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[ profile] astolat is pondering the idea of a centrally located fanfic archive by fans for fans. Like only - what's the word? - not inclined to make you stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

Right now it's just in the discussion stage, but you can head on over to her post to join in and share your thoughts.

ETA: Huh. After following the links on FanLib discussions I think I actually got an invite to join that place. Somebody posted a copy of a letter they got back in March and it rang bells in my head liek woah. Unfortunately I can't find it b/c if I did get it I deleted it immediately, and Gmail doesn't hold trashed mail more than 30 days. Phooey.
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I remain without news. I am newsless. News-challenged. This is doing my nerves absolutely no good whatsoever.

So, I do more five things:

For [ profile] flaming_muse Five things that Protocol!Angel will never, ever admit to anyone else that he really likes about Protocol!Wes. )

For [ profile] mpoetess 5 times Willow kinda wanted to punch Xander right in the nose )

And for [ profile] just_wolf 5 things Pet!verse Spike would never say to Angel. )
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See, 'cause I'm doing three things of five each and.... shut up, my mom thinks I'm funny.

For [ profile] wolfling FH: Five dates Willow never went on )

For [ profile] just_3_apples Five times Willow hid in the library )

For [ profile] lyrajane Five questions Willow will ask in Narnia )
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This one is all Kita's fault. That's all I've got to say about that.

Protocol, Part Forty-Five )
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You know, I'm loving this system where I reward myself for cleaing stuff off my To Do list by writing whatever the heck I want to. In this case, it's Protocol.

Part Forty-Four, where everyone enjoys some downtime. )
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In honor of [ profile] flaming_muse's birthday, I give you Protocol, part Forty-Three. Happy birthday, FM!!

Now, on to some plotty stuff )
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I have been stalking the wild icon. I've found some purdy ones, and have not yet found others. I need TDS icons! I need more Entourage icons! I need an icon for family and tea and - and - AAAAAAA!!!


In the meanwhile, I finally have a chance to do the answers to character questions. Behind the cut )
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Okay, herein lies evil evil evil RPS fic which of course I don't write and you don't read because that would be wrong.

No, really, That Would Be Wrong.

But if I was inclined to write some RPS I might do a story that took place after the boys were done in Vegas. And said story might look a little something like this... Why are you even clicking on this if you don't like RPS fic? Especially fic about Alexis, and David, and other folks David may or may not have slept with. )
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It's always strange when I'm in the headspace of wanting to write but not yet having that click that tells me it's the right time to actually put full stories onto the page. I did just finish a huge project, though, so I suspect I'm currently still in my writing refactory period. I need to sit and cuddle with my words, then resume the foreplay.

Still, the mind keeps going. So I present to you random fic things that are floating in my head right now, which may or may not ever make it to future fic. (In the case of pieces for current WIPs, it's not that the WIPs won't get new additions, it's that I can never swear what random thoughts will make it to the final editing phase.)

A selection:

Protocol )


Angelusverse )


That Would Be Wrong - aka dirty, dirty RPS )


There. That's better. Now I can go shower and exercise, albeit not in that order.

Fic: Out

May. 17th, 2005 03:17 pm
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Fic! Fic for [ profile] fractal_bat who asked for "a story set in an AU season 4 where Connor hooks up with Wes instead of evil Cordy."

I hope this fits the bill )

Numb3rs rec

May. 1st, 2005 04:59 pm
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If you're a fan of Numb3rs you may have seen this already, but: this piece [ profile] dsudis is a must-read if you've been looking for Charlie/Don (need the warning about incest be spoken since I just told you the pairing? Well there's your warning if you need it.) [ profile] dsudis manages to do the one thing that I think is the hardest for Numb3rs fic, which is to keep the vibe between the boys as we see it on the show while still writing a story that involves all of us going directly to the special hell. Color me suitably impressed. Also setting the bar higher on any Numb3rs fic attempts of my own.
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This is for [ profile] flaming_muse, who has worked hard this week, and who will be buying me some chicken and thyme flavoured crisps :D

Protocol, Part Forty )
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I did it. At [ profile] flaming_muse's insistance I stopped wibbling about and allowed myself to take a little time to write whatever was in my head.

So I give you Protocol, Part Thirty Nine, which picks up not much longer after where we left off so many weeks ago )
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Woohoo! Got another charity fic done. This one for [ profile] bonehed who requested "Pet-verse A/W/S fic with your special brand of sweet&nasty&sappy sauce."

I hope this fits the bill =)

Wes thinks on his relationship with two vampires )
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Got another charity fic done! This one is for [ profile] leeannaray, who requested "a story about Spike and Xander in the Protocol!verse. I would love to know how they got together, if that's at all possible."

So for that, I bring you...

A little bit Xander/Spike, a little bit Wes )


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