wrapping presents for Saturday. I'm doing none of that today since see also: tired.

You know what sucks? Stupid gender separation in toys. Yesterday I was shopping for presents for the nieces and nephews and saw cool spy toys. The pictures on the boxes had no girls anywhere. Because apparently only boys would want to pretend to be spies? Seriously?

Screw that noise. I got a spy watch for one of my nieces. Hell, I'd play with it now.

Well not now. Now I'm eating leftover cookies and watching Intervention. But some other time, perhaps.


Nov. 28th, 2010 09:43 pm
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I'm putting together this year's holiday cards. If you'd like one, please put your address in the (screened) comments.

If you've sent me one in past years my address has not changed. If you've got a card post you'd like me to put my address in just give me the link.

Yay cards!
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It is turkey day here in the States. I'll be heading over to my folks' in a bit for food, food, and more food.

Amongst the things I'm grateful for this year is all y'all. Particularly, but by no means limited to, the way so many of you offered love, support, and practical help and information when Mac got sick. Everyone's generosity with that simply blew me away. I can't begin to say how much it meant.

Right now Mac and Luna are bookending me while doing synchronized kitty bathing. No, wait, I lie. Perhaps sensing that he's the topic of conversation, Mac has now climbed into my lap. He sends purrs, though he's loud enough that I'm sure you can hear him.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving/Thursday!
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Happy Halloween/Samhain to those who celebrate it! I have no trick or treaters which of course means the candy is MINE ALL MINE!

So! The rally!

You've probably already read about the crazy crowds. There were a lot of people. [profile] tafffimai and I hit the metro about 10am and I think we were just at the border of "Aren't you glad everyone on this train used Dial?" and "If you wanted to get on the train today, you should've lined up for it yesterday."

We were lucky enough to get on a train after a few tries and getting snuggly with our neighbors. Immediately after was when we started getting the texts all on the variations of "Been here for six years and STILL WAITING ON THE METRO." or "Am two stops away, may get there in time for swearing in of next presidential administration." or "Have been waiting to get out of this @#$%ing metro station for so long am now convinced life above ground is a myth."

The only person we were able to meet up with in the end was [personal profile] ktnb. All others were lost in the crowd which was so big it not only broke Twitter (or so I was told) but effectively jammed all cellphone communication. Which nobody fully realized until hours later when texts finally started coming in and calls could finally be made. Prior to that phones would show as having a perfectly good signal, but nothing could be done with it.

The three of us joined the rivers of humanity making their way to the rally area. I can't stress enough how huge and constant the crowd was. However, and I say this as someone who has lived through many Mardi Gras, I also can't stress enough how nice the vibe was. For all that there was a metric shit ton of people, nobody was rude, nobody gave off stressed "This is my spot and I will DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH" feelings, nobody was That Drunk Guy/Girl trying to use the rally as their personal bathroom/party space. I've been at cons where the teeming masses of humanity have come off as more stressed and hostile than this group did. Considering how many people were there, and how tightly packed the space had to be, I'd say that's pretty amazing.

(About the only exception we personally ran into was one woman who went all "NOT ON, ladies, NOT ON" when we walked past her in an unsucessful attempt to find our friends. I assumed she meant us standing in front of her when she'd gotten there early enough to get a good space. I was told by my two companions that she was actually bitching about us stepping on her blanket. Which was on the ground. Which she herself was standing. I... have no idea.)

Though we didn't find anybody else, we did end up with a pretty good spot where we could easily see a jumbotron and hear what was going on. Given how many people barely scored one of those things, let alone two, I'd say we lucked out.

Given what I've heard and read I'd say the rally in person was about as uneven as it came off on TV. But the good parts were very good and the iffy parts that went on too long (like the tail end of Father Guido's blessing) probably served as good times for people to try to go to the bathroom.

Watching it via jumbotron (I could see the stage in the distance but not well enough to actually see anything going on on said stage) did make it effectively like watching the show on TV, but being in the crowd definitely added something. It was great to be there as the crowd lost it when Ozzy came out on stage, for instance, or when we all started singing along with Jon and Stephen. So I guess it was sort of like a very large fannish viewing party, in that respect.

Afterwards we all embraced the zen of the crowd hugeness and moseyed our way back to the hotel without worrying about things like "speed" or "attempts to use public transportation." The slow walk out of the mall gave folks a chance to show off their signs and to read other people's. One person's sign near us prompted random shouts from the crowd of "Yeah, 'Avatar' DID suck!" "District 9 was better!" "I agree!" "I'm glad we can have a reasonable discourse about this!" "Me too!"

Spotted in the crowd was at least one member of Anonymous, and someone holding a big sign about privilege, and someone holding an XKCD-style "[citation needed]" sign, so it was like the internet had come along with us. Also spotted in the crowd was the world's tiniest beagle puppy, who is obviously the cure for everything that ails us.

So I'd say good stuff all in all. Very regrettable that I couldn't meet up with all the folks I'd been hoping to meet up with, but we were all dealing with the same crowds which made it a bit easier to understand why the meetup just was not happening.

I'm glad I went. I'm also glad to be home and snuggling with kitties.

Hope everone else had a good weekend too =)
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The day dawns bright and sunny with a breeze that's fairly pleasant once you've secured the things in the house that are liable to blow away when a stray wind hits them. Alternatively you can just make a note of where they've blown off to so that you can pick them up later when you're not trapped underneath a cat.

On a possibly related note, Mac says hi.

Easter plans are to do dinner with the folks with dessert being the Nutella cake I made. In the meanwhile I'll be relaxing and doing creative type things.

Outside the birds are chirping as loud as ever. Based on tone, I think we've moved past pick-up lines and onto birdy dozens as they attempt to defend their turf. If you listen carefully you can hear them:

"Your mamma's so dumb she migrates north for the winter!"

"Yeah? Your mamma's so dumb she takes dust baths in puddles of water!"

"Well your mamma's so fat that when she sits on eggs they come out scrambled!"

Tsk. So rude, really.
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It is violently nice outside. Seriously. The sun tried to mug me when I was bringing my stuff to the recycling bin. I've always said you can't trust that big, glowing bastard.

Still, it's doing that thing where it's neither too warm nor too cold. All my windows are open, which the cats are thrilled about. Particularly as the birds are being quite vocal in their efforts to make it clear that 1) they are birds 2) they have the ability to make noise and 3) they would like to do so VERY LOUDLY.

Mind you that I don't speak bird. It's probably more likely that this is mating season and what they're actually saying is chirpy variations on "What's your sign?"

I have made dessert for tomorrow's dinner. It is Nutella cake, which if nothing else smells very good. I'll let you know tomorrow how it tastes.
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You know, I haven't been very vocal about politics since Obama got elected, but lately I'm finding it difficult to stay on the sidelines. I watch the news and I get so frustrated. I mean when did we turn into a country where people who don't understand proper use of a freaking metaphor have the microphone? To say nothing of political discourse via thrown objects which... no, just no.

And this is saying nothing about feminism in politics. Which, yanno, is often not spoken about in politics due to the lack of women in power.

I feel like there's a lack of respect for history. Not in a "let's make sure only white, male, landowners have the vote" kind of way, but in a way where we remember what the foundation of this country was really all about. It reminds me of the Church, in a way. Not that I want anything to do with THOSE ritualistic freaks, but in the sense that it started with a good idea and got totally screwed up by all the human beings who put their fingerprints on it along the way.

So yeah, I guess you could say my politics are changing. Though maybe not so much for those who've known me for a while and remember when I voted for Bush the first on purpose. Really what it boils down to is that I've got to go with my gut.

And my gut says I really need to support Sarah Palin.
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Had eggs for breakfast in honor of the Equinox/Ostara. Planted some seeds for much the same reason, though I have no idea if they'll grow. Cleaned house. Am now parked on the couch watching CSPAN. If it's wrong to want to eat popcorn while watching this I do not want to be right.

(I'll be commenting/liveblogging/whatever you want to call it over on Twitter)
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Work was a half day today. I went in because I'm taking all of next week off and there was a remote chance my boss would need me in the office today. But luckily hardly anyone was there in the entire office as a whole, let alone my department. So after surprise free (still warm!) bagels in the morning and then pizza for lunch people were like "Why are you here? You should go home." and who was I to be rude by arguing with them?

Once home I planned on taking a nap, then doing food prep for tomorrow, then going to my mom and dad's for the annual Xmas Eve pigout. This became taking a nap, then waking up 3 hours later with 10 minutes to get dressed and head over to the folks'. So apparently I was tired, is what I'm learning here.

Food was consumed, and around 7 I was back home to start on food prep. In theory I have everything ready to the point where all I have to do tomorrow food-wise is put things into the appropriate containers and apply heat. This leaves me the rest of the day free to clean before my parents get here. And to possibly take another hours-long nap if that's what's needed because seriously what was UP with that?

Anyway, the dishwasher is running, the cats are cuddled on or beside me, the house smells yummy - I am content.

Hope you're having a good one =)
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Happy Solstice! Blessed Yule, and all that sort of thing. Today I celebrated by giving gifts of food (the results of my baking this weekend) to various co-workers. Actually I had planned to do it today because tomorrow is when people start taking off for their vacations and today just so happened to be the Solstice but we're going to pretend like I planned to do it this way the whole time.

Things given out:

Apple butter crumble
Gingerbread (of the bready texture, not the cookie kind)
Fudgey bars
Hot chocolate onna stick

People seemed happy to get a little unexpected something. I was certainly happy to indulge my love of baking, so really it all works out in the end.
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We got hit with snow here in the land of Siam, but not the Snowocalypse that others along the East coast got. I'd say maybe six inches all told? Possibly?

I'll go out into it later to shovel and clean off my car. First I'm going to get cracking on all sorts of holiday baking. I was going to do this all weekend but the oh so slow to arrive storm left me with a headache until about six pm yesterday, give or take. I did get some things done, but not nearly as many as I'd hoped. So today shall be a marathon session, as I need to get things ready to give to people at work tomorrow (aka before they leave for the holidays).

Granted that all this requires getting up off of the couch. Details.
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Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! I'm coming to you live from underneath a cat who is sleeping over my wrists and weighs approximately FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS. Sleeping cats have the density of neutron stars, I swear.

I spent most of my day putting up my Christmas decorations. The exciting thing is that this year I have outdoor lights. I've wanted outdoor lights since I started living on my own but, for one reason or another, it never happened. In this apt it was a lack of an outdoor outlet.

But this year I had the epiphany of looking for solar powered lights. Sure enough, they exist, and they work! I have tiny colored lights decorating the railing of my porch now. It's a birthday miracle!

The next miracle will be getting feeling back into my hands once the cat is off of them.
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I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who help make my online life fun and interesting. =)
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Yep, I'm preparing in advance! Go figure!

If you would like a Christmas/holiday card from me, please leave your name in the comments (which shall be screened for privacy).

I love sending/getting cards, so don't be shy!

Also let me know if you need my address. I haven't moved since last year or, yanno, 2002, so if you already have my address then you, erm, already have my address. But I can give it to you if you need. =)
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Happy bunny day to those who celebrate it. (And Passover, to those who celebrate that) Currently I am sitting down with puff pancakes, an apple, and proper tea. I just finished prepping the bread pudding for Easter dessert and just turned on the crockpot so it can cook away.

It's a lovely spring day here in the land of Siam. I don't wish to jinx things but on the whole I would say things are good.
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I had a [ profile] lucifrix this week and you didn't, neener neener neener. There was eating of food and watching of DVDs and I dare say fun was had. At least by me. [ profile] lucifrix will have to speak for herself, assuming she wasn't eaten by snow beasts on her way home.

After dropping her off at the train station I hit the bookstore, then went home to read and nap. Not at the same time. Though boy would I get so much done if I could.

Only 2 days left until I have to go back to work again. It was a productive vacation, and I shall miss it.

Now to start the new year off with a meme! Which I have stolen from [ profile] ktnb81:

Please comment with something you think I should do or try to do in 2009. Big or small, silly or earth-changing.
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So today I went out and did some shopping as part of my plan to single-handedly stimulate the economy. The biggest amount of money got spent at Michael's where, amongst other things that I needed to get, I ended up getting supplies for making cards. And then when I got home sat down and made my own holiday cards for next year. Because I am both incredibly productive and insane.

But at least I make my insanity work for me, which I think is key.

No huge plans for the weekend. Cleaning, playing with the other new crafty toys I got at Michael's, that sort of thing. Have I mentioned how much I love holiday weekends? For verily, I do.


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