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Actual work conversation today:

Me: Anything I can help you with?
Co-worker: Can you get me the gun?
Me: Which one?
Co-worker: The one I can use to shoot myself with?
Me: So not the rifle then, huh?

(Note: No actual guns are kept at the Primatech office)

(...that I know of)

Like many folks, I watched the VMAs. And, like the gossip addict that I am, I hunted down all the information about the aftermath. It's good to know Britney's time in rehab has helped her embrace the first step of admitting that everyone else is the problem. It's a shame Tyra's in New York now. I'd love to see her face Brit down with "When I was sixteen years old I had to do the introduction to the entire Paris Fall Fashion season while wearing nothing but a sequined g-string and a puff of glitter and both of my stiletto heels broke and David Copperfield gave my routine away to Claudia Schiffer and I had to replace my weave with the plastic left over from a six-pack of Diet Pepsi and Andrew Dice Clay came on before and after to make fun of me and my mama BUT I STILL KEPT MY MODEL AND STOPPED THE HOOCHIE AND MADE IT FIERCE!"

'cause you know she's got that story.

In unrelated news, I need recs please. I'm jonesing for one of my fav. fic kinks which has no pithy name (...does anything of mine?) but which could be described as "I want/love you really badly but telling you that would ruin our friendshipor familial relationship Harry/Sirius, Sam/Dean, Petrellis I'm looking at YOU but something in this story is going to force that truth to come out, and then we'll have really hot sex."

So... make some links to fic like that happen for me people. Or, yanno, write me some new stuff. *claps hands* Chop chop.


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