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I haven't said much about the current "putting the 'con' back in 'non-consentual'" situation since 1) busy and 2) anyone who thinks I'm into victim blaming clearly doesn't know me very well and I assume that those of you still reading me these days at least have a passing familiarity with what my opinion is in these situations.

That being said, every so often someone is so wrong on the internet that I have to say something.

As for example.

First of all, I'd love to know when she got elected to speak for all pagans. 'cause yanno there's only one single kind and all pagans agree on everything ever and no pagans in the history of all of paganism have ever once debated basic religious tenants like "What are our core philosophies?" or "Shall we have one god, or two?" or "What toppings shall we put on our pizza, so mote it be?".

You know it's going to be a good one when it starts with how personal responsibility is important to pagans because as we all know every other religion out there is all about shoving responsibility onto other people. I mean if I had a nickel for every time the Dalai Lama lost his temper because somebody made his tea too hot, or all the times Saint Therese said "Fuck it, why don't you take the damn garbage out?" I know I would be a very rich woman. Though perhaps Rabbi Hillel put it best when he said "If I am not for myself, who will be for me to put the blame on, especially when things get fercockt?"

Sure it's possible for us to say no to eating an entire cheesecake. But that's because rarely does cheesecake take the form of a human being who is in some way trying to block/harass/intimidate/attack/in some way do harm to us. Because if cheesecake is this problematic for you, I daresay understanding the ins and outs of paganism may not be your biggest problem.

Mind you, we are talking about a post where people are apparently eating mud for the vitamins, so possibly cheesecake is a large and looming problem. It is not for me to say.

Regardless, while the idea of personal responsibility, (c) PaganCo Enterprises, LLC, is a good one as a broad concept anyone with personal responsibility should be able to ask themselves "Is telling someone that they are at fault for not removing themselves from a potentially dangerous situation a thoughtful and compassionate post for my LJ? Am I showing personal responsibility of my own by claiming this point of view is related to paganism, as though pagans everywhere don't have enough to deal with with their far too common reputation of being either Satanists or twee Hot Topic fans who think being pagan means naming themselves Sylvyr Blacke Rayvyns Rosee and talking about how they're Team Jacob because he's of the earth? Could I perhaps be spending my time more productively with a slice of cheesecake and a marathon of the Golden Girls?" and then answering those questions in a way that will not make a ton of folks out there on the interwebs look at your post and say "...dude."

I'm all for personal responsibility. But there's huge differences between recognizing and making amends for when you've fucked up verses being in an uncomfortable to dangerous situation and not being able to teleport yourself out of it because you're nothing but a slacker. And yes, the latter involves victim blaming. Because you are blaming the victims. It's not a hugely complicated set of words. If so, perhaps tackle that in your dictionary before trying to teach concepts like personal responsibility to others.

And now I'm going to be personally responsible for taking myself to bed.

...not dirty.

Book recs

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:32 am
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Older Brother has developed an interest in nature-based religions/spirituality. I told him that, thanks to my awesome friends, I could probably put together a recommended reading list of books that might interest him that would be high on actual information and low on the fluffy-bunny "I'm 1/100000000th Indian on my mother's side and thus can write authentically about Native American religions even though my only actual exposure is having once watched an episode of F Troop." type things.

So - book recs please? He's thinking Native American religions but I told him he might also be interested in shamanism, druidry, and so forth. He says he's open to anything that would involve nature-based spirituality. Based on what I know of him I'd say things that are low on magick/spellwork and high on recogizing the seasons, circle of life, and so on.

Thanks in advance, oh friendslist-fu! =)
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Oh so many things to headdesk about today, in various degrees of reasons why and magnitude.No, seriously, consider yourself warned )

Radio TBQ

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Am trapped under a cat. Send help. In the meanwhile, latest from my feeds:

You know the drill on the tags by now, yes? )

Radio TBQ

Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 pm
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Looooooooong day of visiting my Grams in rehab (fractured rib kind, not Lindsey Lohan kind) and dealing with related family drama. Also if anyone knows how to get AVG free version 8.0.136 to stop bugging me to restart my computer even after I've just restarted the damn thing That would be fabulous.

Now then, on to the news. As always, tags are your friends )
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So here's the thing: [ profile] christinenj got me into using Google Reader. One of the features of said reader is sharing items from your feeds with your Google Reader friends, complete with comments if you were so inclined. Naturally I can't keep my mouth shut on much, and really the only downside to this system that I have found is that all y'all aren't on Google Reader too (don't worry about linking me if you are, it won't change this).

Well gosh, I said to myself, if only I had some way I could share interesting links and articles with the folks I usually blog with.

Yeah, I'm slow.

Anyhoo, so here's me giving it a go. We'll see if this lasts once the new toy shine is off of it. In the meanwhile it's all behind a cut tag for ease of ignoring. Look to the tags for the post to get an idea what all is included.

From TBQ's world news central in her livingroom.... )
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Reminding my body that food really is a good thing is still proving to be a challenge. I'm doing my humble best though.

To answer a question I got a couple of times: Yes, the RPGFH is one of the stories that isn't yet up on the newly revamped website. But it will be. Odds are good it'll be one of the very next updates since it just involves me coding an index page for it. It's just not going to happen right now since I need to aim my productive self at other things, like a story that's half a month past deadline. Ahem.

Things here in the land of Siam are warm, which SUCKS. Warm means it's harder to enjoy a cup of proper tea. Plus it means it's WARM which is sick and wrong. I thoroughly disapprove of this whole spring/summer concept. (Though I do enjoy the flowers and the fresh veggies. I am fickle.)

I was originally going to do a post about how traditionally Good Friday for me involves quiet contemplation, and how today was probably going to be all about the knitting and the reading and not so much with the writing of gay porn. Then one of my plot bunnies got insistant so not so much with that I guess. Well hey, if God wanted me to spend today reading he wouldn't be sending me porny inspiration. All His fault really.
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Here's the latest in exchanges with me and the Baptist preacher. I'll admit on this one I didn't feel like getting into all of his points like I usually do.

To refresh your memory, last time 'round I asked him to tell me what the gay agenda was. He replied with basically "Blah blah, want to be viewed as normal, blah blah, AIDS, blah blah, clearly you don't see marriage as being in need of defending but blah blah blah..." Only much wordier than that.

So this is what I zinged back: lj-cut, for your pleasure )
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My car issues somewhat taken care of (for now, anyway, it goes in for a second checkup in a couple of weeks) I was finally able to write back to the Baptist preacher.

Again I won't quote his email since it's not kosher to publicly post private letters, so here's the bullet point summary of what he said:

1) He thanked me for my thoughtful reply and hoped that his letter would be seen as a thoughtful reply in return

2) He pointed out that there are many banners and signs that are put on rotation in front of his church, including banners in support of the troops, banners in support of Israel, and banners proclaiming Jesus as Lord.

3) He disagrees with my Confederate flag comparison because the Confederate flag is a symbol of war, death, and segregation and the "Defend Marriage" banner is a symbol of none of those things.

4) He disagrees that the banner doesn't produce good results because it gets people talking to him, case in point myself. He says some are rude and some are nice, but it does start dialogue.

5) He says that the banner is about defining marriage, and if gay people want to be gay in the privacy of their own homes that's fine, but if they want to be married it's up to society to say "enough" and stop them.

6) He says the homosexual agenda is - and this is one that I'll quote since I can't reword it adequately and I think it's stand-alone enough that this one quote is okay - "not marriage but acceptance of deviant behavior that will only sell when society closes its eyes and ear to what is the long range plan."

7) He closes with another thanks for the dialogue and that he's happy to keep talking or to agree to disagree. He also says that the banner is only scheduled to be up for a little while longer before being put away for another time.

And that about covers it. BTW, as the bullet points indicate he's not short and pithy in his replies. I mention that b/c a couple of people thought I was being too wordy in mine and were thoughtfully recommending I pare it down so I don't bore the guy. Trust me, I'm not even hitting his word count ;)

Now then, on to my reply... Dear Pastor... )
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The Good: I have a Wesley! A Rain of Fire Wesley of my very own! Now I just need to get an Angel and I can make Wesley and Spike and Angel do whatever I want them to! Heh heh heh.

The Bad: I was going to take [ profile] flaming_muse to tea this weekend and the tea place is closed for the week! Wah!

ETA: Oh, and I finally had time to check the email account I used to email the Baptist preacher. I'm at work so no time to sum up his reply now. But I will say that he says words to the effect of "I don't think our Defense of Marriage banner is like the Confederate Flag because the Confederate Flag is a symbol of segregation."

Wow. Apparently I need to light a candle to the God of Political Discourse Set-up Lines.
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Okay, here's what I wrote back to the Pastor of the Baptist church.

All my words, not his )
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So I heard back from the pastor. Let me just say I give the guy a lot of credit for writing back to me at all. I did that even before I opened the letter itself, so even if his response had been totally hate-filled I would have still given him props for taking the time to read what I wrote, let alone write back to it. He could've easily hit delete and moved on with his life.

I'm not going to quote his email b/c to me that violates the rules of privacy. I'll do a quick summary though:

1) He thanks me for writing and says he can tell that I put a lot of thought into what I wrote (as opposed to writing something reactionary and inflammatory)

2) He says that the banner does not defend marriage by being anti-gay.

3) He says I should check out the church's website to read his sermons so I can see what things the church does do to defend marriage in a positive manner. He also cites examples for me such as marriage counseling.

4) He gives me a politely worded but fairly boilerplate version of every "Marriage is ordained by God to mean one man, one woman" speech you've ever heard.

5) He gives me the name and email address of someone I can write to who has, according to him, a lot of experience in the horror of living in same-sex relationships and who can explain to me just how important it is to help save people from that.

6) He invites me to write or call or even schedule an appointment with him if I want to talk more.

I'm definitely going to write back. I'm composing my thoughts at the moment and I'll post my letter for y'all when I write it. I will say though that even though I obviously don't agree with his POV (esp #2, I mean WTF? It says anti-gay stuff on it! It says homosexuals specifically! I mean unless there's another Baptist church on that exact same block who also has a big-ass banner out in front that talks about defending marriage, how on earth is he saying #2 with a straight, no pun intended, face?) he could not have been nicer or more polite in his wording. And remember that from his POV I'm the one who's nucking futs, so he gets huge credit from me for being open to talking, even if it's someone he doesn't agree with.

So I'll write back and we'll see how it goes =)
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Dear Pastor [Name],

I am not a member of your church but I am a member of your community, so I hope you don't mind me writing to you to introduce myself. My name is [TBQ], and I wanted to talk to you about that banner you have outside of your church.

I don't mean this disrespectfully. You see, I'm a Christian myself, though admittedly not a Baptist. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. I pray to God every day in the morning and at night and a lot of times in between as well. My entire family is Christian. My father is a Eucharistic minister. Many close friends of our family are priests, and missionaries. So I have nothing but respect for the amount of devotion to God that you must have in order to dedicate your entire life to serving Him as you have.

But, with due respect, is that banner the way you want to do it?

There's war in the world. There is poverty. There is disease. Do you honestly mean to proclaim to all who pass by your church that of all the wrongs you see in the world that gay marriage is the greatest priority on your list? Really? Not starving children, or tsunami victims, or the people who died in the London bombings? Not rape victims, or those who are dying of cancer, or the elderly shut ins of our community who don't have the means to take care of themselves?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that you and your church do care about all of those things. However I don't see any of those things listed on that banner that's so big I can barely see your church anymore, let alone anything else that it stands for.

I realize that gay marriage is against your faith. I'm not trying to convince you otherwise. Like the saying goes, it's a free country. You absolutely, positively have the right to put a banner outside of your church that asks people to defend families against homosexuals. I would be first in line to defend that right from any who would take it from you, and I think it's horrible that apparently at least three people have stolen your previous banners from you.

All I'm doing is, as someone outside of your church, pointing out to you what that banner's message is to someone who doesn't know you very well. And the message to me is that this is a church that apparently has a lot of time on its hands for stating the obvious and/or that this is a church that's more interested in big banners that don't really talk about anything important than it is about focusing on the glory of God's message. Gosh, sign me up! I'll see you this Sunday!

I realize from your perspective all that sign does is proclaim your support of families, and that supporting families is a Godly thing to do. But is this really and honestly the way that you want to do it? You're pro-family by being anti-something else? The strongest message of your church that you can give is that you absolutely, positively refuse to do something that nobody was going to make you do in the first place? Seriously? Nobody in the congregation suggested maybe putting your charity works up on a big banner instead?

Maybe I'm wrong. I mean you're surrounded on nearly all sides by antique stores so quite possibly there really are enough gay couples in the area that some have come knocking on your door and asking to be married inside of it. And like I say, I'll be the first to agree with you that absoultely no one has the right to force your church to perform gay marriages.

But right now nobody *is* doing that, and yet you're taking a huge stance against it anyway. That's not Christian, that's not Godly, that's just... dumb. I mean why not put up a big banner that lets everyone in the neighborhood know that your church isn't going to be forcing all its members to eat brussels sprouts at every Sunday service too? Trust me, we know.

If the purpose of that banner is to make people look at your church and see a house of God that is going to elevate the souls of everyone who is in it... I'd honestly ask for a refund from the person who made the banner for you.

There are so many ways that you can spread God's message and the mission of your church and that banner is absolutely none of them. I'm not saying you have to take it down, I'm just saying that since you presumably put that banner up so that people outside of your church could read it and see what you stand for, that's what it looks like to me.

There's more to loving God than deciding a stance on a single political problem, and I would never want to be a member of a church that, to all appearances, only cares about preaching one topic simply because it's the fashionable issue of the day. For that matter, I wouldn't feel particularly encouraged by a church which can only tell me how to support my family by giving me the advice "Don't marry a woman." Granted, I'm not married yet but I somehow suspect I'd need more words of wisdom than that in order to keep myself, my husband, and my children on the right spiritual path.

Again, you don't *have* to take the banner down, but you might want to consider it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Yours in God,
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Got my copy of HP at about 12:15 which wasn't too bad at all. The mood at Borders wasn't as fun and party-like as it was at B&N the last time I did an HP midnight party, but it was still nifty to people watch. There were two teenage (maybe 15) year old girls who had tacked "I [heart] RW" and "I [heart] HP" signs onto their backs. There was a little boy, maybe 10, who I overheard vehemently arguing with his friends about why Harry/Ginny was destined to be. There was a father talking on his cellphone and telling whoever it was on the other end that his daughter had been so excited about the new book that she'd written her own version of it in anticipation.

So it was cute. I camped out in the erotica section (strangely empty of people, for all that it had a good view of the cash registers) and worked on my knitting while waiting for our numbers to be called.

After getting the book I went home, read until my eyes couldn't read anymore, and then I went to sleep.

Today I have gotten up, made biscuits, eaten brunch, cleaned house because it was driving me nuts, put the crock pot on to cook, got HP at the ready and...

I'm still so upset about that sign I saw yesterday that I can't read. I go between wanting to throw things, to wanting to cry, to wanting to drive over there and bang on the door until somebody agrees to talk to me.

I looked up the church online - I didn't remember the name, but the denomination and the location were enough to narrow it down. Turns out they have a website, which I won't link to because I don't want to encourage people spamming them with hatemail or anything. Two interesting things I have learned:

1) This is at least the fourth sign they've put up, as their pictures page has one of their paster standing next to the third sign they put up and the picture is dated Aug 2004. The first two signs? Stolen, for some mysterious reason. I drive that road a lot and this is the first time I've seen the sign so clearly something happened to the third one. Very possibly there were others and those were stolen too fast for me to see.

2) I now know their phone, fax, snail mail, and email addresses.



Jul. 15th, 2005 06:41 pm
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Dear Baptist Church that I pass on my way to Trader Joe's:

Thank you so much for giving me the excellent news that the poor no longer go hungry, the war in Iraq is over, cancer has been cured, and absolutely no one on earth is going to wear white after Labor Day ever again. Mind you, I did feel it was a bit confusing to word all of that in an extremely large banner which proclaimed "Defend Marriage And Family Against Homosexuals" which blocked what was otherwise a very pretty view along my drive but I suppose if every single problem in the world has been solved except that gay marriage thing, a big banner showing your happiness about that fact is certainly called for. And may I say congratulations that you've cleaned so much off of your Godly To Do list that you've finally gotten down to gay marriage which had to be - what? At least number 72? Boy it must be a load off your mind knowing that murder no longer happens, rapists don't exist, and Fox has issued an apology for ever cancelling Firefly.

Anyhoo, since there are no more pressing problems in the world to solve I thought I, as a bisexual girl, could maybe help you out with the gay marriage thing. After all, with everything else taken care of I guess I don't need to spend any of my time working hard so I can donate my time and money to charity. Granted, I don't know what I'm going to do now that I have all these extra hours on my hands, but thankfully I have knitting to fall back on to help fill the time.

So, with regards to the gay marriage thing, has this been a big problem for you? Because if you'd like I could go online and contact all the gays and lesbians in the area and tell them to please, for politeness's sake, stop bothering your church and demanding to be married in it. I mean boy, you must just get hoards of them battering down your door and I don't blame you at all for being annoyed about it. Goodness knows I hate being bothered by door to door Bible salesmen!

And you know, I don't actually hate gay people since not only am I half of one of them but I also know that they are, you know, people so I am more than happy to talk to them on your behalf so that you don't get any gay cooties on you and thus become homosexuals yourselves. After all, it's only by getting gay cooties on you that you can become gay, and I'm sure that is why your entire congregation has been splitting itself up in divorce, buying up all the leather and lame that they can find, and relocating to the Village to become appartment flippers or chorus dancers.

So I'll help keep the gay cooties away from you, I'll tell all the gays in the area not to force you to marry them, and you can tear down that silly ol' sign that in no way felt like a total and utter kick to my gut while I was having an otherwise very pleasant afternoon that wasn't at all involved with people trying to take my basic human rights away in the name of protecting something that I myself am a member of while using the excuse of the loving God that I believe in. And then you can move on to the next pressing problem on your list which is, I'm sure, hangnails.

Yours etc,
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You know, it seems almost criminal that there can be an article called 'You've seen Star Wars, now what?' that doesn't reference Serenity. I suppose there's something to be said for not shoehorning it into the SW void, but by the same token this is the news, which tends not to care overmuch about nuance. If Serenity was in any way on their radar it should've been mentioned in that article. Humph.

One judge's sentence: go to church. Because that's not a separation of church and state issue. ("I said 'worship services'." So atheists can go fuck themselves, one assumes?)

Finally, allow me to do some pimping of this month's issue of Reflection's Edge which contains an article by yours truly on writing man on man action that's so hot it needed a special warning and a fire extinguisher, baby!

Or, you know, just the special warning. Apparently I don't know my own strength. Ahem. But still! Go! Read! It's the finest in pornographic edu-tainment! Fun for the whole family as long as they're of legal age to be clicking on that link! Woohoo!

New Pope

Apr. 19th, 2005 02:39 pm
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You know my worry with the new pope isn't that he's conservative, it's that he won't be conservative enough.

I mean think about it: they weren't going to elect a guy who was going to take office and go "You remember how we were all 'ooops' on the eating meat on Fridays and the whole Galileo is a heretic thing? Yeah, turns out it's the same deal on women priests and faggots. Sorry! Our bad!" That was never going to happen.

On the other hand, what could happen was the election of someone so conservative that finally some of the absurdities of what the Church clings to would come to light. Or, at the very least, that the Church on the whole becomes so conservative that people finally stop putting up with it.

Not that there aren't those who agree with a conservative Church. But my feeling is that we had a lot of people who were sitting on the fence until a new pope showed up. They figured JPII was half-corpse already, might as well hang out for a bit and see how it goes.

And what those people needed - what the Church, IMO, needs - is a pope who's just going to say fuck it all and be as bad as he wants to be. Gays? Banned. Female priests? You get excommunicated for even suggesting it. Contraception? Oh Hell no.

In fact, go even further. I want a pope who comes out and says that you have to put Latin back in the Mass, and if there's even a hint that you once masturbated that means you're not allowed on Church property. I want a pope who ups the tithe and makes it explicitly clear that it's going to pay for the moving funds of all the priests they're shuffling around to get away from their child molestation charges.

Hell, I want a pope who says naming pets with human names is one of the biggest sins.

Something. Anything so that the Church can finally break, as it's so obviously in need of right now, and then it can right itself and the new thing can right itself and hopefully some good will come of it.

But my feeling is that Benedict is not going to make that happen. Yeah, he's conservative, but he's been on the inside for a while now. My suspicion is that JPII really stopped being his own spokesperson long before he died, so I have a hard time believing that we're going to see significant change now that Benedict is actually wearing the big pointy hat on more than a symbolic level.

More than that, he's already old. So even if he does come out and name a horse as his successor, people are just going to shrug their shoulders and go back to waiting for the next guy.

So it's not the conservativism of Benedict that gets me. It's that I don't think he's conservative enough.

Ah well.
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"It appears every legal option has just been exhausted," the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, spokesman for the Schindlers, said after Thursday's Supreme Court decision. "Gov. Bush is now the only practical hope here for Terri Schiavo. We plead with Gov. Bush." (from this CNN article)

You know, I must have missed the part of the Constitution where the balance of powers was President/Congress/Supreme Court/Whoever the fuck happens to be governor of your state at the time.

And what I love - love - is how blatently these jackasses (meaning the people making political hay out of Terri's case) throw out any rules that they feel don't apply to them, so long as it gets what they want done. Up to and including the sacred role of marriage, which is really a hoot if you ask me.

Though to a certain extent I'm almost glad about it. For the first time I'm seeing people blink their eyes, look at what the neo-cons are trying to do with this, and going "Wait, wait - what? The Hell? I thought we had a common goal here. You guys are just interested in everybody doing what you want. It's not about politics or marriage or God at all." Which - hey, welcome to what the rest of us picked up on years ago. Join the club. We made T-shirts.

When Dubya got elected again a part of me kept remembering I, Claudius and "Old King Log". Let it all hatch out. Stop fighting it and let it self-destruct on its own. Now I wouldn't be so bold as to suggest that we're getting a total meltdown here, but it's close. You've got people on TV holding up signs about how "There is a higher law" Yeah, except here we have to go with the actual law. Unless you're Hebrew National and boasting about the higher authority, keep your so-called higher law out of it. Because my higher law disagrees with your higher law, so why don't we both shut the hell up and leave this to the people who actually know the United States law, because that's the one playing field we've all agreed to share by living here.

(I'm amused to note that one of the "higher law" style protestors apparently wrote her sign on a giant white board. I guess there's a higher law, and also occasionally the need to write down a shopping list or plan out football strategy.)

I still don't claim to be any expert on the case, but as I read what I read I find the thing that gets me now is the feeling of anger at what would appear to be the doctors, lawyers, religious types, and other people in positions of so-called authority who apparently jerked Terri's parents around with the promise that she could come back one day. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for optimism. But there's keeping hope alive and then there's flat-out denial. And every doctor who wasn't really an expert on the case yet passed themselves off as one either enabled or deliberately manipulated the denial of her parents, and either way that's something they shouldn't be feeling too proud of.
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Pope: gay marriage is 'evil'.


"It is legitimate and necessary to ask oneself if this is not perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man," he writes. [emphasis mine]

Dear Pope:

Human rights, family, and man are not mutually exlcusive, jackass.


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