Mar. 5th, 2011

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Yesterday I was supposed to get my annual review at work. I already knew it was going to go well since mere weeks ago I was given a raise and a promotion (EEEEEEE) so the only surprise left was what my bonus would be.

Or in theory that was the only surprise left.

In reality I spent most of Thursday feeling remarkably tired in spite of having slept well ("I feel really tired," I could oft be heard telling people, "in spite of having slept well.") Then at 4am Friday morning I... did not feel well, to put it mildly.

Then again at 7am, around which time I used my phone to email my boss that I'd be at least an hour late, because I needed to see if this was a passing thing or more serious.

At 9am I emailed to say I would not be coming in.

I then spent the entire day in bed, interrupted only by wakefullness after at least 3 hours of sleep wherein I would avail myself of the restroom and then stumble back to bed again. I did not eat. I barely drank but for sips of water which I could probably count on one hand. Finally at 9pm I got out of bed long enough to stumble out and try some dry cereal and Vitamin Water (Mac and Luna: "JESUS FUCK WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????") The dry cereal and Vitamin Water did not care to try me, so back to bed I crawled and stayed until 11am this morning.

Today I have managed water, dry cereal, green tea, and rice. I have also managed to be on the couch and do things like be on the computer or watch TV and realize that as sick as I may be Reign of Fire still makes absolutely no freaking sense.

So hopefully I am on the mend. Still kind of weird to have gotten/needed that much sleep. Guess infections make you do the wacky.


thebratqueen: Captain Marvel (Default)
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