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2011-07-10 08:42 pm

New blog updates

Got a few posts for you today. Trigger warnings, when noted, are for depressive thoughts, discussion of suicide, and discussion of self-injury.

Whatever you call it, my mental health sucked. About the onset of my illness and my diagnosis. (trigger warning)

The when, why, and how of my self-injuries. Exactly what it says on the tin. (trigger warning)

Depression isn't cured by putting on a happy face. A response to a blog post about how to handle depression.

Weekend meditations.

New Pastel: Personal Transformation.
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2011-07-05 09:04 pm
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New blog updates

Tips for an underactive thyroid - based on my personal experience, I am not a doctor, all due grains of salt and what have you.

Don't call it a happy pill - what the right antidepressant feels like.