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Mac's bloodwork results are in. His blood is, and I quote, "Super fantastic!"


\o\ /o/ \o\ /o/
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New post on the new blog: The Thyroid Thing. What it's like living with a wonky thyroid (or at least my version of one).
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Thanks muchly to everyone who commented re: the new blog. The suggestions and support is much appreciated.

I've done a few tweaks since the last post (some based on feedback) so here's the latest list of links:

Why the new blog - for those who missed it earliser
Something I won't be talking about - new post on one thing I will not mention on the new blog.

General blog feed
Blog feed on Dreamwidth
Blog feed on LJ

I believe that covers it for now. =)

New Blog

Jun. 27th, 2011 10:14 am
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I've started a new blog. You can read all about why over at the link, but the short version is I had stuff I wanted to talk about regarding me and my health and what have you and I wanted a specific place to do it in.

This is not replacing the Dreamwidth/LJ or anything like that. It's in addition to. I'm still figuring out what will go there vs. here, and how much cross-posting (just of links, not entire posts) there will be, so my appreciation for everyone's patience on that front.

So... yeah. New blog. By me. Check it out.
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For those who asked, a picture of Mac taken mere minutes ago. He was bribed with treats to put up with this. I'm not sure if the picture gives proper perspective but he is a big kitty. I call him my panther kitty because that's what he looks like. I've had contractors come to my house, see him, and go "Woah!" because they assume he could easily bite their heads off. Little do they know that he is a purr monster and all he wants is to make sure my lap is clear so that he can snuggle in it.

Mac! )

Also a picture of Luna so she is not left out. I apologize that she's not facing the camera. Every time I tried she would squint thanks to the flash and it gave her a look like she was terribly cross with you all, which is not her usual demeanor. She has BIG! YELLOW! EYES! if you want to fill that in with your imagination. But she is also made entirely out of fluff, which this picture shows clearly.

Luna! )
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Mac had his six month checkup today. He is currently 15.2 pounds, up from 13 & change six months ago. This puts him back at his pre-illness fighting weight! Everyone at the vet's marveled at how great he looks. Assuming all is well with his bloodwork his next vet visit will be in a year.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/
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Back from vacation! I left right after the walk last Sunday and entered into the wilds where internet was elusive. Which means I didn't get a chance to thank everyone who donated for my walk for Hope in Motion. My team was able to raise $1,035 this year, which was more than we did last year! Many many thanks to those who donated!
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Anybody in the Michigan area who can provide a temporary home for a 12 year old kitty whose human mommy is dealing with illness? If so, or you have leads on places/people who could help, please head on over here. The kitty mommy in question is [personal profile] anomilygrace who is a good friend of mine so this signal boost comes with a personal reference, not just a link-sharing.

Much appreciated to anyone who can lend a hand.
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When I was in high school (aka decades ago) I remember watching the news one day and being told that a tornado had been spotted off a NYC bridge.

Given that at the time there had been no tornados in New York in, oh, EVER, I sat there, stunned, and wondered how the newscaster could be so calm given that clearly this freak action of Nature was a sign that THE WORLD WAS ENDING HOLY FUCK!!!!!

Fast forward to now, when New York and New England get so many tornado warnings that Kansas is looking to sue for copyright infringement.

No such thing as climate change though. That's just silly!!

(Hope everyone who was in the path of a tornado tonight is okay.)
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I realize the subject heading might not be fully appropriate given how Viserys would probably make this exact same decision if it was up to him, but even so -

Alabama mayor bans FEMA trailers for those who have lost their homes in recent tornadoes.

Full article )

There's so many levels of fail to be found here that one hardly knows where to begin. For starters, it takes a special person to look at the situation of those still living in the trailers in New Orleans and conclude that the problem there was the trailers.

Second, there's the "even when you're wrong you're wrong" aspect in that even if these people had the money to rebuild they still need somewhere to live in the meanwhile. Where exactly are they supposed to go? Because unless the mayor is offering his spare bedroom it's trailers, tents, or somewhere the hell else. And if I have money and the only option my mayor is giving me during my time of need is living somewhere the hell else, I'm going to spend my money somewhere the hell else too.

Third, and for those of you going into politics I really can't stress this enough, you have to at least try to pretend to not be evil. Placing the nice appearance of your town in the future over the health and safety of your current residents is one of those ones you do with your inside voice. I mean dear God, if this guy has no problem saying this shit out loud what the hell is he doing that he thinks he shouldn't mention to news people?

Frankly I'm amazed he didn't go whole hog and charge everyone for littering while he was at it.
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Attention! On June 5 I will once again be participating in a charity walk to benefit a local cancer center. For a snapshot image of said center I shall shamelessly steal from the first post I did when I did this:

[T]he Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center is a place for healing, where they like to say that science and soul come together. Their patients are provided with a superior level of clinical care and access to world-class physicians, skilled nurses and the latest in treatment options, research protocols and supportive services. A full-range of cancer services is available in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, with the oncology team working together to provide the best possible outcome for their patients.

The June 5 Walk, Run, & Ride is their biggest fundraising event. All money goes directly to the cancer center and is 100% tax-deductible.

Why do I mention this? So you can SPONSOR ME!!! You can donate online via that oh so handy and easy to use link and pay by credit card. If you would rather mail your donation in feel free to let me know and I can email you the relevant information.

I know the economy sucks, but every little bit helps. Even weetiny donations are welcome. The Bennett Cancer Center is where my Uncle Tommy got some of his treatment. It also does research so it's not like a donation here only benefits the center.

So please please please please sponsor me. Also please feel free to pimp this link and plea for help in your personal LJs or blogs or what have you, if you are so inclined.

Thank you thank you thank you!
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It should come as a surprise to nobody that I'm still here, regardless of whether or not the Rapture happened yesterday.

Well I suppose I could've been hit by a bus or something but you know why I mean. Also being hit by a bus yesterday would've required one to drive through my living room. At that point I'd say it would've more than earned the kill.

I've seen no return of the bulbs that I replanted after some jerkwad took them out of my gardening patch. I read somewhere that in situations like this the flowers might not come this year but next, so I'll just have to wait and see.

It sure as heck hasn't been from a lack of water. It's been raining near constantly this past week, with the sun only just starting to peek out this weekend. I love me some rain but OMG the humidity. It wasn't even humidity. This was the platonic ideal of the word damp. Everything felt that way. Actually I'd say the platonic ideal of both damp and clammy. Bleh, I say unto you, bleh.

Between that and hurting my back I've done exactly 0% of my gardening so far. I haven't even looked at my plot in the community garden space. I can't cope with thinking about how much weeding I'll need to do to get it ready, especially after all this moisture.

I really need to work on developing my ability to do these things by magic.
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Much thanks to those who gave advice about the bulbs. It was raining most of today so I waited until the rain stopped for a little bit and then went outside to replant the bulbs. It looked like the roots were intact. At least I saw roots. Not sure if it was all of them but at least root-like things were there.

So I moved the mulch aside, replanted the bulbs in various spots, then moved the mulch back. Not long after it started raining again, so they should be well-watered. One hopes.

We'll see how it goes. *knock wood*
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Today I came home to discover that the little patch of ground that I planted heritage bulbs in had been mulched.

I also discovered some of my bulbs pulled up out of the ground and placed on the grass, WTF.

Basically any bulb that had sprouted leaves but hadn't flowered yet got taken out of the dirt. The leaves and bulbs seem to be intact. What I want to know is - can I save them? And if so, how so? I want that patch to live long and prosper, as it were. Do I just put them back into the dirt? Do I give them little hugs and massages? Do I regret that I waited until now to ask y'all this while the bulbs are still out there on the grass?

Help? Please?
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Today yet another coworker thanked me for cutting the excess pictures off of the sides of those slides. I feel like I've just done a reverse Crowley, where instead of releasing a tiny annoyance into the world I've released a small happy.

Anyway, I've been pondering this for a while thanks to shows like Walking Dead, and The Colony, and my recent viewing of Reign of Fire and then [personal profile] stoney321> posted her are you ready to survive the Apocalypse or will I have to kill you and use you for dinner? quiz (I may be paraphrasing her title) (only slightly) and thus I was inspired to finally write down my list of shit you need to abide by if you're going to be hanging with me when the apocalypse comes.

Now this could be any apocalypse. Zombie, dragon, plague, zombie plauge dragons that shoot bees out of their mouths, whatever. And this is not a complete list by any means. But it is a list of things I've at the very least been compelled to shout in the direction of my TV screen, so now I'm writing it for all of you. You're welcome.

Onward: If you're going to hang with me when the apocalypse comes you need to know... )
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So I asked a co-worker about the PowerPoint template, since it was supposedly her department that commissioned the thing.

Her: You mean the one where the pictures hang off the sides?
Me: Yeah
Her: Is it just me or does that drive you -
Both of us: totally freaking nuts.
Me: Want me to send you a copy when I crop out the excess?
Her: Please.
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Question for those more versed in the ways of Powerpoint 2007 and/or 2010 than I:

Is there are a reason why you would design a slide template with the background pictures falling off of the sides of the slide? Like if you had a picture of a tree, but half of the picture of the tree rested on the slide, and the other half of the tree was on the side?

I ask because I've been given a template similar to this at work and my instinct is to simply crop the picture so I'm not constantly dealing with the overflow. But I think the template was designed in a later version of Powerpoint than we use (we're stuck in 2003... sigh). So I wanted to check to see if there was a reason for this before I did anything.

Anybody know?
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Yesterday I was supposed to get my annual review at work. I already knew it was going to go well since mere weeks ago I was given a raise and a promotion (EEEEEEE) so the only surprise left was what my bonus would be.

Or in theory that was the only surprise left.

In reality I spent most of Thursday feeling remarkably tired in spite of having slept well ("I feel really tired," I could oft be heard telling people, "in spite of having slept well.") Then at 4am Friday morning I... did not feel well, to put it mildly.

Then again at 7am, around which time I used my phone to email my boss that I'd be at least an hour late, because I needed to see if this was a passing thing or more serious.

At 9am I emailed to say I would not be coming in.

I then spent the entire day in bed, interrupted only by wakefullness after at least 3 hours of sleep wherein I would avail myself of the restroom and then stumble back to bed again. I did not eat. I barely drank but for sips of water which I could probably count on one hand. Finally at 9pm I got out of bed long enough to stumble out and try some dry cereal and Vitamin Water (Mac and Luna: "JESUS FUCK WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????") The dry cereal and Vitamin Water did not care to try me, so back to bed I crawled and stayed until 11am this morning.

Today I have managed water, dry cereal, green tea, and rice. I have also managed to be on the couch and do things like be on the computer or watch TV and realize that as sick as I may be Reign of Fire still makes absolutely no freaking sense.

So hopefully I am on the mend. Still kind of weird to have gotten/needed that much sleep. Guess infections make you do the wacky.
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Stealing from [personal profile] kajivar now so I can have a short blurb and then put details behind a cut tag:

A friend has lost everything, including an extensive library, in the Queensland floods in Australia.

A book drive is being organized to help her replace as many as the books as we can. She's having other needs (for herself and her kitties) taken care of at the moment, but her books meant a lot to her.

I know I have a lot of book lovers on my flist, so if you have some you were considering getting rid of, or if you know where you can pick up some used books and are willing to donate them, please check out the link and see if you can find any on her list.

Now for the longer version )


Jan. 12th, 2011 10:21 am
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Waffles are ready! Come and get 'em!

The snow has stopped falling here. My area got about 9 inches give or take. No clue yet if work will be open in the afternoon. Currently they're still telling people to stay off the roads so that they can plow. I again admire their restraint in not adding the word "MORONS."


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