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Two posts for you this time.

I'm OK, which is about my current status in general and what I'm writing on the new blog.

A picture of depression, which is my attempt to show what the two kinds of depression can feel like.
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New day, new blog post: Side effects may include thoughts of suicide (wait - what?). As the title indicates, trigger warning for discussion of suicide and depressive thoughts.

My current thinking re: linking new blog posts here is that I'll do it per post for a few days more, then maybe switch to a once a week summary of links. Reasoning being that at that point anybody who wants to follow the blog via RSS feeds or what have you will have set up the ability to do so, and anybody who just wanted to keep a general eye on it can skim the link posts when I do them.

Just my current brainstorming though. I'm open to suggestions.
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New post on the new blog: The Thyroid Thing. What it's like living with a wonky thyroid (or at least my version of one).
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Thanks muchly to everyone who commented re: the new blog. The suggestions and support is much appreciated.

I've done a few tweaks since the last post (some based on feedback) so here's the latest list of links:

Why the new blog - for those who missed it earliser
Something I won't be talking about - new post on one thing I will not mention on the new blog.

General blog feed
Blog feed on Dreamwidth
Blog feed on LJ

I believe that covers it for now. =)

New Blog

Jun. 27th, 2011 10:14 am
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I've started a new blog. You can read all about why over at the link, but the short version is I had stuff I wanted to talk about regarding me and my health and what have you and I wanted a specific place to do it in.

This is not replacing the Dreamwidth/LJ or anything like that. It's in addition to. I'm still figuring out what will go there vs. here, and how much cross-posting (just of links, not entire posts) there will be, so my appreciation for everyone's patience on that front.

So... yeah. New blog. By me. Check it out.


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