May. 22nd, 2011

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It should come as a surprise to nobody that I'm still here, regardless of whether or not the Rapture happened yesterday.

Well I suppose I could've been hit by a bus or something but you know why I mean. Also being hit by a bus yesterday would've required one to drive through my living room. At that point I'd say it would've more than earned the kill.

I've seen no return of the bulbs that I replanted after some jerkwad took them out of my gardening patch. I read somewhere that in situations like this the flowers might not come this year but next, so I'll just have to wait and see.

It sure as heck hasn't been from a lack of water. It's been raining near constantly this past week, with the sun only just starting to peek out this weekend. I love me some rain but OMG the humidity. It wasn't even humidity. This was the platonic ideal of the word damp. Everything felt that way. Actually I'd say the platonic ideal of both damp and clammy. Bleh, I say unto you, bleh.

Between that and hurting my back I've done exactly 0% of my gardening so far. I haven't even looked at my plot in the community garden space. I can't cope with thinking about how much weeding I'll need to do to get it ready, especially after all this moisture.

I really need to work on developing my ability to do these things by magic.


thebratqueen: Captain Marvel (Default)
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