May. 20th, 2007

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I went to bed around... hrm. 1am last night? And finally got out of bed at around 1:30pm this afternoon. I wasn't aware of needing that much sleep, but apparently I did. Go figure.

Semi related to that I'm spending today mostly taking things as they come, as I suspect relaxing is something I am currently in need of. Proper tea helps this process, oh yes.

For those interested in the archive of one's own, there is now [ profile] fanarchive which is for discussion and organizing of how the archive could be made. There is also the first call for volunteers, so head on over if you'd like to help out.

Mac is currently in my lap and not quite understanding that I cannot read through his head nor type when my hands are being used as pillows. The language barrier between us is a sad thing, really.
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The 20 Worst Band Photos. Guaranteed to void the strongest bladder.
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I wrote a fic! I wrote a fanfic and the world is still revolving. I'm just as shocked about this as you are.

Anyway, one of my claims for [ profile] loveforthefolks was Darla, and thus for her we have When the Night is Cloudy, a story about Darla and motherhood.

Go! Read! Enjoy! =)


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