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Holiday cards! You want 'em, I send 'em!

Drop your address in the (screened) comments if you'd like a card. If you'd like to send me a card my address is the same as it's been for years, or you could email me at thebratq at gmail dot com to ask for it.

Wheee! =)


Dec. 5th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Holiday cards! If you would like them, I would like to send them! Comment with your name and address (all comments will be screened).

My address remains the same after all these years, but let me know if you need it. =)


Nov. 28th, 2010 09:43 pm
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I'm putting together this year's holiday cards. If you'd like one, please put your address in the (screened) comments.

If you've sent me one in past years my address has not changed. If you've got a card post you'd like me to put my address in just give me the link.

Yay cards!
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Yep, I'm preparing in advance! Go figure!

If you would like a Christmas/holiday card from me, please leave your name in the comments (which shall be screened for privacy).

I love sending/getting cards, so don't be shy!

Also let me know if you need my address. I haven't moved since last year or, yanno, 2002, so if you already have my address then you, erm, already have my address. But I can give it to you if you need. =)
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Good news: other than the random dribs and drabs that are left, I just finished my Christmas cards for the year! Woohoo!

Neutral news: I am seriously tired and brain dead tonight. May be an early bedtime for me. If anyone notices I'm not replying to emails and the like very quickly, that would be why.

Dorky news: I finally saw the episode of Semi-Homeade with Sandra Lee where she makes the Kwanzaa Kake. I feel I have passed a significant milestone. Hee hee hee.
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  • I made gingerbread for the first time yesterday. More bread-y kind of gingerbread than the roll out cut and decorate kind. It was yummy, and now my house smells good.

  • I addressed 3 boxes worth of cards yesterday. I still have names left on my list. I actually need to go buy more cards after work today

  • I'm already at the point of wanting to whap relatives for making the holiday gathering more complicated than it needs to be. Pardon me while I go over here and find my zen

  • Those asking me about [ profile] fandomhigh might be interested to know enrollments are open for new students. It's not first come first served, it's based on quality. There's a lot of quality on my flist so here's me nudging you. If you want a better idea of what it all is, check out airawyn's post on the subject which covers it better than I could.

  • Chocolate now?
  • Holidays

    Dec. 5th, 2005 01:53 am
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    That's it, I officially have the Christmas spirit.

    It took me a little while as I was oblivious to Thanksgiving until the day itself was upon me. But now there is snow (yay! Note to self: buy syrup for traditional making of waffles and/or pancakes on snowy mornings) and today I went downtown to freeze my ass off watch them do the official tree lighting. It was a lot of fun, and now I'm in the mood for holly jollyness.

    Speaking of which: if you need my address in order to send me a card, please give me your email address so I can give it to you. LJ's been way too weird with comment notification for me to trust it. So if you need my snail mail addy, give me your email addy and we'll make it happen. Or if you've mailed me before my address is the same. I haven't moved in 3 years. =)

    I'm still working on my wishlists. I know, I know. I've been busy. What do you want from me?

    Finally: help me, flist, you are my only hope! Making a long story short, the time is nearing for me to get a new cell phone and it's possible I can ugrade to one that allows me to play around on LJ while I'm travelling. What phone/plan would y'all recommend? [ profile] swmbo? Wouldn't mind hearing from you here because I know your unit works well for you. But anybody who's got a mobile that they use to check LJ (and maybe gmail?) and who has a rec is welcome to chime in.

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    Trying to catch up on so much...

    I would like to try to do the holiday card thing this year. So if you'd like a card from me (don't be shy, I love sending them out) please either put your address in the comments (which will be screened so only I can see it) or email me (thebratqueen at livejournal dot com)

    Likewise if you'd like to send me a card, send me an email and I'll let you know my address. Given how out of the loop I've been it's safe to say if you did a "Give me your address" post I didn't see it. Though if you'd rather I give you my address by one of those posts, just put the link in the comments.

    Finally if you have a wishlist for pressies let me have that link as well. I make no promises as I am cash poor this year, but it'd still be nice to at least have the option. =)
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    Xmas cards are done! Addressed, stamped, sealed, put out for the mail. Hopefully they reach y'all safe and sound.

    Now then, for those who asked, Brownie Cheesecake Bars )
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    My cards are half done. Literally. I have the envelopes addressed, now I just need to get to that pesky "card" part of the deal.

    Dinner was planned with Mom. I predict Xmas dinner shall be yummy, and now all I have to do is narrow down what kinds of desserts I want to make.

    Also, for the record, cheesecake brownies are yummy.

    Had a nice long talk with [ profile] cin1607 tonight. We don't do that nearly often enough. Though this does tend to take up some time as we catch up, so if you want to blame anybody for why I didn't get any writing done it's going to be her. ;)

    New icon, courtesy of [ profile] robintcj. It's Wes's kitten, and he's wearing a hat 8)

    Finally, does anybody know if there's a length limit on phone posts? I told [ profile] journalkitten I'd do a post of me reading Protocol stuff out loud and I don't know how long I can talk before being cut off, or causing too long a download time to be worth it.

    ETA: Thanks for the pressie, [ profile] aadikah! =)
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    YES!!! Years and years and years of being a packrat have finally paid off!

    You know how there's stuff you should throw out and you tell yourself to throw it out because you're never ever going to use it? And then you don't and you feel all guilty but you can't because what if you need it?

    It finally paid off! Because I didn't throw it out, and I needed it! Today! YES!!!!!

    Why yes, I did just so happen to not buy enough new Christmas cards this year. Why do you ask? Ahem.


    Dec. 10th, 2004 11:30 pm
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    Finally caught up on things! I'm back on schedule! Woooo! That's a happy feeling. Not that I don't still have stuff to do, but at least now it's the stuff I planned on doing this weekend. Huzzah!

    Today with the boss wasn't too bad. He seemed to be in a better mood. Plus he might have been taking pity on me since I came into work even though I had a just a hair short of a migraine headache bothering me all throughout the day. Fortunately it's gone now, and part of me can't help but wonder if it wasn't brought on by the low-level stress of worrying that I'd be dealing with day five of the Boss having lost his damn mind, instead of this being due to the weather which had been my initial guess.

    Still, don't have to go back to work until Monday and the headache is gone, and both of those are the answer that we wanted.

    On the docket for this weekend:

    1) Addressing and sending out cards
    2) Baking some kind of Christmas treat
    3) Planning Christmas dinner with my mom
    4) Possibly having the folks over to see my decorations
    5) Food shopping (this is mostly related to #2)
    6) Going to the eye doctor for my annual exam, and to get a new pair of glasses.

    I admit to being excited about the glasses part, as I haven't gotten new glasses in easily 10 years. I wear my contacts all the time and only use my glasses when first waking up in the morning and then just before I go to bed. But the frames breaking back when I had strep showed me that I could use a spare pair. Plus maybe if I had a pair that was in my current prescription I might be inclined to wear them more. Who knows? Either way it'll be fun.

    I have to say one thing though, which is that I tend not to enjoy the eye exam. Getting my eyes dilated freaks me the hell out, and I hate the constant worry that I'm screwing up the "better, or worse?" thing. Like if one option is smeary and another is blurry, which one am I supposed to pick? I've been going to eye doctors for 20+ years and not once has any of them ever explained what in the hell they're doing, other than to say "pick the one you think is better". I always worry that I'll answer wrong and get the wrong prescription. Not that I have test-taking issues or anything like that, oh no.

    Still, once that's done I can hit Whole Foods and maybe even Penzey's if needed, and then spend the rest of the day snuggled up with the cats, addressing cards, and if the gods are kind even writing some Protocol. That I can look forward to. =)
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    Okay, I just sent out the latest round of emails for people who asked for my snail mail addy for card-sending purposes. Check your inbox,and if you asked for my address and didn't get it yet, let me know =)

    If you missed out on the chance to ask for my address, let me know your email in the comments and I'll be happy to send it along. Likewise, I'm still open to getting addresses from people who'd like cards to be sent to them. Don't be shy! I enjoy this part of the holidays. Just email me at thebratqueen at livejournal dot com with your snail mail addy, and make sure to include your net and/or LJ name so I know whose address goes with which name =)


    Unrelated to that, but put into this post for the purposes of not spamming y'all, thanks for the recs on stories. They were just what I needed. =)
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    Okay, I've noticed that people are getting their holiday card lists together. I'm nowhere near this organized, but I don't want my laziness to mess anybody up.

    Only thing is, I never know if somebody means me when they say they want to gather addresses for cards.

    So - if you would like my address for card-sending purposes and whatnot, please give me your email address in the comments to this post. That way people who don't have LJ accounts can still reply =) Once I have all the email addies, I'll send out my address that way. =)

    Conversely, if you'd like a card from me, feel free to email me via thebratqueen at livejournal dot com and let me know your address. I'd do one of those poll things, but I don't know if those allow replies from non LJ people, plus with non US addresses I like knowing where I'm supposed to put the carriage return. (ETA: Please remember to include your LJ and/or net name when sending your addy. Thanks!)

    And I think that about covers it. Ho ho ho!
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    Okay, whew. Day one of holidays is over. Or technically day two, I guess.

    Services last night were spiffy. I was cookieless, sadly, but in the end I couldn't stay long for the after party anyway so I guess that worked out.

    Today was me, Mom and Dad for the first round of present exchanges. And then just to show you that my fannish apple did not fall far from its original tree, it was my folks' idea to spend whatever non-eating and non-present unwrapping parts of the day watching first Pirates of the Caribbean, and then Buffy. (Though we did cave to seasonal urges last night with Olive the other Reindeer and Charlie Brown Christmas Special).

    Also on the entertainment program for tonight was A Little Princess and if you do not weep openly while watching this film (the 1995 remake, I hasten to add, not the annoying Shirley Temple version) then you are made of stone.

    Tomorrow I get to spend most of the day at home cooking, which is fine by me as Mom has gone into full battle plan mode with regards to the onslaught of relatives that are coming in tomorrow night. The phrase "Run like a squirrel" was one often used by me to myself whenever it appeared I was being roped in to any of the pre-visit anxiety attacks, especially with regards to issues that my folks had taken two opinions on and wanted me to be the deal breaker (Dad: "Don't you agree that it would be nicer to have a sit-down dinner?" Mom: "Don't you agree that it would be smarter to do it buffet style?" TBQ: "I cannot express how much I am not engaging this conversation. You two arm wrestle it out or something.") Multiply that with other points of interest such as "How insanely early does Mom think Dad should leave to pick up Elder Brother and family at the airport tomorrow?" and "How do we co-ordinate the feeding of everyone?" and the late-coming but by no means lacking in impact "Who will win the battle of wills about Grandma coming out here vs. all of us changing our plans at the last-minute to go see her?" and the idea of spending the majority of tomorrow hiding in my apartment with my phone turned off is a very, very happy thing. I may even hide under the bed.

    But tomorrow means cooking, which fortunately I also enjoy. Tonight is dedicated to pure, selfish relaxation. And possibly doing some writing if my brain stays awake long enough.

    BTW thanks to all those who sent Christmas cards! My card garlands are totally full. 'tis a nice feeling =)

    Merry Christmas one and all!
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    Okay, [ profile] _green_ and [ profile] flaming_muse are just too damned cute. I want to buy them ponies.

    The rest of you are evil little enablers! Especially you! For shame!

    In other news, I realize I've been remiss in doing thanks for cards. I'm probably going to continue to be remiss as I'm horrible about this but off the top of my head thanks to [ profile] wesleysgirl, [ profile] zortified, [ profile] minim_calibre, [ profile] bcassie, [ profile] wolfling, [ profile] sihaya09, and [ profile] miniera. Thanks to you guys (and some family members) my card garland is full! I'll have to make another one if more come in =)

    And yes, I would be writing this new evil plot bunny from Hell tonight if not for 24 and Queer Eye. I'd do it tomorrow but there's RotK. So possibly Thursday. If it lives that long.


    Dec. 14th, 2003 11:52 pm
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    Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW! Not exactly certain why my body, after easily fifteen if not more years of not doing this, has once again decided that it wants to do the oh so fun cramping/nausea/literally ready to pass out in the no seriously I was seeing black kind of pain but - actually there is no 'but', I have no idea why this happened. Ah well, at least I didn't have anywhere to go this afternoon.

    In happier news, I got most of my Xmas shopping done thanks to the wonders of online gift buying. Some of you will be getting prezzies. Some of you persist in living in Canada and thus won't be getting them until after Xmas, (cough[ profile] wolflingcough) but they are on their way. I also got gifts for my family.

    I was originally thinking of working this online shopping for all its worth and getting everything wrapped too, but Amazon's now charging like four bucks to wrap stuff, even if it's just a CD. Screw that. So I'll still be doing gift wrapping this year, but at least I don't have to face the insanity of the mall.

    Now all that's left is to figure out what to get my boss.

    I also did my Xmas cards today. They'll be picked up tomorrow. No clue when they'll reach y'all but they'll be on their way. =)

    And now to go curl up into a ball again.
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    Okay, as a heads up I posted my address over here in a filtered post. I say this here just in case I missed anybody. If you wanted to send me a card and can't see that post just let me know and I'll add you to the filter. I think I got everybody but as [ profile] researchminion knows I'm often wrong about that ;)

    Second - muffins are done! Come have nice hot corn muffins! =)
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    Productive = me. Finally got my flu shot today, then went on about a thousand errands, most of which were Xmas related. I am now the proud owner of a tree, which is currently sitting in a box on my diningroom table because I'm too tired to deal with it right now. There is also garland and lights and ornaments and a thousand and one things that shall make Mac and Luna's eyes go bright as they exclaim "New toy! Thanks Ma!"

    I also picked up Xmas cards. I'm very glad I asked for addresses and saved them to a folder. Not just because of the ease of mailing the cards to y'all later, as using your actual address works better than scribbing "Some chick named [ profile] chuthulu who lives.... uh, in America, I think" in crayon on the envelope, but also because this provided a quick and dirty way of knowing how many cards to buy. I definitely recommend it.

    Oh - and for the first time ever I actually remembered to buy elf vodka. Scary, I know.

    Now I'm home and possessed of about an hour to rest and recouperate before Dad comes to pick me up for dinner and a show. Afterwich I fully intend to come home, take a hot shower and pass the heck out.



    Dec. 2nd, 2003 12:17 am
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    [ profile] zortified has officially gotten my card garland going! Thank you, m'dear! (And I liked the inside part too) ;)

    Thanks also to [ profile] versailles_rose for the bday card. =)

    (Can you tell I just checked my mail?)


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