May. 30th, 2011

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I realize the subject heading might not be fully appropriate given how Viserys would probably make this exact same decision if it was up to him, but even so -

Alabama mayor bans FEMA trailers for those who have lost their homes in recent tornadoes.

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There's so many levels of fail to be found here that one hardly knows where to begin. For starters, it takes a special person to look at the situation of those still living in the trailers in New Orleans and conclude that the problem there was the trailers.

Second, there's the "even when you're wrong you're wrong" aspect in that even if these people had the money to rebuild they still need somewhere to live in the meanwhile. Where exactly are they supposed to go? Because unless the mayor is offering his spare bedroom it's trailers, tents, or somewhere the hell else. And if I have money and the only option my mayor is giving me during my time of need is living somewhere the hell else, I'm going to spend my money somewhere the hell else too.

Third, and for those of you going into politics I really can't stress this enough, you have to at least try to pretend to not be evil. Placing the nice appearance of your town in the future over the health and safety of your current residents is one of those ones you do with your inside voice. I mean dear God, if this guy has no problem saying this shit out loud what the hell is he doing that he thinks he shouldn't mention to news people?

Frankly I'm amazed he didn't go whole hog and charge everyone for littering while he was at it.


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